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  1. I can't draw Wortox so it's just Wormwood.
  2. Thank you, I have the game but I don't play it much so thanks for telling me the name of it.
  3. The suits that the duplicants wear would work nicely. Some references like a secret sculpture that resembles something from ONI
  4. After a long hiatus I have finally time to draw once again. Here is also my blindfold drawings.
  5. This is a lot of dedication just for a cosmetic mod
  6. I like drawing Deerclops but I wanted to draw him a little bit differently
  7. He is trying to make a friend
  8. Ssshhhh he is hunting a Koalefant
  9. When the Hallowed Night update come out I made this screenshot with my friend
  10. This guy sure doesn't seem happy about his n
  11. He is one lonely guy so I felt he needs a friend Als here is my post from last week that I forgot to post
  12. Here is Pugalisk nothing more nothing less I would have added some more but I was focused on something And the thing I was focused on was a school project around making Christmas decorations from stuff we can recycle so I made this little thing
  13. Wilba having fun with a Iron Hulk and it's 100% save
  14. Here is my Warbucks drawing I liked drawing it but I kind feel like there is something wrong with his hands I just can't figure out what Also Vignette's for everyone!
  15. I wanted to draw a boss in the Funko Pop style it doesn't look too much like a Funko Pop but I still like it
  16. When you chop down trees sometimes the game will scare you with them and you are unable to move and chop
  17. Here she is and as always I enjoyed drawing her and I can't wait to buy her in the future ( let's hope she will be a shop near me )
  18. I'm gonna be honest I don't like Funko Pops but the Don't Starve ones look barely like a Funko Pop so that's why I love them
  19. Plain old simple Ancient Gateway nothing more nothing less
  20. I like the Florid Postern but Celestial Portal deserves some love too
  21. It just scales poping off him and I expected people saying that it looks like feathers but fur works too
  22. I liked drawing this fast moving, broken house living, coming in hordes, fast punching, pig hating, tentacle killing, peck neck
  23. Same as my Hot Lave drawing I never drew anything from Oxygen not Included so here is my first try (didn't finish it 100% since the my black pen broke)