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  1. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I'm feeling bad and anxious for missing last week so here is a doodle dump. Verb doodles I abandoned back in Feb. Something I liked better in my head. Doodles to figure out how to draw Wilba.
  2. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    A Mumsy Zbrush bust I've been working on and off for a while.
  3. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    I'm going to try and go for a realistic looking environment. Since I don't usually.
  4. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Thank you both so much for the feedback! The walls definitely could use some breaking up. I do want to make it realistic so I will refocus on that and give that lonely couch some purpose!
  5. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    I wanted to make the gravitas lobby in UE4. Here is the first pass with basic models no textures. I messed up the lighting settings and after putting it into a new level light is leaking all over. I'll fix it, but I'd love feedback on what I do have. Constructive criticism is always welcome!
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    Buff Liam turning some heads.
  7. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    The recent Thursday stream reminded me of this ancient goofy rough wilson walk cycle I did when I was learning to do walk cycles in maya. Spoilered the gifs because having multiples going at once is irritating. I re-did it with what I know now and made it into a disgruntled march. The Wilson I did along with the stream ended up looking like he has a limp. I think I messed up his leg lengths. I also came across this old grotesque digital painting of Maxwell I never finished. But the premise still makes me smile so I thought I'd post it anyway.
  8. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I think my drawings are pretty stiff so I thought I should do doodles of random verbs as an exercise to get better about that. Yes.
  9. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Verb doodles. Me whenever new content is announced. Another doodle I liked.
  10. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Thank you very much! I just like to get some final feedback from him before I post. To tell me if the idea is clear or In case I overlooked something, or if there is something I can do to make it better. For this one the perspective was giving me trouble, and he told me so when I showed him the line art. So I wanted his opinion on whether I fixed it or not.
  11. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I wanted to get some feedback from my bro on this one before posting it but I'd be better off trying to pull his teeth. A wintry Maxwell/Wilson scene.
  12. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    My idea behind it was; What if there was a super science enclave of Wilsons who had never seen a non-all powerful Maxwell before. One who was injured and possibly not quite all right in his mind. Leading them to capture and do some inhumane experiments to him since they can't agree if he really is that big jerk or if he is human at all since he seems unable to communicate as far as they are concerned. "Giants don't just shrink! And what is with those teeth?" Lucky for Maxwell he's got a fellow feral pal coming in to break him out of this experiment. I should have put way more beakers and science things in the foreground/background per my original idea to better convey this. There was a lightning rod attached to the cage at one point but I thought it was a bit too cruel.
  13. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    This is an idea from last year, but I liked it enough to finish it. It reflects my current (and back then) state of mind. "What possibly could 'doʇs' mean?"