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  1. The missing boss music now plays! Rejoice!
  2. It seems that quite a few creepy sounds have been added. Likely to be just ambient sounds considering that they are in the DLC003_AMB_stream file. But damn, are they creepy. Files have DA_A/DA_DR/DA_GJ/DA_LP/DA_R/DA_S prefixes. There is 276 of these files. Either way: *TURN VOLUME DOWN* 1 - DA_C 2 - DA_C 3 - DA_DR (DR for Danger?) 4 - DA_DR 5 - DA_GJ 6 - DA_LP (LP for Loop?) 7 - DA_R 8 - DA_S Could these be the ambient sounds for the Aporkalypse? Or maybe a brand new area? Also, not too sure if they are actually active in the game right now. Or if they've been before. But I haven't seen them before!
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for perfect. I'm just asking for not rushed. The QoL update made the game unplayable for almost a day until they've released a hotfix. Not much of an excuse for releasing an update that broke everyone's game. I mean, pretty much everyone on the day said they were crashing as soon as they've used the crafting menu in the game. Surely the developers use those crafting menus on their game builds as well when they're testing?... It just looked bad because it seemed like a rather obvious bug that the developers should've been able to find on their own. Don't forget that the update got delayed too and it still ended up being broken to the point of being unplayable.
  4. Then we will very likely end up with an update that looked like the QoL update. pls no
  5. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    In that case it's a start! Hopefully both games will get updates to get their own upgrades in their respective ways (sound DST, textures DS)
  6. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    Update all textures with the HD ones from Together.
  7. I've literally just said that the calendar clock would be paused outside of Hamlet...
  8. Aporkalypse only works in Hamlet. The clock would stop until you come back to Hamlet. No need for the visual clues outside of it.
  9. Oh hell yeah, imagine like 5 to 6 days before the Aporkalypse the screen starts tinting red, with plants maybe withering and whatnot. Creepy noises start playing louder and louder until the Aporkalypse hits. When it does hit, screen flashes black for a second and then we see the entire world tinted in red. godDAMN
  10. Items/Plants changing before the apocalypse would be atmospheric. Imagine plants becoming grim and what not.
  11. So about that roadmap

    If by VERY good updates an year later you mean adding in content that was supposed to be added this month, then yes, the second one.
  12. So about that roadmap

    Get that filth away from me
  13. So about that roadmap

    The game seems to be about 75% finished, was said to be released this month and we're already talking about free content updates... Free content updates are great and all (seriously, I love them), but I really hope that they don't go the "release unfinished product and finish it later" kinda route. Kinda hard to be thankful to a developer for a "free update" when it includes things that should've been there on release day in the first place...