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  1. I hate to bring this up again, but I ran into the issue again. This time, I have the files attached. I definitely saw something in the server log about defaulting to Wilson. I made sure to disable my mods, and then verify the files multiple times, and then test again on a brand new world. It had the same result, and that is the world that I attached the files from. Sorry for the trouble! server_log_troubleshoot.txt client_log_troubleshoot.txt
  2. If you play as Woodie and transform into a form while in a sandstorm, he will move at incredibly slow speeds, much slower than the 60% reduction there should be. However, if you transform outside of the desert and enter it during the sandstorm, there is much less effect. From my testing, this includes transforming in the oasis while not effected by the sandstorm: you just have to be in the desert somewhere and transform.
  3. Checking the steam comments on the newest hotfix, it looks like worlds don't start properly if caves are enabled. So it's a temporary fix to a bigger problem.
  4. I wanted to know what mods, in case it's a bug with the mods. I only had global pause and the gemcore that comes with it.
  5. As I had said in the post, I had already verified the files at least 3 times. However, I just did it again after checking to make sure I still couldn't play Wanda, this time verifying them twice in a row, and it worked! Thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble. I guess it just needed a little more troubleshooting.
  6. They could try to fix this by removing Antlion from the game.
  7. I had the same thing happen as Woodie a couple of month back, no idea what caused it. Did you have any mods on?
  8. Recently bought Wanda, and every time I try to choose her in a self-hosted server (including a server set to public), I spawn in as wilson instead. Using c_despawn or the upgraded florid postern doesn't work either, with the same issue. I disabled all of my mods, both server and client, and made a new world with the default settings. I still wasn't able to play as Wanda. I have noticed that browsing games, I can join any public server as Wanda with no issue. No idea what's causing this, unfortunately. I've tried verifying my files through steam, and it didn't change anything.
  9. I think the best solution would be to put 20-80, because at 60 I think someone could see that and think you die at 60, but at 80 it could be a bit confusing.
  10. Selecting Wanda as your character chooses Wilson as your character instead. Unsure what would cause this, but I repeated it twice and it happened again both times. Yes, I do have her unlocked.
  11. Winona's catapults behave oddly in the crab king fight, often just not attacking whatsoever. Attacking with a boomerang to get them to attack only occasionally works. (even when in range.) Imposing claws are also not considered hostile initially, and require an attack to get the catapults to work. Having the catapults attack the claws when not necessary could be a detriment though, so maybe the catapults attack when the claws begin going towards the boat? The imposing claws pose a much bigger threat than usual while playing with catapults, as the claws will instantly destroy the catapults when they clamp down.
  12. Winona's catapults don't stop crab king from healing whatsoever. This makes it practically impossible to use them, which is a shame because it makes for a really fun fight relying on catapults and boomerangs to force targeting.