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  1. AAA— I think you’re thinking of Wesdrake and the forest stalker.. This doodle is just Dr FrankenWil with a skeleton he unknowingly articulated incorrectly. Terrier.. I do recall thinkin’ how Wortox’s face is like a dog when first released. In general Wortox pretty much has features that can lean more as a dog.. with the wider mouth and dark nose. I like that, a buncha mish-mash of features on an imp.
  2. Cleary you don’t know my power with foam and paper mache. This’ll be like, my 5th costume.
  3. Doodlessss, That Wortox is a partial suit idea I have.
  4. Hehe found you on the forums. Now I will subscribe to you to continue seeing your draws
  5. You can be as excited as you want. And I would be interested in seeing the poems if you find them!!
  6. Thank you! I don’t mind at all! It’s so swell to hear this.. Here’s my carrd if you wanna know where else you could find me outside of DS stuff. Atomic-era.. haven’t heard that phrase in ages, and frankly you’re right my quick toony doodles do look similar in taste. I get my inspirations from whatever images I like from blogs that post about book illustrations and what-not from old sources (below is some examples)
  7. Schoolhouse Rock.. havent heard that name in years. And Walter is the second character that made me feel real excited and interested in seeing, second to Wes. I really am looking forward to playing him!
  8. Goodness, everything here is so cute