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  1. Bundling Wrap

    You do have to remember to wrap the bird, though, and this was something we always forgot. We'd end up going back to the surface in Autumn and no bird. unless someone wanted to go all the way back down to the cave base (it was near the ruins), we'd just make a trap to catch a new one. I'd catch a few more birds and wrap them for the future at that point, to use up the trap.
  2. Bundling Wrap

    We had a lot of wraps on our 800-day map, so I made go packs for boss fights with just 20 pierogis or jerky in each. We also spent the entire summer in the caves and kept forgetting to bring a bird down for the cage in the caves camp, so I wrapped a bird and put it in the go-chest of stuff to take underground. Live creatures are preserved by the wrap, so once you get wrap I'd advise making moleworm packs so that you can easily whip up fresh moggles when you get glow berries. Nothing is more annoying than when you have a spoiling berry and have to scrounge around for moles. People planning to fight Misery Toadstool might want to do this, too, since I believe they need a poisoned canary. Note: there's only a brief period during which you can pick up a live creature after unwrapping it. If you don't grab your bird fast, it will fly away forever. Moles you can recapture if you have a hammer, but it's still a nuisance. Finally, bundles all look alike, so you have to be very careful picking them up and storing them. Pick up/hold only one type of pack at a time and store in marked chests. When transporting multiple bundles, sort them in your inventory and open as many as you can when you get to your destination and while you still remember which is which. It's a real drag to be carrying five bundles, not knowing which is which and having to open and then rewrap a bunch of them to find what you need. I have lost some birds that way.
  3. Tips for Bearger?

    It took me forever to learn that getting Bearger to walk or charge through trees is a waste that gest you no logs, just a stump. As mentioned above, the trick is to get him to swipe at you when there's a tree in between and above all to do his stomp when the largest possible number of trees are close by. One option is to plant a very tight/ thick forest and lead him to that when you know he's fixin' to stomp.
  4. The current maps are pretty complete. It would need to be a new map, like Shipwrecked (although hopefully not SW itself), not just more bosses or tweaks to the existing maps/environments.
  5. If you feel that the idea should be tested, then why do you view this mod as "trolling"? It's a way to test it as well as a kind of joke. That's what some mods are for, to change the game in a way that pleases a small number of players but that the majority doesn't want. Realistically, since the meatball recipe goes all the way back to single player, Klei has had plenty of time to think it over and clearly sees no reason to change it or they would've done so by now. I seriously doubt that no one has raise the issue with them before.
  6. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    The obsidian fire pit was nevre in DST, only in Shipwrecked.
  7. Not necessarily! Certain meats release enough juices and fats when you cook them with vegetables irl, but most of the time ,yes.
  8. I can't see any good reason to make the game harder by making monster meat inedible, other than the fact that a handful of people with many hours in the game now find the early stages boring. A good friend is currently starting with the SP version and it's interesting to be reminded just how difficult it is before you learn all the ins and outs, like making a bird cage. Making the early game harder would unbalance it for newcomers, who matter too, and would turn monster meat into annoying clutter like stingers. Figuring out how to make MM edible was one of my first big accomplishments in the game and it felt great to finally get a handle on it. As for meatballs made from ice, whatever. I almost never make that. Isn't the whole strategy for advanced players to move to an all- jerky diet? I still hunt koalas and beefs, although pig and bunny farming is where the real action is. I've literally never played a long-term game where spiders were the main food source.
  9. Trade inn question

    You will automatically get something from the next level up, and there's a slight chance it will be something from an even higher level.
  10. Whats going on ?

    The ANR beta updates were spaced out over a long enough time that players became used to getting them and started to think that DS games are always like that. However, it only happens when they have a major chunk of new content, like Shipwrecked or ANR, coming out. In between those releases, not much happens. We don't know when the next one will be, but I agree with TheKingDedede that a bit more of a flourish at the end of ANR would have clarified this and kept players from repeatedly getting their hopes up in vain.
  11. Random Topic Starter

    I'm not crazy about the GPS mod because it makes it too easy for trolls or overdependent noobs to track you down. I prefer to go off to a remote part of the map, get a base going and then team with players who have the wherewithal to find me on their own. I can't really enjoy the game if from day one I'm being followed or badgered by someone who keeps saying "I need food!" or "can you give me 10 twigs?" or "Help me, I'm going insane!"
  12. I think I bought it in a humble bundle package, but I didn't really play it until a friend who is a game reviewer/designer mentioned to me that he really really liked it. So I decided to give it a chance and there was no turning back after that. My friend got so freaked out by the tall birds, though, that he stopped playing it and hasn't got back to it since!
  13. Aren't puddles from the monsoon season supposed to evaporate in the summer? I still have small ones all over my map. This includes on islands that I had not even explored yet.
  14. There are all sorts of ways you can tweak the world or the character to make the game harder. Wes is one, but you can set the harsher seasons to be longer, reduce the amount of resources, mobs,etc. and bump up the enemies. You can play with one HP. You can play Lights Out. i really feel that the base game world is pretty complete. New territory with different challenges and rewards would be more exciting than tweaking the main world.