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  1. How about you keep your insults somewhere else? You're rude. I made my point as politely as possible and they were targeted at Klei.
  2. Holly hell, so this is the norm nowadays. I'll never again buy or touch anything Klei makes. I don't care that it's just a visual thing, but this is one of the lamest and cheapest way to expect to make money out of a game. Awful.
  3. The plushie skins, the PAX skins, and now the limited ONI skin for alpha buyers of the game. Screw it all, Klei could have at least announced during the alpha of ONI that players will get rewarded with a skin. They didn't want to so as not to make it one of the reason for people to buy the game during alpha? Well Klei has the market skin system which is already the worse, at least offer the incentive all the way to the end by announcing the full perks of buying the alpha. I feel sad and lied to. The whole skin system has become fragmented as hell, it's a complete mess and a crush to the dreams of any basic skin collector.
  4. Wow I just saw the recipes on the other page. What the actual heck. Screw those statues I guess.
  5. Was this always a thing?
  6. @Zeklo where did you the skin, I mean how? Aren't they in that inaccessible .dyn files?
  7. That only means one thing if the truth, I must continue to never again buy Klei games.
  8. Well game got updated, but no update thread. There's a new form for toadstoal, a dark form, some new items, craftable giants statues, a new hat, a new sleeping bomb and some other stuff. -edit- too bad I can't start a new game since the update.
  9. Can't get more angrier tbh
  10. Well, new skins
  11. Aww even with the pose. Thank you @Kittydub!
  12. Would someone please be so kind as to post a screenshot of Wolfgang in full form wearing the Distinguished Yachtsuit Dress (Pure White)?
  13. I agree, I think it's a good idea to list them here as well.
  14. So "A New Reign" is officially released? Should we keep expecting little hotfixes from now on? The content added with them updates since ANR was announced can and is going to keep me busy. At the same time we should expect something in the future as far as Charlie and possible new content, right? DST has been launched quite a long time ago, and I feel like the game is in a rather polished shape. So, how does Don't Starve Together 2 sound like? But with an engine overhaul, single player + multiplayer included in one game.
  15. No new skins.