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  1. So i have been looking through some older post on maxwellmemes and i found something i cant quite comprehend . 


    1. minespatch


      It's the easter egg that you find on the original beefalo song.

    2. I_Link_I


      I heard / read that too but it either doesnt work anymore or i cant get it to work.

      And that doesnt change the fact that i feal like i found something i shouldnt have.
      This Video is forbidden knowledge
      (Is this what Wilson felt when he activated the portal?)

    3. minespatch
  2. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior creator of this topic and still of the rank "Member" : @Unsound Mind (Who hasn't visited for a whole year and probably abandoned us)
  3. So THAT is the reason my rover is still running. I had two of them (On one planetoid ) and one stoped while the other is still active and i couldnt find a reason.
  4. Unsure if its related to the sweetle or if this can happen to every critter. When a rancher wrangled and picked up a sweetle that was submerged in water they were abled to deliver it to the critter dropoff. After that the critter stays in place , displaying the "submerged" warning and doesnt move. After saving and reloading the critter died normally. After a few minutes of observation: I suspect that this was a radomchance event of my rancher picking up the critter in the exact moment of death , which might have confused the game until it rechecked after loading the save at which point it realised "dead" critters are supposed to die.
  5. Note to self : Gaseos Ethanol mixed with zombyspores = instantdeath
  6. Since im not in the beta i can only judge from what i have seen in stream. I think that it is planed that the swamp cant make atmosuits. The reasons i think this might be the case (in order of probability ) 1.To force players to use the oxygen mask more (probably for betatesting) 2.To encourage players to get Fibers from other locations. (probably for betatesting) 3.To make the swamp harder.
  7. Do we know how much it is going to cost? I dont think i have seen anything regarding the price, but maybe i just keep missing it?
  8. I just looked through them and there were two that made me laugh. I just cant deal with them. they are too good. Especially the second one
  9. I couldn't say it any better. This is one of the many reasons most of us hold Klei in such high regards.
  10. I would realy like to know how many people registerd for this. We have 3600(+The first batch) so about 4000(Maybe there were WAY more in the first batch so maybe 4000-6000?). That are already in. And i guess this is at MOST 15-20% of the total (propably way less) . I know im just throwing random numbers around but i really would like to see the statistics/probability of getting in.
  11. @feradin and @geniusthemaster as well as anyone wanting to add to this discussion , please shorten quotations and/or put some of your text behind "spoiler"bars so it doesn't take over the whole screen.
  12. Normal developer:Pays people to Test their games Klei:Has people wanting to pay to test their game