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  1. reverse the drywall changes

    Here's what I don't understand.. The way space materials, and materials in general are gated to 'unlock' as you progress through the game, leads me to believe on some level that they expect us to go back and modify and/or improve upon early systems as we progress through the game. But yet, a few changes recently (this one obviously, as well as how the heavy-watt joint plates were recently changed) make it much more difficult to go back and modify previously built systems. It's not that you can't do it, it's just a lot more difficult and time consuming. I'd just like some idea as to what their intentions are with these changes and how they expect progression to look in the game. At this point, I definitely don't understand their intentions.
  2. I use diamond window tiles with radiant thermium pipes to circulate steam and move the heat to a set of turbines located between two dual rocket silos. It powers all of my LOX/LH2 creation and rocket fueling, and if above a certain temperature it will also provide excess power to my main power grid. It has worked fairly well, though obviously I'm taking advantage of the fact that only one tile below the turbines is needed.
  3. I'm still hoping they eventually allow us to send colonies to other asteroids. No end of the game, just continual colonization. Personally, I eventually get bored with a base and start again. If I could send dupes to another asteroid and build a new base there, maybe eventually moving my entire colony there, I would probably do that instead of starting over each time. Especially if they allowed me to transfer stuff between bases, even if it was limited.
  4. It looks like you have a single shipping rail from the top loader, down through the bottom loader into the receptacles. Then another email from the bottom sweeper to the bottom receptacles. The way it's setup in the OP it will load material into the top loader and flow on the rail to the top receptacles. You can see they are all full. The bottom sweeper won't move them to the bottom loader because the receptacles are higher priority. However, if you make the bottom loader priority higher, the sweeper will load it and the gold will flow right back to the same receptacles since that's the only output for that rail. Loaders are used to add material to a rail and then receptacles are where they exit the rail. Sweepers only move stuff from receptacles to loaders. You need to run the rail around the bottom loader down to the bottom receptacles. Then run a rail from the bottom loader down to the bottom receptacles.
  5. This assumes the entire panel is exposed to light. With a staggered setup, this becomes more of an issue.
  6. Noticed this happening tonight. Very easy to tell now with the to-do lists and errands tab.
  7. I believe the issue is with the doors themselves. Someone elses theory (I forgot who posted it) was that the doors were given a signal and opening fine off screen. However, if they come into view while changing state, the animation will start from the beginning at the point they come into view. This seems consistent with what I've observed and seems likely to be what's happening.
  8. reverse the drywall changes

    I'm not sure I agree about that. The second issue had apparently already been fixed, as I can't reproduce it in the live branch. The first issue sounds like it was working correctly to begin with, where tempshift plates cannot be placed behind (mesh/airflow) tiles, but drywall could.
  9. reverse the drywall changes

    If the point of this change is to avoid being able to add extra mass to normal tiles, I would much rather see them change drywall to only serve the purpose of providing a background but act as a zero mass object with regards to heat transfer. That way, it could still serve it's purpose to block off space exposure, but would provide no other benefits. We already have tempshift plates if we want a backgound object that transfers heat.
  10. reverse the drywall changes

    This change makes it so you cannot use mesh or airflow tiles in a room with an atmosphere in space. Is that really the intention?
  11. Was something changed? I didn't notice anything in the patch notes.
  12. Thanks for posting. I don't see any issues with anything on that list. Everything seems reasonable at the level it's available and I especially like that it allows critters to be brought back from extinction. I would like to see a way to get more wolframite, unless the intention is to limit thermium access.
  13. Quite possible it's a bug then, as the printing pod creating creatures is a new feature. Submit a bug report and I bet they'll get that resolved quickly.
  14. New printing pod feature

    The fact that you can recover lost critters is by far the best part of the feature IMO. Every single game I end up realizing that at least one of my critters has become extinct accidently. I couldn't care less about the other stuff, because I never seem to have much of a shortage of anything else. I suppose it's nice to have some use for the printing pod when I have no need for extra dupes.
  15. I don't think they'll show up until you encounter them.