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  1. Well, you're going to have to wait a long, long, time for that day.
  2.  Me when someone says something stupid, and it immediately gets proven wrong.


    1. WhackE


      Not Mike this time. Check my most recent forum post.

  3. That's interesting, I like the unforgiving aspect, it makes everything interesting, But I can understand the goofiness' of DST, when you get to a point where you have more materials than you know what yo do with.
  4. I do like single player, The DLC's add lots of new content and exploration (even if I haven't played Hamlet). But I feel as though I've done everything, I should go back and play it absolutely. I'm asking the question for people who haven't played it too, because even if they have played Vanilla, without RoG it's a little bare.
  5. A lot of people have migrated to DST, it's getting updated, more people are playing it.
  6. I like single player, have I been playing it recently? No. But this question goes for anybody, even if you don't own single player Don't starve, would you buy it for the experience/ DLC. But if you have played, why did you stop and what would make you come back? Personally I would play more if more interesting mods were being made. should I be having a discussion about DS on the DST forum. Maybe. But that's because it's more of a why are you playing DST and not DS type question!
  7. They actually removed disease, it was like what, in the game foe 3 or 4 years. They actually removed a genuinely unfun and awful mechanic, that's a nice large step forward!
  8. Wow, that's a really incredible strategy, Helicalpuma is a great DST player, they make top notch content. I also a know certain mod that increases difficulty this strategy would work really well in, thanks for sharing!
  9. Sometimes I wonder how people are able to talk so much? Like how can someone gain 1000+ content count within the span of a few months.

    Baffles me.

  10. Ever read the bible? very obscure piece of literature, I know. But basically there's this part where there are 10 plagues of Egypt and one of them happens to be frog rain.
  11. I have big plans for the future. 

    1. WhackE


      This might sound cryptic and devious, but I just want to make big mods.

  12. Any one heard of Uncompromising mode?, it's a mod that increases the difficulty of DST while adding in a bunch of new content, I'd  highly recommend playing.



  13. one time I was playing don't starve, and it was 3am and I was everything was normal. And so I was walking around and I came across a pig village, BUT! all the pigs had black eyes and they were shouting at me to "LEAVE!" and so I was very afraid and run away and they chased me, I screamed but, when I looked at them they were REALISTIC and blood was pouring out of their eyes! so I went into the caves to escape them, but when I went down it wasn't the caves it was Maxwell and he was sitting on the trhown. He told me "you shouldn't have come here...." he told me he was actually a real person who was trapped inside the game, the game crashed and there was a scary image of his face, I tried to load up the game again but it was deleted. this is real and actually happened, you have to believe me.
  14. Not sure if anyone has encountered this but I found all these skeletons lined up in a row, I'm almost 100% this was not someone who died multiple times in a single line, because the examination quote is the standard skeleton boon quote. This probably was a Hallowed nights set piece that got all wonky during worldgen, so that's my only explanation .
  15. Wormwood fanart that I made for Halloween, I thought it turned out pretty successful. Klei Version Black and White Versions
  16. I feel like I just missed out on a huge event, and I'll never get this chance again, 
    I am genuinely upset. 

  17. I guess I will not be participating as it has ended abruptly sad.PNG.e70cda2885e41e9377e033d1a195ea71.PNG