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  1. that one instagram ad sweater Commission draws for indexproxies and rusted-gears on tumblr
  2. I loooove the slippers they’re so silly.
  3. Erm uh, kissie Bonus drawing in my pal Spindlewick’s art thread, relating to an idea they’ve drawn
  4. well i broke the trend of mushy cake. Habby Birthday Wilson
  5. It’s from! I think I’m now doing a running joke where for every character birthday draw they gotta have the mushy cake. It’s a good cake it looks so goopy.
  6. Oh dang I’m on there, aw shucks never known I was that coolio. Now this is epic.
  7. Forgot to post these here, Happy birthday Wes And my Wes cosplays
  8. She finally had it in her to nab on something
  9. Ah snap I realized I should’ve posted this as a response