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  1. Dragonfly RANDOM attack speed

    Her attack speed is not random.
  2. yo bro you ate my fries that one time remember????

  3. The forums' design is changing again... right?

    1. Electroely



    2. ImDaMisterL


      In the far future, maybe.

  4. The lureplant has smoldering priority. It will catch wildfire before other things do. To explain it a bit more, smoldering happens only to things around you by a certain radius (6 tiles I believe). If a lureplant happens to be in that circle when the game tries to make something smolder, the lureplant will smolder instead. This means that while lureplants can define a "wildfire-free standing zone", it will not guarantee your base will not catch fire out of summer heat. If the game makes a fire happen while the lureplant isn't in the radius, it might make something else catch fire, possibly a part of your base if you happen to be leaving it while a fire is about to happen.
  5. I'm assuming it's the usage of Pigmen when chopping trees. If that's the case, I say get pigmen as Waxwell with lumberjack minions and see how THAT goes...
  6. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    It's been fun lurking in the shadows...
  7. "Rock Guards"

    Actually, it doesn't work that way. Treeguards have a chance of spawning from a tree after hitting a nearby one (or the tree itself) with an axe. The game tries to spawn a Treeguard after every axe swing. The chances get higher the older the world is, as HamBatter said. Also, living / calm Treeguards will attack you if you start chopping a tree near them. They don't care about whether you haven't chopped a tree all year. One axe swing near them and they'll go after you.
  8. oh

    when ya get phatter
  9. I believe the tentacles are meant to spawn outside the walls.
  10. oh

  11. Didn't sleep much...
  12. Heck, I'm a few hours too late. I took a screenshot this morning to report it but I fell asleep...
  13. Could you upload your caves and master's server.ini and the server's cluster.ini?
  14. I'll use this for now, but I'm wondering if there's a way to not be admin while using your own cluster token.