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  1. She looks so pleased with herself
  2. Hamlet Disappointment

    I think Wormwood was already in the works, and they simply withdrew Warbucks at the same time, hoping to minimize the tantruming about it with the distraction of a new character. Wheeler is the rework of Warbucks, with similar “adventurer” qualities, a ranged weapon and special searching device.
  3. Either way! There’s a long-standing maritime tradition where you always ask the captain of a ship for permission to come aboard. It would be cool if DST had this and whoever made the boat had to approve all passengers before they could jump on. As it is, anyone close enough can board at will. You could prevent this by not releasing the steering wheel until you’re ready to disembark. The griefer could destroy the boat, but not kill the player.
  4. Their own boat would be equally damaged, so they’d die too. Not that most griefers care about that.
  5. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    There is an offline play option, but it can’t use skins and content like Wortox, which is how Klei monetizes DST and funds its continued development. The game needs to connect to their servers in order to verify that you own that stuff. This is where latency problems come in for those of us with poor Internet access even when playing alone
  6. They’re not “offended” by the zombie hounds and pengulls. They have a phobic reaction to them. This type of thing is not subject to reason or syllogistic arguments (I.e., if you’re bothered by X morbid thing, you must also be bothered by Y morbid thing, otherwise your inconsistency demonstrates that you’re not *really* bothered by X morbid thing at all and we don’t have to respect your request).
  7. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    He’s a great decoy for bats and beetles. They always seem to go for him first, and while they’re not attacking you you can pick them off one by one .
  8. You don’t always get the flute in nonbugged games
  9. [Game Update] - 335195

    It’s all about the world gen for me. Optimally, the BFB’s caves exit onto the main island, but if it goes to the Pugalisk, I can’t use the BFB as a taxi home. I think some maps might have mobs that go extinct, etc.
  10. Showcase for Boats

    Wartox enjoying some delicious cookies by the fire on his tent-boat.
  11. Gestalt

    It already is a word in English, just not with a meaning that has anything to do with ghosts or the supernatural.
  12. You could make a meat farm planting bunnymen houses around that bishop island!
  13. Potential for Livestock.

    I can see killing one Saladmander to get a dragon fruit to feed to a caged bird, but after that, the usual farming method seems easier and less time consuming. Killing them would be a pain, as they have like 800 health.
  14. Gestalt

    They are a lot more like ghosts than like the gestalt of gestalt therapy, which makes the name less mysterious. But it is still weird, because most DS names are in English and the references are pretty easy for an reasonably educated person to get, like the pig quotes in Hamlet taken from Shakespeare plays. tbh, I don’t usually care that much about lore, but I would really like to know the reasons for choosing this name.