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  1. Wheeler in DST

    We already have two character's from Don't Starve, I really wouldn't Wheeler to be the last character, I want a character that is just for DST.
  2. Hope its tomorrow that way if anything breaks they still have a few days to fix stuff before the weekend.. And can't wait to see if they add more end game stuffsssss
  3. [Game Update] - 305507

    What did you guys add?? This update is hugeeeee
  4. I'm not breathing.. But seriously, thank you! Thank you for finally giving us some sort of feed back and what happened to the radio silence of DST core updates!! I'm so excited for the new characters and everything you have in store!! I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO LOVE DST AGAIN!!!!!!
  5. Man I love how the Elder Mandrake looks and the Herald! SO EXCITEDD!~
  6. Oh ok thank you and I wasn't aware of it being themed. Thanks for the notice :^3
  7. I have a few Inktobers, sorry if the image is huge I have no idea how to make it smaller... < <
  8. I can spawn as Wigfrid and keep getting free helms, meat, and spears for free. I can also just make a bunch of equipment then go back to being Wolfgang easy.
  9. Maybe in October when they do the Halloween stuff. I hope they change the Halloween event up like they did for Xmas.
  10. Yup, look at the date on this post, it was announced in September of last year, Forge came out late November, and Hamlet was suppose to come out around May/June but yeah.
  11. Too be honest had they announced Hamlet and the Gorge in June it would have fitted so nicely together as the themes of Victorian civilization was what they were going for and I rather wait 6 months than a year.
  12. Not sure if the Gnaw is suppose to lessen the clock every time you feed it, but it does..I'm not sure if you're suppose to gain a time bonus for feeding it or what but it makes it nearly impossible to do other task when the time lessens every time you feed it. We feed it the correct meals that it ask for but it doesn't add time so I'm just a little confused if that's a glitch or not. We did a test to see if it was decreasing when we feed it the correct thing Mumsy asked for, the Gnaw wanted bread so we fed it bread on a silver dish. It cut of a noticeable amount of time with the awards of coins. It kept doing this when we feed it exactly what it asked for. If we're not suppose to have increased time I can understand that, but for us to be given decreased time for accomplishing what was asked for must be fixed. We can't proceed any further during the desert phase due to the clock being so low to due to feeding it the previous meals to gain money for the key. I'm just asking to please check it out and fix it, thank you.
  13. Well, I don't know then.. everything makes it go down, even when we get it right ..
  14. Any word on the timer glitch being worked on, sorry to bug if you guys are working on it right now. The timer seems to decrease when you feed the gnaw.