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  1. I think the devs can spend their time more wisely on something that does not only happen if you poorly mod the game and fail to check yourself.
  2. [Divine Punishment Type Babylon incoming in 3] [2] [1] ... なんでやねん?!
  3. reverse the drywall changes

    The problem regarding moving/replacing tiles and drywalls in space can be fixed quite easily... just let one be able to replace tiles and drywalls with each other. Even if doors can not be simply replaced, it is not like the pressure loss is that big. Like a sizable room (100 tiles) might hold 300kg O2 but apart from that a single tile of water can be used to cover more than double of that, the leakage is actually quite minor, it's like the time doubles to empty a room for each tile the leak is away On a side note, I just noticed that opening up an unpowered bunker door takes like 500s and I actually like the door backgrounds~
  4. Well, never mind the beature, one actually gets the most Oxygen out of Slime directly when turning it into Algae+(Polluted) Water: 200g algae become 44/30 times as much with Terrarium =>293.333g (266.667g) without light 400g polluted water become 400g Polluted Oxygen, minus the 64.467g for the Terrarium=>335.533 600g slime become 629g Oxygen... that's an increase of humble 5% for the power and work time put into it and you need the light. Personally I just use them for Mushrooms since practically Mushrooms cost several times less than Bristle Berries (7.14-8.33 kg Water vs 60-75 kg) per 1000 kcal. Indirectly the Oxygen gain is massive when one merely get 888/1000 from the water and 122/1000 hydrogen is simply a dream come true~
  5. After doing another way to calculate (which did also math the factor of ~2 of the tool), I can not help but ask how it is "not even close" since it should be and after doing some other math, I arrived at the this conclusion: Someday it should be and the day would not be this week even if you play at top speed without pause . So how long did you wait? After all, thermal conductivity is rather low since at best you move the required shift of 41 952 000 000 DTU (36 800 000 g Magma times 1140 temperature difference in an unit that is not Fahrenheit times 1 SHC) at the very best at a rate of 26 600 DTU per second. I.e at best you need 1 577 142 seconds or 2682 cycles. The rate is indeed from the best case scenario: Igneous Rock with Crude Oil = 2 DTU per °C difference per tile =>2*(1410-80)*10 =>26 600 DTU transfer. I'm not quite sure since I have read that transfer rates of different states to different states but even then, I doubt you'd have less than a tenth of that without even considering the speed drop off (which I suppose increases the time many fold). Unless you maybe at refined metal tiles in between (not quite sure if the transfer rate is 16 times better then) Problem of course also is that you do have much oil that transfers heat with oil of a much lower temperature, so while what is cooked by the magma is somehow hot, decreasing the rate of transfer, oil and oil are not that far apart. tl;dr I am afraid you simply had too much mass in your experiment. Also one magma tile between two metal tiles and oil tiles beyond should be the best way I'd say. Might as well do a small experiment later...
  6. Pretty certain that it accelerates training by a fair deal. To see how big the effect is one just needs to have debug_enable.txt, press Ctrl+F4, two dupes with the same (lack of) interest in Operation, select the two perquisite jobs, press Ctrl+F4 again, select the job and make one train with it and the other without
  7. Is what you claim but you are not proving it with your experiment. Like already said, the primer is 420g of iron per second versus 3333g of oil per second as counter, not several tons of magma(&steam) which just happens to lose temperature. Please ensure that your experiments are set up properly or at least link me a proper post. One that turns an iron volcano with an oil well into a self-sufficient boiler. "Powered" or rather heated by itself, minus maybe pumps since we do not want to add electricity into the mix. Or show a valid equivalent (i.e 3333g/s oil input @90°C AND 420g/s iron at 2526°C, recycling/exchanging heat is allowed.
  8. I can see now what you are getting at though it is still an additional contraption, even if the source of additional heat is recycled from the very same system, one can very well prefer to let it retain that heat to simply delete it (through using the petroleum up), making one not want to have it exchange heat and even if not, heat exchange does not mean you get all the heat you need. The question simply was if a boiler is possible and the answer is "without anymore, a small one" and "a complex one is possible can be explored further", simply using a block of magma obviously misses that point, twice since to begin with the primer here is vastly different. Recycling the heat would rather net and to answer whether a complex one with a heat exchanger is possible... Refined Petroleum @400°C with 1.76 SHC vs New Crude Oil @90°C with 1.69 SHC =>met slightly above the middle so ~250°C. Remember the 420g iron can heat 3333.33g crude oil by 72°C with the 400 921 DTU plus then another few °C (but by no means 78°C) since it is now below 400°C. This means an "in-house heat exchanger" would still not be enough without any additional source, even if it is sour gas which has a little more DTU. I actually find it pretty weird that those threads go full-technical/scientific which should be more effort than just doing numbers while it still boils down to those very numbers. I actually tend to avoid such threads with "new discoveries" because the concept is not new but pretty much common sense. We all know how heat exchange may work, in many different ways and thermo aquatuners are indeed the ones I favor due to the fact that they make temperatures go past each other, not just close to. Rather than heat exchanger I'd call the other heat equalizer. You still can not create energy without mass after all, no? Well, kinda yes in the rare instance where you change the material but while Petroleum has 0.07 (4%) more SHC than Crude Oil and Sour Gas 0.208 more (12%), I have yet to see that utilized, probably because it does not reach a perpetual state with that little while new Crude created at 90°C. It probably would need to literary double the energy (100%) to heat the new crude oil evermore. What they do is "merely" optimize it and show it, something which I like to do myself and what I suggest anyone else to do as well after seeing that in theory the numbers match up. That's one thing that ONI makes fun after all, having a theory and doing it in practice.
  9. ...Seriously? Of course the calculation does not consider an additional source of heat, that is the point: The boiler would not be self-sufficient. You need more than that but let me do you the favor and consider thermo aquatuners with super coolant and water each. Each would produce... 4.179*14*10000=>585 060 DTU/s or 8.440*14*10000=>1 181 600 DTU/s indeed for one (SC) or two (H20) to close the gap of 1 345 410 DTU to ~200 000 DTU, nearly boiling all. Of course that'd then need 1.2 kW or double of that. Otherwise... magma may not be that finite but a PITA to outsource, even just because of the fact that the biome is still mostly blocked. but welp, my mistake with the iron, it looked quite golden to me, fix'd et now. 765g should the the precise value you can type into a liquid valve. I'm pretty sure though that "preboiled petroleum" would then come from the oil reservoir, yes? Oil Wells produce it at 90°C which is perhaps just slightly below the temperature of the oil biome. If you would want sour gas, you need to give and take another 142°C and if you just want to use the oil or petroleum to quench the giron before using it elsewhere, it'd suffice.
  10. Well, whether the output is sufficient for constant use can be done with simple calculations: Oil Production 3333.33g/s at 90°C Iron Production 420g/s at 2526.85 °C Wanted temperature (for Petroleum) 400°C Heat Capacity Oil 1.69 Heat Capacity Iron 0.449 Temperature difference for Oil to reach 400°C: 310°C Temperature difference for Iron to reach 400°C: 2126°C at this point one can already tell since heat capacity of gold is below 1/10th of oil but by far the temperature difference is not 10 times bigger while additionally the mass is also not the same, making it nearly 1/10. One could say that one might need around 10 gold volcanoes (plus minus a few, rather plus). but let's more math: Energy for the oil to reach enlightenment: 310*1.69*3333.33=>1 746 331.59 DTU Energy the iron can provide: 2126*0.449*420=>400 921.08 DTU that's ~1/4th This means you could boil a little over 765g of crude oil with it per second, that's still 459kg per cycle. It is of course worth mentioning that the temperature output us very inconsistent so when building this should be considered, lest you make sour gas.
  11. [Game Update] - 308684

    well, art is coming soon™ and of course they could walk there since it is still a 3D world (doors are usually attached to walls or floors), just the perspective and limitations are like in an ant form due to technical limitations or simple choice (for it makes it a better game), they are free to surmount those limits whenever they want and as long as they make it visually "sound". So go now and do bg art for airflow and mesh tiles as well~
  12. I've got a message from the Farm Station for you: "nope~" by the by, always having another option which drops a random care package from a separate list through what amounts to a slot machine or wheel of fortune where you may get nothing or something awesome. I'd like that! And then make it possible to use 100 kg Gold to recharge the machine/pod. Though I am afraid that this would skyrocket the the age rating of ONI... mayhaps Lootboxes would be better then, however those I despise.
  13. 3.000 kg Coal * 0,6 efficiency => 1800kW, quite close (and did I mention how cool the coal is?) but wait, it's actually 0,9 efficiency if one uses chips (which one should) so 2700 kW, very close indeed. and actually, making fertilizer also makes natural gas, 250 kg if you make 3 tons, those 250 kg would then become... 2.222 kW or rather 3.333 kW, so yes you read right, one can still get energy while making fertilizer, even if you move 1t of water since moving 10kg costs mere 240 W i.e 24 kW. Straining your robot arms would cost 120 kW per additional second (and it should really just be 2+1), making Fertilizer making slightly cost energy. on a side note... I sure do not cool water which does not need to be cooled, like such which becomes fertilizer but hey, if it is a slush geyser~
  14. possibly every 3 cycles... for what reason? Mainly, why would one savescum that? That the map does not spawn much is pretty much irrelevant. One can easily make much more and by that logic even 500kg would be impactful. Calling it Welfare Pod is simply silly and neither "jackpot" is gamebreaking since the latter would still only be 1,5t steel which would not be enough for a single project besides a small protective wall. Personally I am rather fond of the literary cool materials, they have more lasting impact~
  15. [Game Update] - 308684

    You did not screw up, you produced modern art! Now you only need a dramatic backstory or, well... to die young would not net you any benefits, only your exploi... er, art dealer, so strike that.