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  1. I haven't made any memes lately, I've been busy committing crimes against the internet
  2. Maybe we could set a theme and try to participate what if we make hallowed nights themed drawings? we are in the spoopy month for it :J
  3. Um...will the challenges be gone forever or they will come back in the future? I've been looking at the drawings and they were very lovely
  4. I had not visited the forums as much, oops!! but just today, he who shall not be named, was a topic on a group I am I made this meme almost a month ago and it seems like I forgot to post it? I laughed like an idiot while making the Wilsons...
  5. Man, some of the first DST memes I saw were brazilian and they were SO GOOD ajskfjgk I'll have to go look for them again On a sidenote, I was showing a fanart I did to my best friend and this was the first thing she said xD she has never played shipwrecked so she didn't know they wear tourist shirts on that game
  6. Deerclops is such a creep, but it's great a first boss
  7. I agree, if they are klei related and I go haha then that's good enough for me :3 I may be a newbie here but I always enjoy all the memes on this thread
  8. That Wortox desgn looks beautiful !! your art is great :3
  9. Gobbler: *exists* Absolutely everyone: (it says "come, come I won't harm you" in spanish)
  10. Just passing by to tell you that I love your art ;w;/ Your comic pages look awesome
  11. I can't describe what shopcat makes me feel. But I can show it with a meme: That being said, I think this is shopcat's true purpose:
  12. Made this based on something that happened in my world as I played with my bf and my best friend
  13. thanks, that idea and those stats sound great
  14. Maybe an omelette without the wings, but what about this instead...