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  1. You know what? I don’t see how you could justify asking Klei to change something to appease a small number of fanatics that want to throw exuberant amounts of money at the community market. Maybe you should think about why you’re really spending so much on skins, because it sounds to me like its a lot less about supporting Klei and a lot more about having the satisfaction of having every single skin and feeling honoured for that, like that's an achievement. I think the system is fine as is, you want proof you bought a bunch of skins? Here's what you can use:
  2. gorge coming back?

    If its not, why aren’t items from the Gorge dropping?
  3. Winter. I like that it has upsides to it. To my knowledge summer lacks any real upsides, besides faster crop growth, which doesn’t really matter if everything is withered. Winter has slowed food spoilage, Mactusks (tusk and tam o’shanter drops for mobility and sanity management respectively), Deerclops, Klaus... Winter is what every season should be, spring and summer feel like afterthoughts in comparison.
  4. I don't think anyone was "freaking out" per se, I think we just saw that the long-tailed rat monarch had posted on a whim and phoned it in. Also, still not a dog, the first reply pointed this out, might be worth looking into some other depictions of imps for reference. Hooves and horns ≠ canine, even if he's fluffy and has a tail. What do you know indeed...
  5. PvP is fun

    So nobody’s gonna make a snarky quip about how this isn’t 4chan? ... And ask why anyone would use greentext formatting on the Klei forums? I expect nothing, and I’m still let down.
  6. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    In Canada it is pronounced y’eht.
  7. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    The ability to throw Lucy into the sea.
  8. I'm kinda bummed about the balloons not dropping souls anymore, but I guess it was for the best. Hopefully Wes will get something useful when his rework comes around.
  9. Ahaha, whoooops.
  10. Har har, I’m on mobile.
  11. Will we be able to use Wortox offline if we’ve purchased him in the future? I’m stuck without internet for the next while and I’m kind of disappointed I can’t test him out without having internet access.
  12. New character this month

    Those are bloody adorable ideas <3
  13. You are Abadabadoo. Your post gives us some interesting things to think about concerning exploits and mechanics (both intended and unintended) It's a fine line to walk, trying to strike a balance between fair and fun. I think unfair things can be fun especially when its against AI (i.e. not PVP where the other person could be frustrated by the use of exploits). At the same time, it can also be fun to play fairly against these AI and challenge yourself. ... That being said, nerfing catapults or tentacles... won't fix the fact that how bosses and uh, basically just every mob behaves in this game is easily exploited. If you wanted to fix this issue some major exploits would need to be addressed, and as I said, it's a fine line. I can't say I'd be all too pleased if pathfinding was overhauled so that I'd be forced to deal with lavae and grumble bees during their respective boss fights as I'm really not a fan of the whole "stock up on dozens of healing foods and armour to win" approach. They should probably fix how easy it is to get out of bounds though, there are all sorts of nasty ways that trick can be used to cheese bosses and even grief (e.g. running items like the celestial orb or chester's eyebone off the map.)
  14. The celestial portal isn't the problem, it's Winona being more annoying to play than other characters. Normally, I do just stick to using one character, Winona's rework gave her neat structures (that persist after she's left the server/despawned) and an annoying "perk" (the hunger penalty upon crafting.) It's not people's fault for putting two and two together and making use of the portal because they don't want to deal with playing a character that has hunger drain for crafting with no upside.
  15. The people working on this game do read through at least some of our comments and I don't think any of the feedback so far has been coming from a bad place, quite the opposite from the looks of things. Myself and others would just like to see Winona changed for the better, to be given a reason to pick her over other characters. The faster crafting was something, but its been rendered null by the hunger penalty. We'll get nowhere if we avoid stating our opinions because we might hurt a dev's feelings. I don't think that line of thinking gives them enough credit anyways, the people at Klei are tough cookies