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  1. I was planning on making a post about this too, I'm really disappointed they decided, because every other time they've done it, it wasn't like this. it especially doesn't make sense since you need to make the boat to even get a plank? Like come on. THAT and the twitch skin doesn't have a custom plank now, because they're "Separate skins" but only for boats for some reason. like you mentioned other skins are already combined into multiple Grass hat skins having shared skins for the miner and rain hats. Most Spear skins can be used for fire and ice staves. and yes the radiant star callers staff. Why are boats and planks the exception? no. I also forgot to mention the Hutch, Chester, and Glommer skins which not only have skins for their multiples forms, but also their key items. Starsky, Glommers flower, and the Eyebone.
  3. People who play caveless worlds, not me, but they exist, And hey would you look at that, the new monkey biome has gears. Steel wool. 2 crafting recipes. what is your argument here?
  4. it's not a material though, it's a trinket. At that point if the item is such a "luxury" item for "advanced sailors", you might as well just replace the wires with gears.
  5. It is in my firm belief that trinkets should never be used in crafting. rubber bungs and sporks can be used for ocean fishing. But that's different because there are better and other options. marbles can be used in Walter's slingshot but there are better and easier to get options. but with a crafting recipe you are stuck with rng. Unless you go the the ruins and mass collect wires, graves and tumble weeds are the only way to get more frazzled wires. I don't want to be that guy, but they feel like modded recipes. Trinkets should not be used for crafting period. SO instead why not change the recipe? I love the Nautopilot structure, I think it's a really neat and interesting item, so here's what I think. The Beacon should be > 2Cut Stone, 1 Doodads, 1 bottle. The Nautopilot Kit should be > 2 Doodads, 1 gear, 2 boards. maybe steel wool could be involved? Not saying it should because that's a whole goose chase of its own.
  6. Not sure why this happened or if it's just me that has it, but the one in the curio is Just a chalk outline now. I don't own this skin so I can't test in game.
  7. I hope klei listens to this post because we NEED Wild eye, DST just wouldn't be complete with out this lore imperative character.
  8. Klei doesn't let users reskin their items unfortunately, it's against the TOS as far as I am aware.
  9. She is not happy about something.
  10. Wolfgangs Dumbells aren't included in the weapons tab but other character items are included (Wigfrids spear, Alarming clock, Winona's catapult, and Watler's Slingshot)
  11. Yeah, I'm good, but that tired emote is a feeling.