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  1. I've met many people in DST-related Discord servers who are aware of this. There's also some people at the Steam Workshop who's aware of it too, there's a discussion thread about performance issues with the mod: Also I don't think it will be fixed as the mod author has abandoned it:
  2. Do you have the Display Food Values mod enabled? If you do have it enabled, then disable it. That mod spawns items right at the centre of your map whenever you hover over a cookable food item in your inventory and press the inspect key. This can cause performance issues when it has spawned thousands of items. See it in action: Higher quality video: Peek 2018-03-16 09-58.webm Up to more than a million users experience this issue, if we look at how many subscribers the mod has. So this affects a good chunk of the playerbase.
  3. make sure that the 'inventoryitem' component of your item has an 'atlasname' variable whose value is the path of an xml file
  4. I'm going to assume this is definitely an issue with Ubuntu Linux: Windows:
  5. no, you just put this in modmain.lua
  6. OwO

    Version v5


    Steam Workshop Version: Replaces the letters R and L with W Also replaces a bunch of other stuff This replaces every existing text and every text that will exist including player names, chat messages, mod descriptions, console log, and etc There's a configuration option that you can enable if the game loads too slowly with this mod enabled Behaviours: - Replaces l with w - Replaces r with w if it's not at the end of a word - Replaces th with f if it's at the end of a word - Replaces love with wuv - Replaces per with paw - Replaces you with u if it's in a pronoun - Replaces various faces like : ) and xD with owo and >w<
  7. I believe this is an issue with Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros or maybe any Linux distros, but I can't be sure IIRC, this issue wasn't in Windows
  8. Florid Postern Problems

    RIP, 300+ day base at Stinking Merm got reset. Here's a little story about it since it was one the funniest experiences I've had in pubs: I joined at Day 220 and it had a spawn block, but I spawned outside of it since I've played on it before. Before I even started hammering the spawn lock, a votekick was started against me which passed. Note that my username constantly changes throughout these screenshots. I rejoined later and the spawn lock was rebuilt and it had two players trapped inside. I hammered the spawn lock and got votekicked again. For the next two times I joined to hammer the spawn locks, I didn't get screenshots, but here's a screenshot taken by somebody else. So they started using tables instead of fossils, and I freed a Webber before getting kicked. Then they put a spider den and a beefalo inside to kill me, not realising that I logged out outside of it. I managed to put a gap in the spawn lock, and that gap let a few people out who'll be important later. I didn't quite expect them to be waiting for me when I rejoined, since there were two Wigfrids standing there who immediately started following me when I started running away. I assumed this was because they wanted to know the spot where I'll log out after the votekick passes, and I was right. I took a break for some hours, and asked somebody who managed to get out to take a screenshot of where I logged out. It was trapped with four level three spider dens intended to get rid of me. Some people helped destroy those dens so I could hammer the spawn locks again. So when I got out, I found the spawn filled with skeletons. When I've hammered all of them, they resulted in a few stacks of bone shards, so there certainly was quite lot of them. A few other people joined to help me clean up the portal, carpet it up and add a friendly look to it. The portal area survived like that for the rest of the world and it even got some improvements like a Lazy Deserter. A few days later, it was reset, but I'll always remember how silly DST can be sometimes.
  9. Florid Postern Problems

    you can't refund the game if you've played up to winter
  10. Florid Postern Problems

    @Maslak are you trying to imply that new players should have a place to play and learn instead of being driven into refunding the game since they're greeted with toxicity in official servers
  11. unban me ok thans

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      Oof I don't unban gey people

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