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  1. I don’t really get how using marble statues is cheating but using walls isn’t
  2. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but when it comes to changing things, it’s good to remember that people who don’t want to see changes don’t tend to create long forum threads explaining why they like things the way they are. The existence of long or even many forum threads complaining about this or that aspect of the game is only evidence that a very motivated minority is dissatisfied. That’s not to say that there may not be a lot of people who share that dissatisfaction, but the amount and length of forum posts proves nothing. It would be very offputting if DST were subject to frequent significant change every time somebody got vocal enough about a preference on the forums that the devs felt obligated to comply, and then the rest of us were supposed to test it out afterwards and then maybe it would change back or some other change would be made. That’s basically a perpetual beta or even an alpha version of a game that’s supposed to be more or less done. It’s also a system that could be easily trolled. The changes people want to make to Willow and Woodie seem small to me, but I don’t play those characters so I really don’t know. It comes up enough that the devs have certainly considered it, and they also seem to have reservations about it. I also know there have been a lot of forum posts demanding changes that would definitely make me less interested in playing the game, but not everyone wants to get into arguing about that with people who are like a dog with a bone when it comes to their pet ideas and special preferences. For all I know, there are a lot of players who would strongly object to changing Williow and Woodie, or there would be repercussions that people here haven’t anticipated but that the devs have to take into consideration.
  3. Kiting?

    I kite with the F key & the mouse because I never learned to use WASD. That’s why I’m so bad at kiting!
  4. [Game Update] - 259992

    But they do. Chests don’t drop at all during non-event play time, and each chest contains 4 items instead of the single common item they replace.
  5. Unused Mushroom Inventory Icons

    Yes, with the update to SW a few months ago you can move both kelp and coral rocks.
  6. Unused Mushroom Inventory Icons

    It can be replanted now.
  7. I think shadow monsters can cross walls as I saw them do it on a stream.
  8. Big Event #2? Lets theorise!

    The screenshots of Misfortune remind me of the very ancient Mac game, Scarab of Ra, which I’ve often wondered if it was in influence on Don’t Starve. First-person, you go through a series of ever-larger mazes looking for food/gold and escaping monsters. You can starve, but the most striking commonality are monkeys that steal stuff out of your inventory. When the Tail o’ Three Cats came along, it seemed like another connection because the main way you get the monkey to drop your stuff is by cracking a bullwhip at it. Still haven’t tried that on the splumonkeys, though, because I usually just kill them. If there are any Klei developers reading this, I would love to know if any of you used to play it. There’s an online implementation here: https://lightningmanic.github.io/
  9. I think a regular fence will keep out both monkeys and worms, so at least you won’t have the tedium of building a marble one. Can shadow monsters not cross a marble-stature barrier? It is often difficult to build anything to the very edge of the map so that nothing can get through, but you can use Antlion boulders for that.
  10. Questionable Things

    A kid on my server recently died from taffy.
  11. Back in 2013, a friend who is a writer on video games and a reviewer recommended DS to me. He knows how picky I am. Probably 99% of all games are too ugly for me to be able to stand to look at them for more than 20 minutes: I hate big-eyed anime characters, I hate musclebound Viking dudes with 5 types of sword, I hate uncanny-valley robot people, I really hate first-person shooters and pixel art, which is enough to repel me from games I might otherwise go for, like Stardew Valley (the color palette on that one is enough to give me diabetes). I like a big world to explore and more creative activities than just fighting stuff. He said, “You should check this out. It’s a really vast and rich game world.” And he was right! I blame him for all the stuff I haven’t gotten done since then.
  12. Big Event #2? Lets theorise!

    Please something like this and not another long boring fight!
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    They do make Winona look like Amelia Earhart
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Who do you think took the picture?
  15. Giants Mechanics

    Well, if it’s worked that long for you, then more power to you. Maybe your problem is that you’re trying to use the toothtraps to kill the giants? Definitely one screen away is not enough to keep them from attacking your base. If I possible can, I will base around a wormhole. There’s nothing like hearing hounds or deerclops or whatever and immediately popping through the wormhole to the other side of the map. If you get sick of fighting a giant or need health or food or armor or weapons, you can pop right back through again without worrying about the giant or hounds following you.