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  1. When i started ONI this was my number 1 confusion point
  2. Made a little correction and yes he is an entertainer and because of that you should handle his builds that way. If you wanna build your base for a chaotic entertainment, go ahead. Whatever fits your playstyle.
  3. Thats just my opinion but i would keep myself very very very distant from anything that was designed by Brothgar. His bases are far away from stable and he plays the game just for the views of complete noobs. Also when he starts a new base it takes around 300 cycles till its such a mess that the "Sandbox" Button will appear in his next video. just saying
  4. Critique on my setup

    make rooms always 4 tiles height, because decor and stuff.
  5. Above magma, as soon as the hydro sensor doesnt detect any liquids it pushes down the igneous rock to the hydrogen chamber without "infecting" the room above. The door right next to the switch serves as dupe entrance for sweeping the debri. It should be possible if im not mistaking. I dont have any clue about the automation i think it works. turbine chamber stabilizes around 260degree. could be optimized further. - changed hydrogen with liquid (super cooland obv. best)
  6. this sounds rock hard
  7. I like to make my life hard.
  8. Science is what? Hypothesis => Theory => Tests => if tests ok => fact? Just kidding. Gassy Mo's produce a certain amount of NG, this can be used. Regarding Topic: maybe you play the game wrong if you lack resources?
  9. Any non-debug Turbine builds?

    nope it isn't. Its actually one of the biggest exploits.
  10. As soon as im home i can send you the updated save file. Need to take a look into it myself, but i dont think there is a lot more you can draw out from it compared to the "official" one. But the previous base, has more of a "natural" approach to the game, which is in other ways nice, atleast for me. This could be useful too. Core concept for liquid O2/H2 is from @Lifegrow, I dont know if he posted it somewhere in the forums. @Lifegrow you have a link to your build? Maybe a bit too far atm, but maybe also useful. In my next base i'll use those two things here:
  11. This is my last base: I also got an updated save file, where i cleaned all debris, stored it, some prototype build for volcanos and oil cooker, implemented a base cooling system to keep everything around 22degree and some other minor stuff. In case you are more interested in "cleaned" base. Im waiting for the official release since I dont feel like there is more for me to learn. The only things i would do different in the next base are: - Cooling down Oxygen with an pipe heat exchanger (i saw a thread some days ago, where our techies discussed different patterns, effectivness etc.) - Implement my own oil cooker / sour gas producer
  12. my favourite job in this forum: correcting Neotuck *hihi*
  13. everything is made of thermium Attached the updated save file. One side note: its quite a while ago that i build those and you should treat them more as a prototype build rather then a fully developed build. Because i didnt bother to test all corner cases, but you get the idea. Im pretty sure with a bit of tinkering it should work just fine. Hovel.sav
  14. wrong. heating up the pipes slowly prevents breaking, but if feel insecure, you could leave a vacuum row between the lava and the tiles, this should prevent contact therefore heating it up or build a two tile layer or whatever. but it worked for more then 100 cycles of super speed.
  15. This is my attempt. (yes i know debug mode but should be ******* easy to build in survival) Input: ~90degree oil Flowrate: ~10kg/s (needs some adjusting because it stutters a bit, most probably the door for heat exchanger on the right should be horizontal) Output: ~250degree petroleum Automation: left thermosensor: 405degree (filter gate: 20sec), right thermosensor: 380 degree put in a kg of super coolant but can be any liquid. Regarding right thermo sensor, start at 100 degree and slowly increase temperatur to 380 elsewise the pipes are going to break and produce sour gas. Materials: tungsen/ceramic Location: at a place where you can create a giant pool of magma, the bigger the better! Completly build in a vacuum edit: based on @Neotuck's input its recommended to leave a vacuum row between the tiles and the magma. With that said, all the ceramic tiles could be replaced by igneous rock, making the build even more cost efficient. The doors can be left "naked" touching the magma. Challenge for ppl that are bored: How could the temperature of petroleum reduced to below 125degree, so that a simple gold pump could be used? This is my sour gas build (its basically a minified version of Lifegrows version, i can give some details if ppl are interested in it): Happy tinkering!