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  1. You. Shush. You saw nothing.

    1. PunkShark


      I see everything and everyone. including you.

  2. The shortest beta yet! God dang you guys are working fast. EDIT: Apparently Troubled waters was a week as well. My point still stands!
  3. There's tons of different artists on the DST team, its clear. But i don't think its neccesary to nitpick on every little detail that isn't consistent just cause it doesn't neccesarily look like the old style. The DS artstyle is hard as hell to pull off correctly like the way Jeff Agala does and i applaud the other artists for even trying, but still put their own little spin on it. I've tried to draw this style for a very very long time and i still feel like i can't pull it off correctly so i know by experience how hard it is to exactly nail down the style. i'm sure many artists could agree with me here. But this thread was about an axe being different than their in-game counterpart. and honestly that is a really silly thing to nitpick about. Axes has never been consistent As other people have mentioned up above.
  4. I see no one complaining about Warly's victorian not looking like anything from the Gorge, Or Wurt's GoH which looks nothing like the others either. hell even Wurt's roseate and that thing only has 1 rose on it that fits the theme for roseate. Green Wortox Yet its Wormwood who gets the boot, one of the most colorful characters in the roster cause he comes from the moon/hamlet, is now dark and moody. Triumphant is supposed to do the exact opposite mood of our known characters. Turning them evil, dark, corrupted. Wormwood's triumphant does exactly that. it changes his physical form to look like a withered corrupted nightshade. Wormwood is a happy little plant boi and it does the exact opposite of his emotions and look which is the point. Does it do it differently? Hell yeah it does and i'd much rather have this than some black plant wearing some dark clothing to fit the theme. It's okay to change a few things up sometimes, Being more creative. EDIT: Also, changing the name of WW's triumphant name would seriously annoy me to see all of the others Triump- skins be on the list, and then you just have that 1 skin that was in the triump- line, gone, and that gap would never be filled.
  5. Absolutely astonishing work. Really outdone yourselves this time around with the skins. Also. i LOVE the music in the trailer. the outtro music fits so perfectly for a fighting theme for the ocean. Would love to see it as an actual track. <3
  6. I predicted the battle. The sequel, now with more DS.
  7. Tbh. i get that people aren't too happy about the new change of him not losing sanity from dark magic. But he's just a kid, he's not maxwell the 2nd who can bend his mind to dark powers. his Fearless perk has nothing to do with dark magic. Plus he already got lots of ups than downs.
  8. Boy this is one grim update. them alluding to abigail's death. Wendy having Abigail's clothing, hair and flower. and also mourning her urn. Yikes that's grim. i love it.