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  1. Walter and Woby calendar doodles. Woby's shape eludes me.
  2. Between a job and wow classic I am not drawing as much and that is not making me happy. Angry Wilson doodles and a Wes.
  3. Aw! Thank you very much! I love him dearly so I really appreciate you saying that! I doodled it just after a stream where Klei artists were drawing DS characters in costumes for fun. I thought it was unfitting and therefore funny for Wes to be dressed as a cop so I did it. But he'd fit right in to Wendy's taskforce!
  4. I was feeling paranoid about this thread closing due to inactivity so here is a Wes doodle from a month or two ago.
  5. Neat! I like that a lot! Thanks for showing it to me.
  6. No, I didn't know there was spiderman scene like this.
  7. Yes! And that was supposed to be Wilson's tongue, but it is a very messy doodle. I was sussing out flounder/halibut designs. Yes, everyone should hold their kitties close. Haha, yes!
  8. Ah, I really need to get back on the ball. I have some more doodles to keep the thread from closing at least. Shippy ones. Maybe I ought to challenge myself to draw characters that are not Maxwell and Wilson.
  9. Hehe, putting soda in your eye sounds very unpleasant but funny. Yes it is!