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  1. @x0VERSUS1y I completely embarrassed myself in front of A Chad today.

    I went to Best Buy and this complete and utter 10/10 6’5 dark-haired tanned Chad walked in the aisle I was in. I immediately tripped over nothing but luckily caught myself so I didn’t fall and pretended it didn’t happen. I felt like I was in the presence of a Demi-god. I started trying to change the way I was standing so I didn’t look stupid in front of him. I even found myself squinting to look a little cooler. Then he dropped one of his items and I damn near FLEW to pick it up for him. He said “thanks man” and I did the goofiest smile. I walked away quickly out of shame and tripped again, but I fell this time. I walked out of the store and sat in my car shaking in embarrassment. I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate everything.

    1. x0VERSUS1y


      Oh the fresh smell of cuckoldry early in the morning.. mmmmm! It certainly warrants a milky meatzballs soup to the soy-boy wittol there, at table 69. Bon appetito! *SLURP!*

    2. JohnWatson
  2. during cave ins rocks, flint, gems, etc will pile up in the middle of the well, and you take damage for retrieving the ones that are able to be reached, i assume because they're still considered to be falling...?
  3. End's well glitch

    I'd like to add onto this that rocks, flint and nitre from cave ins can pile up on top of wishing well/end's well and there's no way beyond a lazy forager to retrieve them. I'm not sure why the middle isn't considered to be apart of a structure.
  4. Those are indeed bugs! But not the kind you're thinking of. These little guys didn't come out of nowhere, you've already met them when they were still little babies. The glowflies that spawn from exotic flowers undergo metamorphosis into rabid beetles near the end of the mild season. Just hang clear of the jungle, as that's where they spawn en masse going into the humid season.
  5. werewilba with no night vision

    I also got this by exiting the game in wilba's werepig form and coming back to it. I also believe that I came back during dusk/day and when it went into night I realized that she no longer had nightvision.
  6. while shes a werepig, she cant properly interact with things you can't drag and drop food to eat it, can't cook on or refuel firepits/campfires (meaning there's no way to get rid of the sanity drain from raw meats), cant mouse over to heal... etc
  7. during the aporkalypse the ancient herald is able to spawn indoors, including in the player's house and the pig ruins hes pretty annoying to deal with in enclosed spaces, especially with that aoe attack he does when you initially run into him
  8. every time i've defeated wormant thus far i keep getting moved into the throne for whatever reason
  9. Already exists in the form of a mod.
  10. [Game Update] - 307715

    I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that a really neat design was scrapped in favour of this puke neon green bean punk. Whether or not I or anyone else was supposed to see the old design is irrelevant, we saw it, and I can in fact make the argument the old one’s better. What you’re saying basically amounts to “Whoops, the devs didn’t actually release that so therefore you can’t have an opinion on it, too bad!” Christ, man, you think I don’t know that the devs call the shots and ultimately are free to do as they please? I may be egotistical, but I’m not THAT egotistical.
  11. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    I never cared for that LOSER Timothy, nor his frosted tips.
  12. [Game Update] - 307715

    It was never just about the skin colour for most people from what I understand. The fact he looks like he has a nasty sunburn and is far too oversaturated was never the only thing wrong here. It was the old dialogue, his characterization and his perks, both old and new that struggled to bring anything new and interesting to the table. I think pretending this is all about his skin colour is very disingenuous. ... Also, do any of you actually understand what irony is? You keep using that word and I do not think it means what you think it means.
  13. Thanks, I hate it.
  14. [Game Update] - 307715

    While I weep not for Warbucks, I am disappointed this isn't the Wormwood we got. I won't sugar coat it, I think that the new design is terrible, especially in comparison to what we could've had instead.. Maybe if I hadn't seen this cutie beforehand I wouldn't feel so spiteful towards it the basis of "seriously? this is what he was replaced with?" But I did, and I stupidly allowed myself to be hopeful and optimistic. In closing, the end is near. I summon the meteors to me. if god is merciful She will kill me first.