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  1. my profile is a gamer-free zone

    1. TurtleKitty


      <3 Gay Trans Pride <3

  2. @Chris Snowstorm good day mr chandler

    1. 4 Da LOLs

      4 Da LOLs

      the more times I see your posts the more questions I gain

  3. this is a bad argument and you convinced a total of zero (0) people with it
  4. Move Wheeler's mouth up by 3 pixels

    disagree, her mouth should be moved down by 3 pixels
  5. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    like if you're watching in 2019
  6. have you seen a frog jump between boats before? that's what i thought liberal
  7. why


    1. JohnWatson


      ok i checked and this was my fault Please igore this

  8. Auto Unequip on 1%

    this is a DST only mod
  9. Auto Unequip on 1%

    Version v5


    Steam Workshop: Client mod. Automatically unequips your magiluminescence upon reaching 1% durability to prevent it from breaking. Feature also applies to similar equippables such as eyebrellas, puffy vests, rain hats, etc.
  10. winona x reader
  11. it's possible if you have the assets for the skin
  12. [Game Update] - 333702

    I was never worried
  13. [Game Update] - 333702

    this was never posted on discord
  14. woodie's update should turn him into a worse character so we can get more forum activity
  15. steam just scummed me

  16. i am very excited for willow's new perks and so is my wife, hopefully by the time the update is released, klei will be working on a nintendo switch release for dst so her boyfriend can play along with us anyway i believe willow's new perks change up her playstyle very significantly and i feel the way she plays no longer matches up with how she looks, so maybe willow is also deserving of some rework on her design personally these are my suggestions and i think it will fit her new abilities: - willow should wear a white shirt and red skirt for a more colourful look - willow's hair should be blonde to give her a more youthful appearance - bernie is now completely white and can float hope u guys agree and if not state below why and be very polite with how u discuss it