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  1. Yeah, I've had this bug a lot. It's really, really annoying. I haven't met anyone else that had it and noticed that it doesn't happen on computers other than this one I'm using, even with the same exact save file. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the hardware we have... Anyways, I noticed that it temporarily goes away when you exit and re-enter caves. I had made a mod that adds a console command to kind of simulate that, since I've tried reporting this bug to the bug tracker but didn't get any response. I'll send you the mod in case you need it. In-game, it's called "Super Secret Server-Only Mod" and you use it by typing "fixmap()" into the console you open by pressing the `/~ key. I'd recommend making a backup of the world before using it in case things go wrong with it, somehow. Map Fixer.zip
  2. New worlds your friend creates should not have any problems, yeah. Some mods might cause problems - though I don't personally know any that would. If something like that happens, try removing the save data again and disabling all mods. If it happens without mods then it sounds like something Klei needs to fix.
  3. Try renaming the folder DoNotStarveTogether in Documents/Klei/ to DoNotStarveTogether_. That'll make the game not find your old save data and create new data, which I think will fix your issue. It'll be a bit more complicated if you want to keep your worlds, though. Just check to see if the problem is actually with the save data first.
  4. Sounds needlessly complicated for an item that does sink. Also, I don't think the recipe should be changed (as much as I hate mass producing bone shards) because at least bone shards CAN be mass produced. It'd suck if you wanted to cover a big area and had to constantly get trinkets and kill the Antlion for it.
  5. One thing I noticed when I went into the beta is that while my list of recipes saved, the game started resetting the recent recipes list when I cook something. Is that intentional?
  6. Noticed slurpers attacking each other. That's not normal and it could mess with player-made slurper pens, so I did some investigation. Turns out the latest patch made slurpers considered monsters, and since slurpers target monsters they'll target each other.
  7. What? He does have unique quotes for both. Where'd you get that info? Wilson says "Seems safe to me." and Woodie says "Just a regular old plant." It's definitely been my experience. Sometimes I would be busy on a boat right next to shore and my friends on the server would start warning others/complaining about hounds even though I'm not getting the warning sounds nor the character quotes. A small fun fact regarding Rockjaws: They apparently fight each other. I was sailing one day and saw a couple of them fight, swimming back and forth and taking a bite out of each other every time.
  8. Despite giving Leafy Meat when killed, you can't cook with them like you can cook with other fish (such as corn cod and popperfish).
  9. I've noticed this happen across multiple worlds. Whenever I explore the ocean a bunch, my game starts to do this whenever I join a world. Entering and exiting caves fixes it, but that's seriously inconvenient. It's only been happening on the new computer I've gotten; running the game on my old one and joining this same dedicated server shows a regular map.
  10. It was the first 5 seconds the entity started existing. It could be done by re-loading the world Like Sunset Skye mentioned or setting up an elaborate trap to kill the goat around the time it spawns off-screen. Herds could be created both ways.
  11. Some things are a bit off when it comes to Wurt: - Her quote for the light flower says "Useless plant", which I imagine is a leftover from when she had several quotes implying she had nightvision - She says stuff like like "Feels good on scales!" and "Mermfolk love water" when getting wet despite her losing sanity from both being wet and holding wet items - The Merm King will sometimes summon his guards if traded with or fed while starving. The guards won't have a target so they wander around him (with no distance limit). They go back to him once they target something and lose aggro on it - Fish spoil faster when wet, even when Wurt is holding them
  12. Wurt says she loves water whenever she's getting wet due to rain, but she still receives a sanity penalty while at high wetness as well as for equipping wet items. Also, wet fish die faster even in her inventory, which doesn't make a lot of sense considering that fish live in water.
  13. Additional notes: Exiting and re-entering the caves fixes this condition, but only temporarily. Loading the world from the main menu again brings it back, exactly as it was.
  14. I don't know how to describe this. On two separate worlds since She Sells Sea Shells, my map has gotten practically corrupted: A vertical part of the map seems to be undiscoverable anymore. Even if I re-explore it (and it does get properly explored), reloading the world breaks it again. I will attach the save file for this world. Please fix this, this is the second time this happens on a late-game world and I really, really don't want to lose all of this progress again. I do play with mods enabled but I'm positive it wasn't caused by mods. Cluster_1 (4).zip mods.zip
  15. Examination line for Wobster Bisque. Not sure if there's more.