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  1. Looks who's around again Not too much since March but I got some ds goods Here's some older stuff that I hadn't shared in previous posts for filler!: I vaguely mentioned the charity stream I was co-hosting last year here as it was only tangentially Don't Starve related. (We raised over $500!) This time I do have one specifically dst-related. Cheers!
  2. I'm back for a quick second, it's time for the show: Recently it passed one year since I released my last DST mod, Reign of Runts, so I wanted to do a little animation to celebrate it! Bonus info, last year I had originally intended to make an entire animated short about the two in the gif but opted not to due to the time sink. But that's another reason why I made the gif (I had the model sheets already so of course I'll choose these two)! Welp, that's all for now! I'll be over on twitter as always, @Goat_Slice
  3. Hallowed_Nights_Runts_alt.thumb.png.791186fd90bff8de5ed7b310117bd49e.png

    Happy Hallowed Nights, from the Runts!

    1. minespatch


      You just need to slap the "Klei halloween 2020" text and submit it. It'd be perfect.

  4. Happy Hallowed Nights, forum-dwellers. That's right, it's time for more Runts! Of course, of course! Two new hallowed skins for the runts missing from the summer update! Concept art: Now here's some more misc Don't Starve content: ^ Continuation Bonus: (This one was a charity reward for a fundraiser I'm hosting with my friends!) Well! Who knows how much Don't Starve I have left in me! I would consider Runts pretty much finished at this point, anything more is just for show. I'll see you next time, maybe!
  5. Okay time for some replies cause I've been slackin' on that, thanks for engaging! There's still more, so my journey ain't quite over yet. Onto the new page! Back again with some more fanart, mainly Runts fanart because of course More! Wormwood for a get-well-soon card for a friend of a friend in my discord. And some recent emojis and quick doodles
  6. Guess what time it is again- BZZT timer's up it's Runt time again Two new skins to go alongside proper Reforge/Regorge compatibility Closer and unseen look at the various skin portraits: I talked about my skins process here recently, had some concept art in it so here's that and more: I'm likely going to continue to upkeep of "Reign of Runts" until at least the end of the year. Not that I'll make 100 more skins but I'd like to continue with it. I have some plans! Anyway, here's a few doodles that are from earlier this year in descending order that I haven't posted outside of my discord server. For filler! Enjoy! Also if you repost my art, esp Runt art, anywhere credit is greatly appreciated!
  7. Reign of Runts New Mod + Skins API brought to you by: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/115602-making-custom-skins-for-modded-characters-tutorial/ Here's gifs of the animated shots from the original trailer as well: If you did like the mod I appreciate any likes on the workshop too of course! Support encouraged stuff like taking the time for skins! And of course the whole mod in general. The skins took over a week for those curious, started on the 2nd. ...But as a previous me once said!
  8. Small heads up to character modders totally unrelated to this great Wendy update! This patch fixed things relating to the character menu in-game! So if your character has an alternate form like Woodie, Wilba, Wolfgang, etc you can add it to the menu now!
  9. Hard for me to say! My rough guess would be 3 and a half months total? Give or take! The 5 in-game sprites definitely took up 1 month, while stuff like the portraits and animated shots took about a day each at most!
  10. Long time no see... 2? My DS swan song has come to be at last: Reign of Runts!! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2010472942 Get it there! Hope you can support me one last time! "Reign of Runts" is a 4 character mod that takes the classic RoG bosses: Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose, and Dragonfly and turns them into Wilson-sized playable characters ripe with perks and personalities! This was a fun project to work on, and of course I can't 100% guarantee this is my last rodeo. Here's some of the promo art: Thanks for checking it out! And my old art if ya did that!
  11. Due to the new way quotes were set up, and the fact that Shipwrecked has trinkets with the same code name as ones in DST, quotes were copied over and weren't changed. Meaning he has the SW trinket quotes for DST trinkets. ...Leads to some interesting quotes. This applies to trinkets_13 through 23. (Gnomette, Leaky Teacup, the 2 Bishops, Bent Spork, Trojan Horse, Unbalanced Top, Backscratcher, Egg Beater, Frayed Yarn, and Shoehorn) vs Shipwrecked's (Orange Soda, Voodoo Doll, Ukulele, License Plate, Old Boot, Ancient Vase, Brain Cloud Pill, Sextant, Toy Boat, Wine Bottle Candle, And AAC Device) with the same trinket number. So Warly says "I wouldn't wear this, even if it were my size." when examining a bent spork. "I'm afraid I won't fit." when looking at an egg beater, and so on.
  12. A minor solution I had to this, with my Warly in the Shipwrecked Characters mod, was to toy around with the face's x and y positions, mostly with its pivots in the scml. Making it not go higher than it needs to be while still allowing a smooth transition w/ the existing animations, kinda like Woodie's. Most notable on the "angry" faces (24-25-26) and the "yawn" face. I actually think I had to do this with all four characters. Though, ultimately, Peter's right with having to allow some breakage. If you want to exaggerate the facial animations for all characters that is. Happens to a lot of skins as well (Willow's yawn). I'll take more fun animations over it sometimes admittedly, but it's always good to check these potential issues.
  13. Heya. ...Long time no see? First I kinda want to point out that a lot of the images and old draws here have gone missing. Looks like it's been long enough that the spot hosting them decided to axe em. Unfortunate but if for whatever reason you want to see any, they're all still archived on my art blog here: https://goat-slice-art.tumblr.com/archive Next up, all the DS art that was missed! Yeah, though much less than it was many moons ago of course, I've done some more fanart since the beginning of the year! Even though I've shifted elsewhere art-wise. First up, and First of April, I did a little joke animation meme, featuring Wilson's lovely voice. Second, around Wortox's release, I made a little comic, yet another meme! This one actually got featured on stream which is funny. Over my fanart career I've been featured on a klei stream like 6 times, so that's a win. Third, sometime in late May, I drew this for Jesse's art stream. A Carmen Sandiego based Wheeler. Then in June I did a little birthday illustration for a good pal of mine. Both DST DLC characters (so far) were released on our birthdays more or less. Also in June, in honor of recent character-specific idle animations, I made one for my Scout mod in DST! Among other stuff of course. This thread's so old you can see when I first published Scout as an announcement. And a few bonus doodles from these same months: And that's about it!! This quick return is of course due in part to Warly's return. While I'm a bit iffy on some things (His new portrait, his ghost, lack of his chef-aspect .etc) it's nice to see that pipe dream come true after all this time. Here's hoping Walani follows suite! And Wilbur. And Woodlegs... ...Don't wory, my SWC mod's safe too btw. Thanks of course for all the support and likes from these previous years, it was encouraging! If I ever do more fanart, I may just update this thread again. But until then! Cheers!