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  1. oops Something I wanna mention that others haven't mentioned (I checked every reply this time, I think) is that carrying Healing Salves with you as Woodie lets you heal idol damage as soon as you transform back, which is much better than waiting till you can make health food or sleep in a tent or siesta lean-to. The Weremoose is very good at killing spiders, so I often have stacks of glands that I can convert to healing salves for this.
  2. Another cheat you can do is putting 2 durians with filler in a crockpot. No meat items go in yet a not-so-delicious monster lasagna comes out ready for Wigfrid to eat.
  3. Spider is stunned by anemeny trap

    Likely related to this bug: Checking for creatures that stepped on their web is considered an action for spiders, and from what I've tested creatures stop functioning if their current action is interrupted.
  4. Woodie Forms missing icons

    Works fine for me. You should disable your mods before making bug reports - it looks like you have an HUD mod enabled.
  5. The fastest speedrun I've found on YouTube was on day 2, and that used a rollback (effectively a seeded world) and an exploit that's already been patched. I'd love to see you record a day 1 kill, then. I find DST to be very, very replayable. I have put a ton of hours into this game and I know I'll be putting tons more in the future. I don't play it for its difficulty - any game is easy as pie once you've put enough time into it - I just enjoy it in different ways. Different characters, different objectives, different people to play with are all ways you can spice up the game. If it doesn't matter, then why bring it up at all? This "broken system" is just a system you've figured out. The system works fine. I've seen players die to Treeguards on public servers before. And plus, can distracting a Treeguard even be considered an exploit? It's not like switching targets is an automatic process every mob is capable of doing by default. It's coded into every mob manually. the developers made Treeguards work like this. Some of the post-ANR boss fights can be pretty engaging. They test your reaction time and positioning skills. If you think a certain method is too unfair and makes the game feel broken... then don't use it! I never spam tentacles on my worlds, for example. I don't put 4 ice flingomatics at Toadstool, either. I don't enjoy those methods of killing these bosses, so i avoid them. I'll fight any boss without external tools if I have friends helping me out, and if I'm playing alone, catapults are a nice substitute for friends if they're necessary. The only boss I really use an exploit for is Dragonfly, and that's because the fight is still pretty challenging without the Lavae.
  6. Let's see you kill Bee Queen on day one or something using the infinite amount of resources you get with the AI these mobs have, then. You can actually pacify Treeguards by planting pine cones near them. It's not a bug or an exploit. Why exactly is doing that but with a pigman instead cheesy, exactly? In case you didn't know, Treeguards will aggro on you again if you start chopping trees near them. So it's not like you can just make them forget you and go back to doing the one thing Treeguards are made to prevent/slow down either. Anyway, I think the way mobs currently work is fine. I think it gives walls a use other than decoration, and there aren't any game-breaking exploits you can do with them to warrant a change to how the game's worked for so long. The best thing you can do with it is probably a pig farm, and even that's just a way for you to invest logs, rocks and pig skin into a source of more pig skin (even if we assume killing the werepigs on a full moon was instant and free - it's not game-breaking). If it were problematic for a certain mob to get stuck, that mob will probably be made to attack walls (see: spiders and hounds)
  7. Sailing is Fun!

    Yes. You close masts to stop your boat from moving. If you don't close them, the boat will keep moving. If they're closed and the anchor is down, the boat will stop moving. I've had a boat with the masts closed and the anchor down docked near my base for over 40 days and it's still exactly where I left it and how I left it.
  8. Sailing is Fun!

    I've had a boat docked after a sea adventure of a lifetime for well over 40 days. I've docked it very close to the land (I try to push seaweed to shore every time I go sailing) and it hasn't exploded. I think those who came back to a broken boat forgot to raise their masts.
  9. Sailing is Fun!

    The boats don't move if the anchor is down and the masts are raised, though. It may keep going for a bit after you've raised the last mast you have but that's just because the boat may still have some momentum left.
  10. I know this is almost a month old now, but I'd like to point out: The beaver's attack does come out earlier. BUT: The game doesn't start a new attack as soon as the current one comes out. You have to wait until the cooldown is over. Both the beaver and regular players have a cooldown (determined by the timeout of the state) of 13 frames, giving them the same attack speed. In theory, you could attack faster by cancelling the attack (with WASD) and then attacking again, but that requires two frame-perfect inputs. When it comes to holding down the attack button, both the beaver and regular players attack at the same rate. So @goatt was correct.
  11. I definitely agree that some items could use a bit more balancing, but I feel that a lot of the changes you suggest won't really help. Starting from up top: I think spears and battle spears are in the same situation as the one you mentioned earlier - a bit of progression. Like how you go from torches to lanterns, you go from spears to Hambats or Dark Swords. I did not mention the Cork Bat because it isn't an item in DST and I don't really have experience with it. I don't really agree with this. First off, the Hambat change. I think the appeal of a lot of the high-end weapons is that they can deal over 50 damage, letting them kill a lot of mobs in less hits than they would if they had any lower damage. Spiders and hounds are two perfect examples of how much having +50 damage can matter. Now, I know you said that the Hambat would start with 51 damage, but that won't last long at all - it won't be useful for very long. It'll become much less desirable when an early game weapon can do the job just as well in most situations. And then there's the Dark Sword change. I think that its damage to 59.5 would not make it any less used. The main reason is: You can make it at home. That's what makes a lot of the most used items... the most used. You can farm wood for base stuff and log suits and get Treeguards as a byproduct. The problem with items like the Thulecite Club and the Glass Cutter is that they don't last long enough for what you need to do to get them. You have to travel allllll the way to the ruins to make any ruins-exclusive items. You have to go to the lunar islands (either by sailing or using a boat bridge) to make glass cutters. Neither of these things are things a lot of players want to do regularly. It ends up being much more efficient to use whatever's obtainable from base - and it just so happens that dark swords do the most damage out of all melee weapons. My point is: Reducing dark sword damage will not make the alternatives as viable; it'll just make fighting overall slower for the majority of players. I think a cost reduction would benefit both more than a penalty reduction. The marble suit has one huge issue: This recipe takes an ungodly amount of resources to craft. Especially for armor. Four ropes is 12 cut grass. It certainly doesn't help that farming marble shrubs is painful - each one can take 15 days minimum to fully grow, each takes TEN pickaxe hits to mine and it only gives two marble - effectively only 1 marble in profit. These two items are fine as is, in my opinion. The fire staff does what anyone would expect a fire staff to do - make fire. Fire isn't a great combat tool in DST most of the time. The staff has its use as basically a ranged torch. As for the chilled amulet, I don't see why it's a bad thing that it just cools you down. You also forgot to mention that the amulet does more than just cool you - it chills attackers at the cost of 3% per hit. I think this would be a more useful feature if the chill effect wasn't only 2/3 that of an Ice Staff, but as it stands I can't find a use for it. I tried fighting a (summer) hound wave with it and literally no hounds got frozen in time as I got bit to death. The Lazy Forager is probably one of my favorite items in the game. While it may not seem useful, I have to tell you - it has the potential to be one of most players' favorite item too. It's not something you'd just put on and play the game with - like you're suggesting - it's an amulet you equip when you need it. Here are a few examples of when it's useful: - Chopping trees: You can pick up the drops of the tree as you equip a shovel & dig the stump. It saves a lot of time on the process, which is especially good considering the time saved would otherwise literally be spent holding the action button. - Looting during a fight: You can equip it with some empty slots as you fight some hounds or spiders. Those mobs usually eat meat as soon as they lose interest in you, so leaving it behind while fighting multiple of them will likely mean it'll get eaten. You could run around the mobs and pick up the meat yourself... or you could equip a forager and just pass by it. Most of the time you won't even need to go out of your way to pick up the item. You'll get it as soon as you land a killing blow. - Collecting items on the ocean: The increased pick up range means you won't have to go out of your way nearly as much if you're after certain items in the ocean. It's especially useful in brine shoals, where salt crystals could land behind a salt formation, forcing you to row all around said formation to get the salt. These are just a few uses. Its main problem, though, is that it does not last. Especially since it's a ruins item. You can probably tell from my signature what I'm about to say: It should be refuelable. Much like the the Magiluminescense, the Lazy Forager's purpose is situational usefulness, and without the ability to keep it around for long you can't really make use of that. Making it repairable with nightmare fuel will allow players to trade a resource (nightmare fuel) for some convenience, which is honestly a deal I'll gladly take. I'd rather fight shadow creatures than hold spacebar near a bunch of logs and pine cones. I am not sure what the Pick/Axe's purpose is, but I feel that it isn't regular use, as you'd have to go all the way to the ruins to restock. As for the Moon Glass Axe, I think its fine. Its crazy good efficiency makes it very useful for Toadstool. Other than that, it gives moon glass you may get a decent use. Certain playstyles may find bath bombs relatively easy to make, and visiting the lunar island every once in a while wouldn't hurt, especially if you've got something special set up over there (I think there's lots of potential for a land where all the sanity draining features the game has benefit you rather than hurt you). You also get some gems from mining frozen hot springs, so it's not a complete waste of time mining them. (also it seems like the forums prefer the spelling Ax and Pickax over Axe and Pickaxe, hence the red lines everywhere) My point in the other thread was not that gold is abundant. It was that gold had a variety of ways you could obtain it. Having many ways to obtain a certain resource makes the process of obtaining that resource enjoyable in a way; You have many choices on how to restock on gold, and it's to you to choose how you'd like to do it. I feel that Moon Glass could benefit from a variety of obtaining methods as well - I am not sure what kind of new obtaining methods could be introduced, but I think it'd be cool if Shattered Spiders (or a new variant with moon glass colored crystals) dropped it sometimes. Overall, I think the majority of items are fine as is, If I were to compile a list of changes I'd make, it'd be something like this: - Decrease cost of Marble Suit (both materials) and Night Armor (3->2 papyrus) - Increase on-hit freezing effect of Chilled Amulet to match an Ice Staff attack - Make it so that you can add uses to the Lazy Forager using Nightmare Fuel (please klei i cannot describe how much i want this) I think it's fine for some items to be situational, and part of the fun of Don't Starve Together is making the most you can out of those overly situational items. For all we know, someone could come out of nowhere with a great use for items like the Fire Staff or the Thulecite Club.
  12. Moose can call treeguard

    I think this is normal. They mentioned in the change notes for Woodie's rework that the Werebeaver doesn't spawn Treeguards. They did not say that this applied to other Wereforms.
  13. The powdercake can also let Warly leave spice effects (like honey crystals) forever for others without being on the server. It's very useful for that.
  14. Wortox has more "real" downsides than just being a monster. And you COULD play Hamlet as Webber if you wanted to, it's just that you wouldn't be able to interact with the pigs without it. Anyway, I do personally agree that the Shamlet mask shouldn't be added to DST. It literally just removes a downside some characters have. It doesn't help with it or provide an alternative or anything. It just temporarily removes a downside. I don't think it would add anything valuable to the game and instead it would just take away from what makes Webber and Wortox unique characters to play.
  15. You want them edible? Well, you're in luck my friend! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1178701386&searchtext=eat+pet Bon appetit! As for the OP, I'd love to see a Chester critter. I know it's kind of redundant but I'd love to have a little Chester friend following me wherever I go, whenever I go. I've always wished they added a Chester critter with 4 storage slots so everyone could have their own mini-Chester, but I don't think they want to make a specific critter very useful. They probably only gave the lunar mothling light because it was fitting for what it is (a lunar moth... like the ones from the trees. They glow.)