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  1. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    so uhh ladies
  2. Just those work pals Winona and Genny being gal pals :o}
  3. Winona Update Lore

    Um, Wagstaff in the trailer has puffy hair and Winona's family picture is in the animation
  4. O sweet I finally lurned to enable status updates. Well I wanted to blabber again about me leechy fellers.


    1. Mr. Matt

      Mr. Matt

      aww hell yeah


    2. minespatch


      Reminds me of snakes... But they're like bugs.

  5. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    I got all the Funkos
  6. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Just a doodly.I was sent an ask about a thingy so guess what the thingamajig was about
  7. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Its actually a leech jar! Used by physicians who just really liked to use leeches for patients and loved those worms a lot. I would wanna get an authentic one.. though I prefer to keep leeches in glass to observe them
  8. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Would you like a leech in these trying times
  9. Wes Memes: The Saga

    When Klei finally nerfs Wes
  10. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    It's so sad that there's so many people who just don't got a clue that Wendy is a minor just because they don't read between the lines with DS art and quotes. Mods like this are wack.
  11. [Game Update] - 307715

    I too would be annoyed if a bunch of offended dudes came at me for putting 'censorship' when I decide what to do with my own media honestly. Video games are hard
  12. [Game Update] - 307715

    Joe + the rest of the devs involved, I'm relived that you've gotten involved with this uh wildfire. You're really good on your decisions and I hope it all isn't so overwhelming. Along the lines of the process of character design there's always eventually gonna be something that can get criticism and it's upsetting if the reactions weren't as intended. So I do wish you all can get through all this cuz it certainly feels important and meaningful on the responses you've now been giving. Video games are hard to make.
  13. [Game Update] - 307715

    Cartoonishly "evil" is better for this type of game compared to mentioning of a very real "evil" that can be pinpointed in a timeline which isn't exactly cartoony at best and sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm just using that word in place of character flaws, plot lines, whatever that makes up the plot and stuff so on so forth
  14. [Game Update] - 307715

    When I saw Warbucks the very first time playing I just thought his design was a lil weird compared to all previous playable characters. I expected him to be more layered. Silly archeologist who's half wrong on facts? Cartographer who loves to study landscapes? But nah it was just the basic british rich man personality which seemed flat. With the added layer of mentioning of stuff like East India Company that kinda stirred the sauce cuz that kinda made one wonder as to who and what he was before coming into the jungle, which can be good or bad depending on knowledge. So anyway I don't know why those who oppose me would think I should find the entire aspect of the game offensive. They all have fictitious qualities and like., stories gotta start from some inspiration. Game mechanics like hunt and kill are just how games work. I guess it's when Warbucks mentions real life events or activities or phrases that had been damaging to real countries, and having that be a part of his personality and personhood, is where it steppies in to the wild side. I'm an avid history buff and antique restorer but not all of history is pleasing to the eyes. If he ever did came back I'd just like a character who's maybe more lovable and redeemable than how he was written as compared to the rest of the cast of characters who didn't touch that close to that part of history.
  15. [Game Update] - 307715

    Pulling out the "SJW snowflake card" is such a fun and original counter argument.