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  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is a repost but I could not find this answer through google or on here. If you buy say two of the Wilson and get two codes for the Tesla Coil Lantern, can you redeem both of them to get two of the skin? If you can't have two of the skin, what if you get rid of / lose the first one, can you then redeem the second?
  2. Reminds me of a manticore. Also... are we to assume the second hand piece attaches to the head?
  3. I was corner tanking Boarrior as Woodie and it knocked me out of the arena with its spinning attack, where I ended up finishing the fight solo... definitely a buggy run. It was the bottom corner of the west gate if the spawn gate is north, if that helps.
  4. Ok ok alright. I'm just playing devils advocate here. I do think it will be a boss too. The reason I brought it up is because SW brought 3 new bosses and there are already basically 3 confirmed bosses for Hamlet, plus two creatures that have very high boss potential and then there still may be a few bosses or mini-bosses in the works potentially. I'm just hoping it's not 3 per version that's it, definitive cut off line. [I mean, there's no way its that, but I just hope there is a chance for the iron goliath or the herald to actually BE bosses.]
  5. That doesn't mean it has to be attacking you in a fight thooo. What if the Roc just flies by you on screen and picks up food for itself and its babies? Maybe it has to attack em first to get the meat.
  6. Class! Let's get back on topic! I have something I've been pondering and since this is a theorizing post... No but seriously. So I know it's theorized that it will be a boss. But so we already have the Mant Queen and Puggles and then we know there are three more beings that can possibly be of the boss tier: the Roc, the Herald, and the Iron Goliath. What if the Roc is just going to be a nuisance that brings you to the 4th island and/or causes houses to get destroyed or renews the ruins from its steps that cause earthquakes? What do you all think?
  7. Title. I know the picture proves nothing, but I swear the setting is on none. They were not spawned in by me nor is it a default world. Pinky promise.
  8. The Sprinkler still has a "Turn On" option when it is completely depleted of fuel. If clicked, it turns on and runs indefinitely without the need to fuel it ever.
  9. Not sure if intended or not. The oscillating fan cannot be charged by anything. It works for a certain period of time, then you have to craft a brand new one.
  10. It is arguably one of the most important buildings and is not in the list of items you can craft with the Key to the City item, when its crafting tab pops up.
  11. It's fan propeller floats when your character bends over to loot anything. I know it's not technically implemented into the game yet, but it is console spawnable!
  12. Not sure if it's a bug or not. I almost would guess its not because its something associated with the tree? But maybe it is and the value is supposed to be set to zero if you mess with the world gen.
  13. I figured that's what Pangoldens were meant to do. Details below: Ya'll better clean your pools. They need to be sparkling.
  14. Shadow hands cant get inside houses, caves, or ruins to the sources of light they are trying to steal.
  15. When you generate a large world, many of the pig set pieces in the cultivated turf biome can overlap. Also, when you generate a large world it rips apart the biomes into smaller chunks scattered all over the place, particularly the lake biomes.