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  1. Healing Guide/Stats

    I like how I get warned when he has repeatedly harassed and insulted me. I even reported him a couple of times.
  2. Healing Guide/Stats

    It actually does, I keep showing people That Winona is better in most situations, but people keep making threads, getting angry and letting their toxicity out. I love the feeling of having people say after 5 minutes of arguing with me about it, that "OMG, I did not know Winona could heal this much/ that fast". Unless you rapid fire every opportunity, you will not get 55.556% efficiency throughout the game. I don't care if toxic people like @Zeklo that does not have the intelligence to make an actual argument, keep insulting and demeaning people because they can't accept that they are wrong. Winona IS better in most situations. I have yet to be proven wrong to what I said on November 7th. "Wicker has the potential to be better".
  3. Healing Guide/Stats

    Sigh, I literally just showed you with your own numbers that it is not true what you said. 864-792 = 72 THIS MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO AMPED MINIMUM 8/9 of YOUR HEALS TO HEAL BETTER THAN WINONA IN YOUR SCENARIO. 7/8 *100%= 87.5%. YOU NEED TO HAVE A 87.5% EFFICIENCY TO BE BETTER. MOST PEOPLE CANNOT DO THIS........... But here, lets do the pro/ big boy on campus efficiency of juggling everything like a robot: 20% cd (tiara plus silk armor)= 19.2s cooldown. 180/19.2= 9.375 108 hp with amped + garland + tiara : 9 heals: 972 hp healed over 180s 972 - 792 = 180 108-72= 36 180/36= 5 108*4=432, 72*5= 360, 432+360= 792 This means that if you are juggling the tiara and garland with Wicker, you NEED to amped at least 5/9 heals to be better than Winona in her optimum scenario. 5/9*100%= 55.556% efficiency. This is higher than amping every other heal (since this would be 50%). So now that I have shown you that you were wrong with your own numbers, can we talk about something else.
  4. Healing Guide/Stats

    Using your numbers: You actually get 8.333 heals without juggling the tiara and garland (silk armor gives you 10% cd = a 21.6s cooldown. 180/21.6= 8.333) Wicker: 90 hp with amped : 8 heals : 720 hp healed over 180s 108 hp with amped + garland : 8 heals: 864 hp healed over 180s Winona: 72 hp with garland : 9 heals : 648 hp healed over 180s 72 hp with tiara + garland : 11 heals: 792 hp healed over 180s So can we get on with it. I don't know why you keep arguing, I initially said that Wicker has the capability of being "the best healer".
  5. Healing Guide/Stats

    Seriously, you are such a toxic person. I really hope one day you can stop trying to make others as miserable as you are yourself.
  6. Healing Guide/Stats

    No, you claim that she outheals Winona, BECAUSE Wicker can amp her spells all/most of the time. I keep saying it not possible to amp her spells all the time. I claimed she was more reliable because she can: The not juggling books is just "the icing on the cake", specially for people that are not as experienced. In addition, juggling the books, even if it is just one IS not the same thing as juggling the tiara and garland. Not only that, juggling the book(s) makes Wicker do less damage, which in turn delays her spell amping. I was just curious not being argumentative, since you said:
  7. Healing Guide/Stats

    @GlassArrow, Okay, I did not make myself clear. In the best possible scenario, Wicker will out heal every other character. Winona is more reliable because I know that she will heal every 16.8s for 72 health, and since she cannot read books, you only have to juggle the tiara and garland, which is not hard. I always prefer reliable over potentially better. Are you sure the golem's damage count towards amping, I did not noticed it helping get a spell charge. This whole meta idea is so pervasive, that people will keep making posts about how Wicker is better and worst of all: That dang "From above" quest took forever to do.......
  8. Toxic Players In Forge

    Yeah, if they can't even get rid of the toxic ones in their forums, I don't see it happening in their games. I really wish they could at least add a kick button for the person that creates the lobby or a vote kick option. Almost every online game has this option.
  9. Healing Guide/Stats

    I posted this more than a week ago: The only thing that was different was the amped heal, @GlassArrow said it is 5.6hp/s. Nothing has changed with this post, just that the graphs are arranged in a way to better show @GlassArrow viewpoint that Wicker is better. But nothing has changed. I WILL say it again like I did more than a week ago: Wicker COULD POTENTIALLY heal more if the user can do the quick fire with the staff. I have never been in a game of the Forge (including both betas and last year's game) were a Wicker ALWAYS amped up her heal. Maybe it's because I don't play with top tier players like you guys, but it is highly unlikely for Wicker to amped up her heal every time. In most games as a healer Wicker, you have to juggle books (wether it be the summoning one or petrification), and the tiara and garland. Most of the time, the WIckers in my team do not juggle the tiara and garland because they either don't know or because it's "too hard". TLDR, whenever Wicker is not amping her spell, she is healing like Wendy.
  10. Healing Guide/Stats

    Thank you, it made it clear. He should have done a graph showing both under optimal situations.
  11. Healing Guide/Stats

    So am I safe to assume that under the best possible scenario, Wicker heals only 39 more damage than Winona (within a 180s time span)? I think you just proved that while Winona might heal 39 less damage, her cool down of 16.8s outweighs Wicker's extra 39 damage heal (Wicker's best cool down is 19.2s). 2.4s is a lot of time since it accumulates throughout the match.
  12. Same experience for more work/effort.

    @Kiena that just proves what @NAVY was saying, 200 extra xp is not worth it.
  13. Same experience for more work/effort.

    So you get 200 extra xp if you win?
  14. Same experience for more work/effort.

    They only appear if you lose.