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  1. Yes, it exists! Apparently, they buy them as fast as they put it on the market. I hope that they drop more, at least, to be able to delight us watching it here, somehow.
  2. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Thank you! I will never tired of saying that you guys are the best.
  3. Totally agree with @Weirdobob. I think Klei must should consider the fact about 'Marketable items'. Or this could be the beginning of the end. I really do not want to sound pessimistic or disrespect anyone, but I've seen many games fall thanks to the money. I really really loved the point that they were not marketable, and reading all this has been a big disappointment. For now Klei, is in your hands. When they are other people that set a price for the objects, is when no one can do anything. I really love DS/DST more than any game, not just the game, also the developers and the community, I've always said. Please consider some other way. I know my words can not change the plans that you have about the game. But please, just think of everything that could lead to this. As always, sorry for my bad English and I hope not to offend anyone with that comment. I just think, like everyone, that we do not want this community to become toxic and filled with people who do not care about the game, if not just for the money.
  4. I will not lie if I say I dreamed several times that when I woke up and looked into my email, I see the message that Klei send me my key. Now I feel that moment closer. I'm really excited for what's to come. You guys have some great ideas and knows how to develop them. Just thanks for all this and I apologize for my bad English.
  5. I loved the Goose/Koalefant/Smallbird drawings, I would put it in my room. Great job. I would also love to draw but have never drawn on the computer. You are new on this and you do very well. Keep it up, you inspired me.
  6. Good trailer, I love the idea of emotes! And the happy smile of Wilson it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  7. What Was Your First Death?

    Exactly the same, and again, and again. Until I met the DS wiki.