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[TGP] [Game Update] - 218579

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Tencent Game Platform (TGP) is a Chinese game platform hosted by Tencent.

The DST in TGP has a little different from DST in Steam. For Example: EXCLUSIVE Rose Collection Skins (including Rose Spear).

In [Game Update] - 214603, " Spear skins can now be applied to Fire Staff and Ice Staff. "

Spaartan noticed that " But then... he did say spear skins. "

Finally, the rose fire staff and rose ice staff is comming (exclusive in TGP)!


Screenshot from 永不言棄丿凯's thread in Tieba.

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2 hours ago, ImDaMisterL said:

I mean, those are just the rose versions of the staves, like we got the bee version of the staves :v

Btw, if we think of it, there's quite a strong relationship between roses (flowers) and bees...

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Can you imagine once Charlie is playable, three players should have Maxwell with the ancient cane  with gem, Wilson with bee and gem combo, and Charlie with the rose staff.


Hope I can get a clean image of rose staff for reference. I'd love to draw it sometime.

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