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gaymime    4067
40 minutes ago, Articestone said:

This is why HE is coming 

i'll die like i lived and when i am gone you lot can have my wagstaff folder.



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A Random Furry    335
1 hour ago, gaymime said:


also before someone calls in joe to break things up the op let me refurb this ancient meme


Trust me, I would never intentionally ring his bell save for rare circumstances

Also nice meme

1 hour ago, gaymime said:

nah, wagstaff is there for all fine connoisseurs of science XD

I can always respect "SCIENCE!"

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Roosty_knife    496
51 minutes ago, Blueleaf12 said:


Explanation under the cut because of spoilers:

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Pathologic 2 is a game that’s all a stage play so none of it is real. Hence you, the main character Artemy, is rping a surgeon and is the only character that has free will. In late game the play breaks so much you meet another actor that claims to be you that takes over when you die.


mmmmMMM YES. Pathologic. I love this Art House/deep russian filosofy/magnificent game about meaning of everything in atmosthere of plague. Played the first one as well, the remaster in nice. "The world is a stage...and we all are actors" apps.38252.14229990123044184.4c1002da-81a6-4cdf-ad25-a3cf8ae7d512.d83e7408-a5a1-40da-8d39-39e6d4763b39?mode=scale&q=90&h=1080&w=1920

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Lbphero    2811
2 minutes ago, Sunset Skye said:


This image is preposterous. Yoshi is a good dinosaur, why would he be running with nabbit? Evil.

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ImDaMisterL    20824
25 minutes ago, Wumpus the 19th said:

did you hear that lads? we've technically passed 600 pages on maxwell memes!


How many pages do you guys see? I wonder...

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