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Klei Shop! What new plushies would you want?

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2 minutes ago, Destros09 said:

No amount of genetic meddling can make it come close to wilsons hair




I myself would love to see a smallbird plush. I don't care about a virtual redeem item. But I want a smallbird plush.
It'd be awesome if like - it came in a little egg or something, too. Yeah.

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A kittykit plush would be neat. As for non-plushies I'd love a 100% obtainable Maxwell figure. The number of Willows and Wolfgangs I have is getting out of hand.

6 hours ago, Cherryzion said:

Dunno if Glommer was there before, but I want it!

A Glommer plush was there before, my brother got me one and it's great!


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