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  1. Move Woodlegs to S+ and the list is correct.
  2. pls add stuff to the Aporkalypse
  3. Who's Warbucks? I've only ever heard of Wormwood... That Warbucks guy sounds like a rather nice fellow...
  4. Ah ****... can't wait for the Aporkalypse additions! pls klei
  5. Favorite Things

    Honestly? The soundtrack.
  6. Remove Woodlegs as he promotes piracy.
  7. You should apologize for producing such an insulting idea. I feel thorougly offended and hurt.
  8. Them spawning only by flowers would make it far too easy to control them. They are the main threat of Humid season, other than the fog of course.
  9. Favorite Things

    Now we shall never hear it again.
  10. I see. I am not going to act like I didn't gossip about the intentions behind him, as I did do so. The whole situation... It's just a damn shame.
  11. Any chances of him at least getting added back into the official line up in his current state? I still enjoyed playing as him and I can't say no to extra content!