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  1. Hello forum members. I've been looking at the screenshots of the game on the steam store page and I've noticed something that looks like a darkened border around the screenshots, at first I thought it was some simple blurring but it's obvious it's some photo editing effects/filters and they an interesting focusing on the central part of the screen. I really like it as it gives a cinematic effect to the game, at least from the screenshots. The reason why I'm opening this topic is to see if it's actually possible to add that effect to the game all the time, the darkened border. There can be layers on the screen already, such as the sanity effect, or getting attacked, or when freezing or getting too hot. If such a thing isn't possible through a game mod anyone knows of a software that could achieve something similar?
  2. Hey why would you want such an information, isn't obvious how top secret it is. You'll have to guess cause numbers are always bad when it comes to anything related to randomness and gambling.
  3. Less skins and less lame steam market system.
  4. Awesome! One question: in the last screenshot with the beequeen, where does wickerbottom stand when reading the on tentacle book? Are there any chances of tentacles spawning outside the walls?
  5. I had a search but I can't find an official statement from Klei where they said that.
  6. I don't know how or any details but this works wonders! It seems to work fine together with Rezecib Rebalance as well. Freakin awesome, thanks Alain!
  7. There are structures in the game completely useless such as the Rainometer and Thermal Measurer, yet there's no logic and decent way to see the info behind the beefalo domestication.
  8. As far as I understand the beefalo domestication mechanic is conundrum of bollocks right now, and while there are a few mods in the workshop that are meant to make the domestication (or tendency or whatever the heck the system is) process easier they either don't work or crash the game. There's a mod that is meant to stop domestication loss but the description is confusing (see latest comment by Bucketsmith) and does not seem to be working as it says. There's a mod for infinite saddles that again does not seem to work. There's Rezecib Rebalance which while it makes the whole bloody domestication process a bit more understandable you still can't ride your beefalo infinitely and get to that point in a sane manner. No matter which mod I have tried I never got to simply have a beefalo and somehow not get dismounted by it. After over 1.5k hours of dst I haven't been able to enjoy or get even 5 minutes of the beefalo riding feature for it is simply put stupidly thought out. And to put that to the side for some reason it's made in such a way that it seems impossible to mod it in such a way as to lose the unneeded 20 in game days of sitting by your beefalo ass only to be able to ride it for a few minutes afterwards. I got to the point where I reach a very late phase of the game and I'd be willing to just give 10 deerclop eyeballs to a beefalo to be able to ride it infinitely and not get dismounted after 10 minutes. Just have a freaking beefalo that's domesticated forever and not dismount me cause I cannot even keep track of some hidden domestication points, or tendency or hunger. I swear it's one of the least gratifying feature at the moment and I find it extremely annoying to have to ignore it not because it is difficult to get to the end of it but because it's extremely boring and non rewarding for the effort and time put into it. tl;dr KLEI can you revise the beefalo domestication or can you make it in such a way that someone from the modding community can make a mod that just gets rid of the whole domestication points and decaying and hunger and just get a simple everlasting domesticated beefalo? Let it be the same feeding and taking care of it process I don't mind, just make the bloody domesticated beefalo last forever as far as riding goes at the end of it and just have a salt lick to keep it in place and not wander off, while not needing to brush it or feed it or whatever.
  9. Wonderful...
  10. June 13th HYPE!(?)!(?)!(?)!(?)

    ? http://store.steampowered.com/app/601840/Griftlands/
  11. Thank you so much for the answer Rezecib! I put the function you created into the modmain.lua and made that into a mod but it crashes after selecting Wolfgang as a character. If selecting any other character the world starts ok and there's no crash. I am attaching the mod, log files and error screen. NoRipWolfgangClothes.zip client_log.txt
  12. Hello. As the title says, is it possible to get rid of the clothes ripping effect when wolfgang goes into mighty form with the help of a mod? Since I'm playing wolfgang all the skins that cover the chest, besides the wolfgang specific skins, are not visible since I'm almost always in mighty form. In the wolfgang.lua located in the Prefabs folder I managed to pinpoint this function: ---------------------------------------------- local function becomemighty(inst, silent) if inst.strength == "mighty" then return end inst.components.skinner:SetSkinMode("mighty_skin", "wolfgang_mighty") if not silent then inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst, "ANNOUNCE_NORMALTOMIGHTY")) inst.sg:PushEvent("powerup") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/wolfgang/grow_medtolrg") end inst.talksoundoverride = "dontstarve/characters/wolfgang/talk_large_LP" inst.hurtsoundoverride = "dontstarve/characters/wolfgang/hurt_large" inst.strength = "mighty" end ---------------------------------------------- I tried to replace the mighty_skin with normal_skin in the becomemighty function and I kinda managed to get the desired effect: in mighty form wolfgang uses the normal body but he's just bigger in scale (he doesn't have the big head for example from the mighty_skin build), and the skins used on him don't rip and are still visible. I would like to do this through the help of a server sided mod if possible but I do not know how to start it and this is where I would need help. So far I only managed to make a simple mod on my own that modifies characteristics of a hand weapon, the whip, using GLOBAL.TUNING. Also, in order to use the mighty effect build would that require to redraw some of the images in the corresponding tex files? P.S.: I am using @rezecib Rebalance Mod which gives wolfgang only 3 forms, wimpy, normal and mighty. When I did the function modification above I had the mod activated as I do on all my worlds, and it worked ok.
  13. The plushie skins, the PAX skins, and now the limited ONI skin for alpha buyers of the game. Screw it all, Klei could have at least announced during the alpha of ONI that players will get rewarded with a skin. They didn't want to so as not to make it one of the reason for people to buy the game during alpha? Well Klei has the market skin system which is already the worse, at least offer the incentive all the way to the end by announcing the full perks of buying the alpha. I feel sad and lied to. The whole skin system has become fragmented as hell, it's a complete mess and a crush to the dreams of any basic skin collector.
  14. Wow I just saw the recipes on the other page. What the actual heck. Screw those statues I guess.