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  1. Picked mushrooms regrow their caps, but dug mushrooms never respawn.
  2. I'm not sure why, but our domesticated beefalo have been going in heat ever since this update. They aren't aggressive towards us, but their mount time is significantly shorter than usual so it's not purely visual.
  3. I'm not personally a fan of how the setting works currently. Clockworks generating everywhere looks sort of out of place. My personal suggestion would be to take set pieces that currently spawn in the world and give them more clockworks depending on the setting. This would include setpieces that already have clockworks and ones that don't. Imagine this set piece for example: I think it could be reconfigured so that there's more clockworks in a specific layout depending on the setting.
  4. Well, yeah, in an ideal world everything would play out so that no assistance is necessary, since there's enough resources in the world to survive starting from even mid-winter. But that doesn't stop newer players that don't really know how to do it, and often times they're just looking for a game and all the servers are either winter+ or full. Plus, servers tend to die off pretty quickly during winter so I'm glad late joiners get enough assistance to make it comfortably. Hopefully it'll be normal to join a server during any season now and expect to have a good time. I would agree with you on this point about a lot of things - there's a lot of foods for example that don't have a niche because other foods do the same exact thing but better in every way (hello Fish Tacos.) But I don't really think this is that kind of issue. In fact, I think earmuffs would see more use now that players start with them rather than having to use a good portion of resources to make them (when, if they've joined an existing world, they can just go to base and find/craft a thermal stone or winter hat). I don't think this affects true winter starts either because if you're changing the starting season to winter, you'd also just change the starting equipment. That's true, but remember that starting resources are supposed to be compensation for resources you missed by not joining earlier. You wouldn't normally need to make the choice between an axe and a pickaxe because you'll always find 3 flint on the ground, so why should late joiners have to make that decision? It's not really giving players a large enough amount of resources to eliminate the need to make choices entirely. I think the starting items in general are to make the game more pleasant to newer players. I very often see players join not realizing it's winter and dying soon after if not just leaving. I can imagine that wouldn't be fun.
  5. I think it's good that starting seasonal items are enabled by default. It makes public games a lot more accessible for latecomers, since they no longer need to beg someone to come to the florid postern to pick them up or constantly burn/hide under trees. I don't think it really ruins the items' niche - you can still disable the option and change the starting season yourself if you want to experience early-game harsh seasons, or alternatively just... drop the item on the ground. As for the starting resource, I agree that 1 flint is too little. I would say 3 flint would be ideal, because it lets a player craft both an axe and a pickaxe (so they don't have to choose between campfire now or science machine later), but I do think it should at least be 2 flint for a pickaxe.
  6. "hounds" - Hound Waves "houndmound" - Hound Mounds generated by the world "hound_mounds" - Hound spawn frequency from hound mounds Shadow creatures are the insanity monsters. They come after you when you're insane Nightmare creatures are the monsters that come out of ruins fissures and lights and attack you regardless of your sanity. Yes.
  7. Some of the new changes for the "tons" setting: - Terrorbeak spawn chance increased from 50% to 90% - Shadows spawn more often - Shadows are more likely to spawn, less likely to despawn - # of monsters cap was increased from 3 (above 10% sanity) and 6 (below 10% sanity) to 4 and 8, respectively - Cap for insanity amulet and bone helm increased from 10 to 12
  8. I figured since the world settings are finally getting expanded, it'd be a good idea to make a thread about the ones that seem missing / would be good to add. For example: - Gnarwails - Cookie Cutters - Gestalts (should be affected by the sanity monsters setting imo) - Brine Shoal generation - Salt Formation regrowth? - Lunar Grotto shadow war? I would love to be able to reduce/disable it I think having players mention all the ones they feel are lacking here would make it easier for the devs to see them all.
  9. So far, I've had trouble with Wobster Dens, Anenemies and Clockworks. I think Shoals works, but it doesn't really feel very impactful when set to "tons." considering there's options named "more" and "lots" before it, I hope "tons" can be tuned to be more extreme.
  10. I was very excited to see things like Wobster Dens and Anenemies get world generation settings, as well as that setting things to lots will only increase their numbers in their respective biomes. Though, I noticed that some of these don't work. I've generated multiple worlds with Wobster Dens set to tons now, and they all seem to have the same exact frequency of Wobster dens as worlds with dens set to default. There might be a miniscule difference, but I've literally generated worlds with 29 dens with the setting set to default while generating worlds with 28 dens when it's set to tons. Case in point, clockworks set to tons:
  11. Hey, I was making a mod for keeping messages when traveling between caves and surface when a friend informed me of one of your mods. I saw this thread and I figured, I might as well post this here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2400388649 It's a mod that will save messages a user receives while loading, and send them back once they finish loading. It's all clients require, though.
  12. The fruit fly doesn't directly fly to plants it wants to tend to. Instead it jitters back and forth until it either reaches it or decides it's too far from its fruit. This can be fixed from scripts/behaviours/findfarmplant.lua: line 39 change (self.validplantfn and self.validplantfn(self.inst, plant)) to (self.validplantfn == nil or self.validplantfn(self.inst, plant)) to make sure it's true when a validplantfn isn't required. Tested in a mod and it works. On the topic, would it be possible to make the fruit fly not block placement? It's really annoying.
  13. Probably not, since the Winter's Feast lamp is offered yearly like the Swoon emote, and the Swoon emote hasn't gotten a Timeless variant.
  14. After having played with the new changes a bunch, I'll say beefalo taming was made significantly easier (indirectly), and their uses have become much better. What makes beefalo taming easier? The bell, and being able to do more actions on them. There's two ways of taming a beefalo - feeding it and riding it. Feeding the beefalo was made easier by the addition of the Beefalo Bell and the Reap What You Sow update. Now, you can actually produce enough crops to actually tame a beefalo without even using a saddle (though you'll want to do that to get the tendency you want). I've tamed a couple of beefalos already by riding them to get the right tendency, unsaddling them and feeding them pumpkins until they stopped asking for food. I avoided feeding them past that to not turn them to pudgy beefalos. Riding the beefalo was made easier by the general QoL changes to beefalo riding. Now, you can pick up items and harvest things while mounted. This means there's many more things you can spend the time you need to tame the beefalo doing that don't involve dismounting every minute. You can go around harvesting twigs and grass to keep your beefalo's obedience up. You can go collect cactus with no damage to yourself. You can go fight stuff and pick up the drops without having to get off. There's so much more you can kill the time with while riding a beefalo to tame it that it doesn't feel nearly as close to a chore as it did before. Their uses have also been vastly improved by these same changes. The bell lets you bring the beefalo wherever you need it, so you're no longer barred from Wormholes, Lazy Deserters and the Caves. If you actually need to do something that you can't do on top a beefalo, you can be sure that it's impossible for you to lose the beefalo as long as you're holding the bell, so even if you're led a bit far from where you dismounted, the beefalo will still be right beside you. Beefalo in the caves also has its own implications. A rider beefalo can let you use a lantern while still moving faster than you would with a cane, which frees up your head slot for other items like an Eyebrella or Tam o' Shanter without slowing you down or forcing you to give up your backpack/other chest slot items. In a similar vein, ornery beefalo provide both weapon and armor so you don't need to equip either while fighting down there (though you'll still need armor for bishops/spitters and you'll need to be really careful around rooks because of their damage potential, you can still equip a lantern in your hand slot without missing out on other important items).