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  1. Im sure someone already ask but, is there anyway to have the old UI just be optional? The New UI is fine for the people who like it, but the people like me who have been playing for years are just a little fustrated on how the new UI is and works. It really wasn't broken before and I get the Devs did it for their own ease and access to things but it would be nice if it was optional. Or even bring back the old but add a fave tab. that way for people who say they hate scrolling for something can just add it if they need it.
  2. The video is super helpful, but starting DST Servers won't work because my whole hard drive files are on one drive for klei and because of that it wont run and null render thing pops up. Any way to remove my klei stuff out into my actual pc?? Okay nevermind I fixed it but nullrender still says its wrong rip me
  3. My Don't Starve Together Dedicated server isn't opening two windows, which means I installed it wrong right? I tried 3 times to uninstall and reinstall it to click run pre-configured severs but I get /bin to open instead? Know how to reset that?
  4. Can you send a linkkk? Ohh okay thanks Jazzy, also love your streams and videosss!!
  5. To do that step just go back to the account info part and copy and paste the url to do on the browser, otherwise you can't save as a zip. I do have an issue where I can not find \\Documents\Klei\StartDSTServer.bat. All I see are back ups and clusters
  6. What did you guys add?? This update is hugeeeee
  7. Man I love how the Elder Mandrake looks and the Herald! SO EXCITEDD!~
  8. I can spawn as Wigfrid and keep getting free helms, meat, and spears for free. I can also just make a bunch of equipment then go back to being Wolfgang easy.
  9. Maybe in October when they do the Halloween stuff. I hope they change the Halloween event up like they did for Xmas.