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  1. How old is Wendy?

    True! But eggs are not round
  2. Hey guys, which SW character should be ported to DST? "Warl-" No he's too tropical, next. Yeah
  3. How old is Wendy?

    Winona and Wolfgang also look like adults to me, maybe because their heads aren’t so round?
  4. In your position, I would probably start a new world, that is if you can save the 1400 day one. It gives you a chance to get reacquainted with the pleasures of the early game and use what you’ve learned to do things better. You don’t have to discard the old world, but over time you’d probably start to lose interest in it. And if not—it’s still there, if bald of berry bushes.
  5. Exactly, and not bad for the final stage of the Klaus fight if you want to tank it and have a thulecite bat for dodging the spells
  6. Your trophy for killing a boss is the boss’ drops, and if that’s not enough, you can make statues to prove that you’ve done it more than once.
  7. I use marble suits all the time to solo tank-able bosses
  8. I remember trying to use them against worms ages ago in single player, and trying to make a trap for Bearger. It might be useful when dealing with two MacTusks right next to each other
  9. I really don’t want people seeking achievements coming on my server, tbh. If they want to contribute, have fun, fight bosses, and explore, then fine, but I don’t want people who don’t enjoy the game for its own sake showing up and bugging me to help them with some totally meaningless trophy.
  10. Because it’s a multiplayer game, and as the console players have explained, playing with other people who are focused on achievements ruins the game for everyone. There are plenty of other games out there if you want to be led by the nose like a sheep
  11. Pardon the necro, but I’m trying this and wonder how many beefs you need to have before you hammer the hive? A minimum number?
  12. How old is Wendy?

    What does @minespatch‘s dad think?
  13. How old is Wendy?

    The big head and big eyes suggest she’s a child, if an older child. But I also feel this way about Willow and Wigfrid.
  14. I need some advice.

    Killing the more challenging bosses is the main thing people try to next, but you could also build bunnyman farm/village, a cave base, clear the ruins, tame a beefalo, build out your main base, etc.
  15. FWIW, I bought the $12 set and it contained enough skins I didn’t want to enable me to get the item skins I did want.