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  1. Normally the title screen music fades and is muted when entering the item collection section of the menu and then various songs from the soundtrack play while in these menu's. The Forge title theme keeps playing when entering resulting in multiple songs playing at the same time.
  2. Warbucks is currently missing his "taking damage" instrumental voice line and doesn't make any noise when suffering damage. Warbucks instrumental voice line's (except his Battlecry voiceline) also sounds abnormally quiet compared to the rest of the cast. This might not be a bug but rather a conscious design decision of his character. Either way I still believe it may be a bug and worth evaluating.
  3. Equipping some hats as Warbucks does not hide his hair body group and his hair renders underneath the hat which looks strange. The Football helmet is one hat effected by this issue.
  4. In interior structures (caves, houses, etc.) it is possible to "telepoof" using the Lazy Explorer outside of the intended playable area. I used the console to spawn a Lazy Explorer into the game. Right now I don't know of a way to legitimately obtain it, and I believe this issue is currently limited to cheating with the console. However if it is obtainable legitimately (such as being able to link a Hamlet world to a vanilla/ROG world) then this exploit will become an issue.
  5. It would have been nice if Klei added this to the patchnotes. I thought this was a bug until I read the forums.
  6. MacOS also seems to have this issue. Only The Beating Heard chest is visible in the DLC section.
  7. My only thought is Lustrous being used as a special "pre-order" incentive rarity similar to Genuine rarity items in Team Fortress 2.
  8. It looks like this update also fixed skins not dropping on servers with caves. Thanks for fixing these annoying bugs!
  9. I cannot reproduce this issue on a server without caves. I can only reproduce it if I host a world with caves. Also I noticed that items seem to no longer be dropping on worlds with caves. When I hosted the overworld only server to attempt to reproduce the bug I was surprised to find a gift ready to be unboxed at a science machine*. Edit: (I exclusively play worlds that have an overworld and a cave.) This is the first gift I have received since the Gorge update launched so I think whatever this issue is might be effecting the item drop system. I attached the client log. I will test a dedicated overworld only server as soon as I can to see if it is effected. client_log.txt Edit: I made sure to disable all my client and server mods. The issue only seems to occur if the world has a second shard (caves). I was able to craft Pugna's Hambat and use all outfits succesfully on an overworld only world. I don't remember exactly how to host a cave only world but I think this issue is only present on servers with multiple shards but I would like to test a cave only world. Edit2: *To add to this I only play on servers that have both an overworld and caves.
  10. I just tried on another computer that did not opt into the Gorge beta. I still am having the same issue.
  11. To add a bit more to this it appears to be effecting skinned craftables as well. I have attempted to craft Pugna's Hambat but it gives me a generic non skinned hambat. I can make the Pot Roast hambat and it works as expected. The game seems to be treating it like we don't actually own the skin (such as if I used Wigfrid's GOH and left a world, sold it on the market place and upon loading into the world I was no longer a GOH Wigfrid.) I thought the Pugna's Hambat issue I reported in another thread was a separate bug but I think it may be related to this one as it (partially) seems to be treating us as if we did not own the skin.
  12. I deleted the inventory cache files and it properly loads Maxwell's Verdant skin's selected outfits. I believe this is a separate bug: I can't equip some of the Guest of Honor outfits. The game unloads them upon spawning into the world. If I equip them via the wardrobe they appear as though nothing was equipped. If I relog into a world after equipping the item via wardrobe the game removes it. I removed my gloves, pants, shoes and used the default head but it is still not visible so I don't think this is an equip region issue. I verified the game files using Steam but this did not solve the issue. The clothing items effected so far are Tuxedo, Ballgown, Cocktail dress, and the Skirt and Blazer. I was able to use the Formal Jacket, Formal Body shell, and Valkyrie Armor without issue so it doesn't look like this issue is exclusive to full body clothing. I will look into it further if I have time but it might be a bit and I want to use my free time to play some Don't Starve. =) Edit: When I was in a gorge lobby my victorian Wilson was wearing the Ball Gown that I put on Wilson's base head, When I swapped away from the Victorian and back to the Victorian and Wilson's correct outfit was restored so I think this is possibly related to the caching issue the Gorge Beta had.
  13. The game keeps changing my cosmetics and occasionally resets my outfits. Additionally even if I choose cosmetics to use in the Curio Cabinet the game seems to occasionally ignore this and either unequip the items I have chosen or use an entirely different item once I have spawned into a new world (this effects both Gorge and the main game.) I was one of the users effected by the cache bug that happened with the Gorge beta. The issue was fixed once the Gorge update went live. The only thing I can think of is to delete the documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_Save\inventory cache but I don't want to do this yet as I think it resets the characters clothing and I don't want to spend the time fixing everyone's outfit. I will try this later but don't have the time to right now. I will update this once I can delete the file and see if it fixes it. Here is a thread for the old inventory bug for reference. I think the issue I am experiencing may be related. One final thing: it looks like the game loads Maxwell's Verdant outfit I gave him during the Gorge Beta and not the one I gave him in the live branch so I think the issue I am experiencing are related.
  14. When selecting a skin in the crafting menu the skin uses the colored text corresponding to the rarity of the item. Critter skins belong to the Elegant rarity but use the white Common color in the crafting menu when they should be using the red Elegant color.
  15. Any time I try to craft a Pugna's Hambat it gives me a normal unskinned variant. I am able to craft the Pot Roast Hambat and have it appear as its intended skinned variant however.