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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Aug 14th We aren't going to be able to start taking claims today - we just got the valid codes from 505 that we need to verify vouchers given on receipts and we can't process claims until those are processed and there are quite a few of them - so it's going to take several hours to process. .  We anticipate that if all goes well, things should be ready within the next couple days. Sorry for the delay, we want to make sure that this system goes smoothly for those affected by this issue. Aug 9th Hey Everybody. We are just about ready to start replacing discs, so I want to give you a quick update on how this will work. Purchasers in North America that were given digital codes either from us or on their receipt will be able to use their codes on our store to order a new full retail boxed copy of the game including controller skin. We will be handling these replacements ourselves as we do not have an adequate distribution channel to send to SIEE players outside of North America.  North American players who purchased after 4/26/2018 should already have this code on the bottom of their receipt. If you purchased before this date and do not have a code yet, check out this page for directions on getting your code.  SIEE Players outside of North America will need to use a different process to claim a replacement through 505 directly we will have details on that soon.  We are making sure everything is in order right now and expect to go live with disc replacements on 8/14 and will post here with more info.    Aug 7th
      The discs are now in our possession so we can get moving on sending out replacements. I know this has taken way too long to get resolved, we have been doing literally everything we can to push this along as much as we can. Now that we have those discs we can get you all fixed up.  We're finalizing things on our end but we're no longer dependent on 505 to resolve this end of the issue. We are finalizing our process for getting replacement orders processed and we anticipate that we will start this process sometime this week.  July 9th
      We are still waiting on 505 and waiting for them to send us discs.  June 6th
      We've reached out to 505 again.  We are extremely limited in what we can do in all of this, all we can really do is ask what happens next and relay the information we are given.  So far, the information we have been given at this point hasn't really panned out as it was supposed to, so I hesitate to post any more information as it's proven to be unreliable.  I'll post more when I have more.  Update 5/11/2018 We do not have any more information at this time. The last we spoke to 505 indicated that the discs should be ready very soon. We will likely have more information next week; hopefully with full explanation of when and how to get new discs.  Updated: 4/27/2018

      On April 17th, the Don't Starve Megapack was released. Almost immediately, it was discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). The disc contained Don't Starve Together, but was without Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. As soon as we confirmed the problem we contacted our retail publisher to find out how this happened and what could be done. It's taken some time to get this far, but this is all the information we have at this time. The current status of the issue is as follows: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks.  When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc previous to 4/26/2018 can now contact Klei support HERE for a Playstation Store voucher code that includes Don't Starve Together, Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC that you can play now. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  New purchasers of the Megapack in store as of 4/26/2018 should be given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt. If you do not get a code, contact us ALL purchasers will have a path to get a new disc when they are ready. We do not have details at this time, but we are comitted to ensuring that all players get what they purchased.  We are hearing from some players that some retailers are telling players that they will not be exchanging discs. We believe this to be incorrect and that particular person or location is just misinformed. 505 has ensured us that they are doing their best to make sure these discs are being replaced for all players. We will not allow anybody to fall through the cracks here. We will buy and ship the discs ourselves if we have too.   This was our first major retail release and we're extremely disappointed that our players have been let down with their purchase of the Don't Starve Megapack. We're doing our best to make sure this issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks everybody for your support and patience. We'll keep you updated.    UPDATE: (4/26/2018) We are now ready to send out vouchers to players who purchased the physical version of the Don't Starve Megapack - These codes will allow players to download and play Don't Starve and DLC as well as Don't Starve Together To get a voucher players can contact as at our support site: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new  For the subject, choose "PS4 Megapack" and fill in the form and we'll get you fixed up as soon as possible.  We will require a picture of your receipt, your Klei account ID and the region you are located in (so we can give you the proper voucher).  UPDATE: (4/24/2018) Earlier this week, we discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). It’s a really unfortunate situation and we’ve been working hard with 505 to resolve this as soon as possible. Below is the latest information: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks. When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc will also be able to contact Klei support for a voucher code that includes Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC until the new disc is ready. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  We will have more details when they become available including details on contacting us and what information we might need.  Once again, thanks to everybody for their patience while we work this out. For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. DST Art!

    There's more than two types of treeguards, at least in the DS universe as a whole
  2. Spools and emotcons

    Spools can be used to purchase event items. Make sure you have the owned filter turned off and you can use the spools on anything with the lock symbol on it. I don't know how emoticons work as I play solo so they are useless to me
  3. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Lol trust me it's been submitted countless times, maybe even the most submitted bug. I'm cautiously hopeful they are actually fixing it though as they say
  4. OMG, it's been so long. I really really hope this is true, it's the only thing I truly care about. If it's not fixed then all the other content means nothing. I've heard rumors that it's not actually fixed on the switch and PC.
  5. DST PS4 mods !!

    Nope, not happening
  6. Console Keyboard Controls?

    Meh, changing world settings is basically cheats, and not what I would refer to 'doing everything legit'
  7. You can pre-build structures so that the materials are used immediately but you can place it whenever you want. It's always a good idea to have pre-built campfires and firepits ready to place whenever an emergency happens. You can't convert it to regular meat. However you can turn it to eggs. In order to do that you must build a birdcage (6 gold, 2 paper, 2 seeds, alchemy engine). After that build a birdtrap (4 silk and some sticks IIRC), You can bait the birdtrap with a seed or you can just wait for a bird to randomly fall in your trap, then you may place the bird in the birdcage. Cooked monster meat and other unwanted meat can be given to the bird to turn them into eggs. Eggs are useful for several important crockpot recipe, perhaps most notable is bacon and eggs (1.5 meat, 2 eggs) which heals 20, feeds 75, and last a long time. Expiring eggs can also be recycling into fresh eggs by cooking them and then feeding them to the the bird. Most important steps IMO is first, some winter clothing. Beefalo hat is the warmest, winter hat is perhaps cheaper to a noob though (?) After that build a crockpot (or 5) and an icebox; these will help your food see it's highest potential. Also, if you didn't already know, firepits (as opposed to campfires) are permanent, eliminates risk of fire spread, and makes your fuel go further. Since food seems to be an issue for you, let me tell you about one of the best crockpot recipes. Meatballs. All it requires is 1 meat (including monster meats) and 3 fillers (except for twigs). So that means 1 monster meat and 3 berries makes meatballs, or 1 MM and 3 ice, or 1 MM and 3 mushrooms, etc. Does heal a tiny bit but also feeds almost 70 so it is very cheap hunger wise To get monster meat, I recommend killing spiders. They have a very simple pattern to kite and don't have much health
  8. Is it possible that your pen is too cramped for the beef to reach all the salt licks? I'm not too familiar with domestication so I'm just throwing it out there

    You don't know when the gorge comes out
  10. The Gorge Hype!

    Just like the forge
  11. No it'd immediately lag out. If your ps4 did manage to make it 50 days it'd be less laggy because the excess mobs would be dead
  12. That is far from the only issue
  13. There is no way to bypass it. And you are mistaken in believing adding more of those things would make the game more difficult.
  14. Settings>Storage>system storage>capture gallery>Don't Starve together>press options button and go to "copy to USB storage device" Also, they didn't say why they want to 'share an image that shows days survived', but this question is usually asked by low-skill or inexperienced players who thinks days survived is related to skill level. Nobody claimed that's why OP posted this, just covering bases since it's commonly asked in that manner. Even if that wasn't OP's intention, I wouldn't want new players to come here and see that and get the wrong impression
  15. I got to agree with @djbubbles on this one. Amount of days 'survived' is kind of meaningless, as related to skill or as an accomplishment. But only after the first year (70 days). If you're new or just naturally lacking skill, then you should be proud the further and further you last into a year, but after that, there are no new forced challenges. The same ones repeat, but you'll only be more prepared for them at that point, and you already survived them earlier. After you're good enough to survive a year, it means you are good enough to survive indefinitely, so you're goals should be focused on in game achievements such as killing bosses, creating nice bases, etc And if you prefer survival based goals as opposed to objective based, perhaps try surviving a year with a challenge run such as starting a world on winter/summer, light's out mode, or doing a 'vegan' run