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  1. I think the skin looks fine as is. Not every skin needs FX, a lot of the time, skins look better without them.
  2. Thank you everyone I finally figured it out, doing the cmd thing Thomas4846 told me to do was the only way it allowed me to put in everything I needed, I had to take it out of the "Users" because it wouldn't give me access and then gut everything I needed from their original folders to make everything as simple as possible for it to understand. I'm leaving this here incase anyone has a similar problem in the future.
  3. I agree, I never try to look too deep into these kind of things, it's just their existence that Irks me.
  4. So I could have sworn I figured out how to do it, thank you every one for guiding me, but I appear to have a new problem, why am I being denied? I can't replace "user" so if that's the problem I wouldn't know what to do. If someone can at least tell me I put it in right that would make me happy.
  5. I mean what kind of quotes would they add? Wilson: "wow there sure is a lot of lichen in these here caves that wasn't here before and in the ruins!"
  6. In single player there are 3 layers to a world, the surface which is the highest, the caves, which are below the surface and we all know how to get there, and the Ruins which are below the caves, yes that is how it originally worked. There was even a special plugged sinkhole in the caves that would let you know that you found the ruins. But in DST this was changed the ruins and caves are now merged at the same level. this makes both of them easier to access, and can lead to different gameplay, but is the old "lore" from single player of the Ruins being beneath the caves still cannon? does it really even matter currently?
  7. I'd say Wx-78 has some of the most consistently best looking skins in the game, and it's good to see most people agree. I don't even play him all that much.
  8. I love when stuff like this happens, it makes your world feel that much more unique and special. Really cool find, Don't delete that world. This can even very rarely (very rarely) occur in single player sometimes islands that are disconnected from the mainland but very close albeit nothing special or things like entire islands connected by a wormhole.


    Don't tell anyone you saw these, hush hush.


  10. It is the Chinese Lunar new Year, so Chinese Lunar event or Lunar Event should be good choices, I don't think you would really need dev conformation anyways.