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  1. kabob is what happen when u fail to make metbal
  2. how is gormet metbal made with use only poison marshroom, ice cubes and spider fleshes??? @The Curator
  3. When is the BBQ collection going to be released?
  4. Nani? Are you suggesting that infighting between forum users isn't useful? What in the name of Sam Hill are you thinking? Blasphemous fool.
  5. Hey, sorry to butt in here, but you can actually save some time by erecting a bird cage early on and converting cooked monster meat into eggs which will save you eons in the long run. Eggs are worth one gold each, the same as monster jerky, but don't take a day of conversion complete with a longer harvesting animation. I wish you'd take the high road and drop this instead of trying to provoke another response out of John.
  6. The Switch'll probably get a port, I mean, the Wii U did. I hope that unlike the Wii U port, DST comes to the Switch along with DS, and that they aren't riddled with bugs.
  7. DST World Tour day 3200+

    Clutter's homely, in the bad way
  8. I don't believe there is an option to disable it, only slow it down to a halt, but I have found a mod for you that ceases regrowth completely: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=811900112
  9. Rose collection

    Maybe never.
  10. The reason I didn't mention these is because I don't consider the effort that it takes to prepare and retrieve these foods worth it in comparison to the alternatives available. I do not often take the time to catch butterflies specifically for butter muffins, they are a pain to amass, same goes for frogs, I suppose this is one of the conveniences of playing Wendy, I no longer play her often as to not drag out fights with raid bosses and other mobs with high HP that Abigail can't help with. Berries are fine, yes, but if you put a carrot and a berry bush beside one another, I will pick the carrot. They last longer, restore a bit more hunger, and take less time to pick. It's the reasoning behind why the alternative resources exist, grass gecko and twiggy tree farms are a lot quicker than classic resource farms. Yes, green and blue caps are very useful for the rest of the characters, but this is not the case with Wigfrid. She walks into a spider nest, can tank every hit and comes out with more HP and sanity than she started with. I actually have a bit of trouble early game keeping her sanity down while nightmare farming. Acknowledge the options you have, sure, but here is why I turn them down in favour of others.
  11. In conclusion, Wilson is probably the best to teach you basic mechanics. When experimenting with the other characters, just remember you will need to learn the attack patterns of the mobs in this game, learn to embrace insanity (by learning the attack patterns of the mobs that appear when your sanity drops below 15%,) you should memorize the crockpot recipes for: bacon and eggs, fishsticks, honey ham, honey nuggets, meatballs, meaty stew, pierogi and spicy chili, these dishes will keep you alive, and if you have a decent computer, start spelunking sooner, rather than later.
  12. This is incredibly important. Not fearing insanity and spelunking are things I wished I'd learned earlier, much earlier. I wouldn't recommend Wendy for newer players, especially not in DST. Not only does she reinforce to the player bad tactics, that they should fear insanity and rely solely on Abigail for all things combat (until a boss shows up,) but she's also quite weak in DST with Abigail having the same stats and most mobs receiving buffs in the form of heightened HP. She has 250 sanity points, and immediate access to a spear and log armour. If the player needs something other than picking flowers and prototyping to keep their sanity up early game, here's one: green caps. Common in many biomes on the surface and there's forests of them underground, they pop up in the evening and increase sanity by 15 points when cooked. This won't kill people, since many new players like to stand around at night by a fire pit anyways. The only thing you're missing out on with Wigfrid is dragonpie and the ability to live off seeds, carrots and butterflies, I cannot think of a single dish other than the aforementioned dragonpie that doesn't have a greater or equal to meat equivalent. New players are fine to try their hand at Wolfgang, they'll probably fine themselves failing, if they haven't yet learned the game's basic mechanics. That's kinda what this whole game's thing is, learning by failing, again and again, he doesn't just teach tanking, but asks of the player to find enough food to keep him sated and to manage his forms, as they can only reap his combat benefits once the player has a grasp on this, and raid bosses aren't going to go down easily for them, still. It's certainly more efficient in terms of resources and time (taken to gather said resources) to kite with Wolfgang and Wigfrid, don't steer players away from using these characters to discourage tanking, that, I think, underestimates the player's ability to come to the conclusion on which method is better for them.
  13. How could you not include WOLFGREG AND WIGFRIDGE?!