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  1. The Conspiracy Pig

    Maxwell could in fact be the magician "William Carter".
  2. The Klei raid

    Hey @ImDaMisterL, come out of the closet and open up to us already!
  3. The Klei raid

    theoretical klei raid
  4. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    Link finds his old pal , the happy mask salesman who still owed him a great debt wich Link asked to be paid in form of a unique mask,wich he thinks might lend him the strength to overpower both the mafia and the syndicate, the happy mask salesman was asked to look after for him a long time ago.
  5. Ban GNOgster cause i am lit as faaaaaaaaaaaakk!
  6. Since when can pokeshells talk?
  7. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    While Link is buying new sunglasses and fuel for the master cycle with the cash he got from selling the car he notices a few , verry distressed Lumas flaoting around aimlessly , knowing this is a clear sign of Rosalina being in an extreme rage Link decides to visit an old pal of his to get some help.
  8. What games have you been playing?

    I found an "old?" gem i used to play. "The powder toy", it is a free to play physics Sandbox game.(i mainly try to find the funniest ways to destroy stuff other people made (like nuklear Reaktors!(or art ))) PS. Why does that kind of thuff always come from you @minespatch ?
  9. Ban GetNerfedOn because noone mentioned my Cousins Lenk , Lank and Lunk! Also yes,Lonk is my halve brother,we have very ......"different" mothers.
  10. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    I ask him how much and after hearing about the huge amount of cash i push NormalPinkerton out of the driving car and take his Seat and safely stop the car. I am happy to get my reward and to be abled to sell this car.
  11. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    Link,who just recieved a mediocre amount of rupees and starbits started the investigation with running around with a bunnyhood and the "Lens of Truth" equiped quickly finding a lead right to the head of the mafia him self, CANIS !
  12. She defenetly knows,doesn't she?
  13. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    Link,who just left a few minutes before Rosalinas arival now returns,very embaresed because he managed to lose his hat again.
  14. Does anyone know when the big spool will be available? (The extra spools is the main reason i started linking my acounts.)