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  1. Ah. Fumegator, we meet again.. You know what's really funny to me is that these don't really strike me as DST but more hamlet. I only remember hearing about sounds for the "fumegator" so its cool to see it in flesh and blood. well rather in pieces and assets. I do believe all of these will stay unused until we see em again. Klei leaves out stuff all the time since day one. They even make quotes for those unused things which i never understood.
  2. I don't think you understand the hell you have to go through to make this artstyle as it once was in 100% accuracy. there's a bunch of animators/artists on DST now and not everyone will be able to recreate this artstyle cause, its hard, like really hard. When you got a bunch of animators/artists you *will* have art clashing and not everyone will make it the same. This has been happening before AnR. Hell it happened in the DST launch trailer. To say that you want the old arstyle back is putting the same people who worked on this game for years to work on the same project for even longer. but it can't always be like that. They have to move on too. To newer projects to make Klei greater than just DST and expand. I don't think there's a so called "fix" for this but to just adapt to the newer artists.
  3. Well that's not terrifying. And i thought it was bad before.
  4. forums being the forums as usual. throwing a fit. i'll give it a week before everything is normal again and the cycle continues as it has before.
  5. Does that mean we're perhaps getting a new boss track too? :0
  6. You. Shush. You saw nothing.

    1. PunkShark


      I see everything and everyone. including you.

  7. Absolutely astonishing work. Really outdone yourselves this time around with the skins. Also. i LOVE the music in the trailer. the outtro music fits so perfectly for a fighting theme for the ocean. Would love to see it as an actual track. <3
  8. I predicted the battle. The sequel, now with more DS.
  9. Tbh. i get that people aren't too happy about the new change of him not losing sanity from dark magic. But he's just a kid, he's not maxwell the 2nd who can bend his mind to dark powers. his Fearless perk has nothing to do with dark magic. Plus he already got lots of ups than downs.
  10. Boy this is one grim update. them alluding to abigail's death. Wendy having Abigail's clothing, hair and flower. and also mourning her urn. Yikes that's grim. i love it.