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  1. When you play with a friend it is not a problem to protect the gears, generally my friends already know what they should do or not, in public servers protect the gears is difficult. One of the reasons that many of us ask for a rework of is because wx spends too many resources and offers very little to the team compared to other characters wx is a good character, like wilson and wolfgang,I think the main reason why they have not been reworked is because they are characters that can be considered useful, since they have few or none disadvantages, wilson doesn't need a rework because wilson represent the base game and is good for new players to learn the game because he don't have disadvantages from my point of view.
  2. WX need more the rework because he waste a lot of materials to be op, like the gears that sometimes is hard to get, or if you want to overcharge WX you have 3 options: tell a friend that use wickerbottom to read the end is nigh, wait until a lightning hit you or waste a lot of gems with the telocator staff also he take damage from rain, wilson has decent stats, he don't have disadvantages and he don't need a lot of resources to be usefull to the team.
  3. griefers burned my base in a klei server some months ago and f for your base i recommed you to use the anti-griefer mod, sometimes the mod is bugged and it says that normal players are griefers, but it help a lot to prevent griefers attacks
  4. hi, i want to know the price of the rooslet and creepy cauldron
  5. maybe the puzzle was the friends we made along the way
  6. someone else suffers from the same problem?
  7. when you are starving but you don't kill cats
  8. I think the same, the most important thing in this game is to have fun and that the creators give us new and good quality content, it is not necessary that each of us be represented in the game, but there must always be respect for all
  9. me and my friend trying to kill the last missing boss and after the fight
  10. “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”