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Victorian Skins

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7 minutes ago, Karmattack said:

The only unfinished portion I've seen so far is that Wolfgang's Victorian skin lacks legs for some reason, the rest seem perfectly functional. 



Fresh from the files themselves.

Including all the "cook" items/skins, which references everyone being a chef w/ game play probably related...

Which I'm personally totally peeved over the cook stuff because that's a complete "screw you" to Warly and the SW characters, unless they're being added but, we all know that's not the case, I won't rant about it here though. I've said enough on these 'leaks'. The event still looks great.

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Three little spiders from school are we

Filled to the brim with girlish glee!

is all I can think of when I see Webber's new look.  Hee. 

Woodie with a ponytail.  XD

I still think it hilarious that the character who is damaged by WATER is the one DIVING.  Bwahaha.

The full action-portrait of Wes explains what the heck happened to the poor boy's hair--I at first thought "farmer" from the clothes, but CHIMNEY SWEEP! That explains a lot.  Also once you know that _actual_ chimney sweeps of Victorian London were definitely NOT singing and dancing happily around the rooftops...that damaged look makes way more sense.  (And were often little kids, 'cos they were small enough to fit down there.)

Quoth the Wickerbottom:  Nevermore!


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