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  1. Issue is still valid with the last builds. Is there any extra info that could be useful?
  3. mmmh... A couple updates were pushed since the last time I played the game. When I pressed "continue" today, I was playing Smith despite the character still being locked when I try to create a new game.
  4. Also post your Player.log (in ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen\ Not\ Included/)
  5. Fixed in the 417349 revision. The reproducible LUA crash when clicking on the "compendium" button is also fixed.
  6. A curious string change snuck in STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.MINIONTODOSIDESCREEN.TOOLTIP_EMERGENCY -" • Emergency: {ClassPriority}\n" +" • Emergency : {ClassPriority}\n"
  7. At first I thought it was a localization issue but the original text uses the same variable: In BATTLE_FEATURE.SURRENDER.DESC, "Unable to act for {1} {1*turn|turns}", {1} is replaced with the opponent name instead of the panic turns
  8. What kind of issues are you interested in wrt localization? typo, grammar ones hard to spot or also the obvious markups issues? I also see some issues caused by poedit when it's merging the catalog and the po file. Are these worth reporting? (I'm testing the french localization) Background: poedit is lost when it encounters empty strings, it then inserts the po file description and that appears in the game dialogs. Example:
  9. I don't know if it is expected but the public_testing branch is still available on Linux
  10. I revisited this again with AP-408218D. I briefly see the empty status when doing this: - Change the game speed to slow, - Assign an item to sweepy, - wait until a duplicant delivered the item. For a couple seconds, sweepy has an empty status message and positive reaction on the line below. Both status then change when sweepy goes back to work. I also have a semi-reliable way to reproduce the floating sweepy object: - select sweepy and never deselect it - choose an object, wait for a duplicant to deliver it, click on the button to remove sweepy's decoration and click on the select button again - a duplicant will decorate sweepy again and after a couple seconds, the object is floating and you can select another item in the list.
  11. Small update: I had some free time to test, so I also wiped all Steam data and reinstalled (to work around caching issues)... The problem is still there
  12. In STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.LOGICCOUNTER.EFFECT: shouldn't that be "then it resets automatically..." ?
  13. ok, I don't think that how I saw the issue before but here's how I got it this time: - a dock was added, a sweepy came out of it and started cleaning - sleep time arrived, the robot went back to its dock and voila it also revealed a missing tooltip