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  1. Unlocking Characters

    I doubt people would like seeing millions of clueless Wilsons and Winonas scouring the servers instead of beneficial characters. We know there would be more than a fair share of players who don't know what to do or would complain about the unlocking means. On top of that, with the unlocking means like no one would be playing Willow, Maxwell, Wolfgang, Wicker, WX, or Wes(Yes I know he's a joke shush). So really it's just better people have the characters they have now to synergize with each other rather than drown in a pile of beards and duct tape.
  2. Nope. Maybe after more events and weaveable skins come along I'll specify which collections are weaved and which are unboxed. (The only ones on that list atm are the Forge, Snowfallen, Year of the Varg, and Heart Collections) I don't count market and trading. The "Only obtainable during ________" refers to your chances of actually finding one of those things in one of the luck boxes.
  3. I just realized I missed the 2 year anniversary of this thread. Huh. Man, I remember when there were very few skins to show off. Like, the GoH was the only unlockable head skin at the time, and Maxwell wasn't even a thing yet. Time flies. Here's to hoping we see more skins to wow us in the future!
  4. My favorite screenshot from Ye Olden Days of (very early) DST Beta:
  5. Here comes the no-mod elitists for my butt A neat workaround is the Minimap mod; that doesn't disappear when you turn into the beaver, so you can still have some sense of direction. Being able to open the full map would be cool though.
  6. Cause Don't Starve was supposed to be the beginner's game, barring any RoG content. RoG was meant for players who have experience with the base game. If the DLC was just handed to players on initial purchase, they'd be compelled to play it without trying the base game, find the content challenging, and possibly find the whole thing unfair cause they lacked initial experience with the base game. DST's RoG inclusion was for the purpose that people would have and easier time adjusting to the challenges together, and possibly retain some background knowledge from the first game. (That's my take on it at least) Don't Starve still has its own content and charm in my opinion, such as the character unlocking system, adventure mode, cave separation, world-hopping mechanics, Old Bell, among other things. (Not to mention lore-wise some stuff just won't work being back-ported but let's be honest in this thread who cares) And just cause I don't feel like going through the trouble of explaining this one, have this gif.
  7. Do keep in mind that most stuff for DST had to be completely redone to fit a multiplayer aspect; including the entire engine. That's not something that can just be switched between in one game with the flip of a switch. A huge example of these different ways of setup would be the Caves content: In DS, you'd have 3 cave entrances, each cave a different server from the last, with another Ruins server beneath that. When you enter one of these shards, you unload the world you were previously in and load up the shard of the world you're currently entering. In a multiplayer aspect, the concept of unloading and reloading servers simply was not an option considering that you're no longer one player unloading and reloading servers at will when going to different shards (Caves, SW, Surface, Ruins). You're now in a multiplayer aspect, where people could be in every server at once (Imagine the hell you'd suffer hosting 7 servers at once: one for each cave, ruin, and the surface layer; 9 servers if you include SW). So to simplify it and allow computers not built by the government to run DST servers, the caves and ruins became combined into one huge shard, with each cave entrance on the surface leading to a different part of said shard. That's only one example though. (Not to mention the Klei devs were kind enough to include RoG as a part of the base game in DST)
  8. It normally happens around Aprils. Who knows what the next puzzle will be, it could be something involving the next DST Big Event, or it could be something related to Hamlet. v( '-')v
  9. There's two changes I've been spitballing for Winona: One is the one everyone's been begging and pleading for: Armor and Tool repair for the Tape. It would be great to repair pretty much anything with a durability, barring light sources or magic items, etc. No other item in the game does this yet, so while it may need balancing, it has the potential to be something great. (It may need buffs to the recipe though) Two is a new idea: Tool-crafting quality changes based on stats. Allow Winona to craft 120% durability tools, but only if her stats(Hunger, Health, and Sanity) are all above 2/3rds. If these requirements are not met(One or two stats are below 2/3rds), she'll only craft 100% durability items. If every stat is below 2/3rds (i.e. you just revived and all your stats are halved), then Winona will only craft 80% durability items. I thought of this because it'll be an actual downside to Winona; one she doesn't have yet. Yet at the same time it'll reward players for managing their stats well enough with higher durability tools she can make for herself and her group. Tl;dr Let tape repair tools and armor, barring light source and magic items, and let Winona's tool-crafting quality depend on her stats.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Two years too late.
  11. Someone will manage. Nevermind I'm back.
  12. Holy-- Well, I guess my Triumphant Winona from last week has a friend.
  13. We do...
  14. ALRIGHT everything's added, completed, bing bada boom. Now I can finally die.