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  1. Hey Klei, I really like the cosmetics system but I feel it could use a small quality of life improvement. A lot of the higher tier cosmetic chest shirts/outfits (Especially distinguished rarity items) despite being equipped in the torso slot also add a unique shoe when worn. Some of these shoes are really great, such as the “Quilted Outerwear’s” fur boots. However, said boots are only usable if the Quilted Outerwear is equipped despite it being a torso cosmetic and not a foot cosmetic. While it is possible to wear other shoes that are a dedicated shoe slot item with the Quilted Outerwear, such as the Canadian Boots, it is not possible to wear the Quilted Outerwear’s fur boots with other chest cosmetic items as the boots/jacket is the same item. I think it would be great if players could use boots/shoes that are part of a chest/torso cosmetic item with other torso cosmetics (I would love to use the Quilted Outerwear’s fur boots with my Canadian Jacket). Would it be possible for Klei to add a separate inventory item for shoes that are bundled with a torso cosmetic item so players could have more customization with the cosmetic system? Another suggestion related to this is to potentially make torso cosmetic items with a unique shoe/boot grant their respective footwear as an “ensemble” item. If Klei doesn’t wish to split the item into two separate items for market listing/inventory purposes it would make a lot of sense for torso items with unique shoes to grant their shoes as an “ensemble” item. The team could probably think of a better way to implement this as the Bumble Spear and Floppy Straw Hat do not grant ensemble items for other recipes using said items. (Such as a Bumble Ice Staff.) However, these items use in game equip slots whereas the cosmetic shirts/gloves/etc use cosmetic item slots. This idea could be expanded to include the leg cosmetic slot as many distinguished torso items influence nearly the whole body. (The sole exception, to my knowledge, being the hand cosmetic slot, which is only modified with the “Flouncy Dress.") While a lot of higher rarity torso cosmetic items influence the leg cosmetic region this would probably be much more difficult to implement wearing separate from the torso cosmetic than shoes. I would love to see torso cosmetics that modify other equip regions be usable without said torso item equipped as it would add more variety to the cosmetic system and align these items closer to other skins. (We can make a Bumble Ice Staff with our Bumble Spear and a “Bowlerhatator” with our Bowler hat but we can only wear the “Dainty Coatdresses” red boots when it is equipped in the torso cosmetic slot. This seems odd and slightly inconsistent with skins of other in game items.)
  2. New loyal items?

    Really old news most of you are probably aware of but it is worth noting that Tencent plans to re-brand their game client as "We Game" and open the platform to international audiences. While it was likely a troll who added them as "loyal" items on the wiki the fact they were labelled as "loyal" items is a plausibly credible theory as once Tencent's "We Game" comes to other countries, should Klei allow sales of DST to other audiences through said platform, said buyers would have access to the Rose Collection which is currently only available on Tencent's platform. The fact that a user (Likely a troll.) listed as "Loyal" on the wiki is plausible speculation that, should DST come to other countries via Tencent's platform and players buy it through Tencent, they could have access to some of the Rose Collection skins on other platforms as a "Loyal" item. I wouldn't pay too much attention to a user editing the wiki as they are likely trolling, but the fact they were listed as a "Loyal" rarity is interesting, especially with Tencent's client coming to international audiences. I would link a new article about Tencent and WeGame but I don't remember if posting links to external sites is allowed on the Klei forums. Keep in mind this is speculation on my part. (Aside from Tencent and WeGame as they are confirmed to come to international audiences. Whether or not DST is available to said audiences via WeGame is unknown.)
  3. I checked recipies.lua and Winona's sewing tape is not present. I believe it is craftable in the Xbox version for 3 cut grass and 1 silk so I believe this is a minor mistake on the developers part.
  4. [Game Update] - 232355

    Is winona's tape supposed to be craftable? I checked the recipes file and it is not present. It cannot be deconstructed so I think Klei goofed and didn't add a recipe for it. Edit: Made a thread in the bug tracker as I believe this is a bug. Edit2: Its literally a single line of code that is missing. The game even has text for its crafting recipe if enabled with mods so it should be patched shortly.