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  1. As mentioned in the OP, the intention is to pump the gas from that chamber. I think the point of the bead pumps in this build is to quickly and efficiently relocate the produced gasses to allow the electrolizer to continue to operate. Very nice build @toesis
  2. It's quite possible I'm remembering it incorrectly, as it was some while ago. Regardless, thanks for explanation.
  3. When I tried this in the past, I had difficulty keeping the hydroponic tiles from filling up when the plants were ready for harvest. I'm curious if you have some trick to avoid this issue.
  4. Compact Bathroom Loop

    I'm confused about where you are dumping the heat and also how those sinks are intended to function.
  5. @mathmanican summed it up nicely. I don't remember ever seeing a bead pump boiler and I enjoyed looking over your build. I even snagged the save file. Some people thrive off negativity. Just ignore it and keep doing your thing.
  6. What happened to the one you posted about the other day? I thought it was an interesting build, but seems the post is gone now.
  7. Recreation Pack discussed

    Gotta say, this was pretty much my point of view as well. Morale is not an issue and is already very easy to maintain. Many people didn't even bother with the pre-rec pack morale buildings. I was left scratching my head when I read the update notes. So many other things that should/could have been addressed. If I wanted to focus on entertaining my dupes, I'd just play The Sims instead. I enjoy playing this game because I like engineering cool contraptions. Late game performance lag and buggy interactions both have a negative impact on this aspect of the game. It's a bit tiring trying to remember and plan for all the weird buggy quirks when trying to experiment with new builds.
  8. How good r transit tubes

    They most definitely can, and do, drop things. This is especially annoying if you've built vacuum chambers for tubes passing through insulated areas. Changing this so dupes don't drop items in tubes would be a welcome change.
  9. I've been a long time proponent of dropping the supply errand and combining them as you suggested. I've even posted about it in the past. I find it extremely difficult to make my builder dupes supply their own construction materials, especially later in the game with a large number of dupes.
  10. I want to preface this by saying that I work in software development myself and I have a lot of respect for the game devs and the hard work they put into improving the game. I've also been quite vocal about having these performance issues addressed and I've been checking forums daily hoping to see a performance patch drop. With that said, I eagerly hopped on the test branch and loaded up my 2k cycle save to see the difference. The game does feel slightly smoother I guess, but it's marginal at best. Had this patch gone live without mentioning performance inprovements, I don't know that I would have noticed. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe my specific use-case doesn't see much gain (I play on a <1 year old fairly high end PC). Maybe the improvements are being counteracted by the logging that happens on test builds and will improve once the build goes live. I was hopeful that we'd see significant performance gains in late game bases. I was also hopeful that the issue with reloading a game while within the game would be fixed (faster to exit game then load than to reload within the game). With no disrespect to the devs, my honest feedback is that this performance pass didn't seem to improve much from what I've seen. Hopefully this is an ongoing effort and we'll see additional improvements, either in the current test build or future builds. BTW, may want to take a look at the power overlay. If I select a battery and then click on the energy tab, my game drops to single digit FPS.
  11. I'm seeing weird stuff with liquid shutoff valves that should be flowing 100% leaving spaces between packets with brief "blocked pipe" messages. Reloading seems to fix the issue, but I've had it pop up on a couple different liquid shutoffs.
  12. Gassy moo bait?

    I stand corrected. It's actually the dropoff location that has to be in a room. Just tested both scenarios.
  13. Gassy moo bait?

    The catch is, the dropoff must be in a room. The best part about setting up a Gassy Moo farm is that they don't reproduce. So you'll get real good at dealing with getting them wrangled if you continue to raise them. With the amount of work involved in setting up the infrastructure to support a Gassy Moo farm, they could produce tungstun and I'd still question if it's worth the effort.