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  1. Space and have you ever tried to use a flingo while sailing? It’s terrible. If your boat is in motion it will miss.
  2. wasn't sure where to put this! the sinkholes spawn, but when mined the entrance is covered by roots. i think this is due to the caves shard not working?
  3. Just thought I'd make a quick video in case anyone was wondering what the new skin set looked like in-game! I was personally very curious about how the hair, in particular, would look, especially from the back.
  4. dear keli,

    stop trying to censor my signature, theres nothing wrong with it at all


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  5. I finally got around to clearing out the ruins on my RoT world, I noticed that a lot more mob drops keep getting lost to the void, they don't even need to fall into the void, just near the edge and they're gone.
  6. Mhm, an option to "retrieve" like you can in SW would be nice.
  7. This also applies to masts that have fallen off the boat.
  8. You're right, I often see beavers walking on water when I'm out by the ponds.
  9. The edit not a single soul asked for or wanted.
  10. Woodie's werebeaver form doesn't die when the boat breaks and sinks, he turns invisible and is stuck in place until attacked. If attacked (by shadows, most likely) he can walk freely on the water.
  11. Wearing a hair covering hat causes Wormwood's arm chop animation to disappear.
  12. I've been wanting to do this one for awhile, finally got it done! loosely based off this botw vid:
  13. Well, this sure was a rushed job. There's still plenty of bugs and balancing issues left in this "finished DLC." Really should've just taken your time, waiting longer for Hamlet to come out of EA would've been better than this.
  14. Equipping anything that changes the amount of inventory slots (i.e. backpacks, boats) brings up two bugged slots, they are stacked on top of one another. Interacting with these slots can freeze and crash the game. You have unequip and reequip the shooter and compass every time this happens to get rid of the bugged slots. I've added a video, I hope this helps. bug video.mp4
  15. There's been several bug reports already, but equipping a backpack or hopping on a boat as Wheeler brings up the shooter and compass's item slots, stacked on top of one another. Interacting with these bugged slots crashes and freezes the game. The bugged slots also get in the way of the cargo boat. They also require you to equip and unequip the shooter and compass every time this happens, so you don't crash the game trying to use either item. Oh, and just for good measure, you still can't use the shooter at sea. It's been bugged for weeks, and causes the most issues while playing SW, but also effects Hamlet playthroughs too, as there's boats and water in Hamlet too. Trying to use the shooter to kill things like jellyfish or platapines just breaks the game, straight up.
  16. I appreciate the balancing changes and all, but backpacks and boats are STILL broken.
  18. Using the trusty shooter while on a boat causes invisibilty, inability to move and crashes. Getting on a boat brings up the shooter and compass’s slots (stacked on top of one another,) whether or not you even have either of these items on you doesn’t matter. You can place the shooter and compass in these slots, which causes crashes. The slots overlap with a slot provided by the cargo boat.
  19. She looks like fun! Not a Wilson 2.0 at all. Wilson doesn’t have anything, Wheeler has speed, handy unique items and her ability to dodge. Fantastic changes, if they want to tweak her health/hunger/sanity stats I would understand.