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  1. any resemblance to official characters is purely coincidental and i will you know that if you accusing me of art theft or tracing, that is libel. i definitely did not trace or recolour parts of swineclops for this piece, i repeat, I DID NOT TRACE OR RECOLOUR PARTS OF SWINECLOPS i cant believe youre attacking me right now when i even told people to be civil
  2. thank you i made it myself
  3. hello forum, as you may know, it is speculated that wendy will be the one to receive the next character rework, and i have been playing wendy as my character main for at least a week in preparation of the wendy rework i like all of wendy's current perks, but i think that abigail could use some changes because right now, she is not as strong as she could be, especially compared to the new bernie here is my suggestion: -abigail does not have enough hp, when she was brought over to dst: together all of the mobs in the game got higher hp stat, but not abigail my proposed change is to give her at least double the hp, but 42 500 hp would be best, if she is to be properly balanced and meta so she can better compete with bosses like dragonsfly and toadstoal -when willow got her buff, bernie got a extra form where is big and does damage and it is super cool so here is my proof of concept of redesigned buffed abigail (this is my original art keli is allowed to use it but please do not repost without permision, any resemblance to other official characters is purely coincidental) this form is triggered when wendy is under 50% sanity, abigail grows stronger to help her and can now attack nightmares she does 5x the damage, and now has been given arms so she can now perform suplexes on the enemies -finally, abigail should receive a AI rework, she now avoids tentacles in the swamp and all other hostile mobs, she will only attack when wendy is attacking, but only if the mob is neutral or passive, not hostile -when forge comes back next year this can be her new form when wendy picks up the companion armour, she would function identical to the swineclops boss, except that she is on your side -this can also be her new form for gorge, she will help wendy chop trees thanks for reading, please remember to be civil in the comments
  4. oh look it’s finally relevant again
  5. i dont think you even tried and you wont know unless u try soo.........
  6. dear daniel have u tried setting your computer on fire, that always works for me when i have this problem yours, ressayez
  7. bbq collection

    she has a burgor
  8. bbq collection

    thank you here is some behind the scenes artwork i also made :))
  9. hello this is my skin idea for upcoming future skins in the game feedback is accepted, but constructive criticism only please wilson: #1 dad grill cook willow: karen wolfgreg: stuck his head in the grill wx: the grill wickerbottom: based on my grandma woodie: larry the cable guy wes: guy fieri maxwell: greasy patriot uncle who wont stop talking about how much he loves his country wigfrid: new summer look webber: swimming trunks to play in the slip n slide winona: came here to watch the game all of the other new downloadable dlc characters are the food
  10. dear keli,

    stop trying to censor my signature, theres nothing wrong with it at all


    robert "creamy" fettuccine

    1. minespatch


      What's your signature?

    2. Mime


      yeah, give it up


  11. I finally got around to clearing out the ruins on my RoT world, I noticed that a lot more mob drops keep getting lost to the void, they don't even need to fall into the void, just near the edge and they're gone.
  12. Mhm, an option to "retrieve" like you can in SW would be nice.