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  1. Hate (well, not really) to break it to you, but many names have changed genders over time. These names: Evelyn Hillary Leslie Beverly Carol Courtney Dana Marion Lindsey Stacy Vivian Those all used to be men's names. Probably Klei just made up Wurt without realizing that it was some archaic name from centuries ago, but even if they didn't, people give female babies "male" names all the time.
  2. Wurt

    Ambivalent about this because I used to build swamp bases on public servers while playing Wig. There’s plenty of meat in the swamps, and best of all, most clueless/new players steer clear of it, so you have the chance to build up some resources without someone coming along to mess things up. I even experimented with using bunnymen to farm Merms. The swamp is a really under utilized biome the way most people play DS/DST. A merm character is a very logical next step, but it does mean one less hideout.
  3. No way is he as long-winded and pompous as that guy!
  4. Another fun story about Lot: When he was still living in Sodom, he had some guests who were *very* good-looking guys. Some local rowdies came to his house banging on the door and demanding the Lot send out the guests so they could have sex with them. Lot was horrified by this and said, “No, take my daughters instead! They’re virgins!” But then the good-looking guests turned out to be angels and smote the rowdies, so that was OK. Probably his wife was better off as a pillar of salt.
  5. Lot and his family lived in Sodom and were the only vanilla people there, so God told them to get out so he could smite the kinky. They weren’t supposed to look back while fleeing but his wife did and turned into a pillar of salt. Later, Lot lived in a cave with his daughters. They wanted to have children and since he was the only man around, they got him drunk and had sex with him while he was “unconscious.” No one was punished for that part, but that’s the Bible for you.
  6. Salt Formations

    The Bible
  7. I think of small birds as a sort of joke, like a shaggy dog story where the joke is that it goes on and on without having a point.
  8. Wolfgang. I hate his voice, personality and his giant head.
  9. It depends on Warly’s age. If he’s 25, his mother would probably be in her 40s and not a little old lady with dementia. So if she is his mom, that means Warly is in his late 40s or early 50s.
  10. Well there’s even less reason to delay the release of a PC version that’s ready because it might make console players feel bad. If hardly any of them even know about it, it can’t make them feel bad.
  11. 700+ Days Shipwrecked Megabase Showcase

    I like that little “setpiece” with the booty bag next to the sand piles and the shovel and the map.
  12. It's got major new mechanics, and weeding out the bugs in that sort of thing is very time-consuming. But in terms of content, not so much until later. I'm going to guess that new mobs and items are relatively easy to create, but mechanics like sailing are a lot more challenging. In SW, the boats are really just part of the character. In DST boats are objects that move characters around, something we haven't had in either game before. To the untutored eye, the update may look light because there isn't a lot of new content -- not many items or mobs in the water and not much to do with the stuff that is there. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't a major programming project that will lay the groundwork for content to come.
  13. Not if you use a sprinkler.
  14. [Game Update] - 337090

    "Minimap" can meant two things: There's a mod that shows a windowed map during gameplay, but "minimap" is also what the devs call the map you get when you press Tab
  15. Is the pebble crab an unimplemented mob?