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  1. Ah, then only go to salt formations when you're ready, skittersquids are pretty easy to fight, just avoid the ink and kite.
  2. Well, I solo boat as well, and both of us play Wendy. As Wendy, you already have to not worry about cookie cutters and the squids, which makes fishing and boating altogether less annoying. Just keep an eye on the direction you're going and you should be fine in terms of not ramming into things. When you see you're about to ram into a stack: 1. Drop the anchor 2. Heave and Ho all of your sails. Yeah that's basically it. If you're in salt formations, just lift the anchor and move around with an oar.
  3. I agree, this could make her have different "uses", like a main attacker, shield or a mix of both
  4. So basically what we want so far is: 1. Aggressive Abby back, like targeting rabbits and butterflies (w/o the things that shouldn't be attacked like tamed boofs, glommer and chester) 2. Ability to put dark petals into the sisturn (perhaps for the lunar island and as a tribute to the old sanity stations) 3. Increasing Abby's effectiveness against hordes (imo, she should get stronger against multiple foes in order to capitalize on her AoE) 4. Reworking a few of the potions (some suggestions have been to make it so that you can use multiple at once, stack them, or increase the boost of the attack and longer regen one) As far as I can tell, everyone loves the rework so far, it just needs a few QoL fixes to make it as amazing as the rest of the reworks.
  5. This makes it better, but I would still like to see Abby get better stats in general, if that could happen, I'd be very happy.
  6. im thinking a void of sorts, maybe the neutronium from oni? (that would make solving the lore hard af thoo)
  7. So this is where the giants do their business... Next up is yellow icebergs
  8. Now I'm wondering if someone can build a boat in the caves and sail to the fuel weaver....
  10. So it's confirmed then, the pig city is getting a pig year celebration
  11. Yeah honestly I get upset whenever a new skin pack is released, because I feel obligated to buy it (tbh the skins look good tho) and that usually ruins my savings for other games...