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  1. Feastclops destroys reeds?

    He can ignite things without them catching fire?
  2. Does the Winter's Feast deerclops destroy reeds. I took him to my reed trap and it appears his laser destroyed some of my reeds. I could be wrong but the empty space is right where he was fighting the tentacles. Can anyone confirm this is possible?
  3. [Game Update] - 170

    I don't see anything about Winter's Feast being removed? Was it extended due to bugs? Was it forgotten about? Did you guys remove it and just forgot to mention it? I'm certainly not complaining as there was still some things I wanted to do, just curious.
  4. GingerPig houses missing....

    I suspect the next update/patch will be removing winters feast sooo...technically correct is the best kind of correct?
  5. Playstation 5

    PS5 is supposed to be entirely backwards compatible.
  6. I'm a troll because I disagree? How is that not 'divisive unhelpful behavior'? OP learned not to leave Bearger around unrenewables. Many people do like it on different levels and that's what world settings are for. I would like the game to be harder. It's much easier to use the tools given to make it easier than it is to make it harder, but you dont see me whining to the devs about mechanics that have worked fine for years. I didnt say that OPs playstyle is trivial (that doesnt even make sense, and please don't put words in my mouth). I said keeping their dens from being destroyed is trivial, and I stand by that. I didnt tear down OP. I didnt call them a noob. I didnt say 'git gud son'. I disagreed with them and explained exactly why. As far as that other part you mentioned goes, I think its rude to bring other users into an argument they had nothing to do with it as though they're taking your side. I would like to say more about that but then I'd be stooping to your level.
  7. There needs to be more challenge to the game, not less. Catcoons aren't terribly useful in the first place and its trivial keeping their dens intact. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Your hand is not supposed to be held.
  8. The seed problem

    Not sure how that would help the lag issue though. Do flowers/crops create less lag than rot? Also rot already groups to a stack when close enough together so if anything I think this idea would increase lag. I do like the idea in general, just not in the context of reducing lag.
  9. When an item skin is limited time use, such as "Gingerbread Chest", will already placed/created items of that skin revert back to default skin when the event is over, or does it just disallow placing more with that skin? Also I was looking through my belongings and theres several skins from the "Merrymaker" collection that I do not recall unlocking or previously having been able to use (Gingerbread Fence, Gingerbread Gate, etc). Is my memory just that bad, or are these ninja added to my collection? I assume those are available to use year round?
  10. [Game Update] - 155

    And here you are bumping this thread getting my hopes up
  11. Someone said they emailed Klei and they said they are extending it. I have no reason not to believe that person
  12. DST Art!

    There's more than two types of treeguards, at least in the DS universe as a whole
  13. You managed to make an account, put up the effort to have a display image, found the correct thread in which your issue is being discussed, but apparently didn't read anything in that thread? I literally can't even
  14. Oh well I'm glad I said that then. Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are 2 separate games. Don't Starve has 2 DLC's, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. Don't starve together has no DLC's, however much of the content from RoG is incorporated into it. They are similar, but if you play DS a lot and decide to give DST a shot you will immediately notice differences (beyond the obvious that one has multiplayer). They both have their pros and cons, most notably DS has a better engine, and DST has more attention given to it and regular updates. They both have their own separate game files, whether it be on Steam or PSN and they both require separate purchases. Personally, even though I think DS (if we ignore SW) is objectively the better game, I enjoy playing DST more these days. I play it solo too just like DS
  15. Yea no prob. Are you aware that DST has a console version as well? Your reply leaves me unsure