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  1. we need to make maining webber great again


  2. If someone did the "food shape" from the same episode, but with skins (plain foods being replaced with garbage skins like pleated or long gloves, and "fancy" foods being replaced with bumble spear, etc) I will actually sig it.
  3. Uh, do you need some cooked cactus flesh?
  4. Now you listen here you lil' wendy main
  5. Rose is meh at best, and Halloween is sadly locked to the hallowed nights events (unless klei adds a version that works year round but has to be obtained as a drop)
  6. Wendy mains: getting 10/10 skins for their character, even with the worst looking collection (survivor) Webber mains: getting Webber skins that are 4/10 or below.
  7. Do note: the ancient cane and king's chest are part of an "ancient collection" So I speculate that either soon or in the future, an "Ancient collection" will be released, themed like the ancients and thulecite, with the cane and chest skin being the "tragic torch" of said collection.
  8. Also: the tragic torch is now a Timeless skin.
  9. It's because the winter's feast update hasn't been move to main stream updates, they are holding off the event skins until then.