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  1. I personally think were getting Wicker first, then Webber or WX. I know for story purposes that Wilson and Maxwell will be last, but Wolfgang may take the spot of webber or WX this year, who knows
  2. The video is super helpful, but starting DST Servers won't work because my whole hard drive files are on one drive for klei and because of that it wont run and null render thing pops up. Any way to remove my klei stuff out into my actual pc?? Okay nevermind I fixed it but nullrender still says its wrong rip me
  3. My Don't Starve Together Dedicated server isn't opening two windows, which means I installed it wrong right? I tried 3 times to uninstall and reinstall it to click run pre-configured severs but I get /bin to open instead? Know how to reset that?
  4. Can you send a linkkk? Ohh okay thanks Jazzy, also love your streams and videosss!!
  5. To do that step just go back to the account info part and copy and paste the url to do on the browser, otherwise you can't save as a zip. I do have an issue where I can not find \\Documents\Klei\StartDSTServer.bat. All I see are back ups and clusters
  6. What did you guys add?? This update is hugeeeee
  7. Man I love how the Elder Mandrake looks and the Herald! SO EXCITEDD!~
  8. Oh ok thank you and I wasn't aware of it being themed. Thanks for the notice :^3
  9. I have a few Inktobers, sorry if the image is huge I have no idea how to make it smaller... < <