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  1. Nature reserve /parks

    Btw, if you have access to pips, you can get them to plant wild plants for you in places you want
  2. Who's next?

    I'd very much prefer if Wendy was next, I wanna see Abby getting to pack more of a punch (or like just be more useful in general instead of constantly committing suicide with monsters she can't handle)
  3. [Game Update] - 358771

    im thinking a void of sorts, maybe the neutronium from oni? (that would make solving the lore hard af thoo)
  4. [Game Update] - 344479

    So this is where the giants do their business... Next up is yellow icebergs
  5. Now I'm wondering if someone can build a boat in the caves and sail to the fuel weaver....
  7. So it's confirmed then, the pig city is getting a pig year celebration
  8. Yeah honestly I get upset whenever a new skin pack is released, because I feel obligated to buy it (tbh the skins look good tho) and that usually ruins my savings for other games...
  9. There's probably a king or a duke thats going to be on another island
  10. Honestly once it gets its brain back together, it might be able to know that he should attack the herald. Or know, since it was made by the ancients it might serve them, probably why it's the only one that can touch Them
  11. [Game Update] - 298833

    So my 5th island ruins do not have an end's well or aporkalypse clock. When is the estimated time it will be fixed? Thanks.
  12. There has always been 2 characters release during every doc, it's unlikely they'll break tradition
  13. But what if Its not a character it had a different model from all of the characters its just a special red mant