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  1. Wilson - Usually either really new, or decent. I have yet to see a good Wilson main but i have saw a few that are decent. Most are just braindead noobs though. Willow - Willow mains are usually skin collectors based on my experience. They like to collect expensive and heirloom skins on their profile and are usually decent at the game. Griefers are actually not that common nowadays. Wolfgang - Will speed-run through bosses and rush ruins asap. Some are chill, some are not. It’s a gamble really Wendy - One of the most popular character in a pub. Surprisingly i have seen a lot of good Wendy mains recently. if you see a Wendy in a pub, there's a 75% chance they are good. Most of the time they defend Wendy and attacks anyone who says Wendy is a bad character. WX-78 - I haven't seen WX-78 players in a while, which is odd. Probably 'cuz they're not interesting. Anyways most WX-78 mains are chill. Some will eat all of your gears and some will rush ruins, but i haven't seen any bad WX-78 mains. Wickerbottom - Usually really skilled and a veteran. From my experience Wickerbottom mains are REALLY REALLY bossy and i don't really like Wickerbottom mains because of how many annoying Wickerbottom mains i've seen recently. Woodie - Woodie is a mixed bag, really. There's no way you can determine a Woodie main's personality. Wes - Will usually join servers just to clear ruins and leave. Maxwell - Usually a massive collector. Sometimes a camper as well. I haven't seen many Maxwells lately. Wigfrid - Also one of the most popular character in a pub. Same thing as Wendy, but has a more aggressive gameplay. I like wigfrid mains. Webber - Most likely a furry Usually really chill when it comes to pubs. They sometimes like to role-play a bit which is pretty cute lol. Webber mains usually come in groups when it comes to pubs and they just make a spider empire. Sometimes they try to join in the main team and help with their spider needs. Warly - I don't see Warly mains in pubs a lot. They just usually camp at base cooking food. Most of the time they don't even cooperate with the main team, they just cook whatever the fridge has to offer. Wormwood - THEY. PLANT. SEEDS. EVERYWHERE. Seriously though Wormwood mains like to FILL the whole map with crops. They are generally nice and cooperative but damn. Take a break with the seeds man... Winona - Wait, Winona mains exist? Wortox - I am a Wortox main and i don't wanna judge my own kind in case if i get super biased lol. Wurt - They basically just terraforms your base into swamp and does their own thing. Usually nice, but not so cooperative.
  2. us wortox mains have no friends : (
  3. please stop you are scaring my family
  4. why are we still here? just to suffer?
  6. wheres base?
  7. i have gotten victorian maxwell and the hallloween frridge
  8. Wolfgang Rework

    downsides: he can die from obesity