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  1. That is insanely cute!
  2. Thank you, thank you! And instead of griping about having to pay for the new characters, everyone should be ponying up to support a developer who keeps producing great content for the game we love. I’m buying them whether or not I ever intend to play with them because they fund an ever-expanding DST.
  3. Maybe, but no one seriously argued that they were. Someone did post “ We don’t see them eat period,” but that person was wrong, albeit an energetic goalpost mover! What we do know is that they can be seen eating, and when they do it is always vegetables, never meat, fish or eggs. This makes them kind of good for a meat/fish farm using bunnymen houses, but the merms eat the carrots,which makes it hard to increase the number of hutches.
  4. Drop a mushroom or carrot in the swamp and you’ll see a merm eat. It just doesn’t happen often that vegetables get left on the ground there.
  5. Merms are vegetarians, so no one can accuse them of cannibalism!
  6. Twitch Drop Encore

    “I can’t get too excited about skins unless you give me skins as an award for having skins.” Sometimes these forums break my brain!
  7. Twitch Drop Encore

    I read it as: Year of the Dog event didn’t bring back the gobbler-themed skins from the previous year’s Year of the Gobbler event, so it’s unlikely that this year’s Chinese New Year event will bring back last year’s skins.
  8. My own DST Character!

    Very cool!
  9. References in Hamlet

    The one in Harry Potter is just taken from old European legends, like hippogriffs:
  10. Complete aporkalypse rework idea

    Houses definitely have hit boxes that are too big, though. If you build something like a crockpot or chest near one, you can very clearly click on the item and end up examining the house
  11. There is no such thing as “objective interpretation.” Interpretation is by definition subjective. When people talk about “objective” opinions, they just mean “opinions I agree with.”
  12. Peagawks

    Surely you can find a better way to get oincs than selling feathers. They are worth much more as gas mask ingredients anyway.