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  1. Well that's not terrifying. And i thought it was bad before.
  2. Wait a minute.. this isn't V for vendetta. I must've taken the wrong CD again.
  3. forums being the forums as usual. throwing a fit. i'll give it a week before everything is normal again and the cycle continues as it has before.
  4. Idk about you but i love SW and hamlet, while a bit rough around the edges they still give tons of hours of just pure fun. However lately i have played tons of DS and less DST, and i feel like its cause DST is less varied, being on the same island, seeing the saaame thing over and over again. and that's not to take a jab at DST cause its a great game. But i feel like what's missing is what DS has. No not specifically Hamlet or SW itself but something.. entirely new to DST. Variety, more worlds. DST DLC expansions (woo that's the title of the the topic) Now before I say anything, yes i know that AnR and RoT is technically "free expansions" Now i know that Klei has specified that they do not and i quote "Want to split up the fanbase with paid DLC" and for a while i could understand what they meant by this, at least in the beginning. But lately i have felt this is a huge roadblock for more content and money for Klei. at this point OG don't starve is done, the curtains have fallen and honestly it probably should stay that way cause its quite old by now, the coding is old (despite needing a few touch'ups wink wink nudge nudge). And all of the love goes to DST cause it gives off more value compared to DS and i understand that, but why not just add expansions Like SW or Ham to DST instead. Would it really be that big of a deal? Would you be bothered by it? I wouldn't. Klei has already given us so so much in return that i really couldn't care if i needed to give them more of my money for an expansion. Hell i already buy all of the skins as soon as they come out. Yes i knoow we're not the majority of the community on the forums and there's steam and the console players so we can't exactly get everyone's opinion about this and not everyone might like the implementation of more DLC. And what about the fanbase situation? well, if i'mma be honest i don't really know how it would affect. In some ways we're already splitted up by other means. No but seriously do you think it would affect the fanbase, and if so, how? What do you think? I really want everyone's opinion about it and perhaps we can twist Klei's arm on their statement and get the likes of expansions like SW or Ham into DST in the future so they can see that we do indeed like the idea. But i mean, in the future of course, not now. they still need to finish RoT. Disclamer: This is just a mere suggestion for the future of DST. i just think it would be much better to work on something for the sequel than the original. Of course there would be some things DST can't do like world hopping and whatnot. Don't think about the details, think of the idea.
  5. The backgrounds are such an eye-pleaser. Love the grim realism about the characters survival, they're completely miserable.
  6. Hmm i feel like something is quite wrong here. OH WELL, the statitics don't lie, i am now officially a Winona main, i always knew i had it in me.
  7. Does that mean we're perhaps getting a new boss track too? :0
  8. You. Shush. You saw nothing.

    1. PunkShark


      I see everything and everyone. including you.

  9. I see no one complaining about Warly's victorian not looking like anything from the Gorge, Or Wurt's GoH which looks nothing like the others either. hell even Wurt's roseate and that thing only has 1 rose on it that fits the theme for roseate. Green Wortox Yet its Wormwood who gets the boot, one of the most colorful characters in the roster cause he comes from the moon/hamlet, is now dark and moody. Triumphant is supposed to do the exact opposite mood of our known characters. Turning them evil, dark, corrupted. Wormwood's triumphant does exactly that. it changes his physical form to look like a withered corrupted nightshade. Wormwood is a happy little plant boi and it does the exact opposite of his emotions and look which is the point. Does it do it differently? Hell yeah it does and i'd much rather have this than some black plant wearing some dark clothing to fit the theme. It's okay to change a few things up sometimes, Being more creative. EDIT: Also, changing the name of WW's triumphant name would seriously annoy me to see all of the others Triump- skins be on the list, and then you just have that 1 skin that was in the triump- line, gone, and that gap would never be filled.
  10. Absolutely astonishing work. Really outdone yourselves this time around with the skins. Also. i LOVE the music in the trailer. the outtro music fits so perfectly for a fighting theme for the ocean. Would love to see it as an actual track. <3
  11. I predicted the battle. The sequel, now with more DS.
  12. Tbh. i get that people aren't too happy about the new change of him not losing sanity from dark magic. But he's just a kid, he's not maxwell the 2nd who can bend his mind to dark powers. his Fearless perk has nothing to do with dark magic. Plus he already got lots of ups than downs.