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  1. On PS4 we already sacrificed Winter's Feast just to try and get Year of the Varg and that still hasn't worked. Klei doesn't care about our sacrifices
  2. The problem is klei isn't doing that. They're doing pc>pc>pc>pc>pc>ps4>mobile>Xbox. If they were consistent about getting updates, let's say 1 month, after pc to the others that would be satisfactory. But the past year or two (I'm horrible with timelines) they update the rest whenever they get around to it. It doesn't seem like they're even trying. To be fair, they've since claimed they are going to put a renewed effort into other platforms. But it's hard to be optimistic when pc still getting update after update and we've seen literally no results
  3. Any word on if/when PS4 will get this update?
  4. Any word on when PS4 will get the update?
  5. You still might get the emote, I don't really know. He wasn't very clear when he said you won't be getting the event but you will get content
  6. They aren't working on winter's feast for ps4, or at least not near to the extent that PC got it. They said that instead of winters feast they are working on releasing the February seasonal (year of the varg) event to us around the same time as PC (although I'm doubtful they have the same definition of 'around the same time' as I do). Who knows what pieces of the new update will be left out for us peasants if they do stick to their word and give us it around the same time as pc
  7. Why should we expect to have a seasonal event for four months because we're on console? If they can put it on in a normal amount of time they can surely take it off. And I paid just as much for the game as anyone else
  8. Well that's very odd because you shouldn't ever get 2 gifts back to back. I've tested this myself by playing 8 hours before I opened my first gift. The way the system works is every X amount of minutes the server does a check to see if you're available to get a drop (you've played enough minutes/hours that week and you don't already have a gift in queue), if so the gift box pops up. If not, it doesn't give it to you and then checks again in X amount of minutes. Basically what I'm getting at, is you can only get a gift as often as the server checks if you're allowed one, which is approximately 20 minutes (observational guess), even if you've already played the max required hours for all gifts.
  9. If you stopped receiving drops then it almost certainly is a bug, but I've seen several people not realize there's more than one page though. Perhaps you only think you stopped receiving them?
  10. You can only get 4 drops per week, but theres no limit to the total amount of skins you can get
  11. (Spoiler?)How can I find Wilbur's raft?

    As others have said, I usually find him near an island. I would search the shallows before the deep, could just be coincidental though. His icon is tiny though so any gaps in the map could be where he's at.
  12. This comment by JoeW confirms there's an event in February.
  13. I think I agree with but your example is not the greatest because treeguards drop monster meat
  14. Christmas feast bugged on ps4?

    I think if we haven't received it at this point we're not gonna receive it at all. But then again they still have Hallowed Nights up so they have to at least do an update to take that down one. Or maybe they've abandoned PS4 altogether at this point considering it's mid-January and we still have a Halloween theme in game. No word on if or when we'll get the SW update either, which is sad because SW in it's current state on PS4 is unplayable.