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  1. Don't Not Starve On Oxygen Which May Or May Not Be Together aka DNSOOWMOMNBT
  2. Quote

    "At the end of the update, the memes and the lore are put in the same box"  

    when the metheus puzzle happened.png

    1. Spaartan


      Exactly what I meant, thank you for this drawing :)

    2. minespatch


      I drew the comic a while back but it made me think of your signature.:wilson_ecstatic:

  3. I think its a bust (change the title to june 10)
  4. How many times has this type of thread been posted? and NO
  5. I wonder what server it is....
  6. Hmmmm, more like popcorn
  7. So it's just me that sucks at kiting bees ;-;
  8. What about a killer bee plains world? Gives a whole new meaning to bearger AND Abigail
  9. I see it as a thanks for helping develop ONION. It's not a perk, it's a gift. It's there for those who like the game as it is and play dst too. Although it can be stressful for skin collectors, what can you do? Klei doesn't control the marketing, steam does. Also, it's marketable. It can be found in game and bought and sold in the steam community market. Edit: OMG I PUT ONION INSTEAD OF ONI SORRY
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wickerbottom is grunkle shtan
  11. That would be too in depth, first the world would be flooded with nightmare fuel, then there will be shadow versions of each boss drop or maybe all bosses spawn at the same time, then each level up and then there is a big af shadow heart, to resurrect a big fuelweaver in the cardiac system and there are blood vessels everywhere to find out of the Prometheus page to unlock Epimetheus page which gives you a more ancient than ancient cane that has shadow monsters spawn out of the ground as effects and then Charlie picks up a rose bush. The end. edit: Hey, apparently I am old now. Now all farts of mine on this forum are old farts
  12. Looks like I have no hope of getting the alchemy pod, it's buy or find only for me, I have never in my life gotten an elegant. It would be nice tho if the ones from early access got something
  13. Tbh I think our minds are just making up dates with the blocks, it's not Klei at all if it wasn't hidden well... Ive also gotten used to the Curator already