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  1. speaking of alchemy pod, i got an alchemy pod a long time ago but i sold my alchemy pod for a game that i ended up disliking
  2. i'm just gonna add a few more 1. Please don't follow someone you don't know for no reason, it’s really awkward and annoying. if you want something, just ask them and they will most likely help you. i had new players follow me around and it gets really annoying. 2. If the world doesn't have global positioning and you have explored a lot of the world, please make maps for others. It’s a nice thing to do and saves a lot of time for others. 3. Don't bring giants to base. I made that mistake multiple times when i was new and i felt bad to this day. 4. Don't ask Wortox players to heal you every 5 seconds. We are not your pocket medic, we don't have infinite souls. You gotta learn to heal by yourself. We like to heal others, but we have limits.
  3. i can't sleep so i made these... uh... things.. special thanks to the ds/t discord for suggestions
  4. meanwhile in scribbl.io... ..i made shirtless wilson