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  1. You can post the Winona pride pic in the 


  2. on this day John died fighting for trans rights

    unknown (2).png


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    2. 6480


      So he was banned /without warning/ for being less-than-serious in his posts, and somehow, happening to come under fire for posting a pic of a pride mod was the apparently the last straw in his rampant and unruly behavior. Not a good look. Even his replies in the locked thread were reasonable and well-formed.

    3. JoeW


      He was banned for trolling, not for being less than serious in his posts. 

      He has had multiple warnings and been previously banned on steam as well as here. 5 times... before today.


    4. Maslak


      He tried to be better you know. I rarely liked his shenanigans myself. But if I was in his place and decided to finally stop doing stupid crap and get real, then I don't think I'd come up with a better idea. Making new account and pretending to be someone else sucks because well, people don't know it's you and so all of that effort goes to waste.

      This recent thing certainly wasn't trolling and his friends definitely can confirm that. He could use more serious vocabulary to make it clear, I guess.

      I do think he deserved his bans, especially steam workshop one. But this all situation now is very tangled I'd say.

  3. my profile is a gamer-free zone

    1. TurtleKitty


      <3 Gay Trans Pride <3

  4. @Chris Snowstorm good day mr chandler

    1. 4 Da LOLs

      4 Da LOLs

      the more times I see your posts the more questions I gain

  5. why


    1. JohnWatson


      ok i checked and this was my fault Please igore this

  6. Auto Unequip on 1%

    this is a DST only mod
  7. [Game Update] - 333702

    I was never worried
  8. [Game Update] - 333702

    this was never posted on discord
  9. John you are my spirit animal.

  10. silly drawings i make

    cringe normie detected
  11. kourosh moment

  12. Dont starve youtuber

    this is the only one that needs to be on that list