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  1. I stopped updating the post since the french (and other) translations have not been updated since a long time. The .po files are obsolete.
  2. Also post your Player.log (in ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen\ Not\ Included/)
  3. Fixed in the 417349 revision. The reproducible LUA crash when clicking on the "compendium" button is also fixed.
  4. A curious string change snuck in STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.MINIONTODOSIDESCREEN.TOOLTIP_EMERGENCY -" • Emergency: {ClassPriority}\n" +" • Emergency : {ClassPriority}\n"
  5. At first I thought it was a localization issue but the original text uses the same variable: In BATTLE_FEATURE.SURRENDER.DESC, "Unable to act for {1} {1*turn|turns}", {1} is replaced with the opponent name instead of the panic turns
  6. CONVO.ROOK_STORY_DAY_1_9.STATE_TALK.DIALOG_DESCRIBE_JOB « L’alcool délit les langues » → « L’alcool délie les langues » CONVO.ROOK_STORY_DAY_1_9.STATE_QUESTIONS.ASK_ABOUT_DIALOG_2 « pourquoi tu ne l’a fait pas tout simplement éliminer ? » → « pourquoi tu ne la fais pas tout simplement éliminer ? » One more misuse of "a l'air": CONVO.DROP_BANDIT_BABYSITTER_2.STATE.DIALOG_FAILURE « Ton offre a l’air intéressant » « "Presque <i>Trop</> intéressant. »
  7. What kind of issues are you interested in wrt localization? typo, grammar ones hard to spot or also the obvious markups issues? I also see some issues caused by poedit when it's merging the catalog and the po file. Are these worth reporting? (I'm testing the french localization) Background: poedit is lost when it encounters empty strings, it then inserts the po file description and that appears in the game dialogs. Example:
  8. Continuing with issues found in rev. 416527: CONVO.SIDE_SCOUT_OUT_PATROL_SPOT.DIALOG_DONE « Uh. Sure. » is translated with « Euh… entendu » but that doesn't fit well here: In the same string, "marde" is fine in fr_CA and easy to understand, but I don't think it's used in other french speaking countries. CONVO.HANDLER_SPREE_SHAKE_DOWN.STATE_AMBUSH_INTRO.DIALOG_INTRO « Tu trouves la route dnt a parlé » → « Tu trouves la route dont a parlé »
  9. gives hints about cases where masculine would be justified. I read it like that: If it's a 'natural' trait, the adjective follows the subject gender (so "{baron.HeShe} a l’air craintif" should be "craintive" depending on the NPC gender) If the trait is something the subject tries to attain, then the adjective following "a l'air" shall be masculine. (like in the example "Elle a l'air gracieux" == "elle prend des airs gracieux"
  10. Well, would you write « Sophie a l'air gentil » or « Sophie a l'air gentille » ? masculine would be justified in another context, eg: « Sophie, à l'air gentil, [continue sentence] »
  11. The french localization looks nice so far, not many outstanding issue. A couple typo issues I spotted after 2 hours: UI.FIGHT_SCREEN.TUTORIAL_BODY and UI.NEGOTIATION_PANEL.TUTORIAL_BODY « Tu es sûr le point... » →« Tu es sur le point... » CONVO.SAL_STORY_DAY_1.STATE_QUESTIONS.DIALOG_4 « T’es du genre influent, non ? » → « T’es du genre influente, non ? » UI.OPTIONS_SCREEN.STREAMER_MODE_ENABLED_DESC_* « pour une positionner une webcam » → « pour y positionner une webcam » CARD.THREATEN_PLUS2C.DESC « Attaque deux fois avec carte. » → « Attaque deux fois avec cette carte. » CONVO.FLEAD_FIGHT.STATE_CONFRONT.DIALOG_INTRO If I understand the markups logic, I'd say « * {baron.HeShe} a l’air craintif » shall be « * {baron.HeShe} a l’air {baron.gender:craintif|craintive} » QUIPS.priest.greeting.2 « Cheches-tu à me rapprocher... » → « Cherches-tu à me rapprocher... » CONVO.SIDE_FREE_PRIEST_2.DIALOG_COMPLETE I couldn't find an english reference close to « Hesh's tendrils truly quiver where you walk » and the literal translation also doesn't make much sense. and one last issue about the string length: Other ones not fitting:
  12. Strange, I'm pretty sure the from and to were inverted when I first looked. It's probably a blogspot issue, but nothing happens if I click on email entries below 'RE: MY PENS'
  13. Then read again, and find *WHO* B111 is. Just search *who* could be concerned about rats some entries differ from what the game contains, eg which received fixes long ago
  14. Then read again Cycle 1500 has the answer, cycle 3000 just confirms