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  1. Deerclops is a she?

    This is not being “changed right now.” It was years ago that the devs said in a stream that most of the giants were female, and players have been bringing it up here since then. People tend to call any animal who’s gender they don’t know “him,” for convenience sake, so there’s no need to stick to that like it’s the Bible or something. It’s a common mistake to call Clops “he” but you can hear plenty of informed, experienced DS streamers who know better and call her “she.”
  2. Hamlet and Shipwrecked

    I would rather see totally new content in DST than have the devs do a whole lot of work to give me something I've already got in single player. I like both versions of the game, and really like that I can play one a lot for a couple of months, then go back to the other and it feels refreshed.
  3. I haven’t built a shrine yet and got two carrats in my beefalo pen during spring. When I first saw them, they were on foot, trying to escape the pen and I was very confused as to how they got there. Then they jumped on some beefs.
  4. Glommer's Gender

    Glommer doesn’t reproduce sexually so it could be gender less like fungi
  5. Please Nerf Boat Kits

    The fact remains that there is simply no good reason to make boat kits more expensive or narrow rivers, and it’s not going to happen. Your reasons for asking for this are peculiar to you and irrelevant to the vast majority of other players, who find boat bridges eliminate a lot of tedium from the late game.
  6. Please Nerf Boat Kits

    This is a really specific problem to you that does not merit eliminating something that other players find a welcome convenience, especially those with long-term maps who do not want to have to take the long way around over and over again because of your problems managing visitors to your server. Also, what a weird problem. They find it easier/faster to build a crafting station and chop wood for four boards per boat than to simply walk?
  7. Item skins are the best, thank you!
  8. Most useless items

    Not since Wormwood came to town
  9. The first time they ran across my base, I was afraid they were up to no good, but they seem harmless
  10. I haven’t run my owner open server for a while, but when I did, Wolfgangs were always noobs who’d seen one Edgy Rick video, thought they were the bomb just for picking the character, ate all the food, wasted a bunch of pigskin to make a saddle so they could ride a beefalo into the base like everyone should be impressed, then left the server after refusing to help fight DF.
  11. Question regarding boat bases

    Only if there were seagulls in DST
  12. Question regarding boat bases

    I had one throw me some fish recently for no reason at all. That is, I guess that’s what happened because I saw one and then a bit later I found a fish morsel on the boat with no idea how it got there.
  13. DS got a huge update in the form of the Hamlet DLC last year. Bee Queen, Fuel Weaver, etc. are old content compared to that. I alternate between the two games, getting tired of one and switching to the other. I like the RoT update, and I’m soloing DST now because it’s fresh, but TBH, this update is nothing compared to Hamlet. I expect I’ll be playing DS again soon because I still haven’t done everything I’d like to try in it. Currently, it’s pretty easily to max out on DST unless there’s a new event because there’s only one new turf/ biome. Also, it’s DLCs make DS aesthetically superior to DST. Because it remains kind of stuck in the Constant, DST is always going to look a bit tired compared to Hamlet and SW. Piling on more bosses will not change that. I would love to see more DS DLCs. For better or worse it’s much easier to get a whole new world to play in with DS. It doesn’t need any of the DST bosses when it has that. Adding Bee Queen or Fuel Weaver to DS would just be boring. That said, I have little choice but to play DST solo, as well, so I appreciate the argument. Fortunately, I’m not stuck with a hobbled console and can use mods, but DST should support a solo setting. And, for that matter, consoles should permit mods.
  14. Yeah, I didn’t say they all were. There has always been some tension between players who are mostly interested in the survival element and don’t care much about the sandbox element, and vice versa. Of course being more able to customize the difficulty of the game is a good idea, but that’s a far cry from 20-page topics on how characters should be changed or some random incredibly detailed, high-handed review of every aspect of an update with exhaustive proclamations on how Klei ought to do it instead. That stuff is boring.
  15. Many fun and interesting/cool additions to the game. While I don’t mind the character reworks, they have had the unfortunate side effect, I believe, of ruining these forums. Just a couple of years ago, you could come here and find really creative and clever players figuring out how to use the game’s mechanics and limitations to their advantage, or just really great players like Joeschmoecoolstuff inventing new challenges. I would be amazed by how smart they were every week. But once Klei introduced the reworks, it opened a door to the mentality that if you are having problems with the game, you might be able to gripe about it enough here to persuade Klei to change it. Now 80 percent of the forum is long-winded, half-baked arguments for how this or that should be changed, or even longer “reviews” of the changes that do get made. Usually the suggestions are ways to make the game easier for that particular person who can’t deal with this or that challenge and somehow doesn’t get that challenges are the whole point of any game. I really don’t want to read endless posts about how people who aren’t Klei developers and who don’t know what they’re talking about would change DST, not any more than I want to see a 10-year-old fan direct the new Star Wars movie. So I don’t come here much anymore. This is no disrespect to some of the long-suffering Willow and Woodie mains who wanted their characters to have the same abilities as in DS. I never played those characters, so I never fully understood the issues, but they were good enough players that their requests seemed reasonable and in line with the spirit of DS/T.