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  1. No. Our programmers have been preoccupied with other things for the past couple of weeks, so the alpha may not be until Q1 2018.
  2. Yes, they're gonna be ported aswell. And no, the current mod is not compatible with IA.
  3. It drops the item you're carrying straight to the ground at your feet instead of bouncing off. Quick Drop does the same but with a button command that works with any item.
  4. Not those kinds of statues, he's talking about the marble figures that you pick up and drop after sculpting. But yeah the two answers are to either wear a chest item to drop the item straight down, or use Quick Drop.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's not officially over yet, just after when the Forge store and everything gets removed sometime during the week. Cause I've been able to equip everyone's Halloween costumes and play around with the event still.
  6. It's a bug, @JoeW said in the other thread that everyone will be able to weave and buy forge skins for another week before it closes officially for people to finish off their collections.
  7. The Forge Has Ended

    You gotta learn how to read, man. If you can't weave anything right now, it's a bug that'll get fixed. Chill.
  8. Random Questions

    There's no wooden thing in DST, that's what I'm referring to.
  9. Random Questions

    Cause the killer bee biome is more of a "secondary" biome; it only has a chance to spawn, it's not guaranteed. I mean, Maxwell in SP started out with a purple gem, which became a little OP cause of the ease of getting a shadow manipulator. IMO it would've been nice to sorta rework that by giving Maxwell access to a handful of prototyped magic items, either just built-in or through the codex, to make up for that nerf. And traps are not gay.
  10. I think the matchmaking could be done a bit better to avoid both Squirrel's and OP's cases. Namely, Reserved Slots and Server Types. Reserved Slots is pretty self-explanatory: make a public server, request slots be reserved to friends of the host, if a friend leaves, said slot becomes public, or if host leaves, all slots turn public. Nextly, server types: Pretty much an edited version of the current normal-worlds game types (Casual, Cooperative, Competitive, Madness) but for Forge. Casual, let people know you're playing for fun, Competitive, you're playing to win and should be expected to do so, Cooperative, you're probably going for achievements, Madness, you're probably trying to win an All-Maxwell run.
  11. The Maxwell Paradox

    You need two of those puppets to be duelists. If not, you're definitely not doing something right. If done correctly you'll be locked in insanity for as long as you need.
  12. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Thanks Joe! @__@
  13. Willow's downside is better suited for her in Together in my opinion since instead of just placing down a fire, which has the potential to accidentally ruin everybody's base, you gotta light the fire yourself to warm up, and use Bernie to evade the nightmares. It would be nice to have some better fire resistance though.