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  1. Wilson was but an extra in the film we call life and tragically died shortly after I captured that screenshot. Thus, we must take up our coathangers outside of the game and fight back against global warming, and the far more sinister threat... birds...
  2. @Day One Webber, I thought you ought to see this attack on your people...
  3. it's really too bad this wigfrid character isn't in the base game
  4. where/how i've tried in the speech files, doesn't work
  5. Um, actually, butterflies are flying butter sticks with wings according to The Official Don't Starve Reign of RoG Giants Unofficial DST Multiplayer Expansion Wiki and therefore a dairy product. If Wigfried was able to eat butter that would make her a pescitarian and would basically break the game, so no, I don't think this should be allowed tbhh...
  6. The color of the skins are too light

    @Master Wolf Here, and it only took a month! As soon as I tested this I immediately thought of this thread: No more seasonal tints washing out the colours.
  7. @CarlZalph's godsend of a mod: It's client-side and can disable or limit the insanity ambience. As for the music and screen tints, I'm sorry, you're on your own there. I personally turn my music down or off if I'm not feeling hoedown-y. While the lack of any control over the presence or lack of colour sucks, I've never found the game to be unplayable because it looks dreary. The only time the tint from insanity and the werebeaver vision has gotten in the way of me playing is during winter. You want to talk unplayable? Try kiting a terrorbeak you can't ******* see (pictured below, this is a testing server, so there's an HP mod that indicates where the crawling horror is). Zalph's got a mod for that too: I get the feeling this guy ain't a stranger to nightmare farming.
  8. Time: 00:09:53 ???

    They'll be posting some footage soon, so sit tight. I'm not surprised by the end of things they were able to get it down to below ten minutes.
  9. I've noticed a trend with modded characters that can read books, none of them seem to have dialogue for when you overuse birds of the world. How can I fix this for a vanilla character that I've given the reader tag?
  10. Take it back or I'm gonna call an amdin and post three pages of replies on why you're wrong until I've properly exerted my moral authority on the internet. Thanks, it's part of my radical self care lifestyle diet plan.
  11. The majority of Wilson players actually only play him only because he is hot. Sources: me, one of my friends on steam, a guy on the forums
  12. Ohhh nooo, a King of Squirrels thread derails into petty arguing? Who could have foreseen this outcome.
  13. I know this ain't helpful, but I got seven marble suit reskins, what are the odds there?