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  1. You are now hereby labeled as a Willow Main! and will be sent to the gallows.
  2. That's a good start for me, thanks!
  3. Yeah, if I need something I could ask. But I guess I worded that poorly it's not that I need help about Don't starve things, Just that I want to understand how to use the forums, I find them really confusing to find my way around I guess I'll just get used to them by looking around more, thank you for responding.
  4. Just generally some help mostly Ds/t related things, I know I'm being vague but I don't know where to begin.
  5. Greetings, I am new to the forums (yes I know I joined in 2018) and I would like a more formal introduction and some help with how things work around here . One of the main reasons I don't post often Is because I find the lay out confusing, and honestly would like some help and meet some people who could help me work my way around and become more accustom to this place.
  6. Where am I? I don't know how I got here, I'm a confused old lady who can't find her way home, please oh please will someone help me find my way, my dreadful eyesight and crooked body, can't keep up with todays hussle and bustle can't, I'm just so lost and bewildered will you please oh please help this poor old woman?

  7. But I guess I could snoop around a bit more.

  8. I barely use the Klei forums, I only made this account for the loot drops.


  9. Well it is developed by Tencent, same people who own league of Legends (not make), so no surprise for me.
  10. I'm really happy Klei is finding ways to keep adding new mechanics and pushing this kind of content while adding great skins that help monetize the game and without making it pay to win, couldn't ask for better devs.
  11. I would imagine eventually people will find a way to solo it. Just as they did for Fuel Weaver.
  12. YES FINALLY I'm ecstatic that they finally fixed the Giants invincibility glitch, I was getting so tired of fighting Moose and every time after she jumped not being able to hit her