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  1. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    AFAIK Klei never committed to new Hallowed Nights or Winters Feast content last year but they chose to give us new content. (Plenty of new cosmetics, in game trinkets, and reskins of monsters.) If they gave Western Holidays major events and updated them with new content last year it makes no sense to not do the same for the Chinese New Year. (I don't live in China but I assume it is a really big deal over there.) At minimum we will probably see Distinguished versions of the Event rarity clothing. (Like we got for Hallowed Nights and Winters Feast in 2017.) They gave us significant Winters Feast content and some new Halloween cosmetics (the new Distinguished/Elegants are not all identical to the Event rarity items, some of them use a higher quality version of the original assets) so I don't think its unreasonable to expect some additional Chinese New Year content. (Again the Event rarity clothes will probably get a Distinguished variant.) Its not guaranteed we will receive more content but I think its incredibly likely that we will see something, even if it is small, for the Chinese New Year.
  2. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    We had Forge and Hallowed Nights active and overlapping for a few weeks. I don't think Klei is overly concerned if the event overlaps. Even if they do overlap I don't think the Valentine's "event" actually added or changed anything in the game like the previous events. It just gave us a new skin/emote to use year round.
  3. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    Year of the Gobbler will probably be merged with Hound/Varg into a generic Chinese New Year event. It doesn't make sense to have multiple, different, smaller events that only come around every 12 or so years when they could have one bigger one that does.
  4. [Game Update] - 251036

    I thought they fixed the Wes rose skin bug when the price shot up to $40 a day ago. Glad to know a fix is eventually coming.
  5. Even if Klei will never touch the game's balance in the future it is nice they made the game so easy to mod so that players who want different balance can easily create it. Anyway thanks everyone for your comments. Hopefully this was useful/enjoyable to you as well. =)
  6. He doesn't need to be good at every single aspect to be the potential best lumberjack. If he chopped tree's fast enough to make up for the fact he digs them up poorly he could still be good. Sadly that is not the case here. I would personally make the following changes to ensure Woodie is the best lumberjack in the game. Lucy works 50% faster. Woodie loses 0.75 log meter per swing. (From 1.5) Beaver gains 0.5 log meter per gnaw. (From 1.) Beaver chops 25% faster. Beaver digs stumps 3x faster. (In game this is one gnaw.) I've played with this for a while and it makes Woodie significantly better at wood collecting, much better than Maxwell in my opinion. I think the biggest issue Maxwell presents is he can have a fourth shadow logger (an additional one from singleplayer.) If Maxwell could only have 3 loggers active at any time I think Woodie would be more competitive with Maxwell. I still think the woodcutting is an issue on Woodie's part though. Although Klei likely will never touch characters in the base game so in my opinion balance discussions on the Klei forums are a waste of time. They can still be fun though. Edit: Also one thing that I don't see people mention is that Woodie has a bonus to followers which helps him cut wood. However this perk is nearly useless as they stand around doing nothing when Woodie is in beaver form. (Which he should be in as he cuts wood faster making the followers perk absolutely useless for woodcutting. This is probably the worst designed perk Klei made for DST.)
  7. I respectfully disagree with this. Lots of players who have hundreds, even thousands of hours still debate whether Maxwell or Woodie is the superior lumberjack. (Which is probably the reason you made this video in the first place.)
  8. I can't speak for everyone but I replied because I think the content of your video could be improved. Missing stump digging is a major part of chopping tree's. While the original video shows purely chopping potential (which it does well) cleaning up stumps is a major mechanic to woodcutting. If you want to get more valuable feedback consider adding the second video to your original post as most readers will probably not scroll through the thread and see it. Also I think there are some faster ways to clean tree's as Maxwell than 3 cutters 1 digger. 4 cutters and swapping to 2 diggers upon the last tree felled may be a bit faster. I don't play much Maxwell so I don't get to experiment with him much and usually use 3 cutters, 1 digger. Finally for Woodie he might be quicker if he ignored the stumps until all the tree's are felled and then use a shovel. (Beaver digs fairly slow and I think he is slower than a shovel.) He could gnaw them until he turns into human if he wanted to save some wood or eat wood and then shovel to be faster. Wilson is NOT a waste of time. Obviously he will get blown away but he is the control. This would show us Woodie and Maxwell compared to a character with no woodcutting bonus at all. From this video we know Maxwell and Woodie are comparable woodcutters which is good but we have no idea just how strong their bonus is compared to every other character in the game.
  9. I would like to see stump removal included as well as that is a major part of wood cutting missing from this video. Also adding Wilson for comparison would be good. (Albeit more work.) Even if Woodie is the best lumberjack in the game the fact that Maxwell is even debatable for this position should be a major cause for concern. Woodie's entire identity is the lumberjack. The fact that Maxwell (the Puppet master) can come close should be a major cause for concern. 20 seconds is fairly minor and adding stump removal could be a major change for Maxwell's time. I don't think Klei will touch characters balance again but I would like to see Woodie have a much larger lead over Maxwell.
  10. WX78 and Wickerbottom so he can run away quicker from this pointless human ritual. "YOU HAVE YOUR USES HUMAN" comes to mind from last years valentines day card.
  11. Thingy Thoughts

    Wigfrid would be my favorite although I also enjoy Wendy and WX78. I would enjoy Maxwell but everyone expects me to chop tree's or mine rocks 24/7 whenever I play him.
  12. Skins: Thought, Ideas, and Discussion

    I really hope Klei improves the world object Wardrobe to use a new menu similar to the current curio cabinet. Having to cycle through items to find the one you want is incredibly slow and annoying.
  13. Skins: Thought, Ideas, and Discussion

    Then why didn't you share them in your original post to add actual content to the thread? Instead of posting you have a few why not share them in your second post to add content to the thread? Are you even interested in sharing these ideas? If you have stuff to share then awesome, share it. Judging from your first two posts it doesn't seem like you are actually interested in legitimate discussion of skins.
  14. Ah it was a joke. That makes more sense. I don't mind free random cosmetic drops that cost no money to obtain but paid random drops aren't good, especially if they are the only way to acquire a cosmetic item and/or are not cosmetic in nature. (Starwars Battlefront 2 is a great example of what not to do.) As terrible as Bethesda's Creation Club is it still is significantly less terrible than paid lootboxes of any sort although this is just my opinion. In regards to concern of Klei turning into other developers just spend money on the cosmetics. If Klei ever implements paid lootboxes then never spend money on a Klei game again. If a company can't turn a profit off of lootboxes then they have a choice to implement different sources of revenue that don't require gambling or simply to not exist. (EA's share's of stock fell 8.5% evaporating 3.1 Billion dollars of worth for the company.) Unfortunately we can't really boycott Valve easily as they don't even need gambling addicts playing their games due to the amount of money they make from Steam. For Americans the skins are really cheap at the moment, probably the cheapest than they have been for the games lifetime. Even low income (for United States standards that is) citizens should be able to afford even the $50 skins comfortably. I still wouldn't spend that much as in a few months the Wendy/Wigfrid Roseate will probably be sub $20. The most expensive skins will probably remain the Proof of Purchase skins due to shipping. (I think during the recent Krampus sale you could purchase the 7 plushes spending around $29 per skin but I don't remember exactly atm.) Of course you do also get the plushes but....I mostly got them for the skins though. =)
  15. Price points are really hard to implement to be affordable to every player. Its extremely difficult to establish and currency fluctuations can require ongoing evaluation/changes. Its great that you care about affordability for other players who may not be fortunate enough to live in a region where the currency is strong although I think your effort is slightly misguided. I would personally evaluate the game's base cost before evaluating the skins cost. (Players can't purchase the skins if you cant afford the game. DST's system requirements could be nice for weaker currency regions but you are better to ask somebody else's opinion with more knowledge about currency conversion and hardware in non US regions.) Also Klei can't easily make the skins marketable, affordable for low income regions and purchasable from their in game store. Abusing Steams currency conversion has created a black market/legal gray area for businesses to purchase games cheaply in currencies (usually the Ruble) and sell them for Euro's/USD. Valve doesn't like this so Klei probably won't do it. Implementing a slot machine or other form of gambling is not a good solution to this problem. If you want to have legitimate discussion in this thread you must remove this from your post. Everyone will see this and complain. The current system is fine and is the sole reason I purchase skins from Klei/the market. I would much rather pay $20 for a Wendy Elegant than pay $0.99 for a 0.0012563% chance of the item I want. Purchasing the skins from Klei/steam market, even if the price may be high, is still far cheaper than gambling. If you haven't actually opened a lootbox/spent money on them then please don't. Use your money wisely and don't blow it on gambling. If you really want to experience it I still would not advise it. Don't even watch video's of someone opening them. Lootboxes are designed to be addictive and is a pipe siphoning money from your wallet into shareholders pockets.