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  1. my favourite job in this forum: correcting Neotuck *hihi*
  2. everything is made of thermium Attached the updated save file. One side note: its quite a while ago that i build those and you should treat them more as a prototype build rather then a fully developed build. Because i didnt bother to test all corner cases, but you get the idea. Im pretty sure with a bit of tinkering it should work just fine. Hovel.sav
  3. wrong. heating up the pipes slowly prevents breaking, but if feel insecure, you could leave a vacuum row between the lava and the tiles, this should prevent contact therefore heating it up or build a two tile layer or whatever. but it worked for more then 100 cycles of super speed.
  4. This is my attempt. (yes i know debug mode but should be ******* easy to build in survival) Input: ~90degree oil Flowrate: ~10kg/s (needs some adjusting because it stutters a bit, most probably the door for heat exchanger on the right should be horizontal) Output: ~250degree petroleum Automation: left thermosensor: 405degree (filter gate: 20sec), right thermosensor: 380 degree put in a kg of super coolant but can be any liquid. Regarding right thermo sensor, start at 100 degree and slowly increase temperatur to 380 elsewise the pipes are going to break and produce sour gas. Materials: tungsen/ceramic Location: at a place where you can create a giant pool of magma, the bigger the better! Completly build in a vacuum edit: based on @Neotuck's input its recommended to leave a vacuum row between the tiles and the magma. With that said, all the ceramic tiles could be replaced by igneous rock, making the build even more cost efficient. The doors can be left "naked" touching the magma. Challenge for ppl that are bored: How could the temperature of petroleum reduced to below 125degree, so that a simple gold pump could be used? This is my sour gas build (its basically a minified version of Lifegrows version, i can give some details if ppl are interested in it): Happy tinkering!
  5. u kidding me, right? minor exploit? this is one of the biggest exploit that are around for a steam turbine. And the build is far away from being "nice"
  6. check if marie is even capable of performing the architect job. On one of my last playthrought i was able to assign a dupe to a job he wasnt qualified for but couldnt advance in the three. Dunno how I achieved that
  7. Hello guys Im little bit puzzled on the question if i should use Super coolant or petroleum. Basically what i want is to transfer the heat of magma through Aqua tuners into crude oil. Now, since i want this build to run as long as possible, i want to use a liquid with a low heat capacity. So i can harvest as much heat as possible from magma. But the part im not sure about is the aqua tuner. So my question is: Is the heat produced from an aqua tuner the same with super coolant and petroleum or is there a difference between heat ouput of an aqua tuner with super coolant resp. petroleum? Thanks! Cheers!
  8. psssh, thats waaay to simple. We dont do that here!
  9. i would recheck your priority system, if you really fail at such tasks. Also "Enabling Proximity" should help. Between cycle 200 - ~600 its usually the period where i get most stuff done. My dupes are very fast in this period, after 600 they start to slow down again.
  10. i think the game is telling you: there is a geysir
  11. What is meant by debris "in" a tile? how can debris be "in" a tile?
  12. This is my last base and it's almost point symmetrical. Inspiration by @Lifegrow Some general data: Fatalistic Miserable 1455 cycles or 112 hours 8.5 Millions of food 16 dupes Main Power: Solar. Main backup system: Natural gas. Hydrogen, coal backups for different section if main power and backup fails Ranching: hatches, dreckos, gassy Moo's, shove vole, fishes and pufts Food: Mushrooms, Barbeque, pepper bread and omelettes Balm lily spam for medicine Geysirs: 3 chlorine, 2 copper, 1 minor volcano, 1 volcano, 2 cold steam, 1 hot polluted oxygen, 1 natural gas, Can someone spot the teddy bear? Its always a joy looking at it when im high. Spotting everytime something different. Overlays for the eyes: Oxygen Power Liquid Pipes Gas Pipes Heat Happiness Ice Cold industry section My little corner of shame Fishies!! Rocket silo Its really nothing special or complex, everything is somewhere in the forum. I think the most interesting thing is this section: It cooled down more than i wanted after solar energy as main power was implemented, but before that it was bascially cooling the whole power section to a blue color and outside it stabilized to a nice green color (similar to the power grid below) Thanks Klei for making such a great game and to all people who inspired me for different builds! Save file BaseQoL.sav I hope you guys like it. If you have any questions, improvements, critics or whatever feel free!
  13. @Boxman_90 face it, against this community you will never win. Even if you wouldnt use any doors or gas/liquid exploits or blocking stuff. Most probably somebody will tell you solely the reasong that you are breathing is considered a glitch. ah and why are you so desperatly trying to make a steam turbine without any glitches?