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  1. HI UH I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD AND IM SORRY THAT I HAVEN'T BEEN MAKING ART FOR DS SINCE I'VE BEEN INTO DANGANRONPA LATELY BUT UH IS WES MENTALLY OK???? SOME SNIPPETS FROM THE "UPDATE" INCLUDE: "Resolved conflicts in Wes's internal dialogue" "Adjusted sense of reality to include that which inherently cannot be understood" "Replaced sense of existential dread with acceptance of the innevitable" IS HE ALRIGHT???? SIR DO YOU. SIR DO YOU NEED TO SEE A THERAPIST???
  3. every time i decide to even glance at this thread, it provides me with just, a pile of questions that can never be answered.
  4. i may have said this before, but I love your style of colouring. it gives it an old storybook feeling, and i think it's very akin to watercolour. i also like the usage of pointillism in darker and more shaded areas.
  5. That was a pengull wes from last year during the holidays!
  6. oops I'm not dead yet im just. deep in the danganronpa pit right now au wes time, in true spirit of this blog. also, my art style is sort of looping back to how it used to look, which is kinda scary, ngl. specifically the nose and eyes have a similar look, but with much more polish. it be throwback Thursday my dudes it has also just occurred to me that this thread is already over a year old so uhhhhhh happy thread birthday
  7. ok so 1. I love this design, i think it's adorable, and honestly i would do anything for valentines day skins and 2. danganronpa icon gang rise up
  8. sksksksksksk anna oop anna oop! SKSKSKSKSK you will perish for this sin you've committed.
  9. this is honestly the best possible image to reference a drawing off of.