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  1. as disappointing as this is, it's understandable. I'm just surprised we were able to get this many skins for basically free.
  2. it's not, smartest thing I've seen when someone talks about the lore honestly.
  3. I've been downunder for a while, maybe I'll post more often here.

  4. woah ancient gate way, in real life, where will it take me?
  5. when you make or edit posts, highlight what you want to be stricken and press this
  6. I needed to, you don't understand, I'm simply built different. fairly certain you just need it for the one, the red gem CK ornament would probably just be gotten be beating him normally.
  7. Well I guess I can eat my heart out, they added Crab King ornaments, finally something worth getting from him.
  8. Honestly, I though they would straight up and remove old farm plots.

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  10. Crab king ornament, might as well get something worth while from him.
  11. I don't need to work at Klei to look at their code.
  12. What? huh? I'm not sure why this is useful, but I didn't understand half of what you said. This is really convoluted for 3 fireflies. The fireflies at Oasis respawn every summer anyways, so I don't see why you would need to do this at all. Just wait until summer is over and catch them.
  13. No, why would they bring a removed feature from Don't Starve into Don't Starve Together. Rhetorical question they wouldn't. But, if you want to exhume it, you might want to get notepad++ and a copy of single player.