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  1. Communal Fanart Thread

    I thought the Shroog would be fun to sculpt in Zbrush. So here is a bust.
  2. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Inktober dump. It's been a nice change to work with paper and pen.But my brain always freezes when I want to lasso or undo something. Enhcanted: Frail: Shippy ones.
  3. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Exactly the style I was going for!
  4. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Infected Squeaky Puft for inktober today.
  5. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Thank you! No. Just a botched butchering of a fish. I made a terrible mess of my kitchen doing the same thing.
  6. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Aw, you made my day! You are so sweet, thank you very much! I really appreciate it!
  7. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Bah, I burned a couple fingers and fell off the wagon again. It's better now so here are two new items and some doodles to try and get back on track. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them! The Pufferfish is poisonous unless you crock pot it with a couple of others and a flint.It will also be able to be made into a monkey ball that poisons anything that plays with it. Some doodles: Wormwood heard Maxwell needed something so he made it for him.
  8. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Aw! Early classes are the worst! I hope things get better for you!
  9. Dreams of Gravitas

    You are so prolific! I aspire to be even half as prolific as you. With such a sweet little hound no wonder he can't stop showing them off at work. I also love the fossil print shirt, it's a really cool touch.
  10. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I took forever to get some of the items in game but it should be easier for the rest now that I know what to do. I found that I should make ground versions of the cuttlefishes because they looked odd on the ground. I can see some colour leaking out of some of them so I should clean those up and thicken the outlines on the scallops. I'm thinking the dead scallop should get a ground version too, but I'm having a hard to thinking of one that would look different enough from the cooked version again. Updated images and the images for the heavy trawl net itself. I'd love to hear any feedback on these.
  11. Communal Fanart Thread

    Thank you both so much! I really appreciate your kind words!
  12. Communal Fanart Thread

    I love the idea of a communal art thread! Here is a drawing of my best boy Bort.
  13. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Thank you! I was pretty happy with how that one turned out. Aw, that's terrible! I'm sad to hear that! Losing a pet is so sad. Thank you very much! I agree that it is time for some more Maxwell/Wilson. Hehe. You are doing fine!
  14. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I love them to death, and I do like to think they like to trade friendly insults or mildly inconvenience one another when it is amusing and apologize if one of them ever gets too mean. But when I doodle it's just for fun so it ends up being related to how I feel, something I find funny or a mistake I try to rationalize. In this case I drew Maxwell's head too low so I made up a reason for him to be there by being buried. I don't think Wilson would do that to him, I just thought it was funny. Thank you! It's okay he was old and sick. I just miss his cute face and naughty-ness. My other cats are boring by comparison.