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  1. So i have been looking through some older post on maxwellmemes and i found something i cant quite comprehend . 


    1. minespatch


      It's the easter egg that you find on the original beefalo song.

    2. I_Link_I


      I heard / read that too but it either doesnt work anymore or i cant get it to work.

      And that doesnt change the fact that i feal like i found something i shouldnt have.
      This Video is forbidden knowledge
      (Is this what Wilson felt when he activated the portal?)

    3. minespatch
  2. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior creator of this topic and still of the rank "Member" : @Unsound Mind (Who hasn't visited for a whole year and probably abandoned us)
  3. So THAT is the reason my rover is still running. I had two of them (On one planetoid ) and one stoped while the other is still active and i couldnt find a reason.
  4. Unsure if its related to the sweetle or if this can happen to every critter. When a rancher wrangled and picked up a sweetle that was submerged in water they were abled to deliver it to the critter dropoff. After that the critter stays in place , displaying the "submerged" warning and doesnt move. After saving and reloading the critter died normally. After a few minutes of observation: I suspect that this was a radomchance event of my rancher picking up the critter in the exact moment of death , which might have confused the game until it rechecked after loading the save at which point it realised "dead" critters are supposed to die.
  5. Well... I think the best thing to do is: 1.Join a "young" (before Winter) server 2.Be Woody. 3.geht GOOSEidol(to of them) 4.Run to lunar Island 5.shower everone in glasstools 6.head of to get wood for the rest of the game 7.get killed by 10³ Ents
  6. I think it means that computers/Laptops that have Windows vista as their opperating system will not be abled to process the game.(or at least not the newer versions ) Win7/win10 etc are not affected only "Windows Vista"
  7. Canis when playing as SCP-049. image.jpeg.a383d41810730e948f7d69b9bfce42f6.jpeg


    1. Canis


      Jesus Christ, I was not prepared for this.

  8. Ban watermelen671 because of multiverse and different kinds of timetravel .
  9. Ban xnologist for telling us the absolute truth of human language.
  10. Ban melen because we can be worse. XD We once had a part of the family that lives in the US to visit and my mother said. "Ich muss noch den rasen sprengen ." it means "i have to water the lawn" but the "sprengen" wich normaly means to blow something up,like TNT or gunpowder for some odd reason it means to "sprinkel water around" in this sentence.