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  1. Yeah, I think encode_user_path ws the setting I was after. Will give this a try next restart. I have a list of Webber for instance that recently joined and can check their saved session and see who doesn't have the egg sack for instance. I can even backup my own, copy the session from a user I suspect of bad doings and rejoin the server with his inventory and map as was saved when left.
  2. Hi, what setting I have to change on a dedicated server so that players sessions are saved in a KU_xxx folder instead of encoded A7Gxxx, A7Ixxxx, and so on format? For example instead of A7G6VSA73HO6 get back to actual KU_ of the player. I know there's something cos seen this on the forums somewhere but can't find it. :S I need to revert back to the normal behavior because had multiple players been naughty, for example Webber players join and plant egg sack at the portal and leave. Having the old folders back means I can check from a list what player doesn't have his egg sack any more and take actions I see fit.
  3. To be honest I would accept my faith and die at portal if there's no way to get past them, then in ghost just roam around until I find a Touch Stone to revive myself, craft a hammer and break all bones at portal and leave. xD
  4. it's safe to assume by now he knows that very well. xD
  5. Sure there is, find another server that has at least one admin online from time to time to remove pesky traps or pricks that do such things. Insisting into playing on a server that clearly has been griefed basically means that you are badly want to have your base burned, smash stolen and so on.
  6. @Cryingsin21 & @fimmatek Judging from past events actually tomorrow is March 1st at Klei. I know, it sounds dumb and it's difficult to understand but this is what I have experienced a couple of times already and I'm like 8 hours ahead of them, time frame speaking,
  7. For Pete's sake open up a separate topic and brag in there with the cool stuff you got and keep this topic about the Year of the Varg and it's updates (are there any? what are we missing?). Thank you. PS: I'm still salty about crap i get compared to cool stuff you guys get. Have some pity on my nerves please.
  8. Mind stop bragging with the stuff you got and keep this topic only ABOUT the Year of the Varg? Thanks. PS: Yes, I'm salty cos I get nothing but common drops and when I come here to see if there are any updates I get annoyied by how nice stuff some people get.
  9. Yeah, good luck at picking the grass or berries..
  10. Your second clip begs the differ. Your Maxwell buddy did it wrong because he should have been focusing on collecting logs and cones instead of wasting time chopping cos that's what are his minions for: do his bidding! Now, if Maxwell will pick logs and cones and let his minions do the logging you will see a lot bigger time difference between Maxwell and Woodie. Also keep in mind that you did this "contest" on day two when treeguards don't spawn, so all the "preparation" you mention is piece of cake compared to Woodie having to run from 2-3 Terrorbreaks and maybe 1-2 tall treeguards while in beaver form (been there done that).
  11. Why not all characters have new skins? oO
  12. @V2C Might want to check out Webber as well. Can't see him? Look at the hammer. He said he just got into the Wardrobe and changed skins and it glitched. I got in and changed skins as well from the survival one to the Halloween one and I didn't glitch and then switched back. Nothing happened. I guess can look in logs and see what he had before changing (meaning when joined server) and when he left the game if that helps. Sadly don't recall exactly to what skin he changed as this is a few days old. Was late at night and wanted to report this bug in the same Woodie skin glitch but forgot next morning. /facepalm Edit: Looks like he joined with Webber's Halloween bat skin: but sadly can't recall to what he changed and he didn't rejoin the server since then. I could copy his profile to my own and join the server as him and see what skin he had loaded (if I happen to have the same stuff as him) but my session folder is filled with A7**** folders and forgot what I have to change to have them back to KU_* so would be great if anyone could shed some light on this.
  13. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Don't want to sound greedy or anything but something is wrong cos I'm level 17 and got just 16 chests.