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  1. henlo griefy helllo you STINKY GRIEFER go burn a base ugly
  2. Hype for hamlet?

    i don't see why everyone is getting "hyped" for a play that came out like 500 years ago, i'm pretty sure it's actually a mandatory reading in highschool? but knowing THESE forums... you are all uneducated and unculutred children anyways lmao...
  3. oh my god it worked i have missed you so much
  4. hello keli i am an aspirgin wes main and i would greatly appreicate if you would REMOVE METBAL NERFS FROM THE WORKSHOP i think it alters klei's creativity intents and removes ice's usefellness and that i believe is unacceptable any mods that alter such a curcial core part of the game deserve to be taken down from the workshop as players could accidently click on them and add them without even knowing!!! thanks, bird
  5. i think don't starve together is a anarcho-primitivist's dream come true

    1. minespatch


      Did I make a unintentional meme?:wilson_ecstatic:

  6. Music and sound

    hi i 100% agree with you the world generation theme is probably my favourite track in the entire game, right behind the sound wigfrid makes when she dies unfortunately i think the only solution for people like us is to keep generating and deleting worlds until somebody uploads the sound file to youtube...
  7. the bee queen is actually the only confirmed women giant, so advising the player to kill bee queen to get "bundling rap" is advising the player to kill woman obviously you can see why this is a problem, especially when there are alternatives out there such as bee farms (honey takes a full season to spoil and you are supporting the bee woman workers instead of murdering them) and mandrakes (they are technically renewable because you can kill klaus every winter) honestly i'm a little disgusted by this post and i think you should take into account my advice and self crit thanks, bird
  8. i think winona should dress up as wani the surfer, since they're sisters
  9. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    to start with i think she should start off with a surfboard instead of her mending tape. for real just scrap the tape entirely its useuless. her surfboard would make for an easy way to traverse map quickly and every time she rides a wave she will gain a point of sanity for easy sanity gain. since she is a surfer girl she will dry off faster i think her stats should also change to distance her from winslon, her are my suggestions: 120 health 200 hunger 200 snanity her sanity drains slightly slower her hinger drains slightly faster
  10. kabob is what happen when u fail to make metbal
  11. how is gormet metbal made with use only poison marshroom, ice cubes and spider fleshes??? @The Curator