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  1. link to my post in the update thread
  2. Can maybe an option to disable auto-complete be added into the Settings page? Personally I don't like the console auto-complete system (and I always worry I'll make a mistake while sending a chat message because of autocorrect) and I'd really like it if there was an option to disable it. And there's an empty spot left in the settings page so it fits:
  3. the joke is food is barely a problem in DS/T
  4. When a person requests a server for the Forge, other players can join it before the host gets connected to it. Doing that causes the requester of the server to stay in the hosting match screen with the "Connecting..." message. The host of the match can still join it through the server browser after pressing Cancel.
  5. Dunno if it's a bug or not, but I posted it here to be on the safe side.
  6. I've noticed that Wigfrid's Gladiator skin's faceplate disappears when wearing a hat. I do know this is intentional, but I suggest not removing it upon equipping hats because she looks better with it Comparison:
  7. the squish-like sound a tentacle makes when it's upper half falls to the ground after getting viciously decapitated by either wilson, willow, wolfgang, wendy, wx-78, wickerbottom, woodie, maxwell, wigfrid, webber or winona in order to either obtain a weapon, a semi-rare crafting ingredient or food happens about a second and a half later than it should actually happen as seen in the animation in the game called don't starve together
  8. image.png

    leaked unused boarrior head sprites

    1. Electroely


      if you'll excuse me I just gotta go use the bathroom for around 15 minutes

  9. Dragonfly RANDOM attack speed

    Her attack speed is not random.
  10. The forums' design is changing again... right?

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      In the far future, maybe.

  11. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    It's been fun lurking in the shadows...
  12. oh

    when ya get phatter
  13. oh

  14. Didn't sleep much...