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  1. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Oh snap it's gnome smells Also featuring Willow and Wilson reminiscing
  2. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Oh wowzers look at how this place turned out. Well lotsa folks here gone total bonkers. Literally every piece of media is full of stereotypes, either subverted or developed, that's what characterization and design RELIES on. You have to see the stock trope to identify the character, and then their development, whether it matches the traits you expect or is the opposite, is where the writing comes in. Theres nothing wrong with that part, it's that some of you fools are trying to compare that to actually offensive stereotypes and characterization
  3. I just feel like this is something that goes over a lot of people's heads when it comes to depicting how the characters look. Especially how artists would draw them out without ever noticing how everyone has unique body types and not just stick figure forms. If you look closer in the sprites, there is differences in all the sprites. Maxwell is broader than Wilson. Willow has thinner legs, WX is just square, Wigfrid has a thicker body than Willow, Wes is thinner than Wilson but Wickerbottom is most thin. Winona has thick legs for crushing her enemies. In this Xbox achievement for DST, heck you differentiate every character and observe the differences in arm thickness So if anyone ever tells you "Why did you draw this character fat, why is that character short" well tell em to take a closer look
  4. Wes Memes: The Saga

    an angle
  5. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Hpppp I return from the grave. When I think about it i haven't drawn much for a long while.. Well here's a drawing i did for the Don't Starve Secret Santa on tumblr. Icy hot gal with Queen o' Darkness
  6. Banan's art n' stuffs

    Wes lookin' like a snack
  7. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Sshhhhh the slop is just on tweeter now cuz that seems the best option to put 150 doodles
  8. Fun match as Wes

    Wes op!!!!!! His perk of not gaining aggro is good for healer! He's very very flexible Wes changing roles is so easy to do, use all the weapons and staves!
  9. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    That sure is some wild soup dude
  10. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    There has been mayhem going on how Tumblr is being run so there's a chance my blogs on it will cease to exist, and I have a much larger audience in there compared to other social media places sooo here's every link I got. main blog: dragonheadskilax.tumblr | Made a side twitter for commentary and stuff Art: art-of-dragonheadskilax.tumblr | Twitter | DeviantArt | Instagram Webcomic [haitus]: irdial-broadcasting.tumblr | Smackjeeves Slop Art [NSFW]: dialing-the-rotary.tumblr (available until I delete it before Dev 17) | Twitter (will keep it public for now) KLEI Forums [DS Content]: here Rest of my side blogs: the-museum-of-anything-goes.tumblr (archiving of my favorite CD-ROM | askthethreehoofers.tumblr (Animal Crossing ask blog, inactive) (more links!): Steam | Ko-Fi | Youtube
  11. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Yknow what in a cartoony aspect it works
  12. This is a discussion more about how Warbucks design and writing is quite, how do I put this lightly, bad. I’m not gonna explain all this just to scare Warbucks stand but just to bring to light on now to Not write a character for this sweet game. He's the first ever character to have such a, tone after a series of making every character have a skin tone that of paper and toned paper as a part of the art style. It’s hard to deny that it is due to his many adventures in the sun beatten jungles, but its hard to convince that he could be a POC because of the sorta history behind his character and quotes. It’s disappointing to see how the canon POC characters arent even close when it comes to saturation of skin color. The blunderbuss weapon. Warbucks had quotes referring to hunting, and some folks were fine with the idea of him being a big game hunter as that’s just what rich folks did back then. But during a KLEI art stream his portrait was altered to a shovel because he is NOT a big game hunter, and his current quotes had removed references to his hunting expeditions. Touchy Subjects: His character is ‘Rich British Explorer’. If you are aware on history like me, I was very afraid on what kind of character he was stereotyped as. Such type of people were hmm, not good to other cultures, had bad ideas on em, imperialism, all that jazz. Anddddd Warbucks originally had those quotes :/ East India Company.. REALLY, A big part of the British imperialism industry..These are now all edited to remove such a uhh tone, if you dont believe me I am glad to send you the original LUA speech file. It’s disappointing really that the new writing for new DS content had ended up like this. Sooo that’s soup for ya It's still good in a sense that KLEI edited all of that as they've seen their mistake, but Oof I just wanna make folks see why I was iffy on this character. I love KLEI but dango you made a booboo. He's just too 'perfect' in the imperfect world of DS, the only character flaws I see is him being stinky if he existed in real life. I understand that Klei hired new writer(s), which is why Woodlegs has new lines that have bad pirate grammar. Yet making a character like Warbucks on that line of historical people is hoohaaa