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Option to Switch off Smiling Spiders, plz

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After Webber's rework spiders can smile to indicate they are friendly. Some players may find this facial expression cute, but many are creeped out by this. To me, original spiders are ugly-cute in their own way, and I don't like these new smiling faces at all.


3 reasons why it's unfit. First, friendly spiders keeps smiling during battle. They chase and attack with a smile!  This is so confusing. Normally, you would expect them being angry, so a smile in such situation is emotionally unacceptable for me.

Then, spiders smiles in a weird way. A big smile like this with the mouth wide open requires many muscle parts to work, so usually, it shouldn't last long. In other word, these always-smiling spiders give the impression that they are forced to open their mouth rather than they are happy, which is weird.  (Even Webber doesn't do the smiley face all the time, you know.)

Third, the transform from smiling animation to hissing(or smiling/attacking) feels very divided. This sudden face-swap is uncomfortable visually, and it feels ugly, rough and somehow very cheap.

One more thing from the point of gameplay. Although it's a way to distinguish friendly and regular spiders, it's not necessary. Option to turn off smiling spiders won't be game changing, plus it should only take effects locally, meaning that setting it to off will leave your teammates who have the option on unbothered.

In conclusion, I prefer the original not sliming spiders, befriended or not. Yet, using smiley face to distinguish spiders is a really cool design, and many people may think smiling spiders are cute. So, all I hope is to add a setting to be able to turn off spiders' smiley faces, then everyone will be happy. 

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4 hours ago, Wendy C. said:

It's the animation that has most severely changed. 

How can change an animation of a character that never showed up in the old trailers? Or do you mean in general?

The art style has changed but we cant really complain that weeber looks less feral when, lorewise, that pic fron DS was from a spider kid that tried to survive meanwhile the new one is for a spiderkid living with other people that take care of him plus he find some company with spiders too.

Imo it has sense

I miss too the old style from the first trailers but also i like a lot the new one

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3 hours ago, -Variant said:

The smiling spiders could've been done differently I feel.
I feel like they oughta play a quick cute anim like their own /swoon to show you're friends now instead of the constant smile long run.

Yes! That's a great solution. I definitely hope they imply this.

3 hours ago, Orangex said:

This is a ridiculous request. They are perfectly fine.

OK, I get you like it, but you can't speak for everyone. There are not a few people who get annoyed by these constant sliming spiders. Also, if it has to stay then devs should fix the inconsistency in animation states where spiders go from smiling to hissing and fighting with a smile.

1 hour ago, YumoS said:

why are you trying to take away the happines of the spiders? just leave the spiders alone! say no to bullying spiders! :wilson_cry:

Smile when happy is an expression exclusive to human. It means nothing to spiders. Spiders should have their own expression for happiness, instead of constant smiling.

In the current game, spiders smile even when they're attacked, how is that happy by any means? They're just forced to make weird faces that human see it as happy.

Even the smile is for cartoony reasons, it still is a bad design to make them smile in all situations, eg. they should express anger and tension during fight.

13 minutes ago, Roodmas said:

I love the spiders this way. I don't think they should be changed back.

I'm not asking to change it back. All I said is we need an option to switch the face, so that players disturbed by this can choose to disable the feature while others can still enjoy their smiley-face spiders.

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You give very good reasons for this request. The people who oppose what you've said seem to only like it because "ooh but it looks cute!" and should honestly just be playing Stardew Valley at that point.

I should add that from a gameplay perspective, the spider's sh*t-eating grin is still pointless. When I'm going around gathering spiders for my army, 9 times out of 10 i'm going to do it near a decorated den, which means that ALL the spiders will be grinning regardless of whether their my ally or not. This means that I still just have to do the age-old trick of moving a tile to the right to see which spiders are following me BUT with the addition of my game looking like I have some sort of joke reskin clientmod installed. 

I personally feel like Klei has overstepped their boundaries with the over-expressivism. I get that they don't care about the original game's art style or tone anymore but this is just ridiculous.

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1 hour ago, PuffinBy said:

I'm not asking to change it back. All I said is we need an option to switch the face, so that players disturbed by this can choose to disable the feature while others can still enjoy their smiley-face spiders.

I would have no problem with the option, of course.

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Personally from seeing the unused "without eye squint" version, I would prefer to replace the current one with that rather than a toggle, since the eye squint adds to the creepy uncanny valley-ish factor. Plus imo the smile seems more unreadable on friendly warrior spiders than others so far, like I have to double check for it.

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If you have an option to disable smiling spiders you will not know which ones are friendly. Therefore you will be attacking friendly spiders and in turn destroying the very expensive spider den decorations any time you attack one of its spiders. 


Klei should either keep the smiles for everyone or change the way they look.


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As someone with 2k hours plus on Webber, I'd like a way to turn off the smile. Finding out if a spider is friendly or not isn't difficult. Is there a decorated den nearby? It's friendly. Are they sticking close to the Webber player? They're friendly. Plus, it being a toggleable option harms nobody, not one single soul. Those who like it keep it, those who don't can turn it off. I really don't see why people are in favor of the smiles not being allowed to be turned off.

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13 hours ago, minespatch said:

Only thing the devs should do is add a idle animation. The lack of movement creeps me more than the smile.

i thought i was actually going insane when i didnt see them move

i was straining my eyes (not good) just to see if there was even a little movement.... there wasnt

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