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  1. Someone said they emailed Klei and they said they are extending it. I have no reason not to believe that person
  2. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    These are my two biggest issues right now. The quick match isn't a huge deal to me, however I can report the same thing as you. But joining servers where the host isn't using english is a really big deal because you can't read what dishes the gnaw wants. I don't mind playing with people who don't speak english in general, but in this game it's pretty incompatible. There should be a filter to only show games where the host is using english. I don't like leaving people stranded but whenever I join a game that the text isn't in english I just have to back out, I'm sorry to those people
  3. DST Art!

    There's more than two types of treeguards, at least in the DS universe as a whole
  4. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Lol trust me it's been submitted countless times, maybe even the most submitted bug. I'm cautiously hopeful they are actually fixing it though as they say
  5. OMG, it's been so long. I really really hope this is true, it's the only thing I truly care about. If it's not fixed then all the other content means nothing. I've heard rumors that it's not actually fixed on the switch and PC.
  6. You managed to make an account, put up the effort to have a display image, found the correct thread in which your issue is being discussed, but apparently didn't read anything in that thread? I literally can't even
  7. Oh well I'm glad I said that then. Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are 2 separate games. Don't Starve has 2 DLC's, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. Don't starve together has no DLC's, however much of the content from RoG is incorporated into it. They are similar, but if you play DS a lot and decide to give DST a shot you will immediately notice differences (beyond the obvious that one has multiplayer). They both have their pros and cons, most notably DS has a better engine, and DST has more attention given to it and regular updates. They both have their own separate game files, whether it be on Steam or PSN and they both require separate purchases. Personally, even though I think DS (if we ignore SW) is objectively the better game, I enjoy playing DST more these days. I play it solo too just like DS
  8. Yea no prob. Are you aware that DST has a console version as well? Your reply leaves me unsure
  9. Not sure if you noticed since your comment was a week ago, but they just updated DST with Year of the Varg and they said next step for console is bringing Home Sea Home here. My guess is it's still about two months away based off their history
  10. [Game Update] - 126

    I unraveled one of my duplicate distinguished, how do I spend those spools? Edit: Alright I figured that out. For anyone who couldn't, you can only spend it on the items that have a locked symbol by them (which are the special event items) then you press triangle to weave I have a new question now, can you earn special event items without using spools. I assume you can for skins, what about the new items likes like portrait frames?
  11. Any word on if/when PS4 will get this update?
  12. Any word on when PS4 will get the update?
  13. Why should we expect to have a seasonal event for four months because we're on console? If they can put it on in a normal amount of time they can surely take it off. And I paid just as much for the game as anyone else
  14. Are you (still) planning on bringing winter's feast to console?