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  1. I noticed there are two rarities of each level and this seems to have been introduced on October 30 when the new hallowed nights skins were added. This update introduced a duplicate of each in game rarity with the new items being part of a new Distinguished and Elegant category introduced in the update. This also includes items added in the Forge update. Using the search on the Steam community market for the old Elegant rarity would only show the old items while searching for the new elegant rarity To make things more confusing in the Steam inventory players can search for both rarities using the advanced filter. I personally have 52 of the pre October 30 elegants and 26 of the post October 30 elegants yet when I search either category I am shown every elegant I own and the filter does not show all of the separate category. (I have a total of 8 loyal items, 7 using the pre OCT 30 loyal rarity and one using the post OCT 30 loyal rarity. I can search for the old loyal items and am shown all of them, including the "Flame Portrait" which uses the post OCT 30 Loyal rarity and should not be shown in the filter settings.) I am not sure if the duplicate rarity is a bug or intentional. It makes sense for Forge event items to be a new duplicate rarity as they are not marketable but some of this new rarity skins (Hallowed nights elegants and distinguisheds.) are marketable which is inconsistent. If this is an intentional decision by the developers at least fix the search filter not browsing between the duplicate rarities correctly. If duplicate rarities are not intentional then they need to be removed and merged into a single rarity.
  2. All Achievements Reward

    You do get a special reward upon obtaining all the achievements. You get XP for unlocking them all. If you mean something besides the XP then no. I don't want to see that ever happen.
  3. I honestly think the GOH collection is vastly better than the rose collection. I certainly wouldn't mind having both.
  4. [probably debunked theory] forge is inside Shipwrecked.

    When did Capy abandon SW? The recent Klei update feels a lot different (better and more polished.) than the older SW content.
  5. [probably debunked theory] forge is inside Shipwrecked.

    I thought shipwrecked was made entirely by Capy games and none of it (except for the bonus update) was made by Klei. Is this true or am I mistaken?
  6. Issues downloading mods, not the regular...

    How are you running the dedicated DST server? Is it through the Steam client or Steam CMD?

    Ok thanks for letting me know. I suppose I didn't see the XP.

    This happened to me as well. I got multiple achievements but got disconnected after the match ended. Despite unlocking them I received no XP.
  9. Her GOH skins doesn't hide her crown when wearing hats so it seems odd it hides her faceplate.
  10. You can only craft Forge event skins with spools. You can however unravel any skin unless it is Loyal, Timeless, Event (and maybe proof of purchase. I can't test this). The Event rarity items cannot be unraveled but you could unravel the Elegant versions of them. (Like the Elegant Pigsbury costume.) I don't know why you would want to though. Note that the Forge skins (except the challenger skins) are not event rarity despite being event items so they can be unraveled. Also I don't know if the Forge event skins can be used in the trade inn as it appears to be closed.
  11. I tried that and every body slot skin appears correctly when equipped. (And during the life amulets Resurrection animation.) Thanks for the help!
  12. When reading a book it does not use the books unique graphic instead using a generic gray book texture. The end is nigh! skins use the same texture so this might not be a bug. I think the books should use their unique graphic when reading.
  13. To add to this haunting a life giving amulet that is skinned causes it to use its non skinned version during the animation where the character is revived.
  14. I crafted one of the new garland skins and it appears skinned correctly! All the body slot skins seem to be bugged though.......
  15. Grass suit skins do not appear skinned when they are worn by the player. They correctly appear skinned when on the ground and in the inventory.