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  1. If there is no screen sharing software with ping function-overlay... then I am utterly disappointed in the internet. Not the first time it happens today and surely not the last but anyway (am I expecting too much even though I do not expect anything?), for such external software should be used. It's foolish to implement it, a quite minor feature given the infrequent usage and effect yet costing a lot of code (to the point where no modder would do it just like dat), into each game separately unless actually being part of the core gameplay.
  2. Power after update

    They worship what they usually eat because it floats? This reminds me of something....
  3. and on the contrary Duplicants need Exosuit training first or they walk at a snail's pace, never even mind the time it takes to construct the insulation and inconvenience when expanding. It's good to have different playstyles which each have their merit and demerit but if we go by one like yours only, then the ice maker does not make any difference after all. For all you care instead of 60°C it could be 20°C and there would be no difference, well, besides germs dying slower. Incidentally, imagine yourself living in a confined space and for outside you always need protective gear, that would truck, no? You are basically polluting the asteroid with heat because there is enough mass after all to truck it up. Needless to say, someday/cycle this will backfire or at least you need to provide cooling somehow and the concept of equivalent exchange in a game is not always for the best, if not also a mess. Cool Slush Geysers would become even more "OP". A cool slush geyser provides indeed 282 kDTU of cooling material per second (not the same as providing the cooling per s) when taking 20°C as target value, double that if 50°C is fair game and 800 kDTU to prevent overheating (75°C) But whoever is a physics purist, feel free to do the math first before arguing, like how much Energy a Steam Turbine "should" produce... and how it'd fit no sane amount of batteries and makes power a non-issue. Ironically Solar Panels would then cause asteroidal warming.
  4. But mine does replace Unobtanium with Katairite, isn't it more of a cheat? I do not mean that the above mod which is obviously not mine (but I'll message the author after release, in case Klei doesn't do anything to the magma biome, and whenever it can be flawlessly implemented to have it ported to Steam. Although only if permitted and not made by them I'll do it). I meant the "simple" version which removes all Neutronium from the map or replaces it. Yeah, I really would like if it got more coverage... well, I guess what I can still do is to make a "compatibility" patch with my More Geysers mod and link to it. IIRC it just needs a "merged" world file.
  5. Are you calling my humble mod a cheat?! Fair enough~ But yeah, like already said, there are so many points for why it is now more convenient while there is but one point which made it more "troublesome", and that is power, while I dare to say: 99% would still prefer the new Steam Turbine, if not even love it, if it were to cost a little bit of power. 1% are those who love their exploits too much.
  6. Actually 1 DTU is 1000J so we actually got 110% efficiency. or was it 0,001? As if I'd bother with that silly math~ (point is: DTU =/= J) Seriously thou', this is a game a real world science efficiency thingy is totally amiss here. The Steam Turbine still deletes over 200 kDTU/s with the lowest input (and you'd need only 5 Wheezes to keep 1 cool). An energy positive cooling loop is also actually not something that should be, and that's what it previously was, minus the liquid output which also makes it less troublesome now. Needless to say, down below there is also a sizable heat source, although... would make it a more fun endeavor (and it'd be neat if someone were to move that thread to the mod section and unlocks it/make mod threads not subject to archiving)
  7. Power after update

    Since they fixed a glitch related to transformers and batteries, the chance is higher the more transformers you utilized. Not quite sure where the thread was or what the prerequisites but welp, your best chance is to look at pre-update/preview cycle reports and compare what you can compare to find out yourself.
  8. One does not even need a duplicant to watch it 24/7 or whatever the asteroid equivalent is since like already written, 40°C cooling takes about a minute. Double that time if you use 60°C water and near the boiling point it is triple dat. Plenty of duplicants can do that job while also doing another, for that delivery has to have the same priority, the ice maker a higher priority than i.e the grill and other deliveries below that or outside their permissible area. Likewise long-distance goofers are not allowed in the ice maker "kitchen". Of course one can also do some overkill and have more than several ice makers but there should be still time in between deliveries (ofc pitcher pump right next to them) or your electricity bill is gonna truck. Needless to say, auto-sweepers can easily deliver the ice to wherever it is needed and the "coverage" can be easily increased by splitting the conveyor rails. Important is to ensure that the ice actually does not stack, for on one side you will have less water and on the other you risk a water explosion once everything has melted.
  9. It would indeed be neat if there was actually a use to this "flower" just for the sake of "poison and medicine are two sides of the same coin" kinda thingy. To be more concrete, it should be able to blossom and be harvested, plus having seeds, like other plants. This in return makes it usable for recipes and all sorts of shenanigans. Apart from maybe being able to cure the very disease it causes, it could serve as performance-enhancing drug among other high-value possibilities that justify the risk and preparation for farming it safely.
  10. Well, since the hotfix actually should have fixed again, I can not help but ask if you are really sure that it is now working as before since otherwise... I'm at a loss why my worldgen mod does partially not work. Specifically it does not load my custom new POIs yet it does indeed read my custom subworlds (since I added the geyser, yours, NG or Cl, that does not spawn if the other does) and POIs I did overwrite. As test I also replaced old POI locations (since new ones are limited, might also do something about that) without success, simply not spawning anything. Oh, and yes, I did try to install it manually in the game folder (pasted worldgen and templates, which are indeed in the root folder, into StreamingAssets) and it did work.
  11. So, to bring some chaos to the order I tested just a few minutes ago: Cooling 50 kg of 22,3°C Water To -20°C (no bump or whatever when it become ice) Time measured: Around 68s* Ice Machine Heat Production 4,5 kDTU/s Ice machine total heat Production 306 KDTU Heat removed (22,9*4,179+19,4*2,05)*50.000=>6.773.455 DTU=> 6773,455 kDTU (-306 and /68=95,19 kDTU/s) Ratio: 1/22,14=>~1/20 Result: The Ice Machine deletes 20 times the DTU it produces, at around 95k DTU/s. Comparison: AETN deleted 80 kDTU/s (-15 kDTU/s), Wheezwort deletes 12 kDTU/s when in hydrogen (i.e one needs about 8 of 'em) and the Steam Turbine... pretty sure it is way beyond any of that even with the lowest temperature steam. Mai's Suggestion: Quarter the efficiency to effectively ~-25 kDTU/s, it will still be a very worthwhile building due to the ice being more portable. This will also not make dupes run to it like 3-4 times a cycle with hotter water. *I totally acknowledge that inaccuracy which I don't think to be too much off, if at all, but if one intends to get better numbers, use hotter water, and a proper stop watch, as well as as well as a dense Chlorine room at the median-average temperature between intake and -20°C
  12. by the by the reason why a simple reinstall or integrity check does not work is because the save data is dealt differently with, with either it being not uninstalled at all (checked it is never) or the steam cloud has the faulty save data as well and re-downloads it upon reinstall.
  13. [Insert/Imagine Engineer_Nope.gif here, ironically I could not find any good one. No high res or no helmet up->head up->head down->helmet down, never even mind walking away in any of them... what has this world come down to? Have memes no (visual) quality standards anymore!?] Well, anyway, like already said, ONI is not designed to be MP and the design does not allow for proper MP like certain Bethesda titles could easily be. "We can manage the colony together and independently give orders (when there is no haste anyway)" or "We can trade resources" are not a proper MP experience. It is not much more than just sitting next to each other or share the screen (and voice) over IP. Other sandboxes work in MP because one controls the characters oneself and one can literary double one's army force, when there is some imminent threat. However ONI is not a sandbox like Don't Starve but like a city-builder (what is the difference between a colony and a city after all?) or Rimworld with even less threats and no ability to give direct orders besides "move".
  14. QOL-03 Astronauts

    I thought some hotfix did fix Astronauts but welp, it would not be a surprise if they were just partially fixed or the new system simply broke it again.
  15. I suppose I should have mentioned that at least I consider Oil Reservoirs to be included in this challenge (after all, they look like Geysers)... since, indeed, previously I have also noticed that one gains more water than one spends, literary powering the oilwell itself with water to spare. Natural Gas is by the by generated at a rate of 33.3 g/s. Those 24,975 g/s of water at best can sustain one additional deep diver dupe when utilizing all three Oil Reservoirs. Oh and regarding CO2->Petroleum, the problem here is how to produce it in quantities that can just sustain one dupe. After all, without geysers the "bottomless" mines for CO2 are... Duplicants, 2 g/s or 1g/s Petroleum. While I have not the precise math at hand... the best destination for getting water are Organic Masses, one is always spawned at 50k km. To reach it with a Petroleum Engine and two Cargo Bay (better ratio than one), one needs 1601 of both, Petroleum and Liquid Oxygen i.e you get 2t of (polluted) water which translates into 1776kg of Oxygen (Electrolyzer, Algae Terrarium is actually better but Algae is also finite) and 224kg Hydrogen (let's leave that for later) meaning you get actually gain only 1776-1601=175 kg Oxygen for 1601 kg Petroleum/3202 kg of CO2/1 501 000 seconds/2502 cycles of breathing/of one dupe adding the's not much more (every 4th flight you get one flight which adds 894/4=>223.5 kg per Petroleum flights) and I am afraid the calculation ends up somewhere weird if I go further. Since every 4 hydorgen flight comes with an extra flight and every 4 extra flight is an extra extra, I think the bonus flights may accumulate to 3.73737373[...] if I am not too mistaken. I may very well am, a little bit, such math is not my forte. Ultimately the figure I can present is 414.205 kg Oxygen for 1601 kg Petroleum => Sustains 6.9 (or double of that) Dupes for a cycle when spend constantly (which again presents a problem since to breath out 1601kg of CO2 each cycle, you need 2668 Duplicants. Every 687th Duplicant can sustain one extra (or every 193rd) On a related side note, each Oilwell (the natural natgas of it) would be worth 5,55 Duplicants but you would not have problems in the first place