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  1. I just noticed that the DLC in the Oxygen not Included Bundle is cheaper than on the store page (-25%) which is kinda odd considering that it is the sole DLC. I'm not entirely sure if the Bundle was there before and I was just blind but I ain't complaining, just taking note. This is what I waited for after all, launch and possibly a discount, although the latter was optional considering the already cheap price.
  2. We really should stop shooting stuff dupes at the temporal tear... said no one ever and now we know why~
  3. And why can't we do it before defrosting the dupe? Please explain it in a way that I can understand.
  4. Did you by chance read a post I discarded? IIRC somebody wanted everything, even in the 'fog of war', to be simulated when there should be no need to if the worldgen hadn't two major bugs. POI and features breaking through biomes. And Critters being some times doomed to die out despite the taming mechanic making wild ones reproduce once before dying naturally. Sadly I am lacking concrete examples there and can not play for long now hence why I also discarded that post. What was my mistake, what might have been already fixed, I do not know anymore. Why do I always stop playing games just before their release? Well, in case of ONI, I did not want to waste 30-60c a day to keep my broken PC running since once it cooled down, it literally freezes after start-up if not before, requiring several restarts... it also had the habit of overheating so it has been 15 months now since I last started it. . The first world gen fixes were exactly what I meant to mention (but was ofc mentioned several times over already), I'm glad you came around to polish this since this was a major cause of distress. Mind you, I did forget about magma boiling some oil so you likely did not read my discarded post. Anyway, I'm very glad to have that out of the way, now if there was just a possibility about it coming to Switch... (yeah, main problem is the processing power required) I'll get a new desktop one day and then I will be able to rediscover everything, and discover a lot more~
  5. Well, fundamentally it makes sense for people to prefer an expansion over an alternate game mode. Heck, the most recent example of odd design I had to face when replaying Fallout New Vegas. There, where the same guns were copied and weapon modifications made only to be compatible with the DLC one (and somehow their were made indistinguishable, by a mod I think since there should be a suffix for the later). Game Designers ain't superhumans and are actually subject of the whims of their engine but even if time was pressing, a bad design is bad regardless of reasons. Klei is obviously making an effort to not just make this an alternative game mode and in due time they will find means to implement an expansion experience. Needless to say, before working on a classic expansion, they needed to have all systems to work more efficiently for then they can consider if and how to implement them. Not all content makes sense to port to classic but doubtfully none is especially if you consider porting classic to spaced out. Having a bigger if not classic starting asteroid is a fair if not grand start, having all classic types with all if not more traits and the same size would be best in terms of pure business. Ultimately that is also the reason why Klei should try to make it a classic expansion as well. With the game systems already implemented, a good chunk of the work is already done and leaves mostly the code-mon... monsters to adjust the programming. Meanwhile the return for the additional work is huge because many will decide against an alternative game mode for no discount/missing certain features (certain classic starter asteroid with certain types&traits). All that may actually be missing is the already unwanted child we call meteor showers. Imho cutting them, regardless of how much sense it makes, is still sad and the dangerous resource drops should be re-imagined... or made less of a chore since scanners, rockets, solar panels and bunker doors are just a PITA to set-up. Not a challenge, just a PITA and I do not mean that tasty bread. My humble suggestion (likely suggested before) for that would be defensive lasers that make much of the bunker-door-wall-shield obsolete in return for more energy used (I do not have the number right now about how much it costs to open/close a bunker door and how many meteors fall to set a definite laser range, power consumption on standby and per shot but those would be the numbers). Personally, I will decide upon paying full-price for Spaced Out or whether I will wait for a discount, whenever I actually have the hardware again to play it (I'm actually surprised FNV functions on a Q-210), on knowing whether all classic asteroids are implemented with all classic traits (or the missing ones I do not care about, like boulders, ugh, boulders...) or well, not. It'd be very appreciated if someone could answer if that is the case already (the Patch Notes mention only Terra and no traits) I'd suppose that is the deal for many others as well rather than having resource teleprompters, er, porters (though it should be very easy to go back to the classic starmap/automatic gathering with new content as option, if performance is such a big concern). I so far trust in Klei though in that they will properly implement/meld everything in due time. Their business strategy is making good games which is working out so far (I think, it is not like I have ever seen their financial reports, I swear!).
  6. so why not just make your own mod? Bonus points if your showers stop and start fast enough for bunker doors to fail. There really is little reason to be pedantic here and it is quite nice how they mixed the showers up while not going "let's make it totally random every thing, every time for no one to be able to see a pattern". By the by, I made a very crude mod which actually removed meteor showers for they were just annoying and rather swallow. I still consider rewriting the mod if I ever find out how one can "simply" modify a class but I might end up not using it and not just because I like dat gold. A suggestion I considered was regarding using regolith as a material similar to Terraria's slush, silt and fossil blocks in that one could with whatever energy and time investment could extract resources from it. Mostly turning it into Sand and a small percentage being metal ores but also dirt, clay, sedimentary rock, other rocks.... sure has more depth than just all ores randomly falling from the sky.
  7. The Metal should be refined and it is not like there is no difference between being useless and having no point. 10 of 14 Cycles (71.4%) minus 3/4th rest times were showers (around 2.5 cycles, 17.9%). Now apart from the variation (much less frequent), 22 of 34 are (64.7%) minus a little bit more rest time (due to golden ones, less than 16.1% which means more than 10% for solar panels and safety). One could call the Iron Showers useless as well, if not more so since Copper actually has only advantages over Iron if you take aside Steel making. Less SHC and more TC can be deemed quite suitable for heating but Decor is still best. Copper is not required for suits anymore.
  8. My bad, I am used to code being made scroll-able in its own box and as such it being quite shortened by default.
  9. Well... inlayman terms: No Shower: 4 Cycles Iron Shower: 10 Cycles - 1 Part Iron, 2 Parts Rock, 5 Parts Dust. (1/8 times 10 = 1.25) No Shower: 4 Cycles Copper Shower: 7 Cycles - 1 Part Copper, 1 Part Dust. Lower meteor fall frequency than iron (around 4.2 times lower). Same rest and active cycle variation within the season as Iron. (1/2 times 7 divided by 4.2 = 0.77) No Shower: 4 Cycles Gold Shower: 5 Cycles - 4 Parts Gold, 1 Part Rock, 10 Parts Dust. Higher meteor fall frequency than iron (~Triple). On average longer rest times and shorter active times than Iron&Copper. Active average 75 vs 250, rest average 1000 vs 750. (4/15 times 5 times 3 = 4 through 75/250 and 750/1000 = 0.9) Back to 1 (34 cycles between repeat) Previous was was 1&2 (14 cycles between repeat) If all metal meteors weigh the same (which they do), one gets 72kg of Gold Amalga, and 62.222kg of Copper for each 100kg of Iron. Though I am afraid I do not know if and how it would affect everything when the showers end prematurely because the No Shower Season began. Also, it's all about averages
  10. Now I actually went into the Database.SpaceDestinationTypes (because testing would be a PITA) and actually saw that I forgot the Salty Dwarf (and never saw the other Salt Desert Planet). I can confirm that there is not Oxylite or double Bleach Stone. It is SolidOxygen and SolidChlorine. And again, it is noteworthy that the states I listed do make little to no sense. I obviously did not list the Interstellar Ice/Ice Giant which has also frozen Gases because after all, those make sense.
  11. So, uncovering the space destinations as means to sample, well, samples, I saw that the contents of new ones are still a little odd, primarily their state and required cargo bay. Long Story short: Living Planet: Oxygen requires a Cargo Bay (i.e is Solid, same as the sole other resource: Aluminium) 100% sure it should be Gas and need a Gas Cargo Bay (on a side note, it should have also other resources) Chlorine Planet: Chlorine requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid, same as the sole other resource: Bleach Stone) 100% sure it should be Gas and need a Gas Cargo Bay Helium Giant: Apart from having no Helium, the Hydrogen requires a Liquid Cargo Bay (i.e is Liquid, same as the Water). Makes very little sense, to not to say none. Oxidized Planet: Carbon Dioxide requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid, same as the sole other resource: Rust), let's just say I find that 78% odd Oily Asteroid: Methane and Carbon Dioxide requires a Cargo Bay (i.e Solid while Crude Oil and Petroleum is Liquid), making them Gas would make much more sense imho Salt Dwarf: Solid Carbon Dioxide Red Dwarf having Liquid Methane can be easily claimed to be making sense but I might as well mention it.
  12. Well, it was a simple change after all... just for once, like many times actually, the butterfly effect is real (just not the case with real butterflies). The more complex and optimized a system, the better but at the same time it is also the worst when trying to change something since the tremors can be felt far and wide at unfathomable times. Simple bugs, that are on the lowest level, affecting nothing for they are at the end of the line, may be easily fixed without problem but if you have some flaw in the higher tier and want it to begone... just look at what they did with ladders and the recent changes noted with emoticons. For the prior they had to change the system they already changed recently, where dry walls and tempshift plates can not be built behind tiles anymore while now they made ladders count as tiles which ruins heavy watt wires... which, to be frank, there I'd suggest to remove the heavy watt connector tiles and make the heavy watt wires like their smaller counterparts. It might have been a neat idea but if I had to choose, replacing tiles with ladders+vice versa and this gimmick which is more inconvenience than anything, I'd pick this little convenience.
  13. I think someone took a liking to emoticons... and @mathmanican to whoever that someone is, if the someone is also the one who does those troublesome bug fixes
  14. Well, you get more metal than usual but less metal than with rich, the factors are x2 mass and x1.5 bandsize and x0.8 mass and bandsize Of course in the first place they should be mutually exclusive but the trait system does not allow for that. The question one should indeed ask is "why bother (changing the trait system)", though not "why bother (getting both traits)" since actually, if traits could cancel each other out, they could be used to create worlds without traits. The seed browser could indeed give one seeds soon which only have geoactive and dormant, having only one random geyser more
  15. Does it matter which factor in a multiplication comes first? Likewise with geodormant and geoactive it does not matter whether it is +4-3 or -3+4~ In any event, I'm greedy and would be glad if there was another few patches like this before the 30th. Please increase the amount of space destinations and make some more set as certain spawn, thank you! Also Slicksters, they now pretty much are the least desirable critter and with Shove Voles and Shine Bugs this means much.