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  1. Is there any way to quantify their exposure in the game short of just keeping a careful watch on the dupes? That's my biggest issue with the new system is that I feel there's little feedback or warning on when dupes may get sick. In the previous version, it was easy to keep track of this and this made it possible (and honestly too easy) to keep track of which dupes were most at risk. I don't think it needs to be as easy as it was previously to avoid sickness, but it would be nice to have some indication as to when dupes are at risk.
  2. Hats don't stick?

    Make sure you give them a minute to put the hat on. I thought it wasn't working at one point, because if the game is paused and you select the hat, then exit the menu and open it again, the hat shows unselected. If you unpause the game and give them a minute, they will put the hat on.
  3. Just checked both, beta branch says less than a day and live branch shows 2 days. I'm hoping it's at least 2 days, as currently the disease system on the beta branch is a mess imo.
  4. Actually, I was using the oxygen overlay (F1). I didn't realize they added a gas filter to the materials overlay, I guess that helps considerably. Thanks for pointing this out.
  5. There's already a large thread on the main page discussing the new system.
  6. @Juicearific Excellent post, I really hope the devs read this and make some adjustments. Best part about this is the standard gas overlay shows no distinction between O2 and PO2, so you have to just discern from the gas coloring without the overlay. I don't understand why the standard overlay doesn't show the different gasses. I've used the ImprovedGasOverlay mod since discovering it, and I really don't see why this isn't used in the base game.
  7. Launch the game and look at the bottom left corner on the menu screen.
  8. Late game FPS drop

    This has been pointed out before, but there's a rather large difference in loading time between loading on a freshly launched game versus loading while already in the game. Personally, I always close the application before loading, as it's significantly faster overall.
  9. Late game FPS drop

    Not sure what the specific complaint was on this one, but for comparison sake, it takes around 23s for me to load this save and ~2s for the auto-save.
  10. Late game FPS drop

    I think it might be your hardware (or it could be Linux). On my Windows machine (i7-8700k/16GB) I'm getting 50-55 fps with this save.
  11. Late game FPS drop

    This is interesting, and now what I would have expected. My last end game base, I filled about 40% of the map with tiles (entire map was dug out pretty much) and then went back and removed them to form huge vacuum rooms. I didn't feel like I noticed a whole lot of difference though. With that said, this was all done in survival so lots of other stuff changed along the way as it took some time, so it wasn't a very accurate test. In fairness, they did improve performance fairly significantly a few releases back. But yeah, it's still annoying to put so much time into developing a base, only to have to restart due to performance issues in late game.
  12. Like many others, I agree the system needed updated. With the old system, you could more or less avoid even using any of the medical stuff and just avoid dupes getting sick. I like that they've tried to add a purpose in the game for all of this. With that said, I also agree that the current system is nonsense. I had a single packet of PO2 floating around at one point and ended up with several dupes getting sick. Well, at least that's my assumption since all of a sudden I had dupes getting sick with slimelung and only saw one packet floating around. There's no warning that I can see and it's completely random. This was around cycle 30, and I had yet to establish any kind of medical equipment, so I basically just ignored it. Other than my dupes working a bit slow, it really didn't even seem to matter that much. Maybe with some practice I'll figure out how it works and be able to have a little more control. But it doesn't seem intuitive at all at this point.
  13. Little changes - Huge impact

    There's a lot of talk about waterlocks going on, but I want to point out that you can build the same pattern and get a little CO2 in there and it's nearly (if not completely) as effective as a liquid lock. I use this early game until I have exosuits setup, to avoid the wet feet for my dupes, and as I said it pretty much works as well as a waterlock. I think it would be cool if they made it so powered airlocks worked as proper airlocks. This would give a very compelling reason for powering them, and would make it a little more intuitive for new players. They could even add a little blurb in the airlock description letting the player know that powering the airlocks helps them work correctly to keep gasses separated.
  14. Little changes - Huge impact

    With sickness becoming a more common occurance, it gives dupes yet another chance to drop items and clear the sweep flag. When items are marked to be swept, they should remain marked to be swept until they end up in a container.
  15. No need to test. It will 100% break pipes. If it didn't, this would be THE way to make a boiler.