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  1. It's been so long since I posted here… a lot has changed between my last post and today… I'm here to share a drawing I have wanted to do since like a whole year ago but couldn’t develop it well. I got horribly sick and I've been bedbound for about 2 weeks, so I finally had the time to focus on this drawing… I wanted to draw Cyclum and Metheus,inspired on “The kiss”. I love this piece I did…! It makes me feel a little sad for their tragic end…
  2. If you still play we can be neofriends :B my UN there is space_symphony I had forgotten about Wilba It would be nice if she came to dst, a swamp pig skin for her would be definitely cute Here's another drawing I did a little ago. I've decided to finally add the speedpaints too! Here's the speedpaint to this piece: And here's a speedpaint for the swamp elder drawing:
  3. I dunno if Klei ever uses ideas from fans or concepts or anything, but I wanted to share my concepts for The Triumphant and The Roseate Wortox skins these were drawn over the og Wortox. All my friends liked the triumphant one over the roseate, but the roseate is my fav actually... I also did a small animation of the triumphant one IMG_2042.MP4
  4. I never got the chance to play those events back when they happened, so I hope they come back too! I think there are mods for replaying it on the meantime, I think :3 And thanks for complimenting my art
  5. I have been gone a few days... however I come with more stuff! And here's a drawing I've done of the swamp pig elder, he is one of my fav characters the little one next to him is a oc I made for a story I’m writing, his name is Wenzel. He is a healer that likes making potions and wants to find a cure to the curse! And here's a speedpaint of the last drawing, in case anyone would like to see it
  6. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you guys like my drawings <3 The phrase the krampus is saying is spanish for “My dude, get inside” During some time the phrase was used in spanish for memes along with this picture: basically, it means you are kicking out someone for doing/saying something bad. And since the krampii punish you for being naugthy I did that version but with the sack instead. This was another idea I had, I meant to color them but uh...? I forgot to, maybe in the future. Thought about the boss mobs having....babies... how cute would that be?? I want that to happen!!! I will be drawing the other mobs in he future with their offspring, I already have ideas for them >:}
  7. I made this little animation thinking that for hallowed nights Klaus could have a scary pumpkin skin :P It was drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook and Sketchbook Motion IMG_0326.mp4 Here’s a rock lobster I did time ago
  8. Hello everybody! I’ve decided to gather courage and make my first topic on the forums! I’ve had my account for several years and I lurked shyly but I’ve finally decided to share my art here. I will post both drawings and videos of the drawing process whenever I can. I will put everything hidden in spoilers to avoid making the posts too long. This was my first ever DST fanart, I barely found any Klaus fanart so I took it upon myself to do some :B Then I did Krampus, Klaus and his deer in Shipwrecked style (I know krampus appear in that game though) I had a lot of fun drawing all these krampii:3
  9. hope you are well!

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      I think I will be making an art thead today :P 
      I’ve been meaning to for some time but I always end up not doing it >m<
      Thank you for taking the time of asking me how I am n_n

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      oh! that is actually really exciting~ though i could have sworn i have seen you posting art in a thread before XD i must be silly

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      I think I may have posted maybe in the thread for the streams? However I didn’t have a thread for myself until now :3 I hope you have been doing well too!!

  10. I've been gone for so long it's not even funny, but I'm always checking the latest things happening on the game, so I heard the news and... Someone on facebook shared a video uploaded yesterday by he who shall not be named and oh my ! someone bring me an amulet cuz the comment section KILLED ME
  11. I haven't made any memes lately, I've been busy committing crimes against the internet
  12. I had not visited the forums as much, oops!! but just today, he who shall not be named, was a topic on a group I am I made this meme almost a month ago and it seems like I forgot to post it? I laughed like an idiot while making the Wilsons...
  13. Man, some of the first DST memes I saw were brazilian and they were SO GOOD ajskfjgk I'll have to go look for them again On a sidenote, I was showing a fanart I did to my best friend and this was the first thing she said xD she has never played shipwrecked so she didn't know they wear tourist shirts on that game
  14. Deerclops is such a creep, but it's great a first boss
  15. I agree, if they are klei related and I go haha then that's good enough for me :3 I may be a newbie here but I always enjoy all the memes on this thread