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  1. help there are tentacles at spawn and base just got struck by lightning a bunch please kick wilbow for griefig
  2. when is the bbq collection coming out
  3. you think this community, the community of a cooperative survival game is bad because you've met a few elitists? lol
  4. you're disrespecting a future us army soldier
  5. i am a atheist and anime is an art form
  6. it is clear to me that you do not know anything about don't starve multiplayer game and that you are a noob this is a discussion created for experienced players only... goodbye... I don't know where people are getting this "lighter is portable campfire" thing from, every time I'm try to cook something on it, not even a option shows up! here is screenshtos for proof it's not just for meats, doesn't work for vegetals either, so... either my game is bugged or this isn't a feature
  7. that's me and those pics were taken by me except for the gif my friend made who also hates willow so please don't steal from us i will sue because this is copyrighted material
  8. Willow really needs a buff, everyone who plays Don't Starve multiplyer knows this, heck even the large part of the player base that does not play or appreciate Don't Starve singleplayer knows that DSM willow is ridiculously trash and even WESLEY is better than willow after her humungos nerf to prevent "accidents" and "greifing" and to make the game nicer for "newer players" Let's go over her "perks". shall we? Lighter -NO LONGER lasts forever COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT OF ORIGINALLY -Functions exactly as a torch but lasts 5 days instead of one -Expensive to craft and uses noob resources like Gold and Petals -USELESS!!! bernie -Supposed to protect you from shadow people, but DOESNT protect you from shadow people in the caves and makes kiting surface shadow people IMPOSSIBLE pictured: bernie sitting watching my friend get killed by a group of shadow men pictured: bernie standing watching me get killed by shadow man... AGAIN!!! -I still believe he can win Gets fire From sanity -when she is by a fire she gets sanity -you should never stand around doing nothign especially not for sanity, this is why sleeping and willow's sanity of fire is literally trash here is a much better alternative i find on the steam forums: Freezes From no sanity -When she reaches no sanity she starts to freeze in any season! This is a big bad because it punishes the player for being insane and no other character has any drawbacks from having insanity -Thermal stones are a huge use of rocks and it is a HUMONGOSE WASTE to be making thermal stones for willow year round so she can not die of freezing in summer Grief Fire Immunity -Instead of having total fire immunity she now has only some brief fire immunity ... WHY?!?!?! dISCUSS.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was recently confirmed that Wolfgang is a pack of wolves in a human suit. Interesting theory though.
  10. H Wendy GoH W 9 CSGO keys

    I was negotiating about pricing. I can't believe the nerve you've got, calling me a "sarcastic ass" and not even responding to my question.
  11. H Wendy GoH W 9 CSGO keys

    What a peach.
  12. H Wendy GoH W 9 CSGO keys

    I can maybe afford $8000... Is that ok? Are you willing to drop the price? I will throw in a pleated shirt to make up for the lack of cash...
  13. Honestly, what's the deal? Is the in-game model or the icon inaccurate? Obviously I personally preferred the GoH expression, but with the recent bugfix I have to wonder if the icon was just inaccurate, in which case it should be reverted back to the kicked puppy expression... Wes cannot speak, so the Wes mains speak for him. The Wes mains have spoken, please hear their plea.
  14. About a week back I submitted a bug report about the Wes roseate, and it was changed, but not entirely. I don't mean to pry, but I'm still curious what the intent was here. Is the icon or the in-game model wrong? Here is the GOH contrasted against what we currently have, the side model of the roseate is unchanged, which leads me to believe perhaps the icon was incorrect? Not the skin itself. The leaked tencent versions from way back when kept with the kicked puppy look, but yet... The icon itself is different And finally, Winona's cheeks are on her nose, it's very strange. Thanks for your time.