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  1. [Game Update] - 391330

    I think it means that computers/Laptops that have Windows vista as their opperating system will not be abled to process the game.(or at least not the newer versions ) Win7/win10 etc are not affected only "Windows Vista"
  2. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    Since normalpinkerton has been taken by |••|•••••|••|•| we should consider to follow the CONTAINMENT PROTOCOLLS . We wouldn t want anyone to know that i am SCP-426,would we? It would be way to confusing to make this forum refer to them selfs as me . You remember who i am right? I am this Toaster someone gave an scp-designation for some reason.
  3. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    Well i im not sure.Do you think its related to SCP-048 in the way that both nubers cant be used properly ?It isnt a sphere and it isnt [EXPUNGED]s head for all i know.
  4. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    Link opens his bag and takes out his magicamour,nayrus love,dins fire ,farores wind ,the lense oft truth ,the stone mask and the giants mask to ready himself for the Mission.
  5. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    I think we were talking about something that was "not spherical", but i cant remember what it was. Do you think we have some kind of containmentbreach ?
  6. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    Ehm.... @Caniswhat was SCP-055 again? I cant remember.
  7. Canis when playing as SCP-049. image.jpeg.a383d41810730e948f7d69b9bfce42f6.jpeg


    1. Canis


      Jesus Christ, I was not prepared for this.

  8. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    After 5minutes of akward silence a young boy ,about 5years old and in completly green clothes comes around the corner.
  9. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    Hey. What about SCP-999 ? No one cares about the nice ones ...
  10. Ban watermelen671 because of multiverse and different kinds of timetravel .
  11. I have said this before . WES somehow beat Maxwell in a tallentshow and Maxwell is still angry.
  12. Why doesn't the foundation know if @Canis and @ImDaMisterL are in some way conected to SCP-1715?
  13. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    *NOT PART OF STORY!* Ah yes the Plague doctor!
  14. Ban xnologist for telling us the absolute truth of human language.