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Footman Crouch    3309
7 hours ago, maradyne said:

ok but i fail to see what's wrong with the last frame isn't it just wendy trying to summon abigail


*choking noises*



all the little shaved ices

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This belong in a museum.

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broskeet    28
On 9/15/2019 at 10:08 AM, GetNerfedOn said:

a rip of doom repercussions of evil to be precise 



sounds lovely

2 hours ago, minespatch said:


Wilson's head still stares at players. Judging their grooves.

I don't know what I'm looking at but I do not like it.

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Clownyshush    1352
9 hours ago, NormalPinkerton said:

This meme is really niche, but it's deep fried, so...

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i am trying so hard
to understand this meme

and i cant.
my day is ruined now.

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FabopFrankie    2476

I showed a kid at my school my goofle pfp (which is the one I have on this website as well) and he said it looked like it ate too much Wendy's and I know he was talking about the fast food but I just couldn't stop internally wheezing.

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1bubbainpa    2826

Don’t Starve Elitist rants on Wormwood: The Sequel


Lol wormwood actually does need a buff. He currently has no upsides but a bunch of downsides. Every boss is a chore since you need to go out of your way to make a stack of healing items.

Being able to plant seeds in the ground mean nothing since wormwood benefits from farm food less than every other character lol. Lets be real, farms have always been a waste of resources, wormwood doesn't change this. Despite the name of the game food has always been the most abundant resource in this game. What's even worse is all of the plants start to spoil as soon as they finish growing. You know what that means? Your screen full of plants is basically useless because you over produced for 2 characters. Your either going to have a bunch of rot, and there are plenty of quicker methods to farm rot, or you will over eat for fun, which does nothing for you anyway.

Wormwood is more useless than Wes. At least wes can make balloon animals to make the map prettier. All wormwood does is make fighting bosses more of a chore than it already is.

Extra info: as I've stated in a different post I've already done a full boss clear as wormwood and its absolutely miserable. He is at least 5 to 10 days slower than any other character when it comes to clearing every boss because you literally have to go out of your way to craft healing items. Not being able to heal from food is such a distinct disadvantage that all of his perceived "upsides" mean nothing. Most of the time I didn't even use a crock pot, I think the only food I used to fill my hunger up were literally red mushrooms and meaty stews lol. Any farm food that isn't a pumpkin is dog **** for wormwood because at least uncooked pumpkins can be alright for filling hunger.


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