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Joke/Bad Suggestion Thread

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· 高鸟下蛋


· 会有角色因为不喜欢女武神的歌剧


· 猪人被喂到4个怪物肉后


· 瓶子里的书信


· 大白鲨上船后


· 天体boss的技能很好


· 火腿棒


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Also make characters edible too.

Have any given character unhinge their jaw and swallow them whole. As you walk around you can visually see them digesting as their outline disappears from your stretched out insides; caused by their limbs attempting to escape.

I've actually been think if some of the bigger mobs could eat us somehow. Imagine toadstool just swallowing you whole.

Terrifying and fitting for "Don't Starve", hey, the monsters deserve to eat too.

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You can revive non-player ghosts, which then spawn a survivor NPC that behaves completely incompetent (wears a grasssuit, crafts rainometres and thermal measurers, hoards all their items, eats raw monster meat, places campfires next to firepits, fights pengulls at day, etc.) and has a high chance to die soon afterwards.

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· High bird lays eggs

Because of the height , there is a probability that the egg will break

· There will be characters because they don’t like the operas of the Valkyrie

No sharing effect

· Pigman is fed 4 monster meat

When he transform, he will say "So you are not a good person"

· Letters in a bottle

Add some nasty love letters

· After the great white shark boarded the boat

It should report the number, and report the number as many times as it will bite, otherwise it will be too difficult to fight

· Celestial boss has good skills

There should be the name of the skill, let it call out (the voice of the machine) before the skill is released

· Ham sticks

Players can eat them when they are hungry, and be careful when hitting meat-eating creatures.

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