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  1. not much, but it does~ Care should be taken that they don't fall asleep during work after getting ever more tired. 50 seconds of sleep should in theory result in 1030% (900% Base Sleep+100% Cot+100% Barracks-70% Base Reduction) divided by 12 (24/2) => 85% Regenerated. More than enough to counter the -70% lost over the day (well 64%). The problem in practice is that they do not instantly teleport to their bed, meaning that with each second lost means 1,83% less difference and as such 12 seconds result in a Stamina loss. Mind you, ingame seconds, 4s for you on triple speed. That time is easily lost when the dupes end up talking too long and go to bed. Woe you when the barracks are on another floor. You might not make the mistake but others will or perhaps you end up forgetting (due to trying out new designs), for ONI is a complex machine where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong~ So, I simply conclude.. why not replace a block of work with recreation instead, you demon! (I don't do what you do, early game I cut sleep short for more work) Also, Showers are divine!
  2. so why not just make your own mod? Bonus points if your showers stop and start fast enough for bunker doors to fail. There really is little reason to be pedantic here and it is quite nice how they mixed the showers up while not going "let's make it totally random every thing, every time for no one to be able to see a pattern". By the by, I made a very crude mod which actually removed meteor showers for they were just annoying and rather swallow. I still consider rewriting the mod if I ever find out how one can "simply" modify a class but I might end up not using it and not just because I like dat gold. A suggestion I considered was regarding using regolith as a material similar to Terraria's slush, silt and fossil blocks in that one could with whatever energy and time investment could extract resources from it. Mostly turning it into Sand and a small percentage being metal ores but also dirt, clay, sedimentary rock, other rocks.... sure has more depth than just all ores randomly falling from the sky.
  3. The Metal should be refined and it is not like there is no difference between being useless and having no point. 10 of 14 Cycles (71.4%) minus 3/4th rest times were showers (around 2.5 cycles, 17.9%). Now apart from the variation (much less frequent), 22 of 34 are (64.7%) minus a little bit more rest time (due to golden ones, less than 16.1% which means more than 10% for solar panels and safety). One could call the Iron Showers useless as well, if not more so since Copper actually has only advantages over Iron if you take aside Steel making. Less SHC and more TC can be deemed quite suitable for heating but Decor is still best. Copper is not required for suits anymore.
  4. My bad, I am used to code being made scroll-able in its own box and as such it being quite shortened by default.
  5. Well... inlayman terms: No Shower: 4 Cycles Iron Shower: 10 Cycles - 1 Part Iron, 2 Parts Rock, 5 Parts Dust. (1/8 times 10 = 1.25) No Shower: 4 Cycles Copper Shower: 7 Cycles - 1 Part Copper, 1 Part Dust. Lower meteor fall frequency than iron (around 4.2 times lower). Same rest and active cycle variation within the season as Iron. (1/2 times 7 divided by 4.2 = 0.77) No Shower: 4 Cycles Gold Shower: 5 Cycles - 4 Parts Gold, 1 Part Rock, 10 Parts Dust. Higher meteor fall frequency than iron (~Triple). On average longer rest times and shorter active times than Iron&Copper. Active average 75 vs 250, rest average 1000 vs 750. (4/15 times 5 times 3 = 4 through 75/250 and 750/1000 = 0.9) Back to 1 (34 cycles between repeat) Previous was was 1&2 (14 cycles between repeat) If all metal meteors weigh the same (which they do), one gets 72kg of Gold Amalga, and 62.222kg of Copper for each 100kg of Iron. Though I am afraid I do not know if and how it would affect everything when the showers end prematurely because the No Shower Season began. Also, it's all about averages
  6. Now I actually went into the Database.SpaceDestinationTypes (because testing would be a PITA) and actually saw that I forgot the Salty Dwarf (and never saw the other Salt Desert Planet). I can confirm that there is not Oxylite or double Bleach Stone. It is SolidOxygen and SolidChlorine. And again, it is noteworthy that the states I listed do make little to no sense. I obviously did not list the Interstellar Ice/Ice Giant which has also frozen Gases because after all, those make sense.
  7. So, uncovering the space destinations as means to sample, well, samples, I saw that the contents of new ones are still a little odd, primarily their state and required cargo bay. Long Story short: Living Planet: Oxygen requires a Cargo Bay (i.e is Solid, same as the sole other resource: Aluminium) 100% sure it should be Gas and need a Gas Cargo Bay (on a side note, it should have also other resources) Chlorine Planet: Chlorine requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid, same as the sole other resource: Bleach Stone) 100% sure it should be Gas and need a Gas Cargo Bay Helium Giant: Apart from having no Helium, the Hydrogen requires a Liquid Cargo Bay (i.e is Liquid, same as the Water). Makes very little sense, to not to say none. Oxidized Planet: Carbon Dioxide requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid, same as the sole other resource: Rust), let's just say I find that 78% odd Oily Asteroid: Methane and Carbon Dioxide requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid while Crude Oil and Petroleum is Liquid), making them Gas would make much more sense imho Salt Dwarf: Solid Carbon Dioxide Red Dwarf having Liquid Methane can be easily claimed to be making sense but I might as well mention it.
  8. Well, it was a simple change after all... just for once, like many times actually, the butterfly effect is real (just not the case with real butterflies). The more complex and optimized a system, the better but at the same time it is also the worst when trying to change something since the tremors can be felt far and wide at unfathomable times. Simple bugs, that are on the lowest level, affecting nothing for they are at the end of the line, may be easily fixed without problem but if you have some flaw in the higher tier and want it to begone... just look at what they did with ladders and the recent changes noted with emoticons. For the prior they had to change the system they already changed recently, where dry walls and tempshift plates can not be built behind tiles anymore while now they made ladders count as tiles which ruins heavy watt wires... which, to be frank, there I'd suggest to remove the heavy watt connector tiles and make the heavy watt wires like their smaller counterparts. It might have been a neat idea but if I had to choose, replacing tiles with ladders+vice versa and this gimmick which is more inconvenience than anything, I'd pick this little convenience.
  9. I think someone took a liking to emoticons... and @mathmanican to whoever that someone is, if the someone is also the one who does those troublesome bug fixes
  10. Well, you get more metal than usual but less metal than with rich, the factors are x2 mass and x1.5 bandsize and x0.8 mass and bandsize Of course in the first place they should be mutually exclusive but the trait system does not allow for that. The question one should indeed ask is "why bother (changing the trait system)", though not "why bother (getting both traits)" since actually, if traits could cancel each other out, they could be used to create worlds without traits. The seed browser could indeed give one seeds soon which only have geoactive and dormant, having only one random geyser more
  11. Does it matter which factor in a multiplication comes first? Likewise with geodormant and geoactive it does not matter whether it is +4-3 or -3+4~ In any event, I'm greedy and would be glad if there was another few patches like this before the 30th. Please increase the amount of space destinations and make some more set as certain spawn, thank you! Also Slicksters, they now pretty much are the least desirable critter and with Shove Voles and Shine Bugs this means much.
  12. Now if you could consider taking a look at what sadly so few can test and possibly even implement a few more destinations per seed, that'd be sweet. From what I can tell it seems like the total number has not changed even though the distance has nearly doubled. My past observations showed me a variance from 16 to 24 with some destinations certain, that did not seem to have changed. For the QoL3 version, serves as fine probability statistic thingy. Of 53735 uploaded seeds, 45780 are valid for sampling since that many have at least 1 of the following: Carbon Asteroid, Ice Planet, Metallic Asteroid, Organic Mass and Rocky Asteroid. 45780/45780=>100%. Not quite sure why ~8000 are invalid but I expect that those consistently did not record the star maps, at all. Probability of the uncertain destinations (Qol3) are: Dusty Dwarf 38587 of 45780=>84% Volcanic Planet, Terrestrial Planet, Gas Giant and Ice Giant 29981 to 30614 of 45780=>66% Satellite 43165 of 45780=>94% (shucks to be the 6% cuz no space steel) Another humble suggestion is too make more destinations set, of course not all of them but Chlorine and Wolframite/Tungsten should be available for all seeds. For the time being, those destinations are rather rare even while certain worlds lack them completely (Wolframite for Lush Forest, Hot Forest, Oasis) or are missing the sustain (all for Wolframite, half of all for Chlorine minus random geyser chance). The above lil study also shows that you might as well make one Satellite certain because being that unlucky is just utterly saddening. Oh, and I noticed that a lot of gases on new destinations are apparently solid when they should not be, at least the overview tells me that they need a Cargo Bay.
  13. Sweet, I very much like balancing patches and of course I am hoping for it to not be the last since even if this marks the last spurt, it'd be a shame now if we reach the finish line too quickly, as in falling over it and hurting ourselves, in a race even which is no competition, or has other competitors for that matter~
  14. Welp, that's one issue fixed, it must have ended up going missing somewhere. Now that alone still did not help to create a word but I also found some other mistakes while comparing. After this and that, I ended up with the magma biome being replaced by some others even though it should be in line with the new system. Dis gonna be a PITA. Something about tags... might as well rewrite the worlds to really just replace Bottom with the two new. Then finally...
  15. [imagine the voice of a 2.10 meter tall body builder] Is it there yet? Is it there yet?! UPDATE: Question still open but at least I made it (to sum it up: too much new code) I mean to ask (after holding so long off) because now there is something worse than a mod not working and having to decipher the errors&find the mistakes, namely it is having a mod not work and not having any actual (relevant) errors. I intended to port/update an old mod to the launch preview and modify it but after having it constantly crash when the world selection screen should pop up, I moved it to the intended mod folder after facing no more errors (but still the crash). While moving it helped, it then showed a bugged world selection and attempting to generate a world (in vain though, it is stuck). The output log constantly repeats: headed by a slightly longer version Complete outputlog and mod can be found in the attachments (put MagmaMod2 folder into \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\local and enable ingame) tl;dr JEEEEEEENKINS! (any help from anyone would be appreciated)