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  1. Hey SD. I just sent you a message to you a very late birthday gift. I missed it since I have class on Mondays; and Wednesdays, and work on Tuesdays; Thursdays; and Fridays.

  2. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Winston Pillsbury Wurt time
  3. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Doodlesssssss. Theyre supposed to be for some headcanons I wrote along with them. And I done it for Willow as well.
  4. Mirthandir's Mirthandart

    Wheeler wheeeler wheeler goooood It is so excellent to see these skin designs! I love it a lot.. Wheeler is high up on favorite characters cuz she’s right up my alley and O gotta draw her some day. Yeeeehaw.
  5. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Lil sneak peeks of the last thing i've been working on
  6. Ok I understand. You have blocked me because I annoyed you. I promise that I will that kind of stuff private; and talk about you going to my home, until we are completely honest with each other.5e3a1c9f6a04a_Wescolespromises.thumb.jpg.ff66cd4260e0a862a0778fa64cd0cfc0.jpg

    also. Happy Birthday SDragonhead.

  7. Hey how come that you weren't chatting with me anymore, then blocked me on Tumblr, and Discord?


    1. SDragonhead


      Look fella, when ya started talking about me going to your home when I barely know you that irked me. Then the inflation art was a bit much. Boundaries exist and blocking you 3 times should've been a sign that you wig me out and gotten a nightmare out of me with all this. And that’s the soup.

  8. u good? haven't posted for a long time im just worried my dude

    1. SDragonhead


      Wha— Oh I’m just slow making DS content if that’s what you’re thinking. Latest thing i’ve been working on is small animatics and clips for my voice claims headcanons most of the characters tee hee. 

  9. Mime man the Excellent.. I need some Wes emotes for everything
  10. Don't Starve fan arts

    Rats and Wes, they make a great pair!
  11. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Doodles doodles S self indulgent.. Inspiration was an old Arthur flash game, Problems
  12. Hey SD. I know that you like Wes a lot that you main as him. So Why not tell me that you and Wes get along with each other mentally, and subconsciously. If you are interested here is a topic I made. I bet you, and Wes will go on wacky adventures on the DS world.

  13. Mirthandir's Mirthandart

    I thought you already were the one artist who drew the best and most realistic Webber design tee hee. And I haven’t thought about how similar my Webber’s fangs were close to a real spider.. I have a strong mix between toony and realistic features when it comes to designs Also I always look up for any new draws you do! Glad to find ya here on the forums now
  14. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    I've recently gotten a new tablet so helloooooo pen pressure do-si-do