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  1. After a long hiatus I have finally time to draw once again. Here is also my blindfold drawings.
  2. I like drawing Deerclops but I wanted to draw him a little bit differently
  3. When the Hallowed Night update come out I made this screenshot with my friend
  4. This guy sure doesn't seem happy about his n
  5. He is one lonely guy so I felt he needs a friend Als here is my post from last week that I forgot to post
  6. Here is Pugalisk nothing more nothing less I would have added some more but I was focused on something And the thing I was focused on was a school project around making Christmas decorations from stuff we can recycle so I made this little thing
  7. Wilba having fun with a Iron Hulk and it's 100% save
  8. Here is my Warbucks drawing I liked drawing it but I kind feel like there is something wrong with his hands I just can't figure out what Also Vignette's for everyone!
  9. I wanted to draw a boss in the Funko Pop style it doesn't look too much like a Funko Pop but I still like it