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Early Access Waiting Thread


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56 minutes ago, ChinchyPandora7 said:

Hamlet will give a skin for dst like RoG or Shipwrecked?

I believe Joe or some other Dev answered this with a "yes" somewhere in the beta forum... I'm not going to dig for the proof though.

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6 hours ago, JoeW said:

Early Access for Don't Starve Hamlet starts on 11/08/2018 at 10am PST 

Feel free to hang out in this thread while we all wait "patiently".  

Is this early access only for the beta testers or are those who did not participate in the beta able to get the early access as well? 

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@JoeW I don't know if it was you Joe, but major thank you to you or whoever cleaned the few posts off of this forum but left mine up. I would have been real sad if it got erased.

Edit - and after way too many hours of writing and editing it, I hope its helpful to all the new players.

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