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  1. If it helps a developer, I believe it's closely related to ping - It's harder to notice when you're the host of a server vs when you're joining one. I haven't looked into it, but if I had to guess, the client is the one requesting each attack action one by one, instead of the server chaining them for as long as the attack button is held by the player.
  2. Whenever I explore too much of a map, I start to experience this effect where a (usually important) portion of the map is un-discovered. Entering and leaving the caves fixes it, but it's still a massive inconvenience.
  3. I don't see the necessity in making the recipe have difficulty to it. It's a purely decorational recipe. Petals and twigs at an alchemy engine seems perfect to me.
  4. Aww, I really liked the early-game boats. I hope we see what you've got in store sometime in the near future. Great QoL update, though! Thank you for all the effort put into it so far!
  5. This is a lie. I don't see the Torch under rain items, even though it protects against rain. I'm frankly devastated and cannot see myself playing the game anymore. (To be fair, the category also lacks the Football Helmet, Beefalo Hat, Battle Helm, Pinetree Pioneer Hat, Funcaps, Desert Goggles, Astrogoggles, Summer Frest, and Breezy Vest, but I just think it's funny that torches actually protect against rain.) On a related note, The astro-goggles aren't considered a Summer item, despite them protecting against the sandstorm like the desert goggles. Or is the classification reserved to items that provide overheating resistance? Also, thank you for the updates! Glad to finally see the ability to stop those pesky fire hounds from showing up.
  6. As it stands, the fur roll has the same health and sanity increase as the tent, but consumes twice as much hunger. I don't think this is necessary at all - Tents are already cheaper, taking the abundant & versatile silk instead of the bunny puffs you only get from bunnymen in the caves and only otherwise use to make more bunny hutches. Tents have twice as much durability, too. I just think it'd be good if sleeping in the fur roll drained the same hunger as sleeping in a tent, so that the potential healing from it is just as good, and since there's a QoL update in beta right now I figure it's a good time to bring up this long-time pet peeve of mine.
  7. Minor bug, but with how the code already has support for this sort of thing I think it'd be best to change it to "Sculpt at" or something along those lines, for polish's sake.
  8. My thread got archived, so no editing which is annoying... but like you said, these are the new lines I could find: terrariumchest="default", -- World | Terrarium never (None) default (Default) eyeofterror="default", -- Giants | Eye of Terror never (None) rare (Little) default (Default) often (More) always (Tons) I think that's the "Classic" starting resource variety. Twiggy trees will still pop up naturally and Grass Gekkos will still spawn from player-planted grass tufts as long as grass gekko morphing isn't disabled. The only way to get juicy berries is by playing on endless mode or through the caves, though.
  9. I've had this issue happen with no client or server mods present. It only happens after I explore a large portion of the world though. It's been happening for a very long time now.
  10. Could this change be reverted for MacTusk? Freezing him to kill him is a lot more inconvenient now, and I find it less cheesy than chasing him until his AI decides to ignore damage and walk back towards his home.
  11. Notice how in the first image, there's a wild spider, 3 tame spiders, then 2 wild ones. Now, normally, if I feed a spider, I would tame 3 at once. So I fed the one on the left, but only THAT spider got tamed. The rest are still wild.
  12. Normally the spikes would be hidden because the animation would be using headbase_hat, but in this case it seems to be using the regular headbase.
  13. Was the bug with the Moo Moonlet ever fixed? I loaded one of my colonies and rushed over to the planet (which I hadn't yet discovered) to check and it looks like this (less than a second after discovery). I'm not sure if I've gotten lucky or what, but at least it seems accessible this time... Star-crossed Tunnel - PreMoo.sav
  14. I am glad they added a forest biome to the classic asteroid, but yeah, I'd like to be able to get more Wheezewort seeds and other equally unrenewable creatures.