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  1. Don't starve together? More like carpal tunnel syndrome simulator
  2. you are great pixil, is good to have generous players like you in this community, as others said i hope your financial situation is not affected
  3. i hope klei adds more skins for wurt structures, specially for merm king
  4. Some time ago I made a post with some suggestions for wurt, i was hopping for a special wurt crafting called fish storage, i still hope they add it.
  5. is the deerclops from uncompromising mode i think
  6. there is a music piece with a similar name called "dream of a midsummer night", it sounds good, also is the name of a comedy from shakespeare.
  7. i think that there is a new secret link for points https://accounts.klei.com/link/nopranks
  8. i hope klei give us loyal skins and not the classy ones
  9. nothing changed, is most likely a bug, you should post this on the bug tracker