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  1. Welcome to The Forge

    Yes, I would like the option to buy everything like in the Gorge and Hallowed Nights.
  2. I just started having issues with connecting. First it was when I clicked on "Play" in the main menu, it took forever to connect to Klei's servers. Then when I was almost done with a match, I got disconnected. Now it mostly does not let me connect to any server, and when it does, I lose connection. I don't know what happened, this started about 30-45 minutes ago.
  3. After killing the last Boarilla, we just went to the lobby, no victory message or speech.
  4. I had to open the chests I bought from the Gorge (bought it from the steam marketplace), and also the loyalty skins from RoG and Shipwrecked again when I clicked "Play". Also most of my skins are not visible in the game, including the Halloween ones I bought in game, and the old forge ones.
  5. Warrior Wilson: Adventurer Wilson:
  6. Sorry for the noob question, but who or wat is "The Supernatural"?
  7. @TheAscension , they also came out when I opened my Halloween skinned Ice Box and chest.
  8. Every time I create a new game, I still hear the "Generating Plateau" noise, even when "Maxemelion" is talking to me. The noise stops after the character gets up.
  9. Why would it be blasphemy? It will be your product and you can do whatever you want with it.
  10. I have been having problems getting the last drop on twitch, I even made a new account and linked it. After 14 hours of watching twitch accounts with drops enabled, I still can't get the last one.I guess there must be a problem with Klei's connection to twitch.
  11. Putting mouths in them makes them look good, hmmmm....... Also what is on WIlson's back, it kind of looks like some sort of backpack.
  12. The shop owner in the Swinsbury Academy is stuck and just keeps running in place. I have no idea what happened, he was already like that when I entered the academy.
  13. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    @JanH said September 18 in the original game update post. I doubt they will stick to the original date, since it has been riddles with bugs. I stopped playing because there is no way to make custom games on the Xbox.