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  1. Just to clarify, this means the bug with the secondary material not being refunded exists currently, right?
  2. Some long-standing bug fixes hidden in the middle of these notes..
  3. I want to preface this by saying that I work in software development myself and I have a lot of respect for the game devs and the hard work they put into improving the game. I've also been quite vocal about having these performance issues addressed and I've been checking forums daily hoping to see a performance patch drop. With that said, I eagerly hopped on the test branch and loaded up my 2k cycle save to see the difference. The game does feel slightly smoother I guess, but it's marginal at best. Had this patch gone live without mentioning performance inprovements, I don't know that I would have noticed. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe my specific use-case doesn't see much gain (I play on a <1 year old fairly high end PC). Maybe the improvements are being counteracted by the logging that happens on test builds and will improve once the build goes live. I was hopeful that we'd see significant performance gains in late game bases. I was also hopeful that the issue with reloading a game while within the game would be fixed (faster to exit game then load than to reload within the game). With no disrespect to the devs, my honest feedback is that this performance pass didn't seem to improve much from what I've seen. Hopefully this is an ongoing effort and we'll see additional improvements, either in the current test build or future builds. BTW, may want to take a look at the power overlay. If I select a battery and then click on the energy tab, my game drops to single digit FPS.
  4. I'm seeing weird stuff with liquid shutoff valves that should be flowing 100% leaving spaces between packets with brief "blocked pipe" messages. Reloading seems to fix the issue, but I've had it pop up on a couple different liquid shutoffs.
  5. While I like the new coloring for the wire overlay, I don't like that you can no longer easily see sections disconnected by power shutoffs.
  6. This, so much. People who don't code don't even know. Always love seeing "well I don't know how to code but this should be a very simple change".
  7. So the first time I loaded it, I did notice it took awhile, but I walked away and came back and it had loaded. I just tried again and actually paid attention, it's taking a VERY long time to load, like 7-8 minutes. In comparison, I loaded up an older 2000 cycle save of mine and it took 1 minute. Granted, my save has none of the new LU items, so maybe it's an issue there. I'd suggest submitting a bug about the loading and including that save.
  8. I loaded it up and ran a couple cycles, worked fine for me.
  9. Just verified this in debug, it's definitely bugged now, though I never tested previously. You can feed the generator either petro OR ethanol when it's freshly built and it works fine. If you then feed it the opposite fuel, it will then stop accepting either input until it's rebuilt (or possibly on reload, didn't try that). Reloading doesn't work either, only destroying and rebuilding. It appears the generator is keeping a very small amount of whichever fuel in it's internal storage. When the other fuel is added, it also gets added to the storage but the generator refuses to run on either.
  10. Adding the save file provided by @nakomaru which makes this really easy to test and confirm. Still behaving this way in the latest release. TestBedCycle21.sav
  11. 4kg/cycle now. Looks like they are still bugged though and providing the same output wild vs domesticated. @Ipsquiggle can we get this fixed to help with our cooling woes?
  12. It wasn't released, it was on the test branch that you have to opt into for testing purposes. If this went live, I could understand your complaint. But anything is fair game on the test branch.
  13. Klei dev1: Hey, what should I use for the input values on the new plant and food? Klei dev2: Just pick some numbers dude, someone on the forums will do the math and we'll just fix it later. Just get it done, it's crunch time!
  14. The problem I, and I imagine many others have, with the drywall change is that it doesn't actually change what you can do, it just makes it a huge pain in the butt. Sure I can still restructure buildings in space and if I'm careful, I can avoid losing too much gas. I could even pump the gas out temporarily and not lose any at all. So you can still accomplish the same thing, but it ends up requiring significantly more time and effort for the same result. That seems like the opposite of QoL to me. Was the stacking tile/drywall thing something anyone actually used to their advantage? I don't recall seeing a single build posted that leveraged this old mechanic.