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  1. You claimed at first that "a rollback 3 can take you 10-15 days back" and now this. Get your facts straigth cos you talk without thinking. 1 save means one day of the world, so if you set max_snapshots = 100 (default is 5) for instance you can roll back up to 100 days backwards starting with the day the world is at.
  2. Whatever you set to max_snapshots means the game will save that amount of days starting with current day backwards. Default being 5 means if you are at day 10 for instance you could roll back 5 days up to day 5 but not more than that. If for instance you had it set to 10 and you where in day 10 then you basically can roll back 10 days back to the start of the world. And no, whatever you set in max_snapshots (if you haven't then is set to 5 by default) is the max amount of days you can roll back. The number you mention in c_rollback() means how many days to roll back so if you said 3 then will go back 3 days, not 10 nor 15.
  3. On dedicated servers in cluster.ini at [MISC] section you can set max_snapshots to whatever you want, for instance max_snapshots = 100
  4. @V2C Might want to check out Webber as well. Can't see him? Look at the hammer. He said he just got into the Wardrobe and changed skins and it glitched. I got in and changed skins as well from the survival one to the Halloween one and I didn't glitch and then switched back. Nothing happened. I guess can look in logs and see what he had before changing (meaning when joined server) and when he left the game if that helps. Sadly don't recall exactly to what skin he changed as this is a few days old. Was late at night and wanted to report this bug in the same Woodie skin glitch but forgot next morning. /facepalm Edit: Looks like he joined with Webber's Halloween bat skin: but sadly can't recall to what he changed and he didn't rejoin the server since then. I could copy his profile to my own and join the server as him and see what skin he had loaded (if I happen to have the same stuff as him) but my session folder is filled with A7**** folders and forgot what I have to change to have them back to KU_* so would be great if anyone could shed some light on this.
  5. @Rellimarual if the pig isn't lured by something outside the pen he will go inside his house at dusk and thus won't be turning into a Werepig. Anyway, considering the chances I think the Rabbit Hutch is the safest option, in case one would have a better use for Chester.
  6. You could put a Rabbit Hutch or a Pig House instead of Chester.
  7. The new Beta Tester reward arrived!

    Oh. I was expecting some official news about it, but hey, you won't see me complaining about geting some free stuff. Thanks guys.
  8. The new Beta Tester reward arrived!

    Pshh... had that in beta and is not the reward.
  9. Create an account where?
  10. This seems like a reference to Hamlet (the skull scene) to me to be honest.
  11. Don't know about your math but as far as I know that the skins you buy with $12.99 aren't marketable (they have the "Not Marketable" tag on the Steam Inventory).
  12. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Don't want to sound greedy or anything but something is wrong cos I'm level 17 and got just 16 chests.
  13. This couldn't have come better as my last 4 drops all where crap commons (1 long gloves, 2 short normal ones and I think 4th was a shirt or some other crap like this) and if where to continue my streak of "awesome luck" at least would get some stuff in The Forge.
  14. I just said I didn't pick any of the 6 pumpkins when left to caves. The hounds attacking the pumpkins could be a possibility, but all 4 active players where in caves at the time (clubbing the grumpy Toadstool then cleaned the ruins mostly). When i returned like I said only two left firefly behind after they rot, strange enough that I didn't see any rot behind as they just vanished *poof* Is this normal or they leave rot behind like seeds for instance leave? Firefly don't respawn like carrots do? I don't pick firefly too often and don't pay much attention to them to be honest..