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  1. It was the first 5 seconds the entity started existing. It could be done by re-loading the world Like Sunset Skye mentioned or setting up an elaborate trap to kill the goat around the time it spawns off-screen. Herds could be created both ways.
  2. I saw that too and complained about it almost immediately, but looking at other screenshots I noticed existing DS/T content is getting re-drawn for this game, so I'm not too doubtful that they're eventually getting to all these items to make them fit this game's style Notice the spider, berry bush, and Moose/Goose.
  3. Just noticed that I made a mistake in the console command, sorry about that. It's fixed on the original post now.
  4. If your'e on Steam, a console command might be able to fix it: TheWorld:PushEvent("resetruins") (you can use console commands by pressing the ` or ~ button. make sure the text says Remote next to the text box; use CTRL to change it if it says Local) I think I know why this is happening, but I'll need to do some testing. Please let me know if this console command works, though.
  5. Are you using any mods, by any chance? That's an important detail for these kinds of things.
  6. WeChat is treated as an alternative to Facebook. Since you already claimed the rewards for Facebook, you can't claim them for its alternative.
  7. I would imagine the game would just use the computer clock for this, since it's not a major event.
  8. I was thinking they could add a birthday cake dish that gives bonus stats if eaten on a character's birthday. Largely pointless in practice (since it's literally one day a year for each character) but it'd be cool.
  9. Some things are a bit off when it comes to Wurt: - Her quote for the light flower says "Useless plant", which I imagine is a leftover from when she had several quotes implying she had nightvision - She says stuff like like "Feels good on scales!" and "Mermfolk love water" when getting wet despite her losing sanity from both being wet and holding wet items - The Merm King will sometimes summon his guards if traded with or fed while starving. The guards won't have a target so they wander around him (with no distance limit). They go back to him once they target something and lose aggro on it - Fish spoil faster when wet, even when Wurt is holding them
  10. Also, I think Wes is a french mime (don't quote me on this) and crepes are a french dish (you can quote me on this), which is probably the main reason they picked them to be his favorite food.
  11. Well, blue gems aren't particularly useful (especially since you get enough from hound waves as-is.) One could find that purple, orange or even yellow gems are useless to them, too, though that'd depend on their situation and/or playstyle. The problem with mining every statue is how tough the statues are. Each one can withstand 10 pickaxe hits, which takes a while and wears down pickaxes pretty quickly. Considering how limited resources are down there, I think it's fair for someone to only want to mine the statues with the gems they're looking for - especially if they don't have much use for the thulecite. It's kind of wasteful to get 4 orange gems when I know I'm only using one and that I'm not making crowns or suits anyway. There's also the problem with inventory space...
  12. In general, my favorite character is Wormwood. Sentient plants are cool, Wormwood is kind of adorable in a way and the gameplay becomes pretty interesting when you pick him because of his unique traits and abilities. Though, the character I think I play the most has got to be Woodie, ever since the rework. Everything about his new wereforms, like the music, the animations and the utility, are just wonderful. The other parts are great too, like being able to chop trees really quickly using an axe that has no durability and being able to flatten forests (saplings and boulders included) with ease with the Werebeaver.
  13. There was an update before the rework that made her insanity freezing less harsh, and before that she would actually freeze to death any time of the year (save for summer) if she was insane enough. Also, I don't think the freezing effect was ever actually strong enough to be helpful during summer. You still needed cooling gear if you wanted to make it past the first days of summer heat. Also, you don't normally have to burn stuff in spring to avoid freezing because umbrellas and eyebrellas exist. After the aforementioned update, in most cases just a drop of wetness would push Willow into freezing temperature (if she was insane enough), which was a pretty big nuisance (since this could happen during autumn as well as spring). I think what made the trait so widely disliked is that it was the only downside that directly punished players for being insane (when insanity is usually a double-edged sword), that it punished by taking away health with no compensation (the only other character whose downside takes away health in a similar manner is WX, and the amount of health lost from that is tiny and much easier to avoid), and that it was on a mediocre-at-best character. She had no fire immunity, and Bernie didn't turn big like he does now, so she largely played the same as Wilson with a really annoying downside. For reference, here's the update I mentioned:
  14. You could ask about 1-slot servers, since the game seems to treat them differently (changing the server playstyle to "alone" and greying out every option but Local Play), but I'm pretty sure those do the same thing with caves as usual anyway.
  15. You can see it if you create a world without caves or if you regenerate a world (whether it has caves or not doesn't matter). Also, if you use mods or edit files to generate a cave world instead of a surface world, the game uses the cave generation screen like the one in singleplayer.