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  1. cave crash

    dont go to cave
  2. you know how when you're walking outside and you're about to walk into someone so you step to the side but they also side step into the same path as yours and you awkwardly repeat this for like three times
  3. i think they were trying to change the server name so it's less confusing since it had the same server name as mrmulk's server, but then when they changed it, mrmulk also changed his server's name around the same time so they accidentally got identical names again
  4. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    im fairly certain legal age of consent being 13 years doesnt mean relationships between middle aged men and 13 yr old kids is socially acceptable (note that i'll be grouping both children and teenagers under the word 'kids') also when you google 'japan age of consent', this is what the first result looks like so the conclusion is that in japan, you can legally have sex with kids barely into puberty, right? however if you actually click the link, you get to read this paragraph: regardless, i hate whenever japan's or any other country's age of consent is brought up in discussions like these like as if it actually matters to the discussion, you can't just go and point at a different country's age of consent laws and say 'hah! over there the age of consent is 9 years so all is forgiven!' an older person having sexual contact with a young inexperienced person isn't wrong because the laws of whatever place says so, it's wrong because it's taking advantage of the innocence and inexperience of a vulnerable individual people think sexual relationships between older adults and kids who just turned 18 is acceptable or even "hot" adults have an inherent power over kids because of their age and experience (also note that the human brain isn't fully developed until you're like 25), and it's really disturbing when this power is used for sexual goals if legal consequence is the only thing that deters someone from sexual attractions to kids, then they're a messed up person edit: btw i know nobody in this thread used age of consent laws to defend anything, but i've met people before who have, so this is just in case someone might use the consent laws argument
  5. @x0VERSUS1y I completely embarrassed myself in front of A Chad today.

    I went to Best Buy and this complete and utter 10/10 6’5 dark-haired tanned Chad walked in the aisle I was in. I immediately tripped over nothing but luckily caught myself so I didn’t fall and pretended it didn’t happen. I felt like I was in the presence of a Demi-god. I started trying to change the way I was standing so I didn’t look stupid in front of him. I even found myself squinting to look a little cooler. Then he dropped one of his items and I damn near FLEW to pick it up for him. He said “thanks man” and I did the goofiest smile. I walked away quickly out of shame and tripped again, but I fell this time. I walked out of the store and sat in my car shaking in embarrassment. I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate everything.

    1. x0VERSUS1y


      Oh the fresh smell of cuckoldry early in the morning.. mmmmm! It certainly warrants a milky meatzballs soup to the soy-boy wittol there, at table 69. Bon appetito! *SLURP!*

    2. JohnWatson
  6. wait so mulk's server is the unofficial one? wouldn't the 'this server is fake' sign belong there then?
  7. Wendy Higgsbury is her canon name
  8. i have the strangest feeling that ur wrong
  9. wilson should be able to use his beard as an alternative to rope in crafting recipes
  10. i think this will be good wx should have more dusk quotes like that chosen at random from a list "MY BATTERY IS LOW AND IT'S GETTING DARK" "WARNING: LOW BATTERY" "I NEED A RECHARGE" "STICK YOUR CHARGER IN ME DADDY" "MY BATTERY NEEDS A REFILL" this doesnt seem to be hard to implement so if joew doesn't implement he probably just hates you
  11. youre holding them in there against their will
  12. put a sign in their server's spawn that says it's fake and bad go to the real one
  13. thanks for sharing your creatures yukanur