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  1. The whole soundtrack is a joy. Most of the seasonal theme's really hit how the feel of the seaons are. The ruins and caves set the mood of a mysterious feeling to it. Basically it adds a lot of tone and life to the game for me, it adds more atmosphere. simply turning that off i think i wouldn't like this game as much as i do cause the soundtrack is a huge part of why i adore it so much. Honestly the only thing i would turn off is the DST menu theme, by god its imbedded into my brain at this point and i'm actually starting to hate it. it's beginning to be my Ragtime.
  2. This.. this is real. I saw this as a few pics on discord and i was like "klei lawsuit incoming" but n-no this is actually real. What.
  3. I predicted the battle. The sequel, now with more DS.
  4. Tbh. i get that people aren't too happy about the new change of him not losing sanity from dark magic. But he's just a kid, he's not maxwell the 2nd who can bend his mind to dark powers. his Fearless perk has nothing to do with dark magic. Plus he already got lots of ups than downs.
  5. Woodie's lore cinematic > Walter's lore cinematic. No seriously, everything is just screaming canadian in that house, and it looks abandoned. And a reddish chair too.. The speculation continues....
  6. Hmm idk. It seems to me wagstaff got taken by charlie the fact he reaches out a hand to Winona. Maybe Wagstaff finally found the way to get into the constant Without being a projection either by himself, or by Charlie's "help". However, even though Wagstaff always wanted to go into the constant i DO think it was Charlie's intentions to get him in this time (This is just speculation of course). He's a projection in DS cause he's not really there physically, at least not completely. Winona went through the portal just like what Wilson did which is why she isn't a projection. Remember that DST is the sequel to DS. HOWEVER. This could also be the timeline messing everything up again, lets say that somehow Wagstaff is in DS cause of the timeline of the constant and it somehow backtracked and put him in maxwell's reign when he got dragged into the portal.. Could this be possible? i mean, idk. But then, where is Wagstaff now if he isn't in DST?
  7. Quick reminder that Wagstaff has been taken by Charlie (Fully confirmed to be him that gets dragged in the portal in Winona's cinematic.) So he's going to be in there one way or another. maybe an important plot point, maybe as a character refresh. Only time will tell. Source:
  8. Look, i like the non-human characters. but the thing is its getting too gimmicky. especially with all the cute personalities. Webber was the first one so that seemed kind of unique, Then we have Wormwood who shares the same trait as being cute but has less capability of speech. And now we have Wurt who also has problems of talking and still having the cute personality. Wortox and webber share the same monster tag trait .Wurt kind of fits in that category as well since the only things that attack you with the monster trait is pigs and catcoons, bunnymen (Which imo should really be expanded upon). For Wurt its just pigs. I mean i get it they're all kids so of course they share the cute trait and not being able to speak well. But my god its getting too repetitive now, at least to me. idk how others feel. Now we're getting Walter who is outside of the non-human list at least but he's still a kid. I hope we're getting something more of a unique personality than just being a child.
  9. So its clear that Wendy, Wilson and Warly has been in frustration and been desperate. Wilson not having the knowledge to do science, Warly just want his maman back, and Wendy, desperate to get abigail back. So maxwell made a deal with them all. snared them but still fufilled his promise. (Hopefully maman is okay) I wonder if there's gonna be more of the original characters who shares the same fate. (Willow is not one of them for example, still unclear how she came to the constant in the first place.) My guess is Wolfgang will be one of them as well. Perhaps he wasn't the strongman in the beginning, in his circus promotion poster he seems very skinny (and not at all like the strongman they intend him to be on the promotional poster.) You could argue that he becomes skinny in-game cause he's starving but that's in the constant, and since the constant has some magical properties and unflawless logic in its world it might just be a side effect.
  10. All the Woodie lore frustrations with the community in one.. big.. tease.