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  1. Modded Skins Showcase

    I really shouldn't have used the term "Good Quality"...
  2. Modded Skins Showcase

    Let me rephrase it then, "Mods that match the DS artstyle". Happy? What I mean by "good quality" is that it looks like some actual effort went into the mod and its skins. And I obviously can't scout the entire workshop and find every single mod that uses the API, so I'm just showcasing the ones I do find (with the author's permission) that look like alright mods.
  3. Response of the century honestly, 10/10.
  4. The two games have separate lore, mechanics and content. Joining the two games is a pipe dream, and a very ridiculous one at that for people who already own both titles.
  5. Unnatural Dev Log

    Yep! All the Nightmare Tools are gonna resemble the Nightmare Creatures in some aspect. The pickaxe for example resembling the Terrorbeak with all the spikes on it. ^Old news, we're remaking the tools to look more "robust" sorta like how the Dark Sword is styled after a cutlass.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    wait. WAIT WHAT.
  7. Unnatural Dev Log

    The Wretched Rock is officially finished! Our wonderful artist here is now working on the art for the Shadow Tools, so stay tuned everybody.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    so do I (^: (kill me)
  9. Yes! We're planning on having 3 different setups for worldgen: -RoG and SW worlds merged together. (Default setup) -SW islands only. -RoG and SW worlds on separate dedicated servers. (Caves/Volcano still share a shard)
  10. Development's going good by the way! We're in the process of making worldgen spawn the SW islands and items on said islands. Here's a screenshot of what we're doing to keep you guys updated! And remember to join our discord if you haven't already: , that's where we keep most contact with all you guys.
  11. Nah, I checked in-game, those aren't what broken moonrock walls look like. It's something moonrock related though...
  12. Woodleg's Cannon (and maybe Boat Cannon, not tested yet) can damage Nightmare Creatures even if Woodlegs himself is sane.
  13. Dropping a Boomerang into the ocean makes the boomerang become invisible, and the player's "Drop" command breaks until the boomerang is picked back up. Moving your mouse anywhere around the screen shows the prompt "Pick Up Boomerang" until the boomerang is retrieved.
  14. I mean, her SEWING_TAPE is still in the speech files of everyone, so it's still a possibility she's just in development.
  15. Maybe you should update the OP list to spell out F.L.E.C.K? Anyway, I'm posting here might as well fill out what I think of my DST skills: -(F) 5: I don't really play with other people a whole lot, so I kinda had to learn how to fend off enemies and giants myself to get somewhere, heheh. -(L) 3: Again, I normally don't play with others. If I do join a pub for whatever reason, I'll normally do activities alone. (Exploration, mob fighting, etc.) -(E) 4: I don't even consider placing a base until I outline the map and locate the Beefalo, Walrus Camps, and Pig King. Then I just work from there. -(C) 5: I'm a Warly main. I know the stats and how to make pretty much any crock pot food. v('-' )v -(K) 5: I'd go 6 but I don't main Golfwang. I know about every character and how to use each of their perks effectively.