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  1. Where is the Woodlegs button?
  2. Roosev

    New mouse style

    The mouse cursor should be character themed. Would be pretty cool. Imagine Maxwell's long, lanky fingers pointing or Wolfgang's big, stubby ones.
  3. Roosev

    Glass Canon Wes

    Wes should be a team player in my opinion. Mimes are meant to be entertaining (unless you're afraid of them), so it would make sense that he would buff his teammates. Buffs could be anything, from increased damage to health regeneration. Maybe the hunger meter even gets slowed down if you stick around his aura, keeping Wolfgangs in their mighty state for longer, and so on. I do think that his buffs should also work on Wes himself, with certain exceptions, such as the health regeneration. I don't know how the mechanics would work though. Either something do to with his sanity, health or hunger. You want the Wes to still engage with the enemies, whilst buffing the teammates instead of just sitting on the sidelines. Maybe the bloons could be his way of buffing teammates?
  4. Roosev


    Bow down before the most powerful character of Don't Starve.
  5. Roosev

    Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    That's like, the best way of describing it. We have flashy bosses, that we have almost no reason to fight against. I mean, why would you fight Ancient Herald? To get that cloak that you'd probably never use? Why would you fight Iron Hulk? For an item that gives you temporary god mode that you most likely won't have a use for since you've probably already completed Hamlet at that point. Problem is further compounded due to the fact that there are no seasonal bosses. The only two potentially useful bosses are Queen Womant, because she actually unlocks Wilba and gives you a recipe, and the Pugalisk. There is almost no reason to fight the rest. The bats are more of a boss mob due to the fact that they actually pose a threat and they come to you instead of the other way around. Oh, and they also drop useful loot. Cool characters indeed. Don't have many problems with that. Only thing that I can come up with is the fact that Woodworm is unlocked by default. WHY?! You have all these jungles in Hamlet. They really should've made a setpiece in the jungles (or the poisonous ones) that would allow you to unlock him. He is literally themed after those jungles, so it was a disappointment that they didn't do anything with him. Then, again, Hamlet has like, no new set pieces anyway... Gameplay mechanics are great. The biggest one, being the villages (or Hamlets) is arguably the best part of the DLC. Everything else however, feels rushed. 3 Seasons that only last 11 days. You get to experience them within the first, what, 3 hours? Not only that, but there is almost nothing seasonal within those 3 seasons. No bosses or plants or anything like that. Humid has the beetles at least, and Lush has the brambles. But they're pretty bare otherwise. After that, nothing ever changes since you've already ran out of content. Aporkalypse is a massive disappointment, with no atmosphere and no reason to go to do it other than for the "challenge" it possesses (aka, constant bats). Where is the spoopy sounds and visual cues? Why do the stone slabs and urns and what not, NOT have a much higher chance to drop rare items during it? Why is there no exclusive monsters other than the Ancient Herald? THERE IS NO REASON TO LET THE APORKALYPSE HAPPEN! If I may be so bold, I'd say that Shipwrecked before the update had more to do than Hamlet does. You've had at least 3 new characters (some for which that you actually had to complete set pieces for), with 4 seasons (which also came with new weathers, seasonal bosses and events). A brand new mechanic too, aka the sailing. You've also had the Volcano within that! A freaking Volcano! That you could enter! Now that I think about it, maybe Shipwrecked didn't necessarily have more content than Hamlet, but it felt much more polished. Not only that, but it was cheaper to boot too. So yeah, Hamlet is great at it's core... just severely lacking in content/polish.
  6. Roosev

    Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    Klei probably thought that the DLC profit margin would be large enough to make the losses over the free copies seem tiny by comparison. I fully believe the intent was good-natured and they've simply wanted to give back to the fans. It was a gamble, one that obviously didn't pay off, but it was done for a good cause. "Quality" of life update. That's all. And well, maybe the Aporkalypse. You can always make the argument that maybe they've simply decided to scrap the content because they've ran out of time or because they couldn't do it. But they didn't. They've simply released the game. They should've communicated to us (you know, the people who paid them to complete the game) that the plans have changed. They would've avoided the ****-show that way. They should've been more transparent with their consumer base. Agreed. Hmm... I don't feel it's a problem with people defending Klei. It shows that they're passionate for the product and that they are also loyal to the company. But, on the other hand, it's like a relationship. It becomes unhealthy once you keep defending absolutely everything they do. Instead, make it a healthy relationship. Make sure to let them know when they mess up so that they learn! Not just leave them to wallow in ignorance and then repeat the mistakes in the future... Obviously, that doesn't always work as sometimes critism is actually warranted! But I don't feel it is in this case. I love Klei, and I've been on these forums for quite a few years too! But that ain't gonna stop me from calling them out on some ********.
  7. Roosev

    Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    It leaves with too much to be desired to be satisfying.
  8. Jesus... I'd imagine this would be used during Aporkalypse/low sanity?
  9. Man, the tribal pig was such a loss. I've always imagined them being meant to show up on the Aporkalypse Island. That, and my headcanon is that the Zebras have lived on the Pugalisk Island, until said Pugalisk randomly escaped his confinement and killed them all.
  10. How DARE those bastards ask for Art Assets on a topic specifically made for art dumps?!?!
  11. Roosev

    Great Progress!

    Rare footage of Klei analyzing DST profit margins:
  12. godDAMN! now i need to play Hamlet again
  13. How do you guys imagine the unused music was meant to be used? The Third Jungle, Deep Deep Rainforest etc...
  14. You are right... IS a travesty that Warly is getting added into DST and not Woodlegs.
  15. Roosev

    [Game Update] - 338264

    Aporkalypse, here I camp.
  16. Roosev

    [Game Update] - 337090

    Beggars can't be choosers.
  17. Roosev

    [Game Update] - 337090

    We are in an alternative universe Updates coming out every few hours
  18. Roosev

    [Game Update] - 336897

    Keep hitting me with those updates, Jason.
  19. R.I.P all the unused music in the game files.
  20. Roosev

    [Game Update] - 335195

    Good stuff. Please more.
  21. Don't Starve Forever
  22. holy ****. I LOVE THE LIVING ARTIFACT! #IronHulksFearMe