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[Game Update] - 241351

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Spiral Spear



Player Portraits (New)



The rest of the Forge items can be found in my posts from the Forge Beta here and here.


EDIT:  Also, the following aren't new per se, I just forgot to post them during the Forge Beta.

Mounted Emotes (Fist Shake / Flex / Impatient / Cheer / Laugh / Shrug / Slow Clap)


mounted_fistshake.gif.f8ee2c2f21f500dadf34c8da5cc2ea18.gif mounted_flex.gif.ad0b16ccf71c9f6cd9a86cc4f3c159dc.gif mounted_impatient.gif.9dad72e4cd3f52f82f34e5218df40846.gif mounted_jumpcheer.gif.57540df6028a5baf8e94f10e05594595.gif mounted_laugh.gif.883cb1cb5b069e02977aaecaab7c0e8f.gif mounted_shrug.gif.707f6eed84b6aa1745a9a395f503693a.gif mounted_slowclap.gif.cfba7b2aafa88e2b8c4ec386a9cd928f.gif 

Mounted Dances (Chicken / Robot / Step)


mounted-chickendance.gif.30d98e6f2c1dd809381789c7736ba30a.gif mounted-robotdance.gif.ef7ea9227d238a228413f069d054a9b8.gif mounted-stepdance.gif.644e312b1b2cda6b5a4f6fd7c7651c40.gif


EDIT #2:  Whoops missed two new things...

Tome of Beckoning



Magma Golem




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3 minutes ago, Instant-Noodles said:
  1. Player Portraits (New)playerportrait_bg_flames.png.962780a2e099fcf2b58d8e4269f1a0ca.png
  2. Mounted Emotes
  3. mounted_impatient.gif.9dad72e4cd3f52f82f34e5218df40846.gif
  4. mounted-chickendance.gif.30d98e6f2c1dd809381789c7736ba30a.gifmounted-stepdance.gif.644e312b1b2cda6b5a4f6fd7c7651c40.gif
  1. Oh thank you for posting this! I was looking for the profile portraits for the gladiator skins(but there seems to be three variants) this portrait will work with my design that I'll be posting.
  2. A.k.a. the symbiotic relationship between a boy and his beefalo
  3. Grooves be judged
  4. Not sure which one is cuter.


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How do beta testers obtain the special background? I got the loot chests for levels I earned in the beta but not the special background participants should have been awarded. Is there a code we have to enter to obtain it?


Edit: See JoeW's post below

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3 minutes ago, ExtollerOfTrolls said:

Wait, do the player portraits stick around after the event is done, or is the smart thing to do break them down into spools so we can buy more items on the 30th?

2 hours ago, JoeW said:

Can I keep the things I earn in The Forge?
Yes however some unlocks such as portrait backgrounds and profile icons are currently only available in the Forge but future events will also use these and we hope to support these things in the base game in the future. All unlocks will remain unlocked on your account between events. Item and character skins are usable in the main game. 


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13 minutes ago, ExtollerOfTrolls said:

Also, I found some typos and weird grammar in some of the descriptions, should I post it in the bugs section?

Yes, please. 

8 minutes ago, MrKoopa said:

I didnt get this for playing during the beta(or :( maybe it's another portait?)

Just a slight delay on that, it will be coming in soon.

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