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  1. Cause I did the Cyclum puzzle on my epic account a while ago I got a second Tragic Torch, I'm not complaining though (I only did that cause on the cyclum website had an epic log in option)
  2. OH MY GOD CAVES GOT SOMETHING? AND UNLIMITED SAVE SLOTS god Halloween is around the corner and it already feels like Christmas
  3. When the Hallowed Night update come out I made this screenshot with my friend
  4. When you chop down trees sometimes the game will scare you with them and you are unable to move and chop
  5. It was some time ago so I might have not done one thing but oh well it's over now and it doesn't really matter it's just an icon
  6. I participated in the tournament and I didn't get anything and do you see me complaining? I mean I would be complaining but the Klaus profile icon is best for me
  7. I wich I could draw like you man Well I can still learn
  8. I always have money ready for the next update so I don't have to worry about not getting all the character skins so I just buy with spools event item skins. Good luck with getting this events skins I hope you get the WX skin
  9. Thank you it was kinda hard since we don't have a lot of pictures of this skin so I experimented with how it would work and I wanted to color it in but I didn't have the right ones so I just put some lines for the darker bits of the skin and I do love this skin it looks like something out of Bioshock and when it comes it I will buy it 100%
  10. Thank you very much adn thanks for the welcoming comment
  11. Every time something comes out with a cool look I will draw it and that was with the Clay Varg Thank you very much a lot of my friends and poeple on Steam tell me that too
  12. I made a lot of drawing's based off Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together and I found this art forum not long ago so I wanted to post all my drawing until now here and if I make more I will update this post
  13. I guess people who play DST like to write