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  1. Another small little update It was now time for wigfrid, wallpaper and pfp Thank you guys who have given your opinions ♥
  2. Drew this today, 3 wormwoods with Glermz and my new Willow profile picture, i kinda liked the style i did with Willow so i may draw every character with the same style later C: Hope you like it and thanks for your opinions ♥
  3. One more, this time Swineclops just about to kill Wilson
  4. A small update with the most recent ones i made, hope you like this as well
  5. Since i started playing Don't Starve, something about the art style made me love it So i want to share some drawings i made during the time i played the game Starting with a character i made for AllfunNGamez, some of you surely know him, This is the one that started it all That's everything so far, during the time i was drawing i also made myself a new signature My Steam name is Railgunner, i uploaded some of these on the artwork section of Steam Opinions are always welcome c: This is the first time i upload my artwork on the forums so i hope i didn't do anything wrong
  6. I didn't, what do i have to do then? Nevermind i did it, Thanks a lot!
  7. So i'm pretty much a newbie with the modding stuff Recently i made a custom chest and i really want it to get highlighted with the 'show me' mod enabled, like if you select any item and if the chest has that item storaged, it will get that green color "Show me" mod has a .txt providing this code: TUNING.MONITOR_CHESTS = TUNING.MONITOR_CHESTS or {} TUNING.MONITOR_CHESTS.custom_chest = true -- For highlighting. in my case, 'custom_chest' is 'wavis_chest' However i don't really get where i have to put that code to make it work, can somebody help me? is it on the modmain, on the prefab file of the chest? if so, where exactly?
  8. As it says in the title, i want to make a config option to completely modify a custom item recipe However i don't know a way to make it possible What do i have to add to "configuration_options" in my modinfo.lua and in my recipe section in modmain.lua to make it configurable?
  9. Well i'm trying to make a mod where i add a backpack, however i'm unable to find a spriter template of that item, i tried using krane in other anim files of the backpack and when i open the .scml there's no image in there, is there anybody who could help me with that or share a backpack template?
  10. I know i can just add the tag "nightvision" and the mask will work, however i'm looking for a way to get a different colourcube and not that strange negative color effect moggles have I rather not to add a light, I'd really like the real nightvision, how could I be able to do that? i'm still newbie with this kind of stuff Sorry for bad english tho