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  1. I'm personally a bit disappointed its a another child character...if he was like an adult ranger who happened to get involved in the constant it would be more interesting. Since Rangers are pretty much professional wilderness people it would be cool to see but eh.
  2. I know we don't know what else will be added to RoT them, but...collecting stuff like that would be a bit usless, just because anyone else can do it. She would really have to add something that would be unique to her and her alone, like Pipspooks for Abigail's potions or whatever. She would have to have like a Woodlegs mechanic then I guess, like finding "special" treasure in the ocean for crafting, but that would be too much like Woodlegs. Also I don't think they would add waves because the boats are a bit clunky as is, they would take damage every time they're hit like boats in SW, but thats a bit unfair as SW has better boats that you can control properly... The only way I see them adding waves is if they change the spawn rate of them and or, fixed how controlling a boat works, or no damage from waves crashing into you.
  3. Having Walani in the game for the surfboard is nice I guess, but without waves she doesn't get her perk and really even in SW most people used the Quakering Ram and Iron Wind on the boats to get around faster. Really though, I would rather have a character that contributes to the lore of the Constant that we know that Maxwell created (which now is run by Charlie). We already have Warly, which personally to myself is just a bit more interesting than stoner surfer gal. I don't at all hate Walani, I love her as a character but I feel her character best suits the world of SW better and adding her on the crew with the rest of the gang is just a bit out of place. The whole boating mechanic of SW and DST are completely two different things, sailing in SW feels wayyyyy better than it does for DST with also adding the fact there's actual weather in place in SW. There isn't any windy seasons in DST (Thank god too because of the lag) but things like that just works better there. I really don't want DST to become a Shipwrecked 2.0 because they have to change up the feel so much trying to smooth implement characters that work better in their given game. I feel the only reason Warly works best is because his mechanic was the most flexible and made sense for a multiplayer game like DST. His perks already works for teamwork as he makes food for people that you otherwise can't make without him. If Walani was in the game I guess she would be more of a solo feel, the most I can think she could do is make surf boards for everyone like a Wigfrid does helms and leave. You wouldn't really need her for anything, her style of play wouldn't be impactful, They would have to change her perks since there is no waves in the game, and she gets hungry faster than most characters and insane quicker. Those downfalls work in SW because food is a bit harder to gain until you can actually cook, sanity is also harder to maintain due to weather (rain like all the time) and the lack of mushrooms on islands. This would sooooo easy to for her to maintain in DST as there is plenty of food, no need to worry about drastic weather changes, and sanity is easier to gain thanks to Tams, cactus, blue mushrooms, etc. I understand the want, but I feel people who really main her just because they love playing as her in SW would be a bit disappointed if she was here with..half the reward of playing her? I'm sure that people really wouldn't care and just play her just cause, but wouldn't it be better if Klei added one more character that was made for DST instead of just porting another character over with not really much to give them? I just really want another character that is not only fun, and different from our usual cast, but can actually be kept on a team without necessarily having to only be needed for one task and leave. Klei isn't going to add anymore characters that effect the lore directly I'm sure as that is being save for updates and events, but god I want something that the whole community can agree on for once that is a good character and Klei actually did a really good job in mechanics, and balancing out with the other characters. But that's just my Walani for me, sorry.
  4. They're hardly challenge characters in DST. Wes is more of a joke character, sure, but at this point it would be nice if he had something useful or fun to do as him. Wigfrid defiantly needs either a nerf or just something else to her. Though if they nerf her the forums would be set on fire. I main her a lot too, and it would be nice if she did more for other players other than being a helm slave, maybe if she could encourage others while fighting to get that fighting multiplier like she has, sorta like in the forge.
  5. What did you guys add?? This update is hugeeeee
  6. Man I love how the Elder Mandrake looks and the Herald! SO EXCITEDD!~
  7. Oh ok thank you and I wasn't aware of it being themed. Thanks for the notice :^3
  8. I have a few Inktobers, sorry if the image is huge I have no idea how to make it smaller... < <
  9. I can spawn as Wigfrid and keep getting free helms, meat, and spears for free. I can also just make a bunch of equipment then go back to being Wolfgang easy.
  10. Maybe in October when they do the Halloween stuff. I hope they change the Halloween event up like they did for Xmas.
  11. Yup, look at the date on this post, it was announced in September of last year, Forge came out late November, and Hamlet was suppose to come out around May/June but yeah.
  12. Too be honest had they announced Hamlet and the Gorge in June it would have fitted so nicely together as the themes of Victorian civilization was what they were going for and I rather wait 6 months than a year.