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  1. [Game Update] - 298981

    I've used solar my last couple bases and just set the closing timer to 100s despite having 100% detection. The only issues I've had have been due to buffer/filter resets on a game load. Still, it would be nice if it could be more precise.
  2. [Game Update] - 298981

    +1 Very annoying that we can setup automation to open/close doors at the precise second needed, but animation speed breaks the whole setup.
  3. [Game Update] - 298981

    Adding some details about the specific issue you're having, including what you expect to happen versus what is actually happening, may help get your issue addressed more quickly. Simply posting a screenshot and saying "see, this doesn't work" doesn't provide much information for the developers. While it might be obvious to you from the screenshot, nobody knows exactly what you're expecting. There was a bug where the gas canister emptier was not showing any possible gas check boxes, despite having gases available. I think it was assumed from your bug report, that you were referring to this issue. As mentioned, this specific issue has been fixed. Looking at your screenshot, I can only guess that you might be referring to the fact that you have a bottle of chlorine on the ground, yet chlorine is not listed in the gas section of your inventory display on the right. So it seems this could be one of two things, either the display is broken and just not showing the amount of chlorine available, or the game doesn't recognize that you have chlorine available (both of these assume 1) your dupes can reach the chlorine and 2) loose bottles of gas contribute to the totals on the right). Have you tried building a canister emptier? Does chlorine show as an available gas to empty? Will dupes deliver bottles to the emptier? Please don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm simply trying to help get your issue addressed. I'm a software developer so I deal with these type of "bug reports" on a daily basis. Hopefully this post helps you understand things from the developers point of view. Better communication will help a great deal when it comes to trying to track down specific bugs.
  4. Low Proformace Issues

    Would love if they'd give us the option to disable or adjust the frequency of the saves. Maybe allow disabled or save every 1-10 cycles. When you're playing a 1000+ cycle base on 3x speed it really seems unnecessary to auto-save every single cycle.
  5. Not having any issues myself, and I frequently take advantage of piping priorities. My guess is that you have issues elsewhere in the line. Maybe try posting a screenshot or save file?
  6. Battery Banks - Yes or No

    I'll just leave this here..
  7. [Game Update] - 298494

    Other than the buggy metal refinery, I have to say, I really like the new queuing interface.
  8. Because a new game starts with new dupes and no materials. This would allow continuation of the previous colony with a new settlement at the new asteroid. They could make it smaller if needed, and maybe have the biomes on the new world reflect the type of planet. For example, a magma planet would be mostly oil/magma biome.
  9. All that's needed to make these type of sensor filters work correctly is proper bridging priority setup. Try this setup, based on the OPs layout, and you'll see that it no longer allows oxygen to get past the valve because it has an overflow path past the valve that effectively blocks new gas from entering the valve in the event of oxygen backup. In order to handle the possibility of hydrogen backing up, additional bridges can be added to create the same type of loop on that side of the valve, as seen here:
  10. I disagree. I'd be perfectly happy with the new worlds being just normal worlds, or maybe favor certain existing biomes based on planet type. Same materials used, just give us a way to transport from our main colony. Sort of a spin on restarting, but allowing use of the existing dupes and materials we've gathered.
  11. [Game Update] - 298494

    Yes, and the heavi-watt wire takes up the tile spot when it's built. The joint place should only take up the tile space in the wall, like it has forever.
  12. I'd be happy with a setup just like smart batteries. Adding this to refrigerators and smart storage would be great as well.
  13. [Game Update] - 298494

    Along with the changes to prevent various weird building overlaps from being built, we seem to have lost the ability to build tiles over the connecting ends of joint-plates. It's like the joint-plate now basically take up a 1x3 square instead of a 1x1 square. Please reconsider this change, as it makes these very difficult to deal with now in regards to sealed rooms and vacuum locks. I understand that it's still possible, and I've been working with it, but it's really not fun.
  14. I'd prefer they just add the automation directly to the reservoirs.
  15. sleet wheat getting wet

    Ice/Polluted ice melting. There's a square showing in the top left of your screenshot. Dig it all up and sweep it away.