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  1. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    I just paint bucket tooled the uncolored spaces of a lower lineart layer then selected and did whatever extra painting for the colors, main lineart were still it's own desperate layer on top to do any effects on it.
  2. Henlo I always wanted to interact with the forums, I think I can fit in here I make tons of memes and the funnies. Oh, and I draw too. Known on tumblr or any other sites as DragonheadSkilax or any variant of that name. (find more art on tungle) I main Wes. Here is my dank arts:
  3. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    'Tis a pumpkin Wes! and he's been half eaten already
  4. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Here was a collab me and my partner did, I did the coloring
  5. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    clowns, clowns everywhere Wes Pie
  6. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Today's Clowntober prompt
  7. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    E Ok so I finally logged into my account now. Yay. Now I know you all missed me after [looks at last posted date] April.... But i'm here now. For months i've been struggling with a mish mash of depression and unmanaged adhd. Heck I don't even got a dentist for this gum abscess I have! Well anyway I have a few self indulgent arts to put here. I ate a catfish head yesterday Customized a gold WX and gave it to @inhumanrobot Verdant Wilson idea, he presses leaves and flowers Aaa don't look it was for my partner to draw these I swear I have been into he 19th century lately and have some items from the era which inspired me to do these silhouettes. so yee.. just slowly tryin to think better for once to get outta my 7 stages of grief relationship with art. Heres Kid Icarus Wes
  8. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    sad lil mime
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    thats him alright
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  11. Oh wait here's more..! The first Wortox draws I've done, I never use a reference if i'm gonna draw a new character as I want something interesting to pop out. Why the long face
  12. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    My partner gave me the idea that the puffball on top of winter hats are baby chesters and a red creacher, weird pose but I wanted a full body drawww
  13. The little thread of ingenious art

    H a Found you on the forums, now you can't escape from my art validation for you. These palettes are looking snazzy, I could never do these sorta thing myself and make em look good.
  14. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Pipe cleaners in the limbs and hair ppff The hair is 3 pieces of hairy looking cloth, I hope this quick doodle is understandable of how the cloth was put over and cut and sewn. the top part is the cloth folded and sewn on top, then I just cut it up to look messy. Upside of longer fabrics is that seams can be hidden underneath all that mess A friend from florida sent me a Goose plush toy that had that shirt and I thought "I wanna make a Wes plush to wear this", and here I am Wait this is the most important thing
  15. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Plush Wes + freaky progress images
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  17. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Drawing this wasn't so bad because prior to it i've seen enough lithographs of livestock and horses with cyclopia and congenital disorders to get an idea of how to draw a realistic deerclops Having one big eye would make the brain, nasal passages, and teeth of a regular animal totally reconstructed to compensate the place if having one eye. So the deerclops' gaping mouth and high nose placement kinda looks like how real life features of cyclopia in cloven animals are like. Okay i'm done nerding
  18. A Deerclops lithograph
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  20. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    so uhh ladies
  21. Just those work pals Winona and Genny being gal pals :o}