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  1. So this is the smallest tiniest 'issue' that probably hasn't bothered anyone but me. Anyways, when opening the daily gift, the gift shows up in 'recent discoveries' before the animation is complete. In fact it's revealed before you even click 'Open now'. Makes the animation and the button seem useless to me and kills all the suspense. Anyway we could hide 'recent discoveries' or not have it show up there until the animation is complete?
  2. We will not have wortox today

    Yea I used to be pretty vocal about console getting the shaft, but they've really shown an effort to treat us as equally as reasonably possible with PC as of lately. They've been listening us a ton, as evidenced by us now being able to purchase skins, amongst other things. I can definitely forgive them for this small delay which likely isn't even their fault in the first place.
  3. This is slightly off topic, but I'd love it if we could one day use the skins we earn in DST in DS as well. Or maybe implement a similar skins system over there. Probably will never happen though
  4. Console: Option to see Boss/Mob Health

    You implied you play on PC when you said you don't miss most the mods. How can you miss any of the mods if you haven't used them? The game is supposed to be challenging. It's not supposed to hold your hand. That's the whole point
  5. Stuck In Tentacle Hole Bug

    Yea normally I'm not a fan of rollbacks but this is the exact type of scenario where I might use it. I believe you can rollback up to 5 days so hopefully it's not further than that
  6. Stuck In Tentacle Hole Bug

    By "rescue me thing" do you mean rolling back?
  7. No oasis or antlion desert?

    It's the type of thing that can't be proven. You can't prove that it's impossible for a world to not have an oasis. You can't prove X never happens. You can only prove Y does happen. I will say I've probably played hundreds of worlds (I've had this bad habit of not accepting a world without a reed trap) and I've never seen a world without an oasis. I also can't say 100% it doesn't ever happen. But I can say 99%+
  8. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    Does that mean nobody can get the pirate birdcage or the mini monument firepit on PS4 anymore?
  9. What happened to Curio Chests?

    Are you sure we don't have an active event? Pigs are still dropping the belts and pig king still looks different, at least in my game
  10. Since the update I haven't received a Curio Chest either from daily gifts or the timed gifts. Anybody else? Is it just a coincidence or did they get rid of them in the latest update?
  11. Console: Option to see Boss/Mob Health

    The game is fine. PC players coming in trying to screw everything up with how it's been for like 5 years now. I know that opinion will make a lot of people mad, but people trying to change this game I fell in love with makes me mad. Enemy targeting was fine (before they changed it) Loot radius is fine No mods is fine It's on console, play it like a console game. Very rarely do console games bring mods over from the PC version.
  12. I thought the old combat system was fine
  13. Someone said they emailed Klei and they said they are extending it. I have no reason not to believe that person
  14. DST Art!

    There's more than two types of treeguards, at least in the DS universe as a whole
  15. You managed to make an account, put up the effort to have a display image, found the correct thread in which your issue is being discussed, but apparently didn't read anything in that thread? I literally can't even