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  1. probably came as part of the forbidden knowledge sales quote: "if you learn this and make this hookey-mathingy you can get your sister back!"
  2. About Wickerbottom, I believe that she is an insomniac because of nightmares which may be related to her finding forbidden magic. Also I need to see how wigfrid was pre-stage
  4. Ah yes, growing up means not wanting what's possible in the future. In the meantime, I'll go tell Klei that they should stop making characters (even this one which looks finished almost) because that only makes the game worse.
  5. the end of the world will eventually end the world, duh
  6. So it's confirmed then, the pig city is getting a pig year celebration
  7. Hamlet tries to do it in a different way, the jungle area was reminiscent of poisonous and or dangerous conditions. It's only vibrant because the island is actively trying to kill you. It's not supposed to be depressing, its supposed to keep you on edge, ready for dangers to come.
  8. Yeah honestly I get upset whenever a new skin pack is released, because I feel obligated to buy it (tbh the skins look good tho) and that usually ruins my savings for other games...
  9. Island Theory

    I'd much rather get this than another fireplace skin.
  10. FYI: Rainforest spawns trees, Trees spawn flowers, Flowers spawn glowflies and you know the rest. There is no way to make them extinct.
  11. All we need now is to make 40 traps and store it in our inventory....
  12. Well, that does give you the ability to put it wherever you want in the rainforest. Which also means you can put it "in" the pig city.
  13. I am not going to dig up all of the city biome somewhere else, and then move all of it to where I please, and then keep killing and killing pigs until i get enough skin for the houses just so I can get taxes.