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  1. A DLC Theory

    The first DLC, I want it to convert ONI into a 3rd Person Shooter, the 2nd should focus on fighting game mechanics and the 3rd and biggest one must be a Rhythm Game!
  2. Nah, it's orbiting, around Gossmann. At this point I'd rather not mention a novel I recently read, about, or rather stopped reading because of, very creepy eyeballs (and not few of them) that... nope, not gonna elaborate, sorry, I already will most likely have nightmares today and I'll take very chance I get to decrease that chance.
  3. It looks like... it is hurt. Or my GPU decided to die right now but only for a very specific part of a single picture.
  4. [Game Update] - 357226

    so why not just make your own mod? Bonus points if your showers stop and start fast enough for bunker doors to fail. There really is little reason to be pedantic here and it is quite nice how they mixed the showers up while not going "let's make it totally random every thing, every time for no one to be able to see a pattern". By the by, I made a very crude mod which actually removed meteor showers for they were just annoying and rather swallow. I still consider rewriting the mod if I ever find out how one can "simply" modify a class but I might end up not using it and not just because I like dat gold. A suggestion I considered was regarding using regolith as a material similar to Terraria's slush, silt and fossil blocks in that one could with whatever energy and time investment could extract resources from it. Mostly turning it into Sand and a small percentage being metal ores but also dirt, clay, sedimentary rock, other rocks.... sure has more depth than just all ores randomly falling from the sky.
  5. [Game Update] - 357226

    The Metal should be refined and it is not like there is no difference between being useless and having no point. 10 of 14 Cycles (71.4%) minus 3/4th rest times were showers (around 2.5 cycles, 17.9%). Now apart from the variation (much less frequent), 22 of 34 are (64.7%) minus a little bit more rest time (due to golden ones, less than 16.1% which means more than 10% for solar panels and safety). One could call the Iron Showers useless as well, if not more so since Copper actually has only advantages over Iron if you take aside Steel making. Less SHC and more TC can be deemed quite suitable for heating but Decor is still best. Copper is not required for suits anymore.
  6. [Game Update] - 357226

    My bad, I am used to code being made scroll-able in its own box and as such it being quite shortened by default.
  7. [Game Update] - 357226

    Well... inlayman terms: No Shower: 4 Cycles Iron Shower: 10 Cycles - 1 Part Iron, 2 Parts Rock, 5 Parts Dust. (1/8 times 10 = 1.25) No Shower: 4 Cycles Copper Shower: 7 Cycles - 1 Part Copper, 1 Part Dust. Lower meteor fall frequency than iron (around 4.2 times lower). Same rest and active cycle variation within the season as Iron. (1/2 times 7 divided by 4.2 = 0.77) No Shower: 4 Cycles Gold Shower: 5 Cycles - 4 Parts Gold, 1 Part Rock, 10 Parts Dust. Higher meteor fall frequency than iron (~Triple). On average longer rest times and shorter active times than Iron&Copper. Active average 75 vs 250, rest average 1000 vs 750. (4/15 times 5 times 3 = 4 through 75/250 and 750/1000 = 0.9) Back to 1 (34 cycles between repeat) Previous was was 1&2 (14 cycles between repeat) If all metal meteors weigh the same (which they do), one gets 72kg of Gold Amalga, and 62.222kg of Copper for each 100kg of Iron. Though I am afraid I do not know if and how it would affect everything when the showers end prematurely because the No Shower Season began. Also, it's all about averages
  8. Both affect vein size (bandwidth) and mass, however to a different degree like geoactive adds 4 and dormant removes 3
  9. Nah, not with the game running out of RAM and the very possibility that the "fix" for contrary traits might affect all seeds
  10. Well, they need to fix the memory leak (preferable over fixing the modloader which ofc would also be neat) anyway before one can upload seeds en masse. It could take me only 45 seconds from starting to generate a new map to generating another one (yeah I used a stop watch, so what?~), meaning, while I was at work for ~4 hours, I could have uploaded over 300 seeds but alas at around 10 maps, ONI was stuck with 7.3GB bouncing between two values when I tried before. Probably would upload seeds while sleeping as well since I need to keep my machine running. You know about PCs crashing when overheating? Well, mine does it too but it also and completely freezes when it was out cold. Though it depends on how loud my PC will then be (usually I restart it when I go to sleep and it can get pretty loud)
  11. It is worth mentioning that this: might very well screw with the world generation very much. At least the Geoactive+Geodormant Maps will have 3 more or 4 less Geysers
  12. pfft, my day is just starting and only after that is my day off. it's 9:33 (morning) and I just was called in for work @ 10:45 when it should have been a day off due to planning (while tomorrow should be generally a day off yet some will have to put away leftovers). Tuesday is always the most work. Well, it will still probably only take until 16:00 and the release should be around 19:00.(21:00 UTC) anyway. Not that I was forced to as well, I could not say no to what amounts to a new full price game as well a killing time, muscle training, zen meditation and a RL puzzle game.
  13. Im sowwy. I cant dee, xoulf yiz male a adui clop= zhx
  14. Yup, those leaps and bounds in logic and selective perception is outright awesome~ Seriously, how can you intend for something to happen when you did not know it would happen? What about perhaps knowing about it and simply accepting it as consequence? Please don't make common sense cry, she has to deal with enough foolishness already. Don't ever become a designer of anything if you think that this is intentional and on the same level as an accidental feature, which, again, was not intended but has gone beyond being tolerated and even accepted. On a side note, due to being similar in that 2D, I wonder how it works in Rimworld since I forgot if walls can be built like tiles here (diagonally) and if colonist can grab through. Indeed. Disregarding that non-sense, one actually has to present this supposedly obvious bit of code(+dependents) which obviously separates grabbing reach from building reach and digging reach. This could be the case in Rimworld but sure does not appear to be like in ONI (because all reaches reach the same), all coders code differently, there are countless ways to code a system, just due to the virtue of the fact that the engines are different. One can make it simple, one can make it independent, one can do it otherwise. Write more code? Require more processing resources? There is so many things a programmer can do to follow the directives of the (lead) game designer... and precisely the reason why I'd rather design, merely knowing enough about programming to make my demands reasonable.
  15. By no means new and it is worth considering... before and after, they still weigh 30kg