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  1. Trying to make a smol spoopy ghost feel better about itself.
  2. I personally just use a campfire because I haven't even tried touching toadstool yet. During summer, you can just use the ice breams you got from winter and maybe a thermal stone from the ice box to cool down while using a normal campfire.
  3. meanwhile... Quotes that concern the other survivors are great.
  4. I told you I was pretty busy... But hey! I can play again now. Just ping me up when you wanna play again :))) I don't think you should give up on that dream, because I would like to see it fulfilled. My times soloing a boss (which happens rarely) will never compare to dying stupidly with others.
  5. That's just a reference to the painting Ophelia I believe.
  6. I agree, but if there were to be a lunar treeguard, I'd expect it to be passive or even protect the player possibly based on lunacy. Everything is pretty much backwards or peculiar on the lunar island right?
  7. Ah, then only go to salt formations when you're ready, skittersquids are pretty easy to fight, just avoid the ink and kite.
  8. When fishing these bois, they'll put up a fight. Remember to not be on the brink of starving or have a fire lit when its almost night because catching these take a while. It'll be a tug of war between you and the fish so to lessen the time it takes to reel them in try to have the fish bite your lure as close to the boat as possible, sometimes you can even pull them out as soon as they bite!
  9. Well, I solo boat as well, and both of us play Wendy. As Wendy, you already have to not worry about cookie cutters and the squids, which makes fishing and boating altogether less annoying. Just keep an eye on the direction you're going and you should be fine in terms of not ramming into things. When you see you're about to ram into a stack: 1. Drop the anchor 2. Heave and Ho all of your sails. Yeah that's basically it. If you're in salt formations, just lift the anchor and move around with an oar.
  10. I suggest practicing in another wolrd with free crafting to see how you want to arrange your boat. Often times you want to predesign your boat instead of slapping things on it as you go, since that prevents it from becoming even more clumped than it normally is.
  11. Well, it is kinda necessary for him to have existent downsides. Give them a chance, I'm sure they'll be able to come up with good abilities and challenging downsides to spice him up more.
  12. Fish! I unreasonably enjoy fishing because it allows me to take a break from all of the chaos of the main island. I find it very calming to just live away from everyone else as they struggle to not die against the many shenanigans of dealing with the seasons. Other than that I just get extra boat repairs and ram into sea stacks for fun. Also what Electroely said :))
  13. Yes we need music! I want more options for the seashells. Yeah, it can be slow and the seastacks can be annoying. I wish there were more rewards and hopefully more lunar stuff and self sustaining ways to live on sea instead of the mainland at all. When I get really bored tho I just prepare extra boat repair kits with my surplus of Abigail's stingers and glass axe-cut wood and just go forward and ram into any seastack I see
  14. For those who prefer having a sailing lifestyle in dst (I am slowly becoming one myself :D) this is much less annoying than having to use a thermal stone or wasting precious wood on a fire during day. As I tend to stay on the seas for a few seasons before coming back this is great info for people with that playstyle. Not to mention I'm excited to see sailing upgraded even more and possibly an alternative to living on the main island the same way living in the caves is.