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  1. No, it's just that anything that can be fueled can't be set on fire. Because the game says so.
  2. Anything that can be fueled cannot be burnt.
  3. bbbbutbututbut wilson is THE averagemiddlegroundcentreandabsoluteepitomeofbalanceandperfectequillibrium because hre has ZERO nO null Nothing 0 lack of downdides
  4. How to Remove HUD?

    ThePlayer:ShowHUD(false) EDIT: If you can see 'Remote', use ThePlayer:ShowHUD(false), or ThePlayer.HUD:Hide() otherwise.
  5. wow why would you eat gears as WX that's so mean and inconsiderate towards other players you do know that other players exist right there are other players that need gears too why can't you just leave twenty stacks of gears in chests to collect dust forever like the rest of us considerate players that care about the experience of others
  6. how about a mechanic where you can throw a spear at the deerclops and instead of just dealing 34 damage, there's deep complex realistic mechanics that involve physics and anatomy, when the spear comes in contact with the deerclops, there's several factors regarding the spear that gets considered: its kinetic energy, its impulse, and its yaw, this means that the damage done to the deerclops depends on the mass (spears made with different flints have unique shapes and mass) and velocity of the spear and the angle it was thrown from, this makes sense in real life because projectiles with more momentum will typically inflict more physical trauma, and also it's not just the spear that we need to consider, we also need to look at the deerclops, the wound inflicted on the deerclops will also depend on its own velocity, its nutrition (a deerclops that has a good diet of rabbits and volt goats has a better chance of recovery from injuries than one that doesn't), and the location of the impact, like if it hits an appendage or a vital organ, for example if it was hit in the arm it may survive and recover from injury however some locations like the lungs may cause respiratory failure, severing the a femoral artery in the thighs will lead to quick death from blood loss, and damaging the medulla oblangata causes instant death realistically, this means players need to know how to inflict wounds on the deerclops and have strategic options like crippling the deerclops first as a defensive move by damaging its knee caps or do a high risk high reward offensive move by targeting its heart (if the deerclops removes a spear that is lodged into its heart it will severely reduce its chance of survival, usually a blade that has penetrated you is better left alone as they can actually reduce bleeding) or even try to blind one of its eyes to impair its vision and heavily discourage it from continuing to attack you (the actions of enemies will depend on their emotional state and determination, an angry deerclops may be more aggressive but a depressed deerclops may easily give up because it isn't satisfied with how its life is going or doesn't have a sense of direction and meaning in life), of course there are factors in how the players and the deerclops even perform in combat, for example running speed should depend on the ratio of muscle mass in the legs to total body weight, and the upper-body strength affects performance in swinging, throwing, etc the physical factors will depend on how the body is maintained through diet and exercise, like eating more calories than you can burn will let you gain mass and eating less calories than you burn will make you lose mass, i think that these mechanics i've suggested will improve the experience of the game because of realism
  7. you probably watch rick and morty you are a very smart and five dimensional person that uses pure wits and intense knowledge to become victorious in various internet arguments, specialising in using objective factual truths and objective truthful facts to defeat the evil people who are objectively wrong because they disagree with you
  8. just when i thought it was over
  9. What Winona needs

  10. Willow

    max hunger is well more important than max sanity insanity's effects happen under 15% of max sanity, which means it doesn't matter how much max sanity you have this also means that lower max sanity makes it easier to control your sanity anybody who leaves their base knows that max hunger is something to care about, since hunger is basically food that doesn't spoil and doesn't take up inventory space higher max hunger means you can explore longer without having to go and find food for example, after a trip where you have ran out of food, you still have your max hunger to rely on while you look for more food or when returning to a base to get more most characters have 16 minutes of max hunger, including willow meanwhile wes only has 9.64 minutes of it, not to mention that eating food as wes is less effective because of his inherent hunger mult because of wes's lower max health and lower damage mult, he can't facetank as much as other characters like wigfrid or even waxwell wes always dies trying to facetank deerclops (arguably a boss that's best facetanked) without a good amount of healing items yeah, but nothing to do with wes it's only useful in pvp scenarios pretty much, and again nothing to do with wes yeah, but again this has nothing to do with wes anyone who says that willow's freezing downside is very severe has never played willow, it's almost nonexistent it only freezes you when wet and at 0 sanity, according to someone who plays her, and it actually helps a lot with summer heat, according to my own tests what willow is better than wilson
  11. i'm honestly just confused about your profile picture

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      clickity click job done