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  1. What is this? Don't Starve getting updates? HAMLET RECEVING NEW CONTENT?! this a dream?
  2. Does this face look like it can cry?
  3. Jesus... I'd imagine this would be used during Aporkalypse/low sanity?
  4. Man, the tribal pig was such a loss. I've always imagined them being meant to show up on the Aporkalypse Island. That, and my headcanon is that the Zebras have lived on the Pugalisk Island, until said Pugalisk randomly escaped his confinement and killed them all.
  5. How DARE those bastards ask for Art Assets on a topic specifically made for art dumps?!?!
  6. How do you guys imagine the unused music was meant to be used? The Third Jungle, Deep Deep Rainforest etc...
  7. You are right... IS a travesty that Warly is getting added into DST and not Woodlegs.
  8. Aporkalypse, here I camp.
  9. Beggars can't be choosers.
  10. We are in an alternative universe Updates coming out every few hours
  11. Keep hitting me with those updates, Jason.