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  1. Tuesday, actually. Updates don't happen on weekends with Klei. They're all usually out of the office.
  2. It started on the 18th last year, so it would be safe to assume that's when they're doing it this year aswell.
  3. I've seen a lot of people use the whip against the Bee Queen. It makes sense to me since it lets you run from her long-range stinger while still getting hits in with your long-range melee weapon. That and it might even stun the grumble bees once in a while, so that's nice.
  4. Before the end of the year, hopefully!
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  6. How about we cook him into a dish? That sounds good, right?
  7. Such a fancy Abigail But yeah I can't wait for the hallowed nights event to happen again
  8. Chris1488's Forum Thread of Spooky Times

  9. Mid-October.
  10. I requested the pale yellow from the in-game loading/transition screens so the skins would be more visible, cause on a darker background it's hard to make out some of the skins. I decided to try em out, I cropped them as best I could and stuck em in the OP, thanks.
  11. It's that time of the year again! Time to count down to our most favorite holiday of all time! Post as much spooky stuff as you guys want (within the guidelines ofc)!
  12. Time moves differently in the normal world from the Don't Starve world, but for the most part it takes place between the 1920's-30's as revealed during the William Carter puzzles. (That, and some of Winona's quotes hint at the Great Depression era.) As for nationality, we don't know about all the characters for the most part, but a post on Facebook revealed that, if I remember correctly, Wilson's British but lives in America.
  13. Welcome to the forums, churk. Sorry you don't seem to be having the best time, but there's a command that Klei made specifically for this glitch. Just open up your chat bar and type in "/rescue". It'll teleport you from the water to solid ground so you can continue your game. (On the off chance it's a visual bug and there's just water for you and not him, I dunno how that can be fixed, perhaps try regenerating the world?) As for the loading screens, that's not normal. In fact that might be just the internet speed of whoever's hosting the world. Hope I was able to help. (All future bugs should be reported in the Klei Bug Tracker btw, just a heads up.)
  14. I made a list of all the skins, including how to obtain the Loyal/Proof of Purchase/Timeless/Etc. rarities if you wanna check that out. Link's in my signature below this post. The black/pink hats are the only ones with codes. The blue has none. The Clucky Winter Hat, Cherub's Heart, and the Swoon emote should be back for obtaining during next year's events. The Metheus/Cyclum puzzles are still ongoing and obtainable. Most likely. The code is attached to the item you buy, you just have to input the code in-game to claim your virtual items.
  15. I'm leaving the forums forever

    Can you bring some milk on the way back?