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  1. New treats and a new skin or two would make me happy
  2. When I first saw how long this was, I assumed it was one of those parody posts.
  3. There is also a mod called Plant Flowers Closer
  4. Well I did once see a streamer whip Deerclops to death with one, but only because he was bored. It does not work on grass geckos
  5. Or Splumonkeys, but I haven’t tried it. I just used it to abuse the guardian pig in my old infinite light base
  6. Missing bishop marble dst

    Or use the console command c_next in case it’s hiding in the woods somewhere
  7. Help for beginners?

    That is, indeed, the party line, out of some weird Spartan fetishization of combat, but the main use for beefs is to deal with hounds, and even the best players rarely kite a whole wave of hounds and will work toward setting up tooth traps. There’s no reason why a noob should have to learn to fight on hounds instead of learning to kite one mob at a time first. You can’t use beefs for Deerclops or Bearger anyway without wiping out the herd, so fret not that the noobs will become soft and unmanly! They can learn to kite on spiders and treeguards, against whom beefs aren’t even helpful unless their butts are red.
  8. Help for beginners?

    One Other advantage of the PK biome is, if you’re lucky, catcoons. Easy meat that respawns quickly.
  9. Help for beginners?

    The Dragonfly desert also has cactus, and it has tumbleweeds during the winter if they don’t manage to get a good supply of grass and twigs laid up. It does kind of depend on what’s around it and how far out it is. Since it’s just two players, they could probably forage a lot of food from the meadows at the center. But, yeah, all they really need to know is the meatballs-out-of-ice recipe to keep from starving. Reeds aren’t relocatable, but really, how many reeds does anyone not playing Wicker really need? It’s sacrilege to say this in some people’s minds, but basing not too far from the beefalo is a perfectly good strategy for beginners. The poop alone is enough fuel to keep them from having to chop so many trees, and it’s a defense against hounds until they can get traps up. No one needs berry bushes in the caves, btw.. There are so many mushrooms.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Hate to break it to you, dude, but Winona as-is happens to be just what a LOT of people are looking for.
  11. I thought she did have a higher hunger drain. Maybe it’s just that she has a very small stomach, so you always have to have food on you. Wolfgang is only a desireable team member if 1) you’re fighting a lot, particularly large mobs, and 2) the Wolfgang player is proactive in these fights. But that’s only one style of play, and many of the friends I play with are not that interested in boss fights. Wigfrid is usually a preferable team member because of the helms and because the character motivates the player to kill a lot of spiders; Wigfrid virtually needs to do this for her sanity. Wicker is also great. WX not so much, unless the player is willing to forage for his/her own gears. Personally, I really welcome Willows because their Bernies really come in handy.
  12. Help for beginners?

    I wouldn’t recommend the Oasis either, mostly because it tends to be far from other resources and there usually isn’t a wormhole. You’d have to truck in all your grass, berry bushes, etc., which might be a bit much of a beginner. It’s great for a summer base if for some reason you don’t just spend summers the caves where you don’t have to worry about overheating or plants shriveling up. But I still think building a cave base is much easier than dealing with fishing and goggles and feeding/killing Antlion. Only come back to your surface base at twilight or night and you never need to worry about flingos. A central location, especially if it’s not too far from the desert, seems like a good choice. If you don’t get around to grass and twig farms, you can always hit up the tumbleweeds. I would also strongly recommend basing near a wormhole, ideally one leading to a thick forest. When Deerclops starts groaning, you can just jump through it and he’ll be far from your base, where you can deal with him at your leisure. If there are a lot of trees on the other side you can lead him around so he knocks them down to get you wood and spawns enough treeguards to kill him. He can also kill spiders for you. Or you can just leave him there until he respawns. When I was new at the game, I’d just freak out over Deerclops and trying to get everything I needed from the base before running off to get him to spawn away from it. The wormhole really helps with that.
  13. Help for beginners?

    Meh. I know this is chapter and verse for some longtime players, but I think it’s fine. I played the game for quite a while before learning to kite properly and often made it to 400 days that way, and this was in DS, where revival is much less of an option. It wasn’t “crippling,” although eventually I did broaden my range of options for dealing with enemies. The fact that you can use guile instead of brute force to kill them is one of the game’s charms.
  14. Help for beginners?

    Until you learn how to kite them, you can also just lead a treeguard to pigs, who will automatically attack it and draw its aggro away from you. Of course, they also auto-attack Webber, so he’ll have difficulty with this or anything else to do with pigs. the thing you really need, though, is a crockpot so that you can make better meals.
  15. You’re absolutely right, but for some reason this topic gets people very worked up. And, so, I’m afraid, do the jerkish things people do when you open up your server! But most of the visitors who come by my server are perfectly fine, and a few are great. I do suspect that the neverending drumbeat about Wolfgang’s superiority is attracting a... bad element to the character. It’s really noticeable how much worse they behave than the players who choose other characters.