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  1. Hi, I'm currently working on some custom functions to ease some of the admin tasks, and one of them is helping out players that ask for a character change. Now, to make things even easier for us was thinking about teleporting the player that requested the change to the portal (prefab "multiplayer_portal") where he would drop all the stuff in his inventory and his/her backpack (if has one) then despawn, but I don't know how to actually grab portal's coordinates in order to teleport the player there. This is the code i got so far: function m_change(player) if player ~= nil then local player = UserToPlayer(player) local x,y,z = [missing code in here for portal location] player.Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) player.components.inventory:DropEverything() TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_playerdespawnanddelete", player) end end
  2. Portal location

    I was talking with a friend (who also doesn't know any LUA) and expressed a valid concern about storing all world entities inside an variable that might cause lag and decided to tackle the problem with a different approach: function GetPortalPosition() local coords for _,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab ~= nil and v.prefab == "multiplayer_portal" then coords = Point(v.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) break end end return coords end and to use it: local coords = GetPortalPosition() player.Transform:SetPosition(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z) I do the break on a match because it's pointless to continue finding matches since there's just one portal.
  3. Portal location

    Quick question. Instead of: local fpt = GetPortalPosition() player.Transform:SetPosition(fpt.x, 0, fpt.z) won't work with: local x,y,z = GetPortalPosition() player.Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) ? Edit: Also, isn't better to break the loop and return outside the loop like: function GetPortalPosition() local f = TheSim:FindEntities(0,0,0,TheWorld.Map:GetSize()*4) for k,v in ipairs(f) do if (v.prefab == "multiplayer_portal") then local coords = Vector3(v.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) break end end return coords end I know isn't nice to return a variable that might not exist, but it's clearly not the case. Could add a: if coords ~= nil then return coords end to make it look nice
  4. Portal location

    Yeah, it's a console command so will most likely be called once in a while so doesn't really make much of a difference.
  5. Portal location

    The stuff I have in mind is not a mod per-se, but stuff i write in customcommands.lua so will this work? I have zero experience with this so.. Thanks guys.
  6. Portal location

    Had some other stuff under the code but for some reason it's gone.. anyway.. Any suggestions on the above code would be more than welcome. Not sure on the if player ~= nil then part. I want it to continue if the player is not empty, is this correct? Also, how could I implement a way for it to match the full player name if I only feed it a few characters? for instance find "cezarica" if I said only "cez".
  7. Opening the entire map

    Tried Carl's hexagon approach version? I used it once and worked like a charm.
  8. Would have been nice if there was a check in place and set it to default only in Windows and not on all operating systems, in my case linux. I bet you got here late because of my rant, so I would appreciate if you could tell me how to get the encoded result from a known KU_something.
  9. We had 3 griefers and wanted to check their sessions on the server to return whatever they stole but with this sneaky change that is set to true by default by the way good luck with decoding the folder names back to KU_something or better said good luck finding the needle in an invisible haystack. Anyone knows a way i can encode a KU_something to figure out in what folders I should look now? I got 124 profiles in Master alone...
  10. Portal bases are always prone to burning, smashing and/or straight chests rummaging because that's the first thing they gets to see when they spawn. Finding your base in the middle of nowhere that is very far away from portal takes time and some people just don't want to waste their time finding your base. Want a quick smash and burn then leave. A huge base, and by huge I mean an elaborated one with specific areas and various tasks, means that the people that made invested a lot of effort and resources into gathering the required materials and then actually building it, so I bet they find more enjoyment into burning / smashing said base than one fire pit, 1-2 crock pots next to an ice box and an alchemy. Either way one thing still eludes me, maybe someone can shed some light on this: where's the fun in burning and/or smashing? I would rather find a friendly server and enjoy the company of the people playing there rather than jump on a server and burn then switch and so on. Sooner or later with people sharing information about who's naughty and nice these days it's a matter of time until everyone has updated his own blacklist.
  11. Thanks guys! I opted for a free copy of Invisible Inc. cos got all the other games so I can safely brag with owning all Klei games #realfanboy
  12. Don't recommand that mod cos it removes a lot of the stuff it shouldn't. Just look at the comments.
  13. Out of curiosity how much RAM do you have?
  14. As I just finished helping another friend complete the puzzle checked out Charlie's video one more time just for the sake of testing if anything changed since last time I did the puzzle. As i was wathing it was thinking about obelisks and from who's point of view we finished the puzzle and honestly I was thinking that we would be from Charlies perspective because of the movie. On top of that what about if in the obelisks the two rulers standing in front of each other are for argument sake Maxwell (right) and Charlie (left) both on equal levels as a couple. In second we see one (Max) abusing the dark powers and thus banishing the light carrier (Charlie), then returns in third while the other ruler is on the ground suggesting it's downfall (for instance when Wilson freed him from the throne and in last) and in 4th image the Llight Carrier moans the loss of the other ruler and is stuck on the throne. What do you guys think? Haven't checked this topic for a long time so sorry if something like this has been already suggested and I didn't read. :S
  15. Haha this one was funny as hell and it's sad to see it fixed, but was a bug nevertheless. Don't recall exactly but I think i may have reported this bug as well.. Any news on Bearger vs. Insulated pack? xD
  16. Her lighter? Pfff.. another sucker drawn in by shiny things... Her ace in the sleeve is Bernie the cute and cuddly teddy bear! xD
  17. Clouds face HaHa! In your face prick! Thanks a lot guys, especially JoeW and to a secret player for reaching out to you, for finally nailing the coffin on this annoying issue.
  18. I have a theory but need to check out some facts first regarding it first then will reply.
  19. At the bottom of the HTML page there's console.log("Countdown Start"); and I guess things appear in after a predefined time. Worth keeping an eye on this.
  20. The code in script.js suggests that soon there will be added an HTML element with class obelisk that upon clicking will trigger the clickObelisk function what in turn will: open a modal window called obelisk-panel (doesn't exist right now) most likely change the background to show the opening of the modal window by adding modal-open to the body of the page and will play obeliskTurn sound My guess is that there will be a puzzle to turn some pieces to open something. The steam login thingy is added like in previous puzzle so would keep your puzzle progress, nothing more.
  21. Thanks. Can't tell you how many times one buzzard scared the hell out me when apeared out of nowhere.
  22. Teehee.. I know someone who won't be happy about this. xD
  23. @V2C Not sure if it's related to this update or what's this about, but i think it's worth checking out. In my Caves/server_log.txt i see 24497 lines with: [15:04:05]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 175773, scripts/prefabs/heatrock.lua:94 or [15:10:50]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 175773, scripts/prefabs/heatrock.lua:96 and only 158 like: [15:10:50]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 175748, scripts/prefabs/frostbreath.lua:56 The 24k lines started appearing after a user issued the following command: that I don't know what the hell he was doing, and from time to time i see a frostbreath.lua one and eventually the caves server crashed...
  24. Linux Mint 18.1 Serena.. it's weird cos I never had this problem in the past updates. Someone crashed it again.. :S Edit: I did a forced update and validation and then looked inside steamapps/DST/data/scripts/stategraphs and there are no SGAntlion files. :S
  25. @V2C You may want to look at this. Antilion ate a cold thermal stone and crashed the server. :S