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  1. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Oh yeah definitely! A lot of the models are roughs so I haven't bothered with smoothing groups at all yet. That one in particular I'm going to go hi-poly and make it look chiseled it in zBrush.
  2. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    A speed sculpt bust of un-corrupt Wortox. I thought it was a little plain so using it as a base I did another speed sculpt for a corrupted Wortox. I wanted to try to push it into a very different style.
  3. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Update on the Gravitas lobby. A second rough pass on some of the models, some added set dressings, and a finished floor and wall texture. Constructive criticism is always appreciated! I need to make a doorway for that hallway and fix the molding that doesn't fit the walls there. I think I need to do a lighting pass next.
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    Operation mobile algae suit is a go.
  5. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Yep, Ellie.
  6. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I would like to see that! Here is the reference image I was using if you want it.
  7. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    More doodles from ideas I never finished. Wilson caught stealing berries. I hate the ice cream trucks in my area so I wanted to torture Maxwell with one. I couldn't figure out how to make Charlie fit in the truck and not look horrible, also I started thinking too much about how Ice-cream trucks weren't a thing until the 20's and decided to scrap it. The truck makes me laugh though. Miscellaneous doodles. I missed a week in April somehow so here some shippy doodle stuff I've been too chicken to post for ages as penance. On the subject of Simpsons references here is a doodle Willow with a flamethrower a la Scorpio thanks to today's stream.
  8. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    He hopes he remembered to put it away.
  9. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    Spoilered because I guess it is kind of shippy. I wanted to use sketchbook's paintbrushes for something gloomy. It was relaxing but I think I smudged the brush strokes together too much.
  10. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    I see. Yeah, I was surprised but how much I changed my play style. It's good though as I used to rely on mealwood for far too long.
  11. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Yep! I really like the change in difficulty and that I have to use medical buildings now.
  12. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    I'm sure you'll be right as rain eventually. Hopefully. Maybe.
  13. Dreams of Gravitas

    I absolutely love this, the detail and designs of them are gorgeous. It's great!
  14. DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

    I've been sick and my arm/hand is painful when I draw so here is an anemic doodle dump. I really hope the pain goes away soon as I really hate it. I really liked Phillin's idea of a human raft. Gotta gorge on Glommer goop. Super scritchy scientists.