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  1. [Game Update] - 344479

    He'll lose sanity when chopping the trees and digging the bushes, and will regain sanity from replanting lune trees and bushes.
  2. I personally hope they give us the ability to host our own Forge and Gorge game mode servers. Make them paid DLC, even. The Gorge was a ton of fun for me, with or without skins.
  3. Could you post a server log? That might help determine the issue.
  4. shameless plug time https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706782853 I made this mod after playing with a controller as Wortox for a while. I got annoyed at some of the issues the controller has and decided to fix them by adding new controls to the controller (those being combinations of the left stick button and other buttons)
  5. All servers hosted in the beta use a directory different than the one used by servers in the main branch. Make sure the server's folder is located in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta rather than Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether.
  6. The game drowned me when I walked against the border of land. I've been consistently drowning in that one corner of the map save.zip
  7. As of the most recent update, you can no longer carry heavy objects to boats, nor can you board a boat while on a beefalo. I really think this change should be reverted. Here are my reasons: Heavy Objects Heavy objects have always been a pain to carry. You can't equip any hand or chest slot items while carrying one, and you're severely slowed down. The only option for potentially faster transport is beefalo. Boats used to be a really cool alternative option. While not nearly as fast as a beefalo, it still allowed you to carry multiple of them at once and move them around at a faster pace than walking with them on your back, as long as you carried them to and from the boat. It was especially helpful for suspicious marble sculptures because the 3 parts of them are normally scattered around the map and need to be carried to one spot. I thought this was completely intentional. The Celestial Altar consists of 3 heavy objects you need to find and carry to a lunar fissure to activate. Moving all 3 of them, one by one, to even the nearest fissure would be a tedious and unfun task, let alone moving them to a fissure of your choice -- perhaps on the other side of the island for convenience's sake. Rather than moving them one by one to the fissure of choice, one could sail their boat there, carry the pieces one by one to the boat, and then sail the boat around the island. It's a much more engaging process than simply walking to and from the area they spawn. This works especially well because the area they spawn in seems to always be very close to shore: Seeing this removed takes away some of the fun of coming up with your own plans and strategies for playing the game -- the one thing that I enjoy the most about Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. I understand fixing exploits such as killing Bee Queen by standing still on a boat with catapults, but I don't agree with removing things like this, especially when they're functioning properly and aren't really game breaking in any way. Beefalo The idea of riding beefalo is really cool. In-game, though, it's really inconvenient. You have to take constant care of it for 15+ days, keeping it fed with its 300 calorie per day hunger rate and making sure it to keep it safe, keeping in mind stuff such as mating seasons and the like. All in a multiplayer setting, where the beefalo doesn't follow you when you disconnect. You're incapable of doing most actions while on one, it still slowly loses domestication even after the taming process is done, and a frog rain will very likely kill it unless you see it as soon as it starts and head to your beefalo to ride it for the entire duration of the rain, as a single frog landing too close will start a fight with the beefalo and, since you can't ride the beefalo while it's fighting, it's probably going to die to the sheer number of frogs falling from the sky. With all of this in mind, I feel like beefalo should be allowed to go into boats. It wouldn't be a huge change, but it would at least make them a little more worthwhile, as you won't have to leave them behind whenever you're going to the lunar islands. I hope the developers of this beta read this post and eventually revert this change. Please feel free to discuss your reasons if you happen to agree or disagree with my opinions.
  8. Wormwood not in beta?

    The only news about this are present in this thread: JoeW says that he'll be updated into the beta branch soon.
  9. If you're hosting with caves, the game starts two hidden dedicated servers in the background. That error means that one (or both) of them couldn't start, likely due to a crash during startup from one of your mods. Posting a server log would help. You can find the server log by going to Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether and going to a folder called Cluster_X, where X is your save's slot. Inside that folder, There should be two more folders. Master and Caves. Those folders should contain a server_log.txt for the surface and the caves worlds, respectively.
  10. Oh, my apologies. No, he doesn't bloom.
  11. Please don't be rude and try to at least contribute something to the thread when posting a reply. I don't believe that this shows that the new content is rushed at all. You can't really judge how hasty a decision may be. You probably weren't in their office when they discussed it. Which art in the beta would you call low quality? I think most of it looks good, other than the obviously unfinished ones like the seawreck boat fragments and seastacks. The beta shouldn't even be considered something you CAN call rushed. It's literally an unfinished update. They haven't put all the time they plan on putting into it yet. You can only call it rushed once it's been merged into the main branch, the one any player that wants a good experience out of this game is expected to go to. Wormwood was put into the main branch first because he's DLC. People are paying for him and thus they shouldn't be forced to either play him in a potentially buggy version of the game or wait to June 20. He was already a finished Hamlet character, too.
  12. Wortox can heal Wormwood. Wickerbottom can grow his crops with her horticulture book. I don't know if he smolders in summer, but it's unlikely since he doesn't catch fire anymore.
  13. v338375 broke the ability to build structures at the edge of land: This was possible in every version of the beta before this one.
  14. They could add a new variable specifically for turf prioritization instead of making it dependant on ID number. It'd help modders, too. Mods would be able to customize turf prioritization on both vanilla and modded turf (maybe even clientside!).