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  1. I nearly had it on my old account but my pc could't run dst at that time so releasing would be nice since that skin looks quite nice
  2. I did disable disease so I guess I should enable it again. Thanks for telling me that I had no idea that it would happen if I had disabled something. I will check if any of the mods use GEM CORE since I do remember having it as a mod in my list of mods
  3. So the beta came and I and many other of mine friends wanted to play it. Unfortunately I could't and I have no idea if this is a bug or I did something wrong but when I have my mods enabled the world just doesn't want to start up. Or when I disabled all of my mods and the world actually started the game just told be that something is wrong and I needed to close it. I don't know if this can be fixed or I just have to wait till the beta is over and wait for full release. I have verified my game files many times after I got in to the beta and when these weird things happend. So if anyone could help me solve this issue I would appreciate that a lot.
  4. Klei we need to talk...

    I kinda wish it would have been possible to use the current umbrella skins on eyebrella
  5. Wendy and Wigfrid have the most expensive skins and there are multiple reasons why 1.Both of them are very popular characters 2.They are good characters for new players ( if you ask me ) 3.Their skins change their looks enough 4.One of them is #relatable
  6. I'm a Webber main and I played as him for a long time and I enjoy his but if I play as any other character that I enjoy I just feel like Webber has things missing that would make him 100% pick for a server
  7. I mean I want the hole collection for Wickerbottom and WX78 but the Guest of Honor skins are way to expensive for me I was lucky to get Guest of Honor Webber when it was for 6 euro but i'm not paying 15 or 20 euro for 1 skin and then Klei will make it hairloom and getting 100% on wicker and wx will be impossible for me all I need for both of them are guest of honor skins and buying the bundle won't give me 100% so yea that would suck and the idea of @StrangeChameleon to add 20% to the players who really have collected everything would make it really nice and they could hide those hairloom skins from the player like the loyal skins or timeless skins could be nice as well.
  8. Maybe a new hound that gives out orders and stays in the back and giving hounds speed boost and damage just like Bee Queen
  9. He was friends with Krampus so he should have his Sack as a starting item
  10. I like drawing Deerclops but I wanted to draw him a little bit differently
  11. I remember when people complained when Forge came out and you could buy the skins and some people started calling Klei EA and such I mean the skins are optional and Wortox can be waved which if you played a lot of Forge and Gorge you can easily get him also if you have a pc or a laptop that can run DST well then I don't believe that $10 is that much for a character and few skins.
  12. They look like the Monstars from Space Jam
  13. Something like what the archipelago from adventure mode but that would drop fps like hell or lag if exploring both that and caves
  14. If he gets added and will be broken can the update to fix her can be named ''Forest Inferno'' and then if he is still broken we can maken another update called ''White Moon'' update to actually fix her
  15. Welp that will be my sleepy time but everyone can enjoy it and I can see everything the next day so it won't be that bad