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  1. Meaty stew is a waste if your character has a small stomach and bacon & eggs takes its place because the slow spoil rate means you can carry a nice stack with you. So these lists are really pointless unless you specify the character
  2. I guess I am unusual, but despite all the new content in DST right now, including a lot of stuff I haven’t even really experienced myself yet, I still find myself playing Shipwrecked and Hamlet a lot more than DST. I love both of these DLC ‘s, and I especially appreciate a break from the sepia tone color palette and too-familiar biomes of ROG. I know multiplayer games are what everyone seems to want right now, but it’s too hard to find friends to play with and ultimately I just don’t care about that. I would happily buy more single player DLCs on the order of Hamlet. I love what was added in terms of mechanics and interiors and biomes, and the ability to bring Hamlet structures into SW, my all-time favorite, is fantastic. I really don’t get all this griping. Hamlet expanded on the existing base game and DLCs exponentially. It just saddens me to think that there won’t be more DLCs for single-player. I would happily pay four times what they charge for them, or pay for events and add-ons if that were possible.
  3. I’ve only made the tamales in a solo world, but as far as I could tell feasting on that only gave me sanity. So perhaps it varies depending on the food!
  4. Another fun story about Lot: When he was still living in Sodom, he had some guests who were *very* good-looking guys. Some local rowdies came to his house banging on the door and demanding the Lot send out the guests so they could have sex with them. Lot was horrified by this and said, “No, take my daughters instead! They’re virgins!” But then the good-looking guests turned out to be angels and smote the rowdies, so that was OK. Probably his wife was better off as a pillar of salt.
  5. Lot and his family lived in Sodom and were the only vanilla people there, so God told them to get out so he could smite the kinky. They weren’t supposed to look back while fleeing but his wife did and turned into a pillar of salt. Later, Lot lived in a cave with his daughters. They wanted to have children and since he was the only man around, they got him drunk and had sex with him while he was “unconscious.” No one was punished for that part, but that’s the Bible for you.
  6. "Minimap" can meant two things: There's a mod that shows a windowed map during gameplay, but "minimap" is also what the devs call the map you get when you press Tab
  7. Praise Klei! Basically, black fly season where I live (right now)!
  8. It’s all about the world gen for me. Optimally, the BFB’s caves exit onto the main island, but if it goes to the Pugalisk, I can’t use the BFB as a taxi home. I think some maps might have mobs that go extinct, etc.
  9. True, but the psychology aspect kind of fell by the wayside a long time ago. When people use it now, it’s usually for those situations when the whole experience of something is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Maybe it’s an inside joke or something?