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  1. Naw its formerly known the fuelweaver is the ancient king/cane bearer, the one who overused the fuel. Not the skeleton btw, the skeleton is something more ancient but its his soul that is bound to it. You can actually see in the metheus murals the cane-bearer digs up the same skeleton. Metheus is pretty spread around on who they are. But there are more hints leading towards Metheus is the shadow eye entity we see in the murals that has yet to be revealed in-game. The original Them that Maxwell was talking about back on the throne. Then there's the 2nd theory of Metheus being the ancient queen/torch-bearer that is also inside of Charlie and that the ancient king's name is "cyclum" which does not make sense at all. The whole point of cyclum (latin for cycle) is that its a cycle that began DST in the first place which is a complete perfect parallel with what Wilson did back in the beginning.
  2. "Share something well before showtime." That can't be coincidental. Its a normal phrase but its the fact they use that phrase so 'coincidentally' with showtime and backstage and klei loves their puns.
  3. We don't technically know what went down in the factory but we know Maxwell has used Wagstaff's stuff like the voxola radio to take people into the constant as well as stealing a lot of his work for his own benefits. If Maxwell is trying to hide the evidence of the constant and its magical properties Wagstaff would be a key-factor in that for certain, and then remove the traces off the radio and the people who have em (Warly, Woodie, Wilson) and this would explain why he would take these people specifically It just doesn't seem to be Willow in this case cause it looks like what broke down the factory was the portal itself (a recurring theme it seems) Unless somehow Willow was in that room when it happened, because she was teleported in there by Maxwell or something but that's such a shot in the dark. It just doesn't quite add up.
  4. Something that i find strange is that right next to the new york library burning poster is the poster for "exposition universelle 1910" which is put ¨coincidentally¨ right next to the library poster. Why does it matter? Well, according to the wikipedia page of brussels international exposition in 1910 it suffered a big fire. Another fire a year before the fire that happened at Wickerbottom's library. Now this could lead up to something bigger or nothing at all and isn't essentially a part of Wickerbottom's lore, plus this happened in Belgium and idk how that would tie into anything (And i certainly don't expect Willow to be in Belgium). But could it be a coincidence that Wicker might've a caused another fire somewhere else and isn't necessarily meant to be the library?
  5. I wouldn't count on it. We usually get an announcement of what's upcoming for what is in the refresh in slight detail for the people who didn't go onto the beta a week before the refresh releases. Don't hold your breath cause i don't think it'll be tomorrow and keep your expectations low. Let's not start any hype up without the necessary information. The stuff that needs retuning might take longer than anticipated and it should take as much time as needed for Klei to make everyone happy.
  6. Skins are always meant to be different and try out different ideas. Sometimes it may not always work But this has happened to Wurt a lot as she generally just turns into a different aquatic creature where its barely enough to recognize its her. This is the same deal with Wortox. And i'm not saying that as a bad thing, the non-human characters can bring out a lot more creativity due to their themes and design. None of the other Wortox skins are Imp related either, they're mythic creatures usually. Dragons, Minotaurs, goblins, gargoyles, fauns. Not every skin is gonna be somebody's cup of tea but it was only a matter of time until they *really* try and change up Wortox's general look with skins and i hope we see more of these concepts in the future. IMO the new skin rocks even if the side-view is slightly strange. Wait a min was this thread necroed...
  7. I think what he needs is some more flavour. I think it'd be cool if he could have some changes to naughtiness. maybe he has less naughtiness points like instead of 50, he needs to get 30 due to nature of needing to kill creatures for survival. This does however feel like more of a perk considering people want to fight off krampus for that tiny chance of a sack but for newcomers its like.. Woodie's war with trees perk. Idk, i just think something regarding naughtiness with him just fits perfectly for his character and story. Smaller things like: -due to him being covered in fur he gets more insulation points and vice versa with overheating. -Being the taker of souls the creatures might recognize him thus they're more skittish towards him than the average character so they have a longer radius of running away from him. This only counts for some creatures like butterflies, rabbits-. i think it adds up to the fact that his life has truly been cursed and can't enjoy life as he want it to be, despite not wanting to hurt innocent creatures and generally doesn't want to cause any harmful dmg apart from pranks.
  8. The update has only been out for a day. We'll get Wicker changes once the next week hits but changing Wortox's abilities to something minimal as this is what this timeframe of a patch allowed it to be before the weekend. Wicker's changes needs meetings on what to do about people's concerning issues and isn't as easy as changing it from 'this to that' in a day. It requires a lot of thinking, hearing from everybody in the community and what they could do to make everybody happy regarding the issues people have with Wickerbottom and her books.
  9. I can't tell if this is a bug or not but just to be safe: When teleporting normally (without using the map) as Wortox the first time and the cooldown runs out it still uses another soul even without teleporting the 2nd time. EDIT: nevermind, already reported.
  10. A silver locket kinda item with a maple leaf on it to prevent fullmoon stuff. Where he got it from i have no bloody idea. Maybe he had it in his flannel pocket and just forgot it was there, seems like a Woodie thing to do.
  11. While this looks like an interesting concept. again, the portrait is the main problem when you make large changes.
  12. I just want to point out the portrait has the fluffy tail as well so if the tail ever gets changed the portrait would need a slight revamp as well and that's just even more work for such a little thing. That and i also don't want more inconsistencies with the character portraits more than we already have.. Instead of completely removing it. Just change the style of the fluff so it doesn't look like Wortox's. EDIT: In fact. i'll show you. This is my version of Wonkey. I don't wanna shy too far away from the initial look cause i do generally like how he looks rn.
  13. So the new monkeys doesn't fit cause it doesn't.. look like the same monkey?
  14. I'm pretty sure this has been in the game since these things were added. But i cannot live with this anymore. And to anyone who never noticed this. i plague you with my cursed knowledge. The rook statue has an extra floating upper jaw piece.Its the same sprite as the one in the bottom. This cannot be right.