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  1. Random Topic Starter

    Like my neighbour from up there about extra slots. But mostly because of : 40 inventory slots , stacks up to 99, animes characters that one shot everything and move faster than flash..
  2. Started watching a french called TheFantasio974 and i really loved this game art and difficulty, was curious too so i bought & loved it and when i heard about DST.. i couldn't resist the call of the giants!
  3. i'd like Rose collection (Someone had to do it sorry)
  4. Just play Wickerbottom and spam tentacle book if you have trouble with beequeen.. Or raise an army of bunnymens and give them all beekeeper hat.
  5. Wait what? You can burn beings made of metal? But howww?
  6. Cheap PvP Tactics

    Yeah i didn't knew that either before some weeks ago.. Must be annoying as hell.. You go take a piss , you come back and all you can see left from your base are ashes...
  7. June 30th Hype!?!?

    Help me summon DaMisterL then.. He used Snooze on his notifications
  8. Cheap PvP Tactics

    I think Don't starve together PVP shouldn't have "cheap" stuff. The game is made for make the player able to do (almost) everything he want...You can send pigmans and bunnymans to help you kill him , burn his base, send water balloons like a d*ck from far away when it's night and you got Moogles..Whatever you want! As long as it's not total cheese where the dude can't even do anything to begin with , it's not cheap. Or if it's easier , it's like playing Minecraft and someone say you use cheap strategy when you use a Creeper for destroy bases..
  9. Ancient fuelweaver don't need a statue.. We already got the skeleton version nightmarefuelless. But yeah , would love a Bee Queen statue for my evil flower garden and a toadstool one for my fairy mushroom circle
  10. Cheap PvP Tactics

    Well... It's not cheap if it's Madness mode
  11. June 30th Hype!?!?

    Ah come on! You again? I think i should summon @ImDaMisterL Btw who's that Wombat?
  12. Do you know soundtrack and the ragtime are totally different? I mean , the first one can only be heard by the player in front of a computer only (or at least they don't quote it with the stuff i know) and the second one is from ... a radio music box thing staff that's IN GAME, the character can hold it, the character can put it on and off like you said, and again, like you said the device is in the game near the characters and we can interact with it, we can see it. and we can also torture Maxwell with it btw. If you want to talk about a theory you should make a difference between stuff that was made for make the game nice and theory stuff.. I mean you breaked your own topic by saying "but are just made instruments to give DS/T a special feeling" if they have "normal voices" So yeah you totally ruined yourself the "Well, maybe that means the entire soundtrack is actually people talking/singing?" But bunny mans and pigs talk same langage and don't have music voices , but Lucy and Ancient Gardian have music sounds so i think there is no music langage stuff , just an universal alphabet (except with the ancien civilisation) and with different way of talking like in the real world? (or accents).
  13. Characters don't have complicated instruments voices.. And even if it was the case , the music is not canon for the characters , they don't hear it , but we do. If they could hear the music 24h/24 they would at least say something about it.